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Cadburs choc Chip Cake Bites

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Brand: Cadbury's / Type: Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      27.03.2009 16:59
      Very helpful



      A little cake that is good for kids.

      I first bought these bite sized cakes by Cadburys for myself as a tea-time treat but after the first purchase only buy them when I am intending to entertain my young relatives. These cakes are really only suitable for children or for a kids' party occasion due to their tiny size and child-friendly constitution (triple chocolate design). An adult could eat one of these in one bite and it definately isn't big enough to satisfy my sweet tooth!

      The cakes are sold in a plastic purple tub. The packaging is not currently recyclable in my area so I have a few of these pots spray-painted various colours filled with flowers in my garden! The tub has a re-sealable lid which is easy to peel off and replace. Nutritional information, including ingredients and calorific values, are clearly listed. Each cake contains 80 calories and 4.9g of fat. Ingredients may contain traces of nuts and they are suitable for vegetarians.

      Each cake bit is approximately 4 1/2 cm wide and around 2cm high. They are shaped a bit like a French beret (wider at the top) and have flat bottoms so they can be plated with ease. The tops bulge up like the yolk of a fried egg does. They have an outer covering of Cadbury's milk chocolate. This is quite a thick layer, maybe 3mm at the top and sides, thinner at the base. When you break the cake apart you can see that the choc chips mixed into the cake mixture have mostly dispersed to the edges of the cake and are stuck in the outer layer of chocolate. These small chips are much drier than the outer layer chocolate and when you chew them they feel like sand paper and are hard, powdery lumps.

      The cake is quite dry and there is no springyness in the sponge, neither is it moist and succulent. Infact it is rather like chewing on a piece of cloth. It does not taste very chocolatey or sweet but the outer layer of milk chocolate melts and improves the overall taste a little bit. Whilst the quality of the outer layer of chocolate is high and as I'd expect for the Cadbury's brand the cake inside and the choc chips are just too dry and tasteless.

      Whilst I am not really impressed by these my younger family members enjoy them and like to open up the tub and think there is a feast inside! Infact there are only 17 cakes in the tub, and at around £2.50 a tub I think this is a little expensive. The tub is also marked 'NEW' but I've been buying these occaisonally for a while now and they don't seem to have changed at all!

      Great for the little ones but definately not something an adult would want as a sanck or for a coffee break.


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        19.02.2009 00:09
        Very helpful



        A very mediocre little cake product from Cadburys

        COST: £2.49 in both Sainsburys and Somerfield for 17 bites

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATON (per bite):

        Calories: 80
        Kj: 340
        Protein: 1.0g
        Carbohydrate: 8.4g
        - of which sugars: 6.2g
        Fat: 4.9g
        - of which saturates: 2.3g
        Fibre: 0.2g
        Sodium: 0.05g
        Salt equivalent: 0.13g


        Milk chocolate (40%), sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, dried skimmed milk, vegetable fat, milk fat, dried whey, soya lecithin, pasteurised whole egg, wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, milk chocolate chips (8%), milk, E442, glycerol, glucose syrup, fat reduced cocoa, E471, E450, sodium bicarbonate, salt, quinine, potassium sorbate, E415, milk protein


        May contain traces of nuts


        Cadbury's Choc Chip Cake Bites are to be found in the cakes and biscuits section of Sainsburys - quite likely in other supermarkets too. They come in a largely purple-coloured tub, bearing creamy coloured swirls here and there and semi-circles of images of the choc chip cake bites on the lid and sides. The body of the tub shows nutritional information, a Cadbury's quality guarantee, ingredients list and advice that where the facilities exist, the empty pot is recyclable.

        The first grapple I had with this pot of little cakes, was with the lid. It has one of those contraptions where you break the seal, and lever the top piece off with the little gap that's left. That in itself isn't a problem, but it took me some time to work out what I had to do to open the lid, as I couldn't find any visible instructions. Eventually I got inside the container, and sampled one of the cakes inside. Each cake, though not uniform in shape, was about the same size as all the others.....I'd say just a little bigger than my own mouth would call a single bite.

        On biting into the first cake, I noticed that the chocolate was rather thin - I was expecting it to be considerably thicker - but was pleased that bits didn't fall off onto me and stayed stuck to the cake. There was no distinguishable chocolate smell, and as I chewed, I felt there was no distinguishable chocolate taste either.

        The brown mass of cake inside the sparse coating, contained these strange little nuggets of chocolate, which tasted of nothing and weren't all that pleasant to chew on. I found they got stuck in my teeth, and were very candified, rather than having that inexplicable sensation you get when crunching down on good quality, real chocolate. As I continued to eat, I noticed that the sponge cake was rather dry, and I felt that the addition of a little cream of some kind would make the experience more pleasant.

        The first of the cake bites unenthusiastically devoured, I didn't feel that moreish urge, and instead of scoffing the lot, I replaced the lid and forgot about them for a couple of days. When I remembered them, I found that I could only eat one at a sitting, and each one left my mouth dry and needing a drink.

        In conclusion, my personal opinion is that Cadbury's Choc Chip Cake Bites are rather a disappointment - they aren't cheap either for what they are, and I feel it would have been better to buy a pack of Cadbury's Choc Chip Cake Bars, as they are cheaper and volume-wise, no different. I feel that this product is nowhere near worth £2.49, and perhaps the price partly goes towards the plastic pot? The empty pot will come in handy though for storing something or other.

        In summary: Cadbury's - forget these, they are a definite loser!

        Thanks for reading!


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