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Double Decker with Nuts

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2005 22:25
      Very helpful



      Nougatine and crispy cereal bits encased in milk chocolate

      It is a warm sunny day. I'm lying on a sunbed, on the deck of a cruise ship sailing around the world. Suddenly I become hungry... a desire for something rich and sweet. I get up to walk towards the restaurant - and then my feet plunge through the deck. I look down and see that the floor is made of creamy chocolate and nougatine... it stretches far into the distance... leaning down, I take a bite... it tastes wonderful. More and more bites... is the entire ship made of chocolate? Can I stop myself eating a hole in the hull? Chomp chomp chomp ch-

      BEEP BEEP goes the alarm clock. Drat, drat and double drat!

      I so enjoyed writing my last chocolate review (the 200g Cadburys Dairy Milk Crispie bar), I thought I'd have another go. After perusing what Dooyoo had to offer I settled on Cadbury's Double Decker with Nuts.

      The Cadbury Double Decker bar has been in existence since 1976 (although for some reason I only remember seeing them on shelves in the last ten years or so - perhaps there was a radical package redesign?). Apparently (or so the official website tells me) the name was inspired by the public's obsession with double decker buses in the 1970s. There was a popular TV sitcom called 'On The Buses' too... maybe this was an influence? I can see the headline now - 'REG VARNEY SUES CADBURY FOR ROYALTIES'.

      A few years ago, Cadbury released a new version, Double Decker with Nuts. This bar is basically twin layers of crispy cereal and nougatine mixed with nut chips, all covered in chocolate. It is very similar to the standard version (which doesn't have the nut chips).

      This version isn't as commonly available as the original Double Decker, so keep an eye out for it. It costs 40p on average.

      The bar is only available in one size, 60g. This is just as well - any larger and it really wouldn't be very healthy... stand up Snickers King Size!.

      Like all good packaging, it is attractively designed (purple and brown strips) and eye catching. Each end has a serrated flap which makes it easy to open.

      This bar is very slightly larger than 'standard' size chocolate bars like Mars Bar or Lion Bar. It is a little taller so you get a bigger bite.

      There are essentially two parts: the upper, creamy, chewy nougatine layer; and the biscuit base underneath (with crispy cereal bits).

      There are nut chips mixed into the top layer and of course the whole bar is covered in milk chocolate.

      I don't like eating this bar with bites from one end, mainly because you get both layers at once: the biscuit base and the nougatine layer. It spoils things a bit. Instead, bite from the top and go along so you just get the nougatine layer, which is the best part. Attack the biscuit base later. OK, so I'm weird. Tough (You should see what I do with a Kit Kat). If you're even odder than me, you can try to get the outer chocolate off first, although you'll end up with very sticky hands.

      Time to get started. Like I said, take a bite from the nougatine layer first. Don't chew it, let the nougatine dissipate slowly and you'll enjoy the creamy taste (and a nutty taste too, but not an overpowering one), plus it will last longer. You should get six or seven good mouthfuls. Take care not to get any nut chips stuck between your teeth. Wait until you've finished one bite before continuing. By far the tastiest part of the bar!.

      Only half way there... to work, to work! The biscuit layer is next. Take a bite. It's full of crispy bits which makes a change from three or four thin wafer layers that you find in other bars. This part has a nice taste but not as nice as the nougatine. Crunch this layer but not all at once... you want it to last.

      The bar is also flavoured with a little bit of coffee... I couldn't taste it - could you?

      After you have finished, don't start munching on more chocolate. One of these bars is quite enough as a snack - I always feel a bit full after eating one.

      Like my Dairy Milk review the other day, the real downside is the amount of fat content, 14.7g. Male daily fat recommendation is 95g, and women 75g, so if you're a man, this is over a sixth of what you should have daily! Quite a lot, and more than some other bars of the same size.

      Can you believe there is more fat in one of these bars than there is in a whole box of 12 McVities Jaffa Cakes!? (12g).

      But it's not as bad as the aforementioned Dairy Milk bar so you can afford to treat yourself occasionally... but not too often!

      Four stars :)

      Nutritional information per bar:

      Energy 1220kJ
      Protein 4.7g
      Carbohydrate 35.2g
      Fat 14.7g

      Ingredients: Nougatone (36%) (Peanuts (32%)), Glucose syrup, Sugar, Glucose-fructose syrup, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Yeast extract paste (Yeast extract, Salt, Vegetable extracts, Spice extracts, Niacin, Riboflavin), Salt, Dried egg white, Flavourings), Milk chocolate (Milk, Sugar, Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Vegetable fat, Emulsifiers (E442, E476), Flavourings), Sugar, Crispy cereal (6%) (Wheat flour, Sugar, Vegetable fat, Dried glucose syrup, Salt, Malt Extract, Emulsifier (E471), Milk proteins, Raising agent (Ammonium bicarbonate)), Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Milk, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier (E442). May contain traces of nut and soya. Milk Chocolate: Milk Solids 14% Minimum. Contains Vegetable fats in Addition to Cocoa Butter. Suitable for vegetarians.

      More information at



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        14.02.2005 13:12
        Very helpful



        Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for evolution – be it plants, animals or even chocolate bars – but one day soon we are going to have only one choice when it comes to buying a bar of chocolate, and that bar of chocolate will have every possible facet of every other chocolate bar included. It will be two chunky fingers of caramel and mint chip wafer filling, topped with nuts, nougat and coconut, covered in alternate ribbons of dark, milk and white chocolate!

        Maybe I am being over dramatic, but it seems to me that chocolate bar producers seem incapable of leaving a tried and tested formula alone. If I want a treat with chocolate and nuts I will simply buy a Marathon (Snickers) or Topic – If I want something with a chewy caramel theme I’ll no doubt head for the Double Decker or Boost section. But as far as I am aware I have never been eating a Cadbury Double Decker and suddenly exclaimed that I really wished it had some nuts included! I bought a Double Decker because I wanted a Double Decker! It’s really that simple!

        Imagine my shock then when I stumbled upon the latest bastardisation from the Cadbury camp – The Double Decker with Nuts! At first I presumed it to be some sort of joke, some hidden camera stunt at my expense, but no – this was real life, and this was a real life chocolate bar staring me in the face. Such was my shock at this new kid on the chocolate block it took all of my strength and resolve to pick up two bars and put them in my basket. But I was not about to pass up the chance to try and confirm my fears about it, so for the greater good of chocolate fans everywhere I parted with the 41p needed to make the chocolate mine.

        Packaging wise they look nice enough – for the most part the original Double Decker wrapper has been kept, but the word “Nuts” has been written in a large jaunty font to leave any potential purchaser in no doubt what they are buying. As is common with most food products the rear of the wrapper is given over to Nutritional and Ingredient information although I’m unsure as to the need for this to be given in numerous languages! As one would expect from a chocolate bar sugar and glucose syrup make up a large amount of the key constituents which makes the 60g bar a rather rich 290 calories. Of course those who suffer from nut allergies should steer well clear as should those with Soya intolerance. Seems Cadbury are trying to alienate as many people as possible with this bar then!

        On to the taste test, and I so wanted this to taste disgusting, I so wanted it to be all that is wrong with chocolate – but it isn’t, it’s nice. Ripping the wrapper apart releases the familiarly subtle Cadbury chocolate aroma – sweet and yet with a deeper nutty balance. The bar is fairly hard to bite into but once you do a myriad of textures and flavours envelope the mouth. A crunchy almost biscuit like base crumbles easily under pressure to leave the tougher nut encased nougat for chewing. When the nuts are bitten the release a good, but not overpowering nut flavour which mixes well with the other tastes. The thing that works so well here for me is that each flavour is subtle enough to compliment the others – no one taste or texture swamps the others.

        There was nothing else for it but to tuck into the second bar just to make sure I had not just eaten a “rogue nice bar”. Alas, this bar seems even better than the first – the chocolate is the perfect thickness and consistency and melts gloriously in the mouth. I elect to bolt this second bar down at speed to replicate a desperate person in need of choccy sustenance and so find myself with a bulging mouthful of a nutty, chocolate and nougat amalgam which takes quite some chewing and swallowing, but again the tastes work well together and fill a gap in the stomach. I had a very slight sore throat after eating the two bars but this is a side effect of eating high sugar products and did not detract from the sweet chocolate taste the bars had left in my mouth.

        Much as it pains me I have to recommend the Double Decker with Nuts and award it four stars out of five. It would benefit from slightly softer nougat and as with all chocolate bars could do with being twice the size but I get over this by simply buying two bars. Well done Cadburys, you may just have a winner on your hands – just never dare to alter the mighty Boost bar or I really will get upset!



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