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Cow & Gate Organic Baby Rice Cakes

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Type: Breads/Cakes / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      14.06.2009 22:11



      Good healthy finger food for babies

      As my son is now 7 months old and cramming anything and everything into his mouth it seemed sensible to start introducing him to finger food. I have been trying to wean him on healthy home cooked food and only using jars when out. But I draw the line at making my own rice cakes!

      The first thing that caught my eye is they are suitable for children over 6 months. I tested them first and they soften nicely in your mouth. Mind you they don't taste of much but do any rice cakes?

      My son absolutely loves them! They are small enough to be easy to eat but big enough to stop him stuffing them whole into his mouth. The packet says you should give 4 per day as a guideline.

      These are excellent finger food and when he's grizzly and teething they help to make his gums feel a bit better and something to get his new teeth into.

      There are plenty in the packet. I put them into a tupperware container and they stay really crispy. They never stay the 2 weeks they recommend you use them by.


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        27.03.2007 09:09
        Very helpful



        Healthy snack to get your kids started

        My mother-in-law thought I was inflicting some form of horrendous punishment on my son when she noticed a pack of these in his bag for his day with her. This would be the same mother-in-law that thinks it is reasonable to give a 2 month old baby chocolate buttons and the same mother-in-law who doesn't see the point of giving babies older than 2 months milk - breast or formula so obviously I wasn't too concerned by her opinion.

        My partner and I decided that we were going to make an effort to bring our son up with a healthy diet from before he was born. This meant I made all his food from when he was first weaned onto food from scratch which although quite time consuming, resulted in him growing into a toddler with a very healthy appetite and keenness for fresh, healthy food opposed to chips and beans every night.

        However, you can only give so many boxes of raisins and raw carrot sticks to a child as a snack before the get bored and so I started looking for healthy snack items I could buy and keep on hand for days out or emergency use. That is when I first discovered. Cow and Gate Organic baby rice cakes.

        ***Cow and Gate Background***
        Cow & Gate began in 1771 as a small shop in Guildford owned by the Gates family. In 1887, the business was expanded to include dairy products and as a result they built their own creameries in the West of England, and Ireland, where Cow & Gate infant formula milks are still produced today.

        In 1904, a Dr Killick Millard placed a large order for powdered milk after hearing of an American study which indicated children of poorer backgrounds were benefiting and thriving from the addition of the powdered milk to their diets. Successful trials in the UK led to the West Surrey Central Dairy being transformed into Cow & Gate, the baby feeding company.

        Today Cow and Gate not only produce one of the leading formula milk ranges, but also ready made meals, jarred foods and finger foods/snacks. In an effort to ensure a high standard of quality, Cow and Gate have all their produce grown especially for their use before they are rigorously checked before they are ready to be sold.

        Cow & Gate Organic baby food is made from products bought from certified organic farms. None or Cow and Gate's Organic Range of food contain artificial additives, preservatives or GM ingredients.

        Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice
        Thiamin (Vitamin B1)

        Anyone familiar with rice cakes knows it is always wise to have a drink of some sort nearby as they are notoriously dry and tend to stick to the roof of your milk. Many people complain that rice cakes have little taste and I would have to agree, the plainer variety can be a bit tasteless. I found these ones had a light smokey flavour to them which was more appealing than some of the alternative varieties available on the market. My son loved these as a baby and would go through half a 40g pack without hesitation. I suspect it was more the texture he enjoyed particularly while teething. Babies tend to judge their foods based on texture as it is a learning experience for them. Flavours of most baby food are also kept fairly bland to avoid upsetting a delicate tummy (although my boy was devouring homemade curry at six and a half months - his choice not ours!) so from that perspective these are ideal for babies.

        *Possible serving suggestions: for older children and toddlers who demand a more substantial flavour to their food, try serving them with a home made salsa or a favourite cheese.

        These come in 40g green foil bags with pictures of the rice cakes, the Cow and Gate Organic logo, product description and age suitability printed clearly on the front. There is also a note of nutritional value included and advice on weaning your baby using Cow and Gate products. Everything is clearly marked and if a little bit of time is taken to read the information provided, you cannot fail to make an informed decision on your purchase.

        ***Product Advice***
        1. Suitable for babies over the age of 6 months
        2. Do not leave your baby unattended when eating these or any other foods
        3. Once opened keep bag well sealed to preserve freshness
        4. Once opened, use the rice cakes up within 14 days
        5. Keep a drink handy

        Cow and Gates Organic Range is readily available through any major supermarket and many smaller stores

        These retail for between £1.14 (Asda) and £1.21 (Sainsbury's). This is more than reasonable as a bag should last for roughly 4 snacks for smaller babies and at least 2 snacks for toddlers

        ***Similar recommended Products ***
        C&G Organic Orange flavoured Rice Cakes
        C&G Chocolate or Vanilla Rice Cake Sandwich (These are lovely!)
        C&G Multi Cereal Bar

        ***Overall Opinion***
        Cow and Gate is a trust worthy product which offers your growing child a healthy start. Their organic Rice Cakes are a fantastically convenient snack with a texture kids will love and a taste which is gentle to babies with developing stomachs new to the taste of the world. They are small and easy for babies to manipulate which helps them to develop their own independence, problem solving skills and co-ordination.

        I would recommend this product to any parent concerned with the well-being of their children's health and development.


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        Dried baby food.

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