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Bronte Shortcake Oat Biscuits

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Brand: Bronte / Type: Biscuit

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2009 07:34
      Very helpful



      The reason I look forward to work meetings...

      Bronte Biscuits can be found in all the sorts of places where you need sealed packs of treats, not ones doled out from a multipack. So, they sell them on trains and at service stations and in hospitals, and dish them out at conference centres up and down the country. They are the company who have the monopoly on catering where I work, and as such any meeting that comes with tea and coffee invariably comes with a selection of their snack packs too. These ones are my favourite, and therefore the ones I always go for if available.

      These biscuits come in self-contained packs of two identical biscuits, and the first thing that hits you is the smell when you open the packet. They smell delicious and freshly baked despite sitting in a sealed plastic packet for many months. The look good, too, and have a sweet "home made in a farmhouse" appearance to them, rather than looking like generic mass produced biccies. They're a beautiful, uniform golden colour, almost but not 100% perfectly round, which again makes you think made by hand, not stamped out by a machine. Whether or not this is the case, I don't know, but in terms of appearance they do get a thumbs up.

      The taste and texture of these biscuits is what really wins me over, though. They are so many things at once: tangy and salty and buttery and sweet. They taste like they contain only a few simple ingredients - reminding me of the biscuits we used to make in Home Ec - though a quick glance at the packets tells me they're not quite as saintly as they appear. That said, the ingredients list is relatively short, just oats, margarine (alas no proper butter), sugar, flour and raising agents.

      The biscuits have a wonderful crisp and crumbly texture to them, which makes them a little tricky to eat neatly in a meeting, or at your desk, so I find the best way to deal with them is to break them up whilst in the bag (to catch the crumbs) and then pop the smaller pieces into my mouth in one go. They can be a noisy one to munch through, so if you are in a meeting and people are trying to present something, I would recommend sucking on a small piece for a few moments to make it softer and quieter to consume, without making it too soggy. This also lets you savour the flavours as they come out one by one - in fact, I often eat them like this even when I have a plate and don't need to be particularly quiet, as they taste so good this way.

      These are a simple, old fashioned style biscuit, but they stand out because the flavours work beautifully together. They are uncomplicated, but not boring. Just nice. At 82 calories per biscuit (and, of course, you have to eat two since they come in twin packs) they are neither the best nor worst option in the range, but, in my mind, certainly the tastiest.

      They get full marks, despite the mess-factor, because the wonderful wholesome flavour, smell and appearance more than cancel this out. Recommended. I'm glad they don't sell them in full packs, though, because they would not last long around me.

      These tend to cost from 50p for a pack of two, depending on where you buy them. Yes, more expensive per biscuit than buying a supermarket packet of 10 or 12, but so much better if you need a little help with portion control. And when you taste these, you'll be glad they do them this way,


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