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Deli 24 Cheese and Ham Snack

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Brand: Deli 24 / Type: Snack

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2012 18:50
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      cheese and ham snack that isn't really up to scratch

      I have a bit of a cheese addiction, and I especially like cheese type snacks like babybells, cheese strings, dairylee strip cheese ect so when I spied the deli 24 cheese and ham snacks in my local tescos I decided to give them a go.

      The snacks are located in the chilled section of the supermarket and come in several varieties:
      - cheese and ham
      - cheese and pepperoni
      - chicken breast and stuffing
      - cheese and sweet chilli chicken

      I bought the cheese and ham version for myself and the cheese and pepperoni version for my boyfriend so we could give them a go.

      The snack is made by Deli 24 and is is basically a stick of cheese (British cheddar the pack says) with some ham wrapped around it. The snack is about 4" long, is 40g and has 80 calories (pretty reasonable for a cheese based food) and cost me 69p in tescos. It comes in a sealed packet which is a blueish colour and says "Deli 24" in large writing with "cooked ham wrapped around British cheddar" underneath that, there is also a picture of the snack underneath the writing to give you an idea of what it looks like. The top of the packet has a "tear here" strip which makes it easy to open (I hate fighting with packaging trying to get it open!) and there is nutritional information on the back of the packet.

      Upon opening the packet and removing the snack I found it to be slightly slimey, which put me off a bit, but I guess that is be expected as they don't want it to dry out, horrible dried out ham and cheese would be worse! The cheese is wrapped in a decent amount of ham, about 3 layers so they are not scrimping in that department, the cheese itself is a slightly squashy and flexible texture (kind of like the texture of a babybell), not solid as I would expect from something that claims to be "cheddar". The flavour of the cheese I found the be pretty mild and seemed to be overwhelmed by the taste of the ham which was quite salty, I did find this a bit offputting, I think there should have been less ham round the snack, or a stronger tasting cheese and overall the snack was pretty bland and uninteresting, as if you were just eating a big pile of ham!

      I can't comment on the pepperoni version of the snack as I don't like pepperoni, but my boyfriend wasn't that impressed. I certainly will not be buying this again, it was just a bit boring......I think I will be sticking to the other cheese based snacks I know I like :)


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