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Bussink Dutch Fruit Loaf

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Brand: Jb Bussink / Type: Bread

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2009 16:43
      Very helpful



      Stay away. Some official body should check them out.

      **Disclaimer: Don't read this review with a full stomach!**

      Dooyoo has created a link to "Bussink Dutch Fruit Loaf", however, my intention when I submitted my suggestion was - and still is - to review the "JB Bussink Dutch Stem Ginger Loaf" and the company as a whole, since I had the very bad luck to get a... taste of their services. I've been itching to expose them to the public for more than a year now, so it's high time for the 'consumer's revenge', thanks to the Dooyoo site.

      --Elusive company, elusive products--

      The reason Dooyoo chose the fruit loaf is simply because it is impossible to find any photo or official info about either JB Bussink or their products on the internet. The photo above comes from a retailer.

      -- Know thy enemy --

      The company is based in the Netherlands with a representative in Amsterdam. According to the International Classification of Goods and Services, it is a company that sells jams and similar fruit products, as well as bread and baker's products.

      It is claimed that the initial recipes come from two brothers who founded a company in 1593 in the city of Deventer. The business prospered during the next 300 years and continued to be owned and operated by succeeding generations of the family. However, in 1886 it was bought by another Deventer baking business which had been founded in 1820 by Jacob Bussink, hence the name. Finally, in May 1973 the company "J. Lyons & Co." acquired the Dutch cake business of Jb. Bussink. In June 1973 Hooimeijer bought the entire issued share capital and so another Dutch bakery came into the Group.

      This story about the company's background, which took me a while to find out, is a typical example of how modern 'Group' companies keep the names of the initial small old local ones. This makes us to believe that we still buy 'local 400 year-old quality' products, whereas behind this lovely picture colossal groups are hidden with no care for the public.

      -- So, what was wrong with the JB Bussink Dutch Stem Ginger Loaf? --

      We spotted this loaf at the 'Free From' section of Morrisons' and Sainsbury's. It looks pretty much like the photo above, brown with a very large JB Bussink logo. My partner loves ginger, so we bought a loaf from Morrisons' and that was around Xmas 2007, if I remember correctly. It retailed around £1.80.

      You can use it instead of toast bread by slicing it thinly and then add your favourite spread. You get the impression that it is gluten free, but it claims to be "Egg Free , Wheat Free , Milk Free" and another consumer in a forum noticed that the label says "May contain traces of nut and gluten", so if you are allergic make sure to read the labels carefully.

      --The horror begins--

      So, my partner opens the pack, cuts a slice, eats a bit, and ... discovers to his utter horror a hair in it. Even worse. It is not just a hair that fell from somebody's head. It is 2 inch long, thick, black and curly, whole, with its root. Gagging, I know. My stomach protests as I am writing this. Ladies and gentlemen, that was a pubic hair. We were shocked and had to take deep breaths for a whole day to overcome the utter disgust. What made us even more concerned is how the hell a pubic hair ended in the pack. You assume that OK, despite health and safety, a head hair may find its way in, but a pubic hair for crying out loud ?? What were the staff in the factory up to??!!

      We took photos of it, so if anybody disbelieves me, feel free to ask and have a look. We sealed the piece of the loaf with the hair in it, and gave it back to Morrisons'. They were very apologetic, even horrified, and gave us a refund. They said though that as the company is Dutch, the English system could do nothing more than to send the findings to the company in Holland and wait for their reply.

      About a month later, we received at our home address a very cold clinical letter from Holland verifying that the "specimen" was a human hair indeed, but not specifying what type, and, to add insult to injury, no apology or reassurance whatsoever. The letter was along the lines "yeah, it is a human hair, we'll try to do better next time, see ya and don't bother us again".


      Need I say more??

      http://www.kzwp.com/lyons/ulrich.htm ]


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