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Duchy Originals Organic Multiseed Bread

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Brand: Duchy Originals / Type: Bread / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2009 18:10
      Very helpful



      A great rustic bread which is perfect to serve with soup.

      In 1990 The Price of Wales created the company "Duchy Originals" which mirrored a reflection of his belief in Organic farming. This also encompassed kindness for the wildlife, and for the birds, and for the countryside. These ethics hopefully mean we can preserve some of what we all enjoy for the generations to come.

      One of my favourite Duchy products has to be the Multiseed bread which I often buy, and although expensive if I make my own soup (which I do most days) it makes a lovely accompaniment to serve with it, and as the soup is cheap to make it balances out the cost. It goes really well with those containing pulses such as lentil or yellow split pea.

      It is £1.59 for a 400g loaf but it tastes like home made and is packed with nutrients.

      You will easily see the loaf if you visit Waitrose, or if you have the home delivery service Ocado. The packaging is beautiful and is decorated with poppies and sunflowers. I have also seen it in larger Tesco and Sainsbury stores

      Inside is a powerhouse of nutrients. This consists of:

      Whole-wheat flour is the first and largest ingredient which is full of fibre and provides a rustic base for the bread.

      Next the seeds:

      Linseeds- these are a good source of fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. They may have anti-cancer properties suggested by some clinical studies, and may help manage menopausal symptoms. They can also prevent and relieve constipation.

      Sunflower seeds these are very high in vitamin E, this may be heart protective. They may also have anti- cancer properties as they contain antioxidants, and they may also help to prevent cataracts.

      Millet seeds-these contain magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorous fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants, so not just bird seed!

      Poppy seeds- these are a source for a variety of minerals like iodine, manganese, magnesium, zinc and copper and omega three fats.

      The bread also has rye flour and oat flakes, and contains olive oil

      So to the taste.

      It is a moist loaf which cuts beautifully and tastes delicious, as if it has been cooked in a terracotta flower pot. It is earthy, nutty and keeps beautifully
      They suggest that you can also freshen up the loaf and serve warm when you buy it by placing in the oven for a few minutes, but I have never needed to do this as the bread is so delicious.

      The abundance sprinkling of seeds is apparent throughout the bread, and with the addition of some butter this bakery delight transforms into a really delicious and dedadent mouthful. Also useful is that you don't need to eat too much as it is very satisfying!

      You can also freeze it which I have done and it thaws well and tastes almost as good as the fresh loaf.

      As the company uses a large amount of any profit from the sales of the bread to fund charity work, especially for young people, through The Princes Trust I feel the combination of the delicious bread, ethical views of the company regarding sustainability, together with the charity angle makes this a very good buy.

      Also posted by myself on Ciao.co.uk under the user name Violet1278.


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        18.02.2009 18:23
        Very helpful



        Prince Charles can keep it!

        Duchy Original Organic Multiseed Bread.

        I purchased a loaf of this bread in my local Sainsburys supermarket recently.
        The cost was £1.59 for a 400g loaf, so came into the 'treat' bracket of my shopping budget. The wrapper reads very well, the bread is baked for the Duchy Originals group in the UK by La Fornaia Ltd, Park Royal, London, NW10 7NZ, to Duchy Originals own recipe. The bread contains linseeds, millet, sunflower and poppy seeds all ingredients are produced to organic standards so avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
        The Duchy Originals group was created in 1990 by HRH Prince of Wales whose belief in the advantages organic farming and husbandry to food production led to the Duchy Originals concept. All profits from the sale of Duchy Originals products are donated to the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation, so the purchase benefits others.

        The bread looks and smells delicious, the wrapper is recyclable, as is the inner plastic tray that the loaf sits on. The wrapper bears nutritional information, such as suitable for vegetarians and the Prince of Wales feathers crest. The loaf is pre-sliced, each slice is fairly thick with a good amount of seeds visible. The texture of the bread is quite dense and it looks very appetizing.
        So far so good, but, as you only get 10 slices of bread per loaf it is, in my opinion, definitely a bread for savouring rather than family delving into! Each slice works out at just under 16p, so at that price you could be forgiven for expecting something pretty spectacular.
        Sadly my expectations were too high, to describe the bread as bland and dry is an understatement. I even double checked the sell by date on the wrapper as the bread had a decidedly 'stale' texture and flavour, it was well in date however. We ate some with a strong cheddar cheese and had some toasted, either way the loaf was not as good as the seeded bread sold by my local independent baker at a fraction of the cost.

        Cost £1.59
        Weight 400g

        Ingredients, all from organic sources or listed as approved non organic ingredients. I won't bore readers with along list of unpronouceable items, just the main ingredients!
        Wheat flour, Wholemeal flour, Water, Linseeds, Sunflower seeds, Millet seeds, Poppy seeds, Yeast, Malted wheat flour, Honey, Malt extract.
        Dietary advice and nutritional content
        Contains Gluten, wheat, barley, oats, rye. Suitable for vegetarians.
        Each 100g. contains:
        10.7g protein
        39.9g carbohydrate
        10.1g fat
        0.4g sodium
        1.0g salt

        Manufacturer Contact Details
        Duchy originals website www.duchyoriginals.co.uk

        I was very disappointed in this bread, it looked as if it should be absolutely wonderful, the reality was that it was an over-priced let down. I would not recommend it to others and although I accept that perhaps I was unlucky and got a 'bad batch', I do not feel that the cost of this particular brand is justified by the end product. Here's one shopper who will be not be buying this particular brand again....sorry Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation!

        Thank you for reading
        Brittle1906 (Feb. 2009)

        also published on ciao.co.uk and peazyshop.co.uk


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