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Cadbury Banoffee Pie Flavour Biscuits

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Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2009 23:26
      Very helpful



      A good packet of biscuits.

      These are great biscuits, certainly not the best, but combining the usual high quality from Cadbury, a great taste, texture and a good price makes these an usual biscuit offering variety. However, they aren't as good value for money as other Cadbury biscuits and the toffee isn't as good as it should be.

      The packaging is simple, but with big, crisp font it is very easy to read the text. The packet follows the usual Cadbury branding, making it easy to recognise. It can be opened easily, and the product is always fresh. They do stay fresh for quite a while, but only in another container. The plastic is quite thin, meaning that the biscuits become broken and little pieces fall out when opened. This is very annoying, creating lots of mess.

      The quality of the product is exactly as we would expect from Cadbury, but can still be improved. You get some high quality digestive, with the creamy chocolate but it doesn't have much toffee. This is disappointing as it is one of the main parts of the promise. However, it is worth the extra cost as it is a unique idea executed very well.

      The price of the product is good, but not as good value for money as other biscuits from the Cadbury range. This is because you get less than in other packets, but it is still worth it for the variety and execution.

      When you open the packet, a sweet smell drifts out and into your nose. This is quite strong, but not over powering. Combined with the look, you will be encouraged to eat one. The chocolate starts to melt straight away, creating a soothing texture. It's very creamy and tasty, exactly like Cadbury chocolate. Then, you get the heavy banana flavour. This is quite strong, but not too bad. It mixes really well with the chocolate. Finally, the digestive creates a crunchy backdrop to the soft chocolate. These mix very well. However, you don't get much toffee, as the other textures and flavours over power it, which is a shame.

      Overall, a good packet of biscuits but not the best offered by Cadbury. The unique idea is executed very well, with great taste and textures. They might not be as good value for money as others from the brand, but are definitely worth it once in a while as most people will like them.


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