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Cadbury Chocolate Biscuit Collection

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      03.02.2010 21:53
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      BUY, BUY, BUY, EAT, EAT, EAT...

      Now I am not usually a deceitful person - but when I bought these biscuits, I have discovered a whole dark side of my personality.

      I bought these biscuits before Christmas on the pretence that they were going to be part of a gift for my brother in law for Christmas. I had bought him a biscuit tin as one of his other presents, so it was perfectly reasonable to buy him some biscuits as a stocking filler. Except, I knew really that I wasn't going to be able to give them away - the lovely purple indulgent tin was just shouting to me that there were lots of tempting biscuits inside.

      Sure enough, when it came to wrapping up the presents, I thought that my brother in law had quite enough without the biscuits. I said to myself that I would put them up for a friend who was due to give birth in February - special post birth treat for her.

      Trouble is, that tin has been tempting me ever since. Today, the same pregnant friend was due around for tea and biscuits and the little purple tin was tempting me again. Surely a nice biscuit would be just what the doctor ordered for my friend? Trouble was again the little naughty voice in my head said I should try them before she arrived - OH MY GOODNESS!!! What heaven!

      Once the box was undone, the amazing Cadbury's dairy milk smell hit me - got to be one of the best smells in the world surely (please Mr Kraft, don't make dairy milk taste like a hershey bar once you swallow up Cadbury's).

      I tried three biscuits (just to test them you understand) and they were each as delicious as each other. The varieties of biscuit in the collection are as follows:

      Cadbury Chunk - digestive biscuit covered in milk chocolate

      Chocolate Charm - chocolate flavoured cream biscuit covered in milk chocolate

      Praline Flavour Cream Cup - praline flavour cream biscuit covered in milk chocolate

      Raspberry Rapture - oat and raspberry crunchy biscuit covered in milk chocolate

      Cadbury Classic - crisp shortcake biscuit covered in milk chocolate

      Orange Classic - tangy orange flavoured biscuit covered in milk chocolate

      Simply Shortcake - shortcake biscuit covered in milk chocolate

      Crunchy Delight - a honeycomb flavour biscuit ring covered in thick milk chocolate

      Golden Dream - honeycomb flavour biscuit with honeycomb flavour filling covered in milk chocolate

      Ginger Flavour Crunch - ginger flavoured biscuit covered in milk chocolate

      OK - I am probably going to get slated in the ratings, but I am not going to list the calorie content or the ingredients - the biscuts are fab and I love them, and I don't want to look on the back of the box to see how bad they are for me.

      I bought these biscuits for £3.99 as part of half price deal in Sainsbury's before Christmas and worth every penny. I hope to goodness that they were a Christmas special and not still available, as there is no way I could walk past them on a supermarket shelf and not buy them again.

      What I love about these biscuits is that the chocolate coating is really thick and generous - not like the spindly coating that you get on some biscuits. The fillings are really crunchy and tasty - perfect biscuit in my opinion.

      What I hate about these biscuits is that they have rurned me into a horrible person - having tasted the biscuits and finding out how they good they were, I put them back in the cupboard and offered my friend cake instead. What I don't know yet is whether I will hide the biscuits from my husband and eat them all myself - I will leave it to you to work out the end of this story.....


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        04.01.2010 22:26
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        We always seem to receive masses of chocolates and sweet treats at this time of year, as I'm sure most people do. This year my mum received a box of Cadbury's chocolate biscuits from a colleague at work. Much of the chocolate we receive gets given out to friends and family but having enjoyed these last year we decided to hang on to the box.

        The biscuits come in a large purple tin, keeping in line with Cadbury's branding. The tin is circular in shape and has a large Cadbury's logo embossed on the front. There is also a sticker that has pictures of the biscuits that are inside. Overall the box looks quite snazzy and very much a premium product. The tin is recyclable but will probably be re-used many times before being thrown out.

        On opening the tin the first thing that hits you is that wonderful sweet smell of Cadbury's chocolate. It made my mouth water and I hadn't even seen the biscuits! Covering the biscuits is a white piece of greaseproof paper that has images of all the biscuits and a brief description of what they are. Removing this reveals the biscuits. These have been presented in a plastic tray, which can be discarded once the biscuits have finished.

        There are 10 different biscuits on offer. I decided I had to try each one - purely in the interest of writing a balanced review of course! I wouldn't be able to eat that many at once so spread them out over a few days. I'll describe each one briefly:

        Cadbury Chunk
        This looks like a big segment of a dairy milk bar and consists of a thickly coated digestive biscuit. The chocolate was satisfyingly thick and worked nicely against the oatiness of the digestive. It was quite large and after I'd finished it I didn't really fancy another biscuit.

        Chocolate Charm
        A chocoholics delight! It is round in shape with dark chocolate drizzled over the top. This consists of a rich chocolate favoured cream biscuit covered in thick milk chocolate. I like my chocolate but found it a bit rich. It's very much like a chocolate bourbon biscuit, which I am not a huge fan of.

        Praline Flavour Cream Cup
        This is round and has a slightly domed shape. It consists of a praline flavour cream biscuit covered in milk chocolate. Chocolates and praline are always a winning combination and this is no exception!

        Raspberry Rapture
        This is oblong in shape covered in ... you guessed it... thick milk chocolate. It also has dark chocolate drizzled over the top. I was quite surprised by this one. I was expecting it to be raspberry flavoured and to taste a bit fake. How wrong I was! I actually got a bit of dried raspberry in my mouth when I bit into it. I've never tried chocolate with raspberry before and loved it. I think this was my favourite from the selection. Why can't Cadbury's make this a permanent addition to the biscuit aisle?!

        Cadbury Classic
        This again looks like a segment from a large chocolate bar. It is square in shape and consists of a chocolate covered shortcake biscuit. To me it tasted very much like the Cadbury Chunk, not that that's a bad thing!

        Orange Crunch
        Another classic combination! I don't think you can really go wrong with chocolate and oranges. It consists of a tangy orange flavoured chocolate biscuit covered in milk chocolate. It's a little different from the other biscuits in the box as it is covered in gold foil, making it look extra special.

        Simply Shortcake
        This is rectangular in shape, covered in chocolate, with dark chocolate drizzled on top. Tasted very much like a shortcake biscuit. Not much more to say I'm afraid!

        Golden Dream
        This is a circular, slightly dome-shaped biscuit. It consists of a crispy honeycomb flavoured biscuit with a honeycomb flavoured cream covered in chocolate. It reminded me very much of a Cadbury's Crunchie bar.

        Crunchy Delight
        The crunchy delight is circular in shape and has a hole in the middle so resembles a hoop. It is covered in milk chocolate with dark chocolate drizzled over. Taste-wise this is similar to the Golden dream in that it is has a honeycomb biscuit but without the cream. Biting into this brings the most satisfying crunch!

        Ginger Flavour crunch
        I love ginger biscuits but I've never tried chocolate and ginger. It didn't sound like a good combination to me but I was quite surprised, as it tasted ok. Certainly not my favourite of the pack but not one I would turn my nose up at if it were placed in front of me.

        On the back of the tin is a long list of ingredients, which I won't go into. However, scanning through these it appears that the biscuits are suitable for vegetarians but would not be suitable for those who have a wheat or lactose intolerance. Being chocolate biscuits often covered in more chocolate, these are certainly not going to do the waistline any favours, but around Christmas, I think we can turn a blind eye and make losing some flab a new years resolution! They're not the cheapest of biscuits, priced at around £8.00 for 400g, although they were on offer in the run up to Christmas. The only downside for me is that once the box is finished I will have to wait another year to munch on these again as they seem to be a festive offering. Overall, a scrummy box of biscuits and one that chocoholics will love!


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