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Carr's Black Olive Nibbles

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Brand: Carr's / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2010 08:03
      Very helpful



      The yummiest of the yummy - highly recommended

      Something of a creature of habit, I know what I like and while I do like to try different things, it's only if they look amazing and/or are insanely cheap, and shopping at Home Bargains and B&Ms, it's usually the latter that reels me in. I spotted these for just 39p a box so popped them in my trolley. I have since seen them in Sainsburys for about £1.39, but even at that price I would buy them again since, having tried them once, I now know how unbelievably divine they are.

      Carr's Black Olive Nibbles are savoury biscuits about the size of a 2p and you get about 40 of them in a 100g box. They are shaped like small discs and look like they contain poppy seeds, but they don't - the dark blobs are, as you'd think from the name, tiny little fragments of black olives. They smell savoury, but apart from that have no really strong aroma and though looking at them you can see they have a tiny bit of an oily sheen, they aren't greasy, either in taste or in texture, and sailed through the paper-napkin grease blot test.

      These are, quite simply, some of the nicest savoury biscuits I have ever tasted, and a large part of this is down to the texture. They are light and crispy, giving a satisfying crunch when you bite into them (though, given the size, you don't get more than a couple of bites from each). They are lighter than air and really melt in your mouth, in a disturbingly moreish, flaky way. Though they are smaller than cream crackers or other biscuits for cheese, they are big enough to pick up and eat individually, unlike the sort of savoury nibbles you get in multipacks, which you have to down a handful at a time. This helps you eat less, too, since you are having them individually, but they are smaller than average.

      The nibbles have a distinctive flavour unlike anything I've ever encountered before. They are crumbly with a salty, buttery taste to them, and while you can tell they have something in them, that this something is black olives is not as evident. Don't misunderstand me - they taste incredible, but I think even those who aren't a fan of olives might like these, as there's no over-riding flavour of the juicy things.

      Beyond their appearance (they are round, they have holes in them) these nibbles have nothing in common with other biscuits in the Carr's range, especially Water Biscuits which I've always found a bit bland and dry on their own. These nibbles, on the other hand, are packed with flavour, and nicely moist and I wouldn't dream of putting butter on these, the way I would with a water biscuit.

      With only 9 calories in each biscuit, I devoured these. Though they're small, they're far from miniscule, and being able to eat 10 or 15 in one go felt lovely and indulgent, and was extremely satisfying. I enjoyed these with my lunchtime salad initially but soon found myself eating them straight from the box, and they're as enjoyable alone as they are as part of a larger meal or snack. They would be wonderful as part of a cheese board or with some grapes, and there's simply no comparison between these and the generic snack pack savoury biscuits you often get around this time of year.

      There is no way I can find fault with these. They taste divine, have a great texture and are a decent size - not so small you have trouble picking them up, but equally not so big you have to take numerous messy bites out of them. A full 5 stars from me.

      There are two other flavours in the range (black onion and rosemary, and cheese) - but for now I'll stick to these, and only pick up the others if or when they come nice and cheap in my local shops.


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