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Cadbury Highlights Chocolate Nibbles

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4 Reviews

Brand: Cadbury / Type: Biscuit

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    4 Reviews
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      19.01.2009 11:45
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to normal biscuits.

      I do not really do diets, I have never been severely overweight so I have never really had to but I do watch my weight and like to eat a healthy alternative if there is one.

      One thing it is hard to find a healthy alternative to is chocolate biscuits but I recently found one and a very good one at that.

      Now you have to be careful when mentioning healthy and chocolate biscuit in the same sentence because sadly there is no such thing as a healthy chocolate biscuit but these Cadbury Highlights Chocolate Nibbles are much better for you than most.

      Inside the main packet you will find 6 treat size packets of these delicious biscuits, the ones I had were honeycomb flavoured but I think you get others. Each biscuit is half covered with a thin layer of chocolate and the chocolate being Cadbury`s is delicious.

      The taste over all is very nice and the chocolate blends well with the honeycomb flavouring of the biscuit to almost give a Cadbury crunchie type taste.

      Each treat size bag holds 16g and in those 16g bags you will find 75 calories and 2.6g of fat so as you can see they have less calories and fat than most biscuits but still enough not to be healthy.

      The way I look at it is this, if you are going to eat biscuits then best to go for the ones that have the least calories and fat but still taste good and for me that is now these Cadbury Highlights Chocolate Nibbles and I am sure that anyone looking for low fat alternatives will love these too.

      These are a great sweet treat although it is difficult to stick to just the one treat size packet because there isn't much in there but considering that two of these little packets still holds less calories than three normal chocolate digestives or the likes they still make sense!


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        15.08.2008 21:56
        Very helpful



        Sweet treats for girls on a diet.

        Well, in case you haven't already guessed from my stream of Weight Watchers reviews, I'm currently on a diet. I have plenty of excess pounds in need of shifting so I'm doing my best to cut out all the naughty foods I love so dearly and satisfy my sweet tooth with fresh fruit and fat free yoghurts. Unfortunately, there comes a time, when healthy treats just won't do the trick.

        In an attempt to find some sort of compromise between staying relatively true to my diet and rewarding myself with some sugar, I stumbled across Cadbury Highlights Honeycomb Nibbles. They come in a pack that contains 6 treat size bags and I paid around 69p for them in Home Bargains. Obviously you can expect to pay more at the supermarket. The packet promises to contain 'honeycomb flavour mini biscuits half covered with milk chocolate.' There is also a plain variety available with a standard biscuit half covered with Cadbury milk chocolate.

        Each 16g bag contains a mere 75 calories and 2.6g of fat, but how do they taste? Well, to enjoy these, you need to have a very sweet tooth indeed, which fortunately I do. They're shaped like small half bagels and are about 2cm across with a hole in the middle which I hear contains no calories at all. One half is a biscuit with a distinct honeycomb flavour similar to that of the crunchy honeycomb. They're really sweet and sugary with a perfect crunchy biscuit consistency. But that's just the half of it! Add to the sugary sweetness of the honeycomb biscuit is a layer of Cadbury milk chocolate, perfect for satisfying your cocoa cravings. The combination of the two is very yummy indeed, especially if you've been living off carrot sticks and low fat ready meals all week long.

        So now for the downside. The portion is tiny. Each bag seems to contain 7 of these little biscuity treats. Obviously, I didn't expect to get lots since they are still meant to help me lose weight but the number of biscuits you receive is pretty stingy. I struggled to savour these for more than a couple of minutes. I'm actually quite intrigued as to how these measure up to any other chocolate biscuits when it comes to calories and fat. I have a sneaky suspicion that they aren't healthier in any way, they are just produced in small packets to limit your portion control and make you think you're eating less of the bad stuff than you would get in say a chocolate digestive.

        That said, if I had a packet of chocolate digestives, I would probably devour the whole packet in a day, so they are effective in limiting the amount of unhealthiness I consume. But if you have more self-restraint than I do, you may as well buy a big packet of sugary yummy treats and limit yourself to smaller portions.


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          31.07.2008 17:44
          Very helpful



          worth it


          Oh yes i absolutely love this chocolate to bits plain and simply because of its taste as soon as you have taken one bite you can feel all the moist delicious chocolate and at the same time your breath will be okay and mint fresh.
          The taste is unbelievable as soon an you have had a bit you keep coming back for more and more until you found out that you have ate too much and you must stop but you just can not control your self and you keep eating more and more.

          Trust me when i say that this is the best chocolate ever made.
          It is unbelievable because when i usually eat chocolates my breath really stinks but when i eat this my breath does not smell as much, personally i think that my breath smells better once i have eaten this chocolate.

          I made my friend and family decide whether my breath smelt better after or before i ate the meal but as it turns out that my breath smelt better after i ate the chocolate.
          I can not find any flaw in the taste of this chocolate I might have possibly figured out that this is the best chocolate ever.

          I am definantly going to give this a 10/10 for taste because it is delicious and my breath does not smell as bad after once i have eaten it.

          The smell is probably the only major down fall of this snack because as soon as you open this chocolate you expect to find a bunch of delicious smells coming towards but you just don't.

          The smell is in fact quite nice but is only nice when you go right up to the chocolate and then you can practically smell all the flavors coming up your nose.
          I found that this was a disappointment because i don't just want to know the taste of the chocolate but i also want to know the smell in all the chocolates that i know the smell is an added bonus.

          Another reason that this as a disappointment was that it has such a good smell when you are up close but if only they could in crease that smell so that we can smell it from more of a further distance.
          i am going to rate the smell a 7/10 because the smell was in fact one of the best chocolate scents i have ever smelt but the only downfall that did not give this a 10/10 was that the scent of the chocolate was not strong enough to my liking.

          PACKAGING!!!!! mates family liking the design i did survey on the design

          I found that the packaging was actually quite cool i mean who here does not like cadbury designs i sure as hell do, if you do not like cadbury designs there must be something wrong with.
          I also found that there was not one part of the logo that i did not like and i am sure there is a part that you do not like too.

          The main 2 reasons of why i like cadbury are......
          1. I really respect cadbury for making such a cool cover and thank god that they used the 3 right colors which are purple, white and lastly green.

          2. I also admire cadbury for the fact that they used the best picture possible in the world if it was not for that picture i would have not possibly even considered buying this chocolate and you can also not forget the fact when ever you look at this you always feel hungry.
          I also did a survey with my mate on the streets out side in town the survey said...
          please tick the following designs in which order you think is the best, and overall the best design with 74/100 votes was this chocolate.

          I am going to rate this a 10/10 on packaging because it is very convincing and tells you exactly what you are going to buy in that chocolate and that is all off the design (cover).

          I am first going to talk about the quality......

          The quality of this chocolate is amazing and absolutely delicious, do not forget once you start eating you can not stop eating hahahahahahahahahah.
          The quality of this chocolate is very tasting because of the fact that you can taste the two major tastes which are the tasty chocolate and the minty freshness.

          I am now going to talk about the quantity......
          I found that the quantity is quite in fact low for the price that i pay for it because every time i eat cadbury i find my self after a couple of seconds or possibly minutes that my food has already gone.

          Also i found that back when i was a kid in the 80s that there used to be more chocolate at a much cheaper price and tasted just as good as the chocolates now days.
          I found out that since the rise of coco prices the chocolates around the world have risen there price from around anywhere between 35p-50p.

          I am going to give this a review in QUALITY/QUANTITY a 8/10 because their is not enough chocolate for my liking but is made up for quality in the taste of the chocolate.
          QUALITY/QUANTITY =8/10

          I found that the price in most small shop costs about 50p roughly, but in some stores it could possibly cost more than the given price some shopkeepers abuse this power and charge more than it is worth.

          In huge supermarkets i found that you could buy it for the same price but you also could have brought more for a overall cheaper price which could save you more money.
          I found that the price in even big stores like morrisons and sainsburys have increased their prices on all of there cadbury products.

          i am going to rate this a 8/10 on price because of the fact that we should be lucky that the price is not even higher than it is now.

          READ MY OTHER REVIEWS AT mehmoou1001


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          14.04.2008 09:54
          Very helpful



          We all need a treat now and again, if you are on a diet then give these a try.


          At some point almost all women have been on a diet and a lot of guys do at some point too. We all have ideas of what diets are, should be or could be. When you think of a diet what comes to mind first? Boring food with no taste and depriving yourself of the things you enjoy, right? Well it doesn't have to be like that.

          I have medical problems and am stuck in a vicious circle where my weight impacts on my medical condition and my medical condition causes weight gain and makes it very difficult to make any kind of impact when it comes to losing weight.

          I have been lucky that since we moved back to Somerset from Essex I have joined a great medical practice and my doctor could not be any better. I am now on medication, which is helping even out both sides of my vicious circle and am on a low fat diet to push things in the right direction.

          Diets have never worked for me before so after months of nothing changing I always gave up and went back to my 'what's the point' attitude. That has now changed and I am less than three weeks into my diet! I have already dropped one dress size and have almost lost a second! I know that the weight loss will slow down but it has made me more determined that I have ever been.

          I was dreading starting my diet as I just saw it as not having anything I like and living on fruit and vegetables. HOW BORING! I made an effort to make meals that would be tasty and as low in fat as I could and felt ok but knew that I would get bored and want the things that I could not have on my diet.

          My other half has been so supportive and helpful. Seeing me struggling with not being able to have any kind of 'treat' he went to Asda and bought me some bits that he thought would help me. He looked at labels and found those that he thought would be suitable for me, Jaffa Cakes, low fat Rich Tea biscuits, fruit Ryvitas and Tic Tacs (they have NO fat! Just the Tic Tacs not the others.)

          Having these little treats is great as I can reward myself and not feel like I am missing out on anything!

          *****Browsing and buying*****

          So while shopping last week we looked at a few other things that might be possibilities for me. Baked crisps being one, I bought them and now prefer them to ordinary crisps! We also found a very interesting (to me anyway) section of the biscuit shelves.

          This is where all the low fat snacks are kept. We had a good look and there were lots of different bits and pieces, which looked and sounded rather nice and were not prices that were too dissimilar to the 'regular' versions of the products.

          We decided that I should get and try one and see what I thought. We all know what some low fat products are like, if it is half the fat its usually half the flavour isn't it!

          They sold products by several well-known low fat manufacturers, Go Ahead, Weight Watchers and Cadburys. They also had a few organic low fat products too.
          There were cakes, biscuits, cookies, fruit bars and cereal bars.

          We both liked the sound of several but we settled on a Cadbury Highlights product. At £1.28 for a bag of six packets it isn't a bad price, not a good one either but it could be worse.


          The main bag that the small packets come in is exactly the same as the smaller ones the product comes in.

          The smaller packets are very small, when flat they measure 9cm by 12cm. The Cadbury logo is clearly shown at the top in the centre, with its white writing on a deep purple background it is unmistakable.

          In the top right corner there is the main information that any dieter is looking for, the fat and calorie content of each packet. In bold pink writing it clearly states that each bag is just 75 calories and has 2.6 grams of fat. That is good for something which is biscuit and chocolate!

          The large pack contain six small packets which each weigh in at just 16g.


          These are little biscuits that are circular with a hole in the centre. By having a hole you might think you are getting more I guess.

          The underside is covered in chocolate and on the top you can see golden biscuit.

          They are very small only about 3cm across and the hole is just over a centimetre.

          In each packet there are only eight little biscuits, not much is it. By only being a few of them the calories and fat content is lower. All added together they would be roughly the same as having a single 'regular' sized biscuit.

          *****The all important taste test!*****

          I am a real chocolate lover and have a demon of a sweet tooth and while fruit can go some way to pleasing that side of me there are times when it just wont help that craving and when that is how I feel I have a packet of these.

          They are only very small which means that not only do I see it as a treat but I know that I am not over doing it and don't feel guilty for having eaten them like I would do if I had some chocolate no matter how small a bar I had.

          They are nicely crunchy and have a great taste to them. I would say they are similar to chocolate digestive biscuits but if anything they are nicer! I never thought I would say something so good about something that is classed as low fat!

          Some low fat versions of such products have hardly any chocolate to the point where you don't really get a chocolate taste, which is not true of this product. The amounts of biscuit and chocolate are just right for the flavour to be evenly balanced.

          *****Do I recommend?*****

          Yes I most certainly do! They are very tasty, low in fat and low in calories. The only draw back is that there aren't many but that will make you feel good too because it doesn't feel like you have been naughty just that you have rewarded yourself for being so good!

          £1.28 sounds like a lot but I don't think it is that bad, the enjoyment I had from them was worth every penny!

          I am going to give these a full five stars, as I don't think they could be any better and they have helped me stay on my diet!

          I will definitely be buying these again and hopefully will drop a couple more dress sizes in the process!

          I wrote this review a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to upload it, I can now happily say I have lost another dress size, I am wearing clothes that haven't fit for ages and continue to visit this shelf in Asda. I have had these again and have tried an Asda treat too. I am still very keen on these and they will become a regular purchase for me.

          Ingredients for those who are interested.

          Wheat Flour, Milk Chocolate (23%) (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Dried Skimmed Milk, Milk Fat, Dried Whey, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)), Sugar, Crisped Rice (Rice Flour, Sugar, Malted Barley Flour, Malted Barley Extract, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)), Vegetable Fat, Maize Flour, Glucose Syrup, Oatmeal, Dried Whey, Flavourings, Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Emulsifier (E472e), Salt.


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