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East End Popcorn

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Brand: East End / Type: Popcorn

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2011 09:50
      Very helpful



      a great fun but cheap snack

      Keeping the cost down with my fiancé has always been a big problem for me. Since the day I met him he has been a big snacker. Come the evening no matter how much he has had for tea he wants something to eat. I put it down to boredom but he reckons he is just hungry. So recently while shopping in our local Morrison's he was on the lookout for something that was cheap but fun. He came across 'Eastend Popcorn' It isn't ready made popcorn but the popcorn kernels you cook to make into popcorn. Costing only eighty nine pence I agreed it was worth a go and the boys would find it fun if nothing else.

      Eastend Popcorn comes in a small compact plastic wrapping. A lot of the wrapping is see through so you can see the lovely golden kernels. The rest of the wrapping is a lovely luxury purple colour with the brand name at the top and the word 'Popcorn' underneath. On the back of the packaging are the usage instructions. The small bag it comes in does have a reusable sticker on it so it is easy enough to fasten shut once you have used it. In our local Morrison's we found it on the small world food section not with the usual popcorn. So it is probably worth asking a member of staff where they have put it in there store.

      Unlike many home popcorns on the market this isn't one for the microwave but this didn't and still doesn't bother us as the advantages of this popcorn outweighs everything. To cook this popcorn you do so in a pan on the hob. You heat three tbsp of oil in a pan over a medium heat. A little tip from my fiancé make sure you get a pan big enough! The first time he made some he put too much in a pan or maybe it was the pan was too small. Either way popcorn was exploding everywhere. It recommends you use a large pan and sprinkle half a cup of kernels into it. We just estimate depending how much you want. We straight away realised you only need a small amount as it goes a long way. Once you have put the popcorn into the pan you need to keep shaking the pan to stop the kernels burning to the bottom of the pan. Once the popping has subsided you can remove the lovely fluffy popcorn from the pan into a bowl. The instructions on the back say to add salt and stir in melted butter or to use some of your favourite spices.

      Our own personal favourite way to have the popcorn is to crush some salt and peppercorns in a pestle and mortar and then mix into the popcorn in a bowl. This makes for some lovely tasty popcorn and gives it a slight shape flavour with the peppercorns.

      Once the popcorn is made in the pan it looks very different to the kernels in the packaging it has expanded beautifully and looks fluffy and perfect. It has a fresher look to it then the popcorn you buy readymade as it doesn't have anything added to it. It has a surprising delicious taste to it plain, it tastes fresh and I was very surprised when both my sons aged three and half and under really liked it. We now use it as a healthier alternate snack for them. Not only do they like eating it but they also like to watch it go pop in the pan. Our pans have glass lids and after my fiancés first episode with popcorn everywhere we always use a lid but can still watch the kernels pop into fluffy popcorn. They think it is great fun and as it only takes a matter of a few minutes they don't get impatience.

      The Eastend popcorn comes in a 500 gram bag. We have popcorn a few times a week as a snack and find a bag lasts us about a month. So not only is it inexpensive to buy it is also great value for money and very tasty. I personally find it is cheaper and healthier then microwave popcorn and a lot more fresh tasting.

      I would highly recommend giving this popcorn a go not only is it cheap and fun it can be a healthy fun snack for children too. The last time I bought some from our local shop it had gone down to eighty pence which works out at sixteen pence per 100 grams which is fantastic value for money. It can also be found in Tesco's not sure for other supermarkets but it would be worth an ask.

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