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Disney Princess Fairy Cakes

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Type: Breads/Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2009 21:58
      Very helpful



      A delicious shop bought fairy cake which my granddaughter (and I!) loved.

      My granddaughter was ten this week and instead of having a party for her we decided to go for a family meal at the local Chinese buffet restaurant, but put together a table of nibbles for later in the evening when we got back. In case you were wondering I am holding a party for her at my home tomorrow afternoon so please expect lots of party food reviews over the coming weeks!

      Anyway, in Poundland I saw some packs of ready made fairy cake with a Disney Princess theme which my granddaughter loves so I bought two packets to go on her nibbles table.

      I must say I was very impressed with these shop bought cakes, I've eaten many shop bought fairy cakes in my time and these definitely rank amongst the best for size, texture and taste.

      The cakes are a good size, similar to home made fairy cakes rather than the small shallower fairy cakes you usually buy from the supermarket. Each cake is topped with edible sugar paper which has a picture of a Disney Princess (my granddaughter could name them for you, unfortunately all I can say is they are very glamourous and beautiful princesses!) or a Princess artifact such as a glass carriage or beautiful pair of slippers.

      The cakes are absolutely delicious, the sponge has a subtle vanilla flavour although the actual cake itself is not overwhelmingly sweet. It has a moist and wonderfully crumbly texture which is surprising as don't you find most supermarket fairy cakes are extremely dry and lack flavour? The sponge is also nice and light, not unwielding and stiff as I found a packet of High School Musical fairy cakes were just last week when I bought them for the girls'.

      Each cake is topped with icing, I found this terribly sweet and didn't like it too much but to be fair to these cakes I am not a huge fan of icing anyway although I did find these to be much sweeter than the norm. The icing does go very well with the sponge though and providing you eat a fair ratio of icing to sponge then you shouldn't find them too sweet.

      Unfortunately the nutritional information isn't printed on the packet, based on the size and sweetness of them I'd say they are not ideal for people on a diet but then what cakes are?

      I really enjoyed my cake and am glad I picked up an extra couple of packets for tomorrows party; they're suitable for just about everyone, taste lovely and look fantastic. I dare you to find a little girl who doesn't adore these, and for the boys I noticed the same cakes in a Cars variety in Poundland too.


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        04.03.2008 08:00
        Very helpful



        Fun and delicious cakes - oh and their pink!!

        I felt it necessary to write a review on this product because they are, in my humble opinion the best shop bought fairy cakes I have tried.

        The product that I will review are "Disney princess fairy cakes", which in fairness just sound like another gimmick to get young girls to nag their parents into purchasing another of the many useless items that seem to end up in the shopping trolley every week!!

        ~~~THE PACKAGING~~~

        The packaging is unfortunately not very eco friendly as there is a two layered plastic case, the bottom obviously to hold the cakes and the top one to prevent the cakes from being damaged.
        That is then finished off with a baby pink wrap.
        On the left of the wrap there is a picture of three of the Disney princesses, Cinderella, Belle (beauty and the beast, sorry but I have to assume there are people out there that have not had the "little ones" taking over their lives!!) and finally Sleeping Beauty.
        On the right hand side there is a clear panel showing one of the decorated cakes within, around the clear panel is, of course, a girly pink frame in the style of "fleur de leys".
        In reasonably small letters, on the right hand corner is the "Disney" logo with princess fairy cakes written underneath.

        ~~~THE CAKES~~~

        There are six cakes in the pack, all golden in colour and in baby pink cases.
        Atop every cake is a different edible sugar plaque. The top three cakes have a hexagonal sugar picture featuring the afore mentioned Disney princesses.
        The bottom three have a different, so called princess item, ie a glass slipper, a bag and a crown.
        Each cake is slightly larger than a normal shop bought fairy cake, but not quite muffin size.

        ~~~THE TASTE~~~

        I know I said I bought these for my daughter but I felt it my duty as a caring mother to try them first, I could never forgive myself if they tasted funny.............. Yes I know my six year old daughter didn't buy that one either!!!!
        The icing part, on the top of the cake was a little too sweet for my liking but the sponge was a sensation.
        I don't know about anyone else but I normally find that with shop bought fairy cakes they are a little too firm for my liking. In my humble opinion a fairy cake as with a sponge cake should be light and slightly moist, now I'm no expert but I now what I like!!!!
        These cakes are soft, slightly moist and have lovely buttery after taste, as I said earlier in the review they are the best I have ever bought!!


        I will not bore you with all the different "ingredients" that are listed as I couldn't tell you what half of them are, but what I will tell you is the ratio of cake to icing -
        SPONGE - 81%
        ICING - 15%

        Which is a bit of a bonus if my daughter wants to eat something like this, as anymore icing with the additives makes her a little hyper, but this doesn't affect her.

        This product contains - EGG, GLUTEN, MILK, SOYA AND WHEAT, and may also contain traces of nuts and seeds.
        The pack also states that this product is suitable for vegetarians.

        For the calorie conscious out there these cakes contain 106 kcal per cake.


        I purchased these cakes from Asda on offer, they are 99p a packet or two for £1.50.
        The offer includes the boys version of these cakes, which are the same cake but with sugar plaques on featuring characters from the pixulated films "Cars" and "Toy Story".



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