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Cadbury Caramel Biscuits

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6 Reviews
  • Nice caramel and chocolate
  • Nice sized biscuits
  • digestive bases
  • I didn't like the gritty
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    6 Reviews
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      20.05.2012 16:30
      Very helpful


      • "Nice caramel and chocolate"
      • "Nice sized biscuits"


      • " digestive bases"
      • "I didn't like the gritty"

      Not a caramel sensation for me!

      I always like to have some biscuits in and today I'm not feeling brilliant and so nipped down to my local Spa shop and treated myself to a pack of these biscuits as they were reduced from £1.00 a pack to 49p and I right fancied them as I must admit I am quite a lover of anything with caramel involved!

      The Packaging:

      These come in a purple and bright yellow oblong plastic packet and within that there is a black plastic tray with inserts within it holding 8 biscuits. On the front of the packet we are told that they are Cadbury Caramel Biscuits 'Delicious Cadbury milk chocolate biscuits with a soft caramel centre' and we are told that each biscuit contains 70 calories and there is a picture of the biscuits shown on there too. On the back of the packet other information listed included ingredients and a full nutritional chart as well as an at a glance nutritional chart and contact details for Cadburys are given. Nice enough informative packaging this is which is easy to tear off.

      The Biscuits:

      Rounds of biscuits covered in a smooth looking milk chocolate. Within that and to the bottom of each one you get a thick light creamy coloured layer of digestive biscuit and then on that a dollop of browny and gooey caramel and then its all encased within the chocolate which is milk chocolate.

      For me the digestive were crunchy but a wee bit gritty and with not a lot of flavour to them at all, the caramel was nice and plentiful and rather sweet and I felt that there was enough within each biscuit and the chocolate was of course as superb as you would expect Cadbury's to be, not too sweet and rather creamy for me it was the digestive base that ruined these!

      I wasn't blown away by these though to be honest and felt that they were rather plain really! At 70 calories a biscuit an 2.2g of saturated fat go easy on them though cos although I wasn't amazed by them I still ate all 8 of my biscuits but I wouldn't opt to buy these again if I'm honest with you!

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        04.02.2011 17:00
        Very helpful



        Nice, but disappointing..

        As you may know from reading some of my previous reviews, I like my chocolate, and so do like to try any new chocolate products which take my fancy. When I saw that Cadbury had taken the not so bold step of turning their famous Caramel bar into a biscuit, I was determined to try these as soon as possible. This isn't because I have a particular love for the Caramel bar, I don't really at all. They are nice enough, but I can take or leave them. No, the real reason is that I am a big fan of a caramel biscuit called 'Toffeepops', and so was hoping these would be similar and more readily available, as 'Toffeepops' are becoming rarer more hard to obtain. I like the idea of combining a soft caramel with a biscuit base, Caramel digestives are also one of my favourites too, and so was expecting these to be more of the same. I brought a packet on a visit to Tesco's for £1 to give them a try. These biscuits are a shortcake base, topped with caramel and covered in milk chocolate. Here are my thoughts on this new product.

        --That Sexy Rabbit Advertising--

        The Cadbury's Caramel bar was released in 1975, based on the same dimensions as the flagship Dairy Milk bar. During the 80's and 90's, the bar was heavily advertised on television with the animated Cadbury's Caramel Bunny, who spoke with a soft seductive voice, and usually was seen giving the bar to various woodland creatures in times of stress. The catchphrase, "take it easy, with Cadbury's Caramel" became synonymous with the chocolate bar, and many people would instantly recognise the brand because of this. In 2003, Cadbury re-launched many of their well know bars in the generic format of the Dairy Milk design and shape, including Caramel, Wispa, Whole Nut and more. This was not popular with the buying public, and so Cadbury re-launched the Caramel bar along with the original Wispa bar, with an update or their original packaging and shape.


        These biscuits are in a typical Cadbury format design, the look conforming to the original product which is the basis for these biscuits. It really looks like a giant bar of Caramel, with the same purple surround with that yellow/gold swish running through the middle of the packet. The typeface is the same as the chocolate bar, and it instantly recognisable as a Cadbury product. The wrapper is foil, which seals nicely and keeps the biscuits fresh. On the inside, the biscuits are arranged into a 'luxury selection' style black plastic tray, the kind of generic biscuit selections that you get at Christmas time.

        There are only eight biscuits in this entire pack. Yes, 12 and a half pence per biscuit, and that's only at this starting price. I was expecting more of a 'Viscount' biscuit kind of affair inside, with at least ten biscuits, but this is not to be. Overall, the packaging is as it should be. Keeps the product fresh, looks like the product you expect it to be. The plastic inlay is not really needed though, and more of the biscuits certainly would have been better than a load of moulded plastic.

        --Taste and Texture--

        The general taste in not surprising, but also slightly disappointing. The biscuits are roughly about 5cm in diameter and just under a centimetre in depth. They have no explicit pattern or ripple design on the top, and the chocolate has seemingly just been poured over and left to set. The top of the biscuit if soft to touch, and if you pinch it top to bottom your fingers will sink into the caramel. The chocolate is the same standard of which you get with the caramel bar, smooth, milky, sweet and ever-so-slightly sickly. The caramel inside is of a similar consistency of the equivalent bars, but a tad firmer. (served at room temperature) It is very sweet, with a butterscotch undertone, but is very pleasant albeit very sticky. The shortcake case is rather soft, almost a soggy feel, but crumbles nicely in your mouth with a sweet, noticeably wheat flour taste.

        You may have noticed I have used the word 'sweet' a lot in the last paragraph, and there is good reason. These biscuits are very sweet indeed, two or more can be very sickly I feel. On comparison to 'Toffeepops', they can't win. They have that slight sink in the biscuit to hold the caramel without glooping over the edges when you bite down , but that's where the similarity's end. The caramel is just too runny for this biscuit, a more condensed filling is needed here i think. It may be just down to my personal taste though, as I do prefer my toffee and caramel to have that 'middleing' consistency. Not to hard and not to soft. The Toffee Pennies and the Caramel Barrels are always the last sweets left in the box of Quality Street in my house.
        The smell to is also quite sickly sweet, the combination of the caramel and biscuit making this happen. Not a bad aroma at all, but could be a little off-putting in inhaled for a time.

        --Ingredients and Nutritional Information--

        Milk Chocolate (39%) - (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass,
        Dried Skimmed Milk, Milk Fat, Dried Whey, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin) ,
        Biscuit - (Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat, Sugar,
        Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Salt, Flavouring)

        Caramel (24%) - (Glucose Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Sunflower Oil, Humectant (Glycerol), Golden Syrup, Caramelised Syrup, Milk Fat, Salt, Flavouring).
        Allergy Information: This product contains Wheat, milk, soya. May contain traces of nuts and egg.

        Average quantity per 100g
        Energy - 455kcal
        Protein - 5.9g
        Fat in total - 23.6g
        Of Saturates - 13.4g
        Carbohydrate in total - 54.8g
        Of Sugars - 38.1g
        Fibre - 0.3g
        Sodium - 0.14mg


        I kind of get the feeling that Cadburys are once again trying out the brand bandwagon with these, and I'll be surprised if they are around next Christmas, and if they are, they will take a place in a Cadbury biscuit selection box. Although quite tasty, they are quite sickly and rather too sweet for my liking, and I find this disappointing. I wouldn't say avoid like the plague, but if you like your chocolate biscuits without effectively having a pound of sugar inside, or a little less messy, then try and find them elusive 'Toffeepops.'

        Take it Easy...with a sugar rush?

        Thanks for Reading. © Novabug.

        Also Posted on Ciao.co.uk


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          07.05.2010 00:25
          Very helpful




          I have never been a huge fan of Cadbury Caramel related chocolates though they tend to be a hit with my partner hence the reason for buying these biscuits!


          These biscuits are part of a new range of Cadbury products. They are basically Cadbury milk chocolate biscuits with a soft caramel centre.

          *The Range*

          As well as offering the Caramel variety, Cadbury also offer Crunchy and Turkish Delight biscuits.


          The biscuits are placed in a black plastic tray in sets of two. The tray is then slided into a foil packet which offers the familiarity of the Cadbury Caramel colours which are purple and yellow. The front of the packet shows the brand and product name and a tasteful image of the contained biscuit. The underside of the packet has the ingredients, allergy advice, nutrition details and how to contact Cadbury. The best before day and storage suggestions are also noted. The packet can be recycled.

          *The Biscuits*

          Once you open the packet, you are faced with 4 sets of 2 biscuits. The biscuits are round and quite thick and resemble a slightly plumper Viscount biscuit. The exterior is fully chocolate coated and biting into the biscuits offers a thick shortcake base curving up to the top of the chocolate and a thin layer of soft caramel.

          *Ingredients and Allergy Advice*

          Milk Chocolate (39%) (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Dried Skimmed Milk, Milk Fat, Dried Whey, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)) , Biscuit (Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat, Sugar, Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Salt, Flavouring) , Caramel (24%) (Glucose Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Sunflower Oil, Humectant (Glycerol), Golden Syrup, Caramelised Syrup , Milk Fat, Salt, Flavouring) .

          These biscuits contain wheat, milk and soya and may contain nuts and eggs.
          They are suitable for vegetarians.


          Each biscuit contains :

          70 kcal
          6.2g sugar
          2.2g saturated fat
          0.06g salt

          *Availability and Price*

          These are new to the market and therefore may be on offer in supermarkets at a discounted price. Asda are offering these at £1 per pack of 8 with no indication of after sale price. Tesco are offering these at £1 per pack which will rise to £1.59 after 11th of May.

          *My Opinion*

          As I noted at the start, I have never been keen on Cadbury Caramel products but spotted these in Asda last week and bought a pack for my partner as a treat. Here are my views!

          The packaging is very distinctive and can you easily spot what brand and type of product they belong to. The plastic insert tray does a good job of stopping the biscuits becoming squashed and damaged.

          The biscuits themselves are a reasonable size and to me resemble Viscount bars though slightly more plumper at the top. The chocolate appears smooth and smells quite rich like Dairy Milk chocolate. On biting into the biscuit, you get a good crunch. This is where I felt a little let down...

          The image on the front of the pack looks like there is quite a bit more caramel filling that there actually was. The little bit of caramel was smooth and sweet though I felt that the shortcake base was very plain and undesirable. It totally ruined the biscuits overall taste. Now if there was less shortcake base and more caramel I would maybe change my opinion. The whole combination became very bland and plain and nothing like the actual chocolate bar which was rather disappointing. I cannot say hubby was too pleased either hence the reason behind him leaving me half the pack!

          At £1 a pack I would say yeah go ahead and give them a try but if you aren't keen on lots of shortcake I wouldn't bother and I won't bother paying £1.59 for them when they go off their promotion.

          Thanks for reading



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            06.05.2010 18:51
            Very helpful



            Great treat but too expensive to by all the time

            ** Cadbury Caramel Biscuits **

            I love almost the entire Cadbury range of chocolates and sweets despite their takeover by Kraft which was a real shame - I am still a huge fan of their confectionery.

            So I was understandably delighted when I saw they had brought out a new product product Cadbury Caramel Biscuits. I do prefer their chocolate to biscuits but wasn't going to pass up the chance to try Cadbury Caramel Biscuits as I hadn't come across them before.

            I was very pleasantly surprised by my purchase. The biscuit in question was shortcake and I love shortcake anyway but this being a Cadbury product there is of course a chocolate theme. So surrounding each shortcake biscuit is a layer of delicious Cadbury's milk chocolate.

            But even better between the shortcake biscuit and the outer chocolate coating is a layer of Cadbury's caramel which tastes identical to a Cadbury's Caramel bar. Cool! If only all biscuits made me feel about 10 years old again :o)

            Obviously these are not what you would call health conscious biscuits and if you are on a diet you should probably hide under the bed if a lorry carrying Cadbury Caramel Biscuits passes down your street -but for sweet toothed folks like me Cadbury Caramel Biscuits are great.

            Biting into a biscuit reveals a super mix of flavours and textures. The sweet crisp shortcake works together with the soft sweet slightly chewy caramel and is contrasted by the deeper sharper chocolate coating. I was in chewing munching biscuity chocolate heaven.

            The pack of eight biscuits didn't last very long in our house, though I confess I'm responsible for the disappearance of four of them :o) The family opinion was a big thumbs up!

            ** In conclusion **

            We won't have them too often though as we tend to stick with a lot of supermarket home brands to stretch the budget further and at not far under £2 a pack I can't justify buying them on a weekly basis. But definitely one to get in every now and again.

            Thanks for reading my review.
            Mike XX


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            30.04.2010 12:16
            Very helpful



            Would buy again if saw on offer..

            I brought and ate these a few weeks ago but am now completely off chocolate due to hormones and just keep looking at the wrapper in disgust because they are chocolate. Lets get this review done then I can throw the wrapper away.

            I purchased these on special new item price of £1.00 in Sainsbury's.
            At a quick glance the wrapper resembles a big bar of Cadbury Caramel bar as it has the same yellow and purple design. The only difference being it then says biscuits and has a picture of the biscuits on the front.

            The pack contains a plastic tray which holds 8 biscuits in 4 compartments. They are big biscuits but are tasty. Smaller then a digestive biscuit so you can pop a whole one into your mouth in one go no problem, Or maybe I have a big mouth.

            The base is shortcake biscuit which is then topped with a layer of smooth soft caramel. Then the whole biscuit has a coating of smooth milk chocolate. I found them quite morish and they didn't last very long in my household. I didn't attempt to dunk these in my tea as felt it wasn't really a dunking biscuit.

            Each biscuit contains 70 calories and 3.8g of fat.
            Suitable for vegetarians. May contain nuts & egg.

            These new Cadbury biscuits also do a Turkish delight version and a Crunchie biscuit in the same range which I've yet to try.

            I would buy these again if I found them on special offer but the everyday price of them is £1.59 which for 8 biscuits is a bit pricey.

            Asda and Sainsbury stock them at that price and Sainsbury currently have them on offer at two packs for £2.00. This would be a good chance to try the other versions too.


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              06.04.2010 11:57
              Very helpful



              Tasty but your £1.60 worth wont last very long!

              I noticed these a few weeks ago on the end of the aisle in Tesco on promotion and couldn't resist putting some in the trolley. As a lover of caramel, and the original Cadbury's Caramel bars, I expected them to taste just as yummy, and they did.

              The usual price for these is around £1.59 for a 130g packet, but I got these whilst they were on offer at £1 in Tesco. This is part of a new biscuit-inspired range from Cadbury, including Crunchie & Turkish too. I like new products, especially those that I expect to be as good as their original counterparts.

              These are fairly easy to spot because they have the classic purple and golden yellow wrapper, with a picture of the biscuit on the right hand side to show you what to expect. These come in a tray with two in each compartment, giving a total of 8 per pack which doesn't seem like a lot. I personally would buy these more as a special treat than a regular purchase because they seemed to disappear very quickly!

              Each biscuit contains 70 calories & 3.8g of fat, so just one or two would make a good chocolate treat. These are quite similar to caramel Rocky bars, except in a circular format. Imagine Cadbury's chocolate and the luscious caramel found in their Caramel Bars, on top of a biscuit base. Yum!

              There was a good depth of the shortbread biscuit was nice and crunchy. This went well with the rich, soft caramel layer, in addition to the milk chocolate coating. The overall taste was quite rich and sweet, but not sickly. Although these are relatively small, compared to the standard Caramel bar for example, they taste rich and delicious, so they're a bit more of a special treat.

              I think the size & cost are the only downsides per se, because whilst they were very tasty, they weren't spectacular. On the other hand, they're not really suitable for everyday eating either because of the usual price.

              Overall, a nice take on the original Cadbury's Caramel with the addition of a crunchy biscuit base. Slightly pricey and quite small, they none the less have a slightly special feel about them, making them something I wouldn't buy too regularly, even though they're not really too different from other products out there.


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