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Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn

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    14 Reviews
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      14.11.2012 12:35
      Very helpful
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      decent sweet popcorn, better than the rest!

      At the moment I am rather addicted to eating popcorn as a snack when at home on the sofa. For this it absolutely has to be Butterkist cinema style sweet popcorn!
      Butterkist have actually updated the packaging to that shown above and it actually comes now in a dark red foil bag. It is rather retro looking and has a picture of a man holding a popcorn inn hs hand and has the description "with cinema sweet flavour, made using our secret recipe." The packaging is good as it keeps the popcorn fresh for long but it opens like a bag of crisps - once its opened theres no going back so generally means I have to eat the entire bag in one sitting! (See, its technically the manufacturers fault and not due to me being greedy lol)

      The popcorn itself is rather small little pieces, and is really tasty. I only like the sweet flavour, and I have a mega sweet tooth so I generally tend to fish around inside the bag for the pieces that look like they are fully coated with the sweet flavouring, as you do come across the odd pieces which are bland and taste like they have nothing on them at all. Bleurgh! It smells really sweet and hearty, and for me Butterkist version is the closest thing out there (if not even better!) than what you pay an arm and a leg for at cinema venues. It's filling without being too heavy and for me is the ideal snack, especially snuggled watching a movie at home.

      In terms of ingredients, the pack (the one I am eating anyway) is a 120g bag and this is about 24% of the guideline amount of sugar. I don't really eat sweets or other super sweet things througout the day so on the odd occasion I do sit through and eat this bag I don't feel as guilty lol. It is suprisingly high in fat though at 45% of guideline amount! (Again, if you are a pig like me and eat the whole bag.) It is recommended to do 6 servings and this is 9% so if I wasn't a popcorn lover it wouldn't be so bad.

      Another downside about the popcorn is that once the bag is opened it really doesn't stay fresh for long, and if you left it, the popcorn would be soggy, uncrunchy pieces within a matter of hours. To combat this, I tend to store it in a tupperware container, or put it in a resealable plastic food bag.

      I got a large bag recently for only £1 on offer but generally in my local sainsburys it is £1.45 which for me is more than reasonable considering a box at the cinema is near enough £3-£4!

      On the whole, I love this popcorn and whenever I go cinema these days I prefer to smuggle in a pack of butterkist sweet popcorn instead! It's cheap, tastes just as good and is extremely moreish, so popcorn fans out there go get some!


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        30.04.2012 22:38
        Very helpful




        Every time anyone says the word 'popcorn' there are a few associations my brain makes. I either think of that catchy 'Popcorn Song', which is effectively some techno backed up by machine made popcorn noises or I think of days gone by where I'd visit the cinema as a small child and begin drooling when the aroma of freshly popped corn would hit my nose.

        These days, I have another association. My son LOVES the stuff. One time my mum was visiting, bought a big bag of popcorn and we caught my son sneaking into her stash of it and eating it - he's a toddler so he's allowed ;). Ever since then I buy him popcorn as a treat.

        I came across the Butterkist range one time when I was shopping in B&M, more specifically it was this brand of 'cinema sweet popcorn.' It didn't contain dairy (we eat a vegan diet) nor did it have any other hidden nasties in it - it's not the healthiest thing in the world, but it's not the worst thing in the world, either. At 98p a bag from B&M I wouldn't sniff at the price of these ;).


        Maize, sugar, vegetable oil, emulsifier (soya lecithins.)

        Nutritional info:

        Suitable for vegetarians.

        Typical values per 100g

        kcal 505
        Protein g 5.7
        Carbohydrate g 59.2
        (of which sugars) g 28.2
        Fat g 27.4
        (of which saturates) g 4.3
        Fibre g 6.6
        Sodium g Trace

        Like I said, not the healthiest snack on the block but certainly a bit more nutritionally sound than a bar of chocolate ;). They do come in quite a big bag so if you're not going to munch the whole lot in one go then it's worth storing these in a cool, dry place so they don't go all stale - nothing worse than stale popcorn!

        This popcorn really does taste like the stuff at the cinema - if I was going to see a movie I think I would sneak a stash of this popcorn in rather than pay fortunes for a serving of popcorn at the cinema. It has a light sweet taste to it, nothing over powering like a lot of other brands I've tasted and the popcorn doesn't stick to your teeth like other brands.

        Open up a bag, enjoy with a film and get stuck in!


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          06.11.2011 19:01
          Very helpful



          A great quality popcorn!

          At the moment I am penny pinching! Saving up for Christmas and things I need for my new flat take priority over much else and so I have been staying in watching my vast dvd collection and reviewing them. I was pleased the other night when my mate came round for a viewing with a bag of popcorn for us each to pig out with each and was even more pleased it was from such a good brand as Butterkist and it is very much a favoured brand of mine.

          The Packaging:

          The bag is silver and our bags held 120g of the popcorn in each of them. On the front of the foil bag we are told that it is Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn and there is a photograph of some of the popcorn shown then on the back of the bag other information listed includes ingredients, allergy advice and a full nutritional chart are all shown, the weight is stated (as I have listed already) and contact details for Butterkist are given. Nice enough in appearance bag this is though it isn't resealable!

          The Popcorn itself:

          Cream in colour and puffed up like all good popcorn should be this is of course made from maize and infused with sugar. Crispy, crunchy and naturally sweetened with sugar you cannot taste the grit of the sugar in this at all and it isn't caramalised or anything on to the popcorn but it is sweet but not too much so!

          It tastes fresh, looks good and smells nice too and of course is ready made and ready to eat and not one bit greasy at all which I approve of. I can't quibble with the quality of this popcorn at all however it isn't my favourite flavoured popcorn from this wonderful range by a look shot!

          Nutritional Information per 100g (The Important Bits):

          Energy; 505 Kcal
          Fat: 24.7g
          of which saturates: 4.4g

          Available in all good supermarkets etc at about £1.50 a bag for this size!


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            06.06.2011 15:59
            Very helpful



            Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn

            To me, movies and popcorn go together like bread and butter, I can't really have one without the other. I've been craving popcorn for a while now, must be the pregnancy hormones but haven't been to the cinema recently so when I saw a bag of Butterkist cinema sweet popcorn in the shop for only £1 I decided to give it a go.

            I have had the caramel Butterkist before and although it is good it is not really a patch on cinema popcorn so I didn't really have too high hopes for this but as it was only £1 I thought it was worth the disappointment. I always choose the sweet popcorn in the cinema as I normally go after dinner time and so look forward to something sweet like a dessert.

            I was really quite pleased with this packet of popcorn from Butterkist. The sweet popcorn tastes almost as good as cinema popcorn. I think I would say it's not quite as good because it has not been freshly popped and is not warm like cinema popcorn but apart from that it is pretty much the same which is great. This is a perfect treat for when you watch a movie at home and want to recreate that cinema situation with a yummy snack.

            The popcorn kernels are wonderful and fresh and crunchy and not dry like some packaged popcorn can be. They are light and perfectly popped. Just like cinema popcorn some of the pieces are well covered with the sweet sugar and some are pretty plain but the mixture makes a nice taste with each handful of popcorn. The sweet taste is just like cinema sweet popcorn and wonderfully sweet and tasty.

            Butterkist have been making popcorn since 1938 and say on their packets that they only use the best ingredients which gives the popcorn its delicious, unbeatable taste. Ingredients include maize, sugar, vegetable oil and emulsifiers. I bought a 120g pack of popcorn which comes in a foil bag so it keeps it nice and fresh inbetween smacks. Per 25g there are 125 calories which is not too bad for a snack. All in all a product I definitely recommend


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            15.06.2010 07:19
            Very helpful



            See review.

            I like to take my children to he cinema as often as my bank account will allow, with even the crappiest films being much better, when sitting in the dark with a big cup of something fizzy and the obligatory bag of popcorn, with that being the subject of this review.

            The product I will now review is - "Butterkist cinema sweet popcorn".

            This particular popcorn comes in a foil sealed 120g bag, which of course means that my kids have to be nice and share, not the easiest of tasks!

            I bought some of the toffee covered sort the other week, myself and my daughter really like this stuff, but my youngest Connor says it gets stuck in his teeth and started refusing to eat it, so when I saw this on offer the other day at my local Asda, I hoped this would appease Connor, but still appeal to my daughter.

            I bought this particular bag for the viewing of the "Britain's got talent" final, so had to sit between my kids to stop fights.

            The popcorn is as it always is, small lumps of chewy popped corn, with this stuff having an almost type of glaze to it instead of the toffee coating.

            This is really nice if somewhat light, thus meaning that I could have quite happily eaten the entire bag myself, and really regretted not buying two bags between us, with us managing to eat the entire thing in 15 minutes flat!

            The nutritional information is as follows -
            Per 25g,
            125 kcal,
            1.4g protein,
            14.8g carbohydrate,
            7.0g of which sugars,
            6.9g fat,
            1.1g of which saturates,
            1.7g dietary fibre,
            Trace of sodium.

            Allergy advice states that this contains soya, and may contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and milk.

            For more information visit - www.butterkist.co.uk.

            This bag was purchased from Asda for the sum of £1.00, though full price is available for around the £1.40ish mark.

            Thanks for reading x


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            19.04.2010 23:00
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A good treat for a change

            The short of it is that this stuff is strangely addictive, yet isn't really anything special!

            I tend to buy a bag of Butterkist popcorn once a month or so, usually for around £1.30 a bag from my local supermarket, partly because I have always adored popcorn and partly for a change from crisps, when I'm kidding myself it's a healthier option.

            The popcorn comes in a large silver foil bag with the distinctive Butterkist logo, encased in a big heart.

            Tasting exactly the same as the sweet popcorn you get at the cinema, I would bring this along with me to save money, except I don't go to the movies these days.

            My first impression every time I taste this popcorn is that it is rather dry and tasteless, but nevertheless I persevere and it suddenly becomes really tasty. When you come across a really sweet piece, it is delicious, but unfortunately these pieces are few and far between.

            I usually include nutritional information in my reviews but haven't this time as I don't want to bore/depress you, and because I have thrown away the packet, having once again finished the pack in one go, leaving me feeling disgusted with myself!

            So in conclusion, this popcorn is nice but not amazing. There you go, what more can I say?


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              16.04.2010 02:49
              Very helpful



              A perfect popcorn!

              I always enjoy a big box of popcorn when I go to the cinema, and I always have the sweet popcorn as I can't stand the salted one. This popcorn is never cheap in the cinema, but I discovered Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn one day, and I have never looked back.

              Butterkist have been making popcorn for years, and as a kid I used to like their toffee popcorn, but their cinema sweet is my new love in the world of popcorn. It actually tastes just like the popcorn you get at the cinemas, and it only costs a mere fraction of the price. In fact you can buy a box or a bag of this stuff at the 99p store, and you get loads of it too. I always stock up on some whenever I go to the 99p store as this stuff is lovely.

              This usually comes in a silver foil bag, with the Butterkist logo on the front, and all the nutrional information on the back. You can also get this popcorn in cinema style boxes, which I have seen mostly in the 99p store, but also in a few other places, although no where else has beaten the price of the 99p store lol.

              I now always take a bag of this to the cinema with me, as it saves a load of money and tastes exactly the same as the popcorn they sell in the cinema. I just pop it into my large sized handbag, and no one is any the wiser, I am pretty sure they won't be doing popcorn inspections any time soon lol.

              I recommend this to all popcorn lovers in the world, but do not eat it too often as with the amount of sugary goodness this stuff provides, it can't be too healthy for you!


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                16.04.2010 01:13
                Very helpful




                I took my little sister to the cinema and we cannot go without popcorn! I usually buy it from the cinema, either sweet or salted. But with money being a bit tight it would of cost us around £6 for a bag of sweet medium popcorn at the cinema. Which quite frankly is a major rip off.

                I decided to go to Asda and buy two 120g bags of Butterkist Cinema Sweet popcorn and would stuff them in my oversized bag to avoid getting caught. The two bags cost me only £2 that was definitely a bargain compared to £6 for two of us, which meant we could indulge ourselves at the Cinema ice cream counter! They also do a toffee flavoured popcorn in this brand for around the same price but can't say I'm a huge fan of that.

                The bags come in different sizes but I opted for 120g because you can get a bit carried away in the cinema and stuff popcorn down your face without even realising it, so we needed a lot. If it was in the house me and my sister could probably share a bag between us. It comes in a silver foiled packaging with the butterkist logo on.

                Me and my sister were really impressed with the popcorn, it tasted nearly exactly the same as cinema popcorn but at a fraction of the price. You got more sweet soft melted bits that taste gorgeous which is what I'm always looking for but it can be a bit of a guessing game. There's less unpopped corn which was a relieve because it meant I wouldnt have to worry as much about breaking my teeth and I wouldn't have to worry about my sister choking. If I'm at the cinema with my sister I get distracted waiting for my sister to finish so I know she's safe because I have choked on popcorn in the past.

                I will definitely be getting these and hiding them again at the cinema because they taste just as good if not they're better. No point in spending a few pound more for something that is exactly the same, popcorn can also be enjoyed as a healthy snack and is an antioxidant. Although obviously it's better to get plain popcorn.

                The popcorn contains : Maize, Sugar, Soya Oil, Emuliser.
                May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and milk.

                Nutrition Facts Per 100g
                Kcal : 505
                Protein : 5.7
                Carbohydrate : 59.2
                Of which sugars : 28.2
                Fat : 27.4
                Of which saturates : 4.3
                Dietry Fibre : 6.6
                Sodium : Trace

                So, a bit fattening but oh well lol. Smaller bags will contain less.
                Overall these are definitely worth a try instead of expensive cinema popcorn. You could eat them as a snack, or watching the tv or take them to the cinema but hide them otherwise you might get kicked out.


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                  17.02.2010 17:10
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Tastes just like cinema pop corn.

                  Being a regular cinema goer, I end up paying a fortune for the film and all the goodies that my 2 kids want. So in the end, and I know its against the rules, but we go to B&M's and buy 2 boxes of these and put them in our bags so we don't have to pay £4.00 per box.

                  Tangerine Confectionery 9who make Butterkist) is a UK based confectionery manufacturer (we have one just down the road from us!), with one of the most diverse ranges of traditional and contemporary confectionery in the industry.
                  Within the last three years Tangerine's turnover has increased from over £40 million to £150 million and continues to grow in line with the popularity of our products.
                  They are also the producers of:

                  *Anthon Berg
                  *Sharps of New York
                  and many more

                  Butterkist is the UK's most popular popcorn snack. It tastes great straight from the microwave or pre packed.
                  This cinema popcorn comes in 120g bags and costs on average £1.69 from loads of supermarkets and also online at Ebay for £1.99 a bag.

                  Types of popcorn:
                  *Butter Microwave
                  *Cinema Sweet
                  *Toffee Light

                  This comes in an air tight pack which is foil sealed. You just tear the top open and some even come ready to re seal with a small sticky label.
                  You can get these packs also get these in 30g packs and 175g cinema buckets and boxes.

                  Maize, Sugar, Soya oil, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)
                  Contains soya. May contain traces of peanut and other nuts
                  This product is Halal approved

                  Nutritional info per 100g.
                  Calories - 510
                  Fat - 25g
                  saturated 4g
                  Sugar - 49g
                  Protein - 3g

                  I just love this brand in any shape or form. We normally get the boxes as the kids really feel like they are in the cinema but they taste just as good in a bag. The resealable bags are really good as we never get through an entire bag and they foil lined bags keep the pop corn fresh and tasty.

                  The texture of this popcorn is really nice aswell. Sometimes I have found other brands to be like chewing cotton wall (I bet you have all shuddered at that thought!) but this is not like that at all.
                  It is sweet enough without being sickly and you unlike the real cinemal stuff you don't get bits stuck in your teeth and spend the rest of the night picking them out!!

                  I even put the little bags in the boys packed lunch boxes as they are a great alternative to crisps. I find them reasonably priced and great quality.

                  If you are looking for a great deal, B&M's sell the 175g boxes for £1.00 which is alot cheaper than the actual cinema.


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                    29.11.2009 13:02
                    Very helpful



                    Cinema Style Sweet Popcorn from Butterkist

                    There's nothing I begrudge paying for more than popcorn when I visit the cinema, vastly overpriced in my opinion but irresistible all the same I usually end up parting with my cash for a bucket of the stuff. There is something about cinema popcorn that you just can't beat, maybe it's the freshness of it or the smell and taste, whatever the reason is I just can't help myself and have to have it.

                    I've seen the bags of ready to eat popcorn before in the supermarkets and have on occasion bought the Butterkist toffee popcorn only to find them too sticky, too sweet and end up getting caught in my teeth so haven't bought any for years. It was only after reading some reviews on here about popcorn that I had a desire for it once again so decided to hunt some down the next time I was in Tesco.

                    Whilst browsing and dismissing the toffee popcorn I discovered this "Cinema sweet" popcorn from Butterkist, packaged in the silver bag as shown above it claims to be an "Authentic Cinema Sweet Recipe" and at only 80p for a 120 gram bag I had to give them a try.

                    Opening the foil bag greets you immediately with the familiar aroma of sweet popcorn, large, puffed out pieces of corn fill the bag and unlike the coated variety these look 'clean', fresh and tempting. Putting a couple into my mouth I get a sweet taste that isn't overly sticky and I am reminded straight away of cinema popcorn. Very impressive and exactly as described on the bag these are a perfect sweet treat to enjoy whilst chilling out at home watching the television or a film. I found as well that towards the bottom of the bag there were not that many unpopped kernels so didn't have any too many issues with hard pieces bothering my teeth.

                    Ingredients as you would imagine are very limited being popcorn and are listed as containing Maize, Sugar, Soya Oil and Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin) GDA information advises that a 100 gram serving will provide 505 calories, 27.4 grams of fat and 28 grams of sugar so an indulgent treat but great for sharing.

                    I have to say that I am very impressed with these, they are authentic, the do taste exactly how I remember cinema popcorn to taste and at 80p for a bag I think they represent outstanding value for money. I don't think I would get away with sneaking a bag of these into the cinema with me the next time I go, but for munching on whilst watching a film at home you can't go wrong. Next thing for me to try is the Butterkist that you heat up yourself in the Microwave, but Tesco didn't have any of those in which I'm quite pleased about as it meant that I bought this bag instead. It looks like I have reacquainted myself with eating popcorn at home and will make a nice treat from time to time rather than having a chocolate bar.

                    I have to give 5/5 Dooyoo stars for these for all the reasons stated above, try them for yourself - you won't be disappointed.


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                      25.07.2009 17:22
                      Very helpful



                      Just as good as the cinema but cheaper and more easily available

                      Until recently, I hadn't had popcorn while watching films for a couple of years. I went through a stage of having ice cream then a stage of having Haribo and the last year or so I've been having pick n mix for the cinema or movie nights at home. But recently I've been craving popcorn again. I went out shopping with a friend a couple of weeks ago and after she dropped me off her and her boyfriend were going to the cinema and she picked up a bag of this stuff to take with them. I hadn't seen it before and was intrigued as it claimed to taste like authentic cinema popcorn. I've always found that my favourite type of popcorn is from the cinema and noting else has ever really compared so I wanted to give it a whirl. In Morrison's however I saw they did their own version of it for 59p or something so I picked up a bag. It was bloody gorgeous but I was still determined to try the Butterkist stuff so picked some up last week and I must say it was even better.

                      You can buy Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn in most shops and supermarkets. I got some from Tesco for 96p (a 120g bag). Tesco do have an offer at the moment where you can buy 2 bags for £1.50 giving you a saving of 46p. The price is a real bargain and obviously works out a hell of a lot cheaper than actual cinema popcorn.

                      The popcorn comes in a shiny foil bag with a film reel in the background and on the bottom is a picture of some scrummy looking popcorn. It also shows the eye catching 'Butterkist' logo on the front plus writing at the top stating it uses an 'authentic cinema sweet recipe'. On the back of the packet is the nutritional info, storage instructions, contact details, best before date and ingredients. I think the packaging succeeds in making you want to buy this popcorn - the shiny foil bag looks attractive and as if you are getting a treat. I think the only thing that could be improved upon with regards to the packaging is, as another reviewer said, making it reseal-able so the popcorn stays fresh if you don't get through it all at once (fat chance if I'm around but then other people might not be so piggy!) Upon opening the packaging, the popcorn smells fresh and sweet and exactly the same as that popcorn smell you get in the cinema. It looks yummy with good sized pieces and they are a nice white colour with a hint of golden. You get a nice amount of popcorn in the bag and they are not stingy with the amount they put in.

                      The popcorn tastes delicious. Each piece is light, sweet and fresh. Nearly all of the pieces are generously coated in sugar meaning you don't get plain, tasteless bits. The sweetness of it is perfect. It is not sickly but just sweet enough to be satisfying. It has a lovely soft quality to it and is just the right amount of chewiness without being dry and cardboardy. And does it taste like authentic cinema popcorn? In my opinion yes, it definitely tastes just as good as the cinema popcorn and has a very similar taste. It actually tastes very expensive and I can't believe it is less than a pound.

                      This popcorn is very moreish. I am like a thing possessed when I get hold of it and can't stop stuffing it in my mouth. It is very easy to get through a whole bag in a short amount of time. I try and be restrained when I get it and not eat it too quickly but the taste and texture of this stuff is so good it's hard not to!

                      Another great thing about this popcorn is you don't get hard pieces of unpopped corn among the popcorn. I found the Morrison's own version of cinema popcorn had a lot of those in and it does annoy me as you expect popcorn to be soft and chomping down on one of these rock hard things comes as a bit of a shock!

                      Nutrition wise this popcorn probably isn't the best thing to overindulge in although it is very easy to! 100g of this popcorn contains: 505 calories, 5.7g protein, 59.2g carbs, 28.2g sugar, 27.4g fat.

                      Ingredients wise it contains the following: Maize, Sugar, Soya Oil, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin). The allergy advice is as follows: Contains Soya\Soybeans, May Contain Milk, May Contain Nuts, May Contain Peanuts.

                      Overall this popcorn is delicious tasting, inexpensive and high quality. It certainly matches up to the standard of cinema popcorn but without the cinema price tag. It is perfect for films, taking to the cinema, parties, and picnics and so on. I highly recommend it.


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                        02.07.2009 11:48
                        Very helpful



                        A lovely, light delicate sweet flavoured snack and you can still taste the popcorn.

                        I am in no way a greedy person, but, show me a bag of Butterkist cinema sweet popcorn and all normal rules DO NOT APPLY!
                        I don't know what it is about this popcorn, but, Im ashamed to say I become a complete glutton and will happily trough my way through a full 120g bag with ease, hardly stopping to breathe.
                        The worse part is, I truly begrudge allowing any one even a piece! how awful is that? What kind of Mum am I?
                        I will happily buy anyone a bag, aslong as I have my own and no-one sticks their little mitts in it.
                        Ok thats the confession over, about this popcorn.....

                        Butterkist History-

                        It all began a long time ago in 1914 in Kentucky U.S.A when two men designed and made popcorn machines, calling the brand Butterkist. The main market they targeted was Cinemas and sales soared.

                        In 1938 Butterkist machines appeared in cinemas in the U.K (we dont know how they were introduced here).

                        World War 2 sales boomed because of all the Americans over here.

                        After the War a factory was built in York, as none of the ingredients needed were on ration, sales continued to grow. The boom continued basically from the 1950's to the 1980's.

                        1998 saw a big decline and Butterkist were sold to Cadbury, Trebor, Bassett.

                        2000 they merged into Monkhill Confectionary and moved to Pontefract, West Yorkshire. April 2005 saw a relaunch.

                        The last part of Butterkist's journey was being sold to Tangerine Confectionary in February 2008. They now have the largest, and most innovative factory in the world, still in Pontefract, producing a whopping 5,000 Tonnes of popcorn a year WOW.. Thats a large amount of popcorn!

                        Butterkist are the most popular brand in the U.K and in 2006 The Simpsons
                        started to be used to advertise along with the line-
                        " Butterkist, the fun's never done" and so they keep their connection with the U.S.A.

                        Classic Toffee- Which comes in a shiny red bag exclusive to the U.K. This variety is suitable for vegeterians but not vegans so check the bag.
                        Cinema Sweet.
                        Toffee Light.
                        Organic Seasalt and Sugarcane.
                        Microwave versions are available in sweet(contains sweetners) and Salt n Butter.
                        They can be bought in 35g, 100g , 120g and 200g bags. The 200g bag is the most popular.

                        Soya Oil
                        Emulsifier(soya lecithin)
                        Contains Soya and may contain traces of Nuts, Peanuts other Nuts or Milk.

                        It comes in a shiny silver foil 120g bag with the large Butterkist emblem in a heart shape. All the colours are red, yellow and blue with white writing. There is also a picture of lots of delicious popcorn aswell. Yum... This all adds up to a very eye catching bag in my mind and can be spotted very easily on the shelf( not in our house because I hide it!).
                        Note-The cinema sweet is suitable for vegeterians and once open, must be stored in an airtight container(if it lasts that long)

                        Per 100g- Energy-kj 2115
                        kcal 505
                        Protein 5.7
                        Carbs 59.2 (of which sugars 28.2)
                        Fat 27.4 (of which saturates 4.3)
                        Dietary Fibre 6.6
                        Sodium Trace.
                        I Love the flavour, especially as it isn't too sweet I can't eat the Classic Toffee it's far too sweet and toffee like for my taste's, to me you can't taste the popcorn, whereas with the Cinema Sweet you can taste the popcorn itself . Im quite partial to the Salt flavour at times too.

                        How times change-

                        It just makes you think how the world we live in has changed, we have gone from a film at the cinema with a bucket of popcorn being a big night out, to watching films at home and even making our own popcorn either with a small popcorn maker or in a pan or the microwave.
                        If you make your own there are quite a few things you can add I saw a lovely recipe with cinnamon, and its also healthier so get youself a bag of unpopped corn and get popping (it's cheaper aswell).

                        On-line and most Supermarkets Sainsburys, Tesco ..
                        Price approx 97p for 120g bag.

                        So there we go a delicious snack in a variety of flavours to suit most tastes.
                        Obviously to be eaten in moderation as it's not exactly the most "healthy", but does make a pleasant, tasty, snack as a change from crisps or chocolate.

                        Thankyou for reading my review and don't get addicted!


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                          17.03.2009 22:54
                          Very helpful



                          Love it i'm addicted

                          Last night my partner came back from the shops with a bin grin on his face. Too busy watching the soaps I didn't ask what it was for but I was soon to find out anyway. He had bought a packet of Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn from the shop and told me it had only cost him £1 for 120g which I thought was a very good price for popcorn escpecially because you pay way over that price in the Cinema.

                          The popcorn comes in a silver foil bag for freshness, it is exactly the same packaging as you get for the Butterkist Toffee Popcorn. With the same Butterkist logo with the red and yello loveheart.

                          This is called cinema sweet popcorn. To be honest I was a bit unsure whether this would taste as good as the cinema popcorn as I have never found a packet of popcorn that tastes as good as the cinema popcorn and I have admittedly tried many different packs. (Worthwhile though!)

                          On opening the packet it just brought the smell of the cinema back to me. The sweet but savoury smell of popcorn that nothing even compares too. It is a mouth watering smell that always makes me think of my child hood when we were lucky enough to get a day out in the cinema and eating so much popcorn that I was always surprised it wasn't coming out my ears!!

                          So grabbing a couple of pieces of popcorn and putting them in my mouth it tasted amazing and melted in my mouth. It tasted so sweet almost like candy sweets but not to over-powering and still a great taste of the popcorn. How is it they always manage to get them all looking so perfect but when I make it at home they always either look slightly burnt or still have most of the seed on them!!

                          I will say that this is the best popcorn I have ever bought out with the cinema. It tastes absolutely fantastic and I have finally found a decent packet of popcorn to watch my films at home, definately helps in times of the credit crunch!!!

                          Ok now the nutritional info for 25g bag -

                          Energy - 530kJ/125kcal
                          Carbohydrate - 14.8g
                          Protein - 1.4g
                          Fat - 6.9g
                          (of which saturates) - 1.1g
                          Dietry Fibre - 1.7g
                          Sodium - Trace

                          Ingredients - Maize, Sugar, Soya Oil, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin).
                          But there is a warning that this pack may contain traces of nuts and milk


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                          11.08.2008 20:35
                          Very helpful



                          A great sugary snack perfect for cosy nights in.

                          After a busy week of looking after children, house and husband I don't mind admitting to looking forward to Sunday evening, Sunday is my other halves day off and once 6.30 hits it's just us, peace and quiet (well that's in between baby feeds of course!) We usually like to sit in front of a film or play the ps2 with a varied selection of snacks spread out in front of us and one of our regular choices is Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn. I discovered Butterkist cinema sweet popcorn just before Christmas 2007, we do a huge shop every year and buy in tonnes of naughty things to see us through the Christmas period, normal toffee popcorn can sometimes be a bit too sweet so I thought I'd give the new cinema sweet variety a try, i've not had toffee popcorn since.

                          Butterkist cinema sweet popcorn comes in a 120g foil bag. The bag itself is silver featuring the brightly coloured Butterkist logo on top a film reel with a mound of popcorn pictured at the bottom, it claims "new authentic cinema sweet recipe" in a banner across the top. It is easy to pick out from all of Butterkists' other popcorn products, the metallic packaging a stark contrast to the vivid red and yellow of their other varieties.

                          The popcorn itself isn't exactly specatular, we all know what popcorn is, cinema sweet is basically regular popped corn covered in dried sugar syrup but it's the taste that counts not how fancy the product is, the popcorn has a nice gentle sweetness to it and isn't sickly, the popcorn is not sticky like the toffee variety and is very light . Natural popcorn can be quite bland in taste and almost cardboard like in texture, unfortunately many of the pieces in a bag of cinema sweet do not get adequate sugar coating and taste quite plain, you can usually tell which pieces have a good coating and which do not, if the popcorn is plain white and dull there's not a lot of coating, if it looks almost tanned and shiny you've got a good piece. While popcorn is quite a healthy snack you have to remember this has a lot of sugar in it.

                          Nutritional Value-
                          Per 100g serving
                          Energy 2130kj, 510 kcal
                          Protein 2.8g
                          Carbohydrate 68.5g (of which sugars 4939g)
                          Fat 24.8g (of which saturates 3.6g)
                          Dietary Fibre 5.6g
                          Sodium trace

                          My Opinion-
                          Having worked in a cinema and tested a variety of the foods they had to offer I can honestly say the popcorn lives up to it's claim, it has a genuine cinema popcorn feel, only you know this popcorn is freshly opened, hasn't been touched by ten different people before being handed to you and doesn't cost you the earth.
                          They say the popcorn is perfect to share but you'd have to fight me for it before id willingly hand the bag over, it's my favourite snack and one of the first I reach for when out shopping for our games night goodies. While I could easily polish off the whole 120g bag in one go (its a nice light snack) I do have some restraint and usually restrict myself to a third of the bag in one sitting, you cant really make it go longer than that as the bag is not resealable and the popcorn gets sticky and chewy once the air really has a chance to get at it (id say finish it off within 4 days maximum) they do recommend putting it in an airtight container once opened.

                          This is an ideal snack and at 98p per bag you aren't breaking the bank by adding it to your weekly shopping (like I do!) if you're like me and sit down to devour the bag it is handy to have something savoury or a drink nearby, the popcorn (as with all popcorn) can be quite dry and after such an amount of sugar you may need to balance it out with a savoury snack (and make sure you brush your teeth before going to bed!) It is a good snack for kids as it has far less sugar and calories than the toffee variety (all in moderation of course) and still lets them feel like they're having a special treat.

                          Other than not being able to re-seal the package I have one other complaint and that is it's not always easy to get hold of, while most supermarkets stock it my local supermarket regularly sells out.

                          Other Butterkist products include-
                          Crunchy nut popcorn 100G £0.83
                          Popcorn toffee 200g £0.98
                          Micro popcorn 6X30G £1.08
                          Microwave popcorn - butter 360G £1.50
                          salt 360G £1.50
                          sweet 360G

                          You can find out more about Butterkist and their range at-

                          A version of this review is also available on Ciao


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