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Cadbury Flake Cake

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Chocolate Cake

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    3 Reviews
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      20.02.2010 08:51
      Very helpful



      See review.

      As it was my birthday a while ago, and my mum, god love her, still thinks that I am around the age of 10, has year in, year out insisted on buying me a cake for the proceedings! (And no I am not really moaning, if I didn't get a cake now I would be really upset!).

      The cake I will now review is - "Cadbury's celebration Flake cake".

      Now i have always been a bit of a chocoholic, this of course is common knowledge within my family, so when possible my mum, and my younger sister, do tend to veer towards that type of gift for birthdays and Christmas, so upon opening this cake (yes my mum did wrap it as a gift with a huge box of Thornton's choc's to boot, can't think why I am so overweight!), I was overjoyed at the sheer quantity of chocolate on and in this particular cake!

      The cake itself is huge, this is comparing it to other birthday cakes available to buy in the Asda aisle, with this being stated as a "12 portion cake". This is the first time when I have found a cake that actually states a portion as being a generous one, normally a stated portion is a slither!

      To look at the cake is a large round lump of chocolate, covered on the top my miniature flakes (these actually mark out the portions making it easier to cut up!), and a mountain of all three sorts of chocolate scraped into curls and liberally sprinkled over the top, and I mean liberally, there is so much that when initially opening the box and removing the cake they went everywhere!

      The box the cake comes in is a large reasonably rigid cardboard box with a small plastic panel on the side to show the cake off before buying it.
      The box is in the obligatory yellow and Cadbury's purple colours, linking it both to the company (though not sure what colourings Kraft will pursue on the brand!), and also to the chocolate bar itself.

      There is all the usual information present too, brand name, product name, nutritional information (which I will get too later, and trust me it is mind boggling!), and finally if the real thing is not enough, there is also a picture of the cake, with a piece took out to reveal the fantastic looking insides!

      When trying to remove the cake itself, I noticed that the box has a resealable flap on each end of the box, this is ideal to keep the cake that bit fresher without having to find an a cake tin to keep it until eaten, though in my house that really doesn't take too long.

      The cake is held within it's own plastic tray, this does go some way to catching all the little chocolate curls when cutting it up, but there will still always be a fair amount of mess going on.

      When cutting the cake take care to use a sharp knife as the chocolate coating is quite thick, so does have a tendency to crack and almost break away from the slice of cake before even getting to eat it!

      Once sliced you will notice jus how different the cake is. Instead of the traditional Victoria sandwich design, with there being a cake on the base with a layer of cream or jam and another sandwiched on top, this is a cake made up of around ten separate layers of chocolate cake, sandwiched together with a thick chocolate cream, but with the cake slices running vertically, though this does not make it any more difficult to slice, the layers are almost concreted together they are held so tightly against the previous slice.

      The smell initially is strong and very chocolaty, with there being a subtle cake smell underneath.

      The taste is something else completely!

      The cake itself is not that chocolaty, it is soft and melting but not overly sweet, the cream that holds together the cake slices is part cream, which again is creamy but not too chocolate in taste, but also with a thin layer of chocolate sauce within the cream layer, as you may have gathered this is a really rich cake, and this is without the layer on the outside!

      The outside layer is quite simply melted Cadbury's chocolate spread thickly over the entire surface with all the afore mentioned chocolate decoration across the top.
      This part is delicious, there is no chocolate better in this world, with this being smooth, flavoursome and indescribably creamy and sweet, more than Moorish!

      This is the part that will make any calorie fearing person shake in their boots!

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per slice,
      285 kcal,
      39.6g carbohydrate,
      29.7g of which sugars,
      12.5g fat,
      7.7g of which saturates.

      Allergy advice states that this may contain traces of nuts, but is suitable for vegetarians.

      Price wise this will set you back around the £8.00 mark and is available from www.asda.co.uk.

      For more information visit - www.cadburys.co.uk

      As you may have gathered this is a lovely cake that was gratefully received and even more eagerly eaten, though it does get a little sickly after a while, I still persevered!

      Thanks for reading x


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        13.11.2009 17:40
        Very helpful



        Well worth the money! ;)

        It was my birthday last week and I always get bought a cake - well you are never too old for a cake are you, lol?!

        My mum knew I wanted a chocolate or Sponge Bob cake so she bought her favourite! :-P

        I got an awesome Cadbury's Flake cake which says it is 'The crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate celebration cake', yum!

        This cake can be divided into 12 portions but they would have to be pretty small...

        The design is that each piece would get a flake on top but my mum divided it into a bit bigger pieces so that there was a better generous slice for each person.

        There were three of us that ate the cake and it kept really fresh for a few days with foil wrapped round the open edges.

        The cake was made of round chocolate sponge sections so it looked like a Christmas Yule log when it was cut open. It was sealed with a thick layer of milk chocolate and topped with dark and white chocolate curls which fell off everywhere but were really yummy!

        Each sponge section was stuck together with a chocolate buttercream filling that was 25% of the cake's contents and there is 13% chocolate as well so it is a really generous coating :)

        There are some E numbers in the list of ingredients and it's made with wheat flour for any allergists and may contain nuts...

        Per slice there is 285 calories and 12.5g of fat plus 29.7g of sugars so it is very sweet but what chocolate isn't?!

        This flake cake is made in the UK and had a best before date of two weeks on it but of course we opened it straight away!

        It was very tasty, full of flavour and the sponge was nice and moist although my mum thought it was a bit boring but I loved it so that's what counts, lol!

        I didn't find this sickly at all and it didn't taste artificial either, just really nice and the little flake pieces really made it special...

        5 stars from me, you should try it and see. Pst, I was told it was about £7 if you want the price and it was served on a plastic tray ;)


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          08.11.2009 15:12
          Very helpful



          Flake based cake

          I was cake day at work on Friday and my turn to bring something in and so I thought I would give this Cadbury Flake Cake a try as it looked pretty good and at under £7 it would be enough for everyone at work to have a slice as it is supposed to serve up to twelve people and most people at work only go for thin slices anyway as they are watching their weight.

          It is easy to spot on the shelves as the cake comes in a bright yellow box with the distinctive blue writing, thereare a couple of versions of this cake in the shops, either a rectangular one like I bought or a round one that I have seen, not sure why they swap it about. The box has a part of it which is clear plastic so you can see the cake inside.

          This is a chocolate lovers cake as it has layers of chocolate sponge which is nice and moist and quite tasty and within this there is a butter cream filling which is rather sweet but has a nice chocolate taste to it. The main treat though are the small pieces of flake that are perched on top of another layer of milk chocolate which is just heavenly.

          The cake goes well with a nice cup of coffee and it woul also serve as a birthday cake for those who love chocolate and especially flakes.


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