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Cadbury Selection Biscuits

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2013 17:39
      Very helpful



      A good selection of shortbread style biscuits covered in Cadbury milk chocolate

      ===Why I Got This===

      I was lucky enough the other day to get a belated Christmas gift, part of which was a box of Cadbury's Occasions chocolate biscuits.

      ===The Brand===

      Made in the UK by Burton's Biscuit Company Ltd under licence from Cadbury UK.

      ===The Product===

      The image above is of a 'Selection' box but mine is now called the 'Occasions' box - but the contents are the same.
      Square cardboard box in the traditional purple used by Cadbury with a white snowflake image.
      The top and sides of the box shows images of the biscuits.
      'A delicious biscuit selection smothered in irresistible Cadbury Milk Chocolate.'
      Long shelf life - mine was best before August 2013.
      290 grams.
      Inside box is a moulded plastic tray wrapped in a clear cellophane wrapper.
      10 different biscuits.

      ===Biscuit Varieties===

      Orange Crunch - round in gold foil.
      Chocolate Charm - round and decorated with thin lines of dark chocolate.
      Simply Shortcake - flat finger decorated with lines of thin dark chocolate
      Raspberry Rapture - oval biscuit decorated with thin lines of dark chocolate
      Vanilla Heart - large heart shaped biscuit.
      Crunchy Ring - plain ring biscuit with hole in centre.
      Hazelnut Flavour Crisp - oblong biscuit decorated with thin lines of dark chocolate.
      Crunchy Triangle - triangular biscuit with hole in centre.
      Lemon Crisp - smallish biscuit with rippled chocolate covering.
      Honeycomb Cup - round biscuit decorated with dark chocolate lines.
      All the above biscuits are covered in a layer of Cadbury milk chocolate.


      Sorry not sure of the cost but I would think around the £2 mark.

      ===My Opinion===

      I found this box of biscuits very enjoyable to eat and was delighted that there were no biscuits that I did not like.
      They all came well protected in their tray and cellophane wrapper and would have looked very attractive put out for visitors. However I was lucky enough to be able to eat these all myself!
      Before I started I did not know what the biscuits would be like, but the base of the box has a useful legend which shows images and names of them all - though be careful turning the box over to look - and do not spill any biscuits.
      Most of the biscuits are of the shortbread sort and covered in milk chocolate and are very nice and the standard flavour. Although there are ten different sorts of biscuits the flavours do not vary a great deal.
      The foil wrapped Orange Crunch had a nice orangy taste and smell but was not too overpowering or too sweet.
      The Raspberry Rapture had a slight raspberry taste.
      The Lemon Crisp was hardly much different to the ordinary shortbread ones.
      Chocolate Charm had a layer of chocolate filling on top of the biscuit and under the chocolate covering.
      The Honeycomb Cup was made to two layers.
      I actually liked all of these biscuits and was pleased thee were none that I did not want - as it used to be with tins of biscuits there would always be some sort of cream biscuit which no-one liked.
      There were two of each biscuit but three of the Lemon Crisp as they were quite thin so about 21 biscuits in total.
      This is a nice small box which you can eat yourself over a few days and does not make you feel too greedy. It would also be a nice small gift for someone.
      Being covered in Cadbury chocolate most people would like these biscuits, and although the chocolate layer was reasonably thick the shortbread sort of biscuit complimented it so the final result was not too sickly.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===



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      16.10.2009 17:55
      Very helpful



      Not something to add to your shopping list.

      Last week I took my 24 year old daughter shopping with me, always a mistake; I end up spending more money and have less to show for it.

      Admittedly we are both chocoholics and we saw Asda had an offer on Cadbury Selection Biscuits, each box was reduced to £2, so we thought why not.

      I wish we hadn't. My husband likes biscuits so I thought this selection would go down well.

      The box is not overly big but contains eight different varieties of biscuit, all coated in lovely Cadbury chocolate.

      There biscuits options are:
      Chocolate Cookie Cup
      Cadbury Crunch
      Orange Crunch
      Crunchy Ring
      Oat and Raspberry Crunch
      Toffee Flavour Cream Crunch
      Golden Cream Cup
      Citrus Crunch

      I must be honest when I opened the packet I was disappointed with the selection, the majority of the biscuits tasted the same and there were just biscuits with chocolate on, there wasn't as much variety as the name indicate.

      The most disappointing this was, the Citrus Crunch actually smelled so strongly that a lot of the other biscuits ended up tasting a bit like citrus.

      I thought these would be a good idea for Christmas but I won't be buying them again, for what they were they were over priced and not very exciting. They had potential to be a great buy but were really not.

      Some of the biscuits like the cookie that was actually a bit different tasted similar to the others because it was dipped in chocolate. I think this should have just been a cookie.

      I like Cadbury chocolate but I would rather have bought a packet of shortcake covered in Cadbury chocolate.

      The packaging is probably the most appealing thing, rich Cadbury purple in a box with a plastic tray sealed in plastic are the biscuits.

      I wouldn't recommend these, there isn't enough to offer, there are better and cheaper selections available on sale especially in Asda.


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