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Cadbury Double Chocolate Mini Rolls

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Cake

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    3 Reviews
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      03.08.2009 08:04
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      I've always liked Mini Rolls, but they always seemed expensive compared to other similar products. I know they are made by Cadbury's and you would probably expect to pay a bit more, but either they have become cheaper over the years, or I've grown up and decided they really aren't that exensive after all!

      You don't just get the humble standard Mini Roll anymore thesedays, there is a whole host of different kinds such as Fudge, Caramel, Strawberry and these ones, which are Double Choc.

      The packaging for these is alright. You get 6 Mini Rolls in a pack and they are individually wrapped, so easy enough to pop in your pocket, bag and such and eat on the move. The Mini Rolls sit on a cardboard tray. I'm not saying this tray is not necessary, but in this day with all packaging getting cut down, then I don't think it is really needed. However it keeps your Mini Rolls from getting squished, and it goes into my paper bin, so is getting fully recycled. The pack is a deep purple colour and has the Cadbury's branding in white - it's quite small on the pack, and the Mini Rolls writing in a dark brown colour. There is the normal picture of the item as well, and it looks well Chocolatey.

      Each Mini Roll has

      120 calories
      12.3g sugars
      6.3g fat
      3.1g saturates
      0.18g salt

      So what are these and how do they taste? They are quite thick bts of Cake. The sponge Cake part is a medium brown colour and it is Chocolate flavour. There is a Swirl of Chocolate Cream running through the Cake part. This is thickest in the middle of the Cake, and spirals out in a thinner layer through the Cake. There is enough of this Cream to break up the dryness of the Sponge. The Whole lot is covered in a thin layer of Cadbury's Milk Chocolate.

      These are just as nice and sweet as the original Mini Rolls, which are the same, but have buttercream in them instead of Chocolate Cream.

      Normally costs around £1.40, but the range is on offer at Asda just now for £1 a pack.


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        23.07.2009 15:27
        Very helpful



        a nice treat

        Cadbury Double Chocolate Mini Rolls.........

        If I could have invented a product myself then this would have been it. I have to admit to loving these double Chocolate Mini Rolls From Cadbury's as they are so superior to the bog standard mini rolls.

        There is no real difference apart from the fact that the filling of the roll is made not from that horrible white/cream coloured sugar goo but more of a delicious chocolate spread type coating that I like so much more.

        You really can't miss the Cadbury's Chocolate Mini rolls when looking for them as they are housed in the same packaging that they have been for many years and these "Double Chocolate" ones are no different. The wrapping is the infamous purple for Cadbury's and you really do know what you are getting with the look and the taste.

        The price of the double chocolate bars doesn't differ from the regular mini rolls and they are usually around £1.30p but have been on offer recently for 2 packets for £2. There are six mini rolls per packet but because the mini rolls themselves are so tiny they don't seem to last for too long!

        Each mini roll is individually wrapped which makes them perfect for lunch boxes or for taking out. Each bar is about two mouthfuls in length although my other half can put the whole thing in his mouth in one go! Very nice!

        The mini rolls itself is basically a bar covered in the delicious milk chocolate that we all know and love from Cadbury's. Underneath this rich and creamy layer is a soft and light chocolate sponge cake which is rolled up to create the roll effect and stuck together with a delicious chocolate spread type filling.

        The taste of this mini roll is rather nice and I would have to say at the moment is one of my top treats. They are only small as I have said before but they give just the right amount of chocolate/cake hit needed. They are not overly sweet as the light and airy sponge cake draws in some of the sweetness but works together well with the different sections to give for a real treat.

        Of course at 120 calories and 3.1 grams of saturated fat per tiny little roll these are not something that you should be scoffing all day everyday. Though for me I think this would be possible.

        They are a treat and should be kept as so. I enjoy them but do have to limit myself. I would give them a high recommendation and a 5 star rating. I do think they are far better than the regular mini rolls and I will continue to buy them for as long as they are out, or indeed until I get sick of them!

        I do hope this has been of some help/interest to you

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        16.05.2009 17:19
        Very helpful



        A small sweet chocolate treat.

        My, My, Cadbury's are going for gold aren't they?
        We were doing our weekly tour of Sainsbury's this morning and I know it may come as a bit of a surprise to you but the aisle that we always seem to linger in is the aisle that is stacked high with cakes and biscuits.
        Well, every which way that you turned there was a stack of Cadbury's mini rolls, not just the plain chocolate and vanilla flavour that we all know and love. It seems that the special editions are being marketed to the hilt, the caramel mini roll, the jaffa mini roll and the double chocolate mini roll.

        Cadbury's had a special offer on them too, either £1.32 for a packet of six or £2 for two packets, hence we ended up with a packet of the traditional version and a packet of the double chocolate variety.

        Maybe we will just take a second to consider the way that the product has been offered to the public and how Cadbury's have tried to make these special editions stand apart from the others.
        The packet looks more or less the same, the indisputable grape purple that is associated with Cadbury. But then Cadbury have gone for in the kill, they have added a banana yellow flash to the top right corner of the packet and in bold red lettering the two words `Special Edition` stand out like a belisha beacon.
        The words `mini rolls` takes on a subtle difference too, it looks like someone has taken a piping bag and squeezed the two words out as stylishly as they could manage but they have still managed to keep the flow of melted chocolate.
        Then a devilishly rich looking roll is sat aside what looks like a chocolate `horn of plenty`
        Cadbury cannot place enough emphasis on the amount of milk chocolate that is harboured inside of the flimsy packet.

        So we move on swiftly and open the outer plastic wrapper to find six newly born double chocolate mini rolls all individually encased in a heat sealed plastic wrapper. It is at this point in time that my thoughts lay with the local council recycling collectors ! Does everything have to be wrapped in duplicate??!

        Whether it is my over-active imagination but I am sure that the mini rolls have shrunk, each special edition roll is about three inches long or two good sized bites.
        The minute chocolate Swiss rolls are perfectly formed and have been professionally covered in the luxurious Cadbury's milk chocolate. As each baby Swiss roll has passed underneath the liquid chocolate Cadbury have got the consistency of the chocolate off to a tee, on the top of each barrel shaped roll the surface is rippled which adds depth to the chocolate layer in places.
        As always the chocolate at each end of the mini roll seems to be substantially thicker and I set out to make the most of it.
        Inside the soft sponge is hiding away, the chocolate, the sponge and the chocolate filling are all matching shades of brown. The sponge is as light as any prize winning Women's Institute Victoria sponge recipe and the lighter brown filling has a `whipped` effect and is plentiful.

        All in all the mini roll isn't as sweet as I first imagined it to be, I think that is partially down to the filling which you would imagine is super sweet but in actual fact isn't.
        If anyone asked me how to explain the filling I would say that it resembles a soft Milky Way, air filled and mousse like.

        If I had to make a choice between the traditional mini roll and this special edition then I would stick with the original version. I enjoy that sweet white vanilla cream in the conventional mini roll and find that the filling in this special edition double choc variety a bit uninspiring.
        I realise that we are talking about a mere couple of seconds of pure unadulterated bliss here but if you are going to be wicked then it is better to carry it out to the very best of your ability!

        In order to review this product I was obliged to eat the whole mini roll ( no great feat!) and it contained 120 calories, 1.3g protein, 15.1g carbohydrate of which 12.3g is sugar, 6.2g fat of which 3.1g is saturates, 0.3g fibre and 0.07g sodium.

        Well Mr Cadbury, The double choc mini rolls are fine! But they are not outstanding and the next time around I shall be picking up the chocolate rolls with that firm white sweet vanilla cream filling. - Mind you, I wonder what the Jaffa mini rolls are like?


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