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DLB Tropical Coconut Mini Biscuits

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Brand: DLB / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2009 07:38
      Very helpful



      Anything you get to eat a dozen of at a time gets my vote

      When you eat biscuits, how many do you eat at a time? A couple? Three, even? What if I told you that you could eat 11 biscuits in one go and still not ingest the same calories as in one 'normal' biscuit? What if I added, that these 11 biscuits would be some of the most delicious you would ever taste in your life? What if I went on to say that you could get a big bag of these for about 60p? Would you be interested?

      Delicious Little Biscuits (DLB) is the very apt name for the company that makes these. They're Dutch, but if their multilingual packaging is anything to go by, they sell their products all over Europe. I found these in my local Poundstretcher (was In Store), as part of the whole DLB Mini Biscuits range which also includes mini digestives and mini tea biscuits and mini oat biscuits. I picked these ones quite randomly, because I like Coconut and I like blue, the colour of the packaging for these.

      The front of the packaging told me one serving would supply me with 65 calories. Not one biscuit - one serving. The picture on the front shows the biscuits but I wasn't positive until I opened the bag what size they would really be. They're pretty much the size of a postage stamp, though a little thicker. That's why you get to eat them 11 at a time (11 is 15g, their suggested serving size). But even though they are smaller than other biscuits, there's still something rather exciting about being able to eat a number in double figures. Hell, seeing as most normal biscuits that you might eat two at a time are around the 70 - 90 calorie mark, you could eat 22 of these in one go and still have calories to spare.

      Quantity is good, but only if the quality matches up to it. After all, no one wants to eat handfuls of something vile, so taste is still super important. Look at the star rating I've given them - does that give you a clue? These are quite possibly the nicest biscuits I've eaten this year, and I've munched the things in 4 countries on 3 continents in the last 9 months.

      The biscuits look like they are sprinkled with fairy dust - they have a grainy sugar topping but it's quite sparing, and they're not drenched in the stuff the way Nice biscuits can be. They do, however, taste a little like Nice biscuits, but with an added flavour bonus. The biscuits come with a delicate coconut flavour, which is the result of the 5.6% coconut listed in the ingredients. Yes, it is proper coconut, not just flavour, but while you can definitely taste it, you can't feel any flakey bits as you can with some coconut treats. The biscuits are sweet but not excessively so - they satisfy my sweet tooth but don't make me feel sick, even when I eat my way through multiple 'servings' in quick succession. Why do I do that? Because they biscuits are just so incredibly moreish, I always want to go back for more. I brought some into work for lunch, and they barely lasted until 8am, though I did learn one useful thing from this which is that one serving of these is exactly the number than can be fitted into a washed-out Gu chocolate pot.

      They smell coconutty too, like some suntan lotions, and immediately made me think of long summer days lounging around in the fresh air. And, they're semi-healthy too. The main ingredient is wheat flour, and as with all the DLB biscuits, they are a source of fiber (3g per 100g) and protein (6g per 100g). One serving, which is the aforementioned 11 biscuits weighing 15g, contains only 2g fat and 4.3g sugar, neither of which is excessive for a definite treat that you would eat in place of a chocolate bar or some sweets - these aren't like those cereal bars which you eat in lieu of something more unhealthy but which ultimately leave you still wanting the original chocolate treat an hour later.

      The biscuits are deliciously crisp. While they're small enough to eat in one go, if you do want to halve them and double the pleasure, they snap easily and neatly, without splintering or shattering crumbs. I was also extremely impressed by how none of the biscuits in my bag were broken when I opened it - something rare for a product from a cheap shop, especially one as fragile as biscuits.

      My only complaint about the product is the bag they come in. While this does keep them fresh, it cannot be resealed, so you have to clip it closed (I have a kitchen drawer full of clothes pegs) once you've opened it. I imagine these would go soft if left open for too long, but I've found that's not a problem for me, as I wolf them down once opened.

      I was extremely surprised by how good these biscuits were. I was expecting a so-so product for the price, but these tasted like a proper brand name, not a bargain label. I will be buying these particular ones again, and trying others in the range, and would urge you to keep an eye out for them. I've also seen them in non-chain pound shops here in Manchester and in the wilds of Leicester, so they are out there.



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