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Crips Mature Cheddar Cheese & Spring Onion Snacks

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Brand: Crips / Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2010 16:42
      Very helpful



      A healthy crips snack

      These seem to be a fairly new brand of snack item, and you can find these snack bags near things like Snack-A-Jacks and rice cakes in the supermarket.

      The 22.5g bag shows a black nostalgic photo of a couple on an old fashioned bicycle, and is generally quite retro in feel, but with a fun touch with some bright colourful writing. It gives the impression that the brand is tasty and traditional, which to be honest, i don't think this is the case. (bag in shops is different to that pictured, they have the correct one on their website).

      Cost: 69p for one bag, which is fairly pricey I think, but I think they sometimes do it on offer of 2 for a £1 or something similar.

      The product definitely appeals to those looking for a healthier snack as it looks quite wholesome from the packaging, states it is baked rather than fried, like many unhealthy snacks are, and has '99 calories' displayed prominently on the front of the bag. They also claim to have 70% less fat than standard crisps.

      Looks wise, the 'crips' are small round discs which look a little bit like cheese biscuits rather than crisps. They are quite thin and crunchy and are quite browned in colouring. They have a great crunch to them,

      Now I shall compare them to a bog standard pack of Walkers Cheese & Onions crisps. A bag of Walkers has 131 calories, 8.3g of fat, 1g of fibre, and 0.3g of salt. A bag of Crips has 98 calories, 2g of fat, 0.3g fibre, and 0.15g of sodium. Calories-wise, you have a less amount in Crips, as fat and sodium, so indeed they are much more healthy than Walkers.

      However, for the better flavour a pack of Walkers has, I would much rather have a bag of Walkers than these! They were not all that satisfying, and are quite cardboard like in smell, and the taste is okay, not very strong or enjoyable even. They are not too bad if you have them along with something else, like a sandwich, but on their own, they are quite dull and not that interesting to eat. I would much rather eat an apple or banana, which tastes much better and is more healthy than these Crips.

      If you are someone who eats crisps every day, its probably not a terrible thing to replace your usual unhealthy bag with, but I wouldn't say it's a brilliant substitute. Health wise, these are no doubt better than normal crisps, but I think other low fat snacks, such as Snack-A-Jacks have a much better flavour and consistency.


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