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Cadbury Choc'Roll

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Type: Breads/Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2010 13:16
      Very helpful



      a nice treat

      Cadbury Chocolate Roll....

      Having had this product more time that I care to remember and having been on the straight and narrow when it comes to eating these sorts of things it had been a while since I had bought one. However recently I saw this Chocolate Roll on offer for £1 in Morrison's I hastily put one in the trolley to take advantage of the offer.

      This chocolate roll is probably the best one I have ever tasted and this has got to be because the chocolate on it is made by Cadbury which means it has a wonderfully smooth and creamy taste and compared to other such items in the supermarket actually tastes "real".

      The Cadbury Chocolate roll is a good size and would easily feed 6 to 8 people who want a slither or indeed one greedy person after a late night binge!

      The roll is covered all over and on both ends with a thin layer of the wonderful Cadbury chocolate and inside is a soft and light sponge cake with a chocolate spread type cream to moisten it up a little bit.

      Of course the best slices to have are the first one and the last one as you get the extra bit of chocolate which covers the end!

      The whole cake/roll is extremely tasty and very moreish. I have eaten a whole one and felt rather sick because of it but when eaten properly in moderation it is lovely. The calorie and fat content are not even worth discussing because as you can imagine they are extremely high and looking at it would surely put me off ever considering buying one again.

      However I have got to say that if I am ever in the market for a chocolate Swiss roll type cake then this has got to be the one that I buy. For £1 it is a very good price and I will try to get another one before it comes off the offer!

      5 out of 5 stars.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        22.11.2006 14:40
        Very helpful



        If you like chocolate and cake..buy this Choc'Roll chocolate cake!

        I picked up this cake whilst browsing the shelves at my local Tesco store as I thought it would be ideal if sliced as a snack, with a cup of tea or coffee, or as a dessert after a meal. The beauty of it was that it was a two for one offer at 99p. A bargain.
        In retrospect, I should have bought more but you don't know what they are like until you've tried one so I erred on the side of safe. Unfortunately, when I returned to buy more the shelf was empty and has been ever since.

        The Packaging:
        Choc'Roll comes in a box with a picture of the contents and Cadbury's Choc'Roll written in large letters over the top of the picture. Inside the box is the cake which is wrapped in cellophane and sealed.

        The Description:
        A chocolate sponge wrapped around a thick chocolate mousse and covered with rippled chocolate, which is quite thick in parts, especially on the extreme ends of the roll, and looks exactly like a very... chocolatey... chocolate... swiss roll.

        The Size:
        The chocolatey swiss roll is around 10" in length x approx 3" in diameter (or roughly 30 cms long by 10 cms in diameter)

        The Opening:
        For the sake of research I ripped opened the box and slid the roll out of it's sealed see-through cellophane packet. The chocolatey smell of chocolate pervaded my senses and coursed through my chocolate glands. Definitely Chocolate!

        The Economics:
        I found that the roll could be cut into 8 average pieces at the most but the outer chocolate covering tends to come off. This leaves a few partly formed pieces of chocolate swiss roll, which are partially covered in chocolate, and some chocolate flakes. I actually sampled the chocolate flakes whilst trying to slice through the rest of the chocolate swiss roll...just to check the quality of the chocolate you understand. It was fine...really chocolatey! And, anyway, it didn't look right all messy on the plate. Be careful when doing this though as you don't want to upset your guests especially if they easily get jealous. Try to distract them. But, mainly, just don't draw attention to yourself or call it a 'chef's perk'.

        The Taste:
        I tried one slice of the cake...two bites (ish). The sponge is light and chocolatey. The mousse filling is smooth and chocolatey. The chocolate covering is chocolatey. However, one piece isn't enough...though very chocolatey. Two pieces are ideal. Three are too much unless drinking a chocolate drink with them.
        I then sliced up the other cake and offered it to my guests.

        My Thoughts:
        This product would be ideal to add to a plate of cakes and/or biscuits for variety as on it's own it could be too chocolatey.

        It couldn't really be used as a pudding or dessert on it's own...well, maybe a generous slice with triple chocolate ice cream to give it a bit of a lift.

        It could even be eaten on it's own, in it's entirety, as an economical snack for one, as it is a very convenient shape. However, check with your doctor, dietician, psychotherapist and/or conscience first.

        If you are on a diet you should not have read this far unless you are feeling smug and have an iron will.

        The Cost:
        99p from Tesco.

        On checking Cadbury Chocolate Roll (Choc'Roll) 205gms seems to be the same price in most outlets so look out for special offers especially two for one. Grab them whilst you can... as I'm still wandering round my local Tesco looking perplexed.

        Some Facts:
        Cadbury Schweppes has bought organic chocolate maker Green & Black's and their liquid chocolate desserts are being distributed by Muller. So, I reckon there'll be some interesting products on the way before too long.

        © John Groom 2006


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        Chocolate cakes.

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