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Fabulous Bakin' Boys 6 Assorted Cup Cakes

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Type: Biscuits

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    3 Reviews
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      13.03.2010 20:35
      Very helpful



      Thumbs up.

      Sainsbury's (at the time of writing) had these beauties on a special offer - buy one get one free! I simply couldn't resist.

      Inside each box are 6 individually wrapped cupcakes, 2 raspberry, 2 chocolate and 2 lemon. I have also seen the chocolate and lemon flavours available for purchase in the very own box of 6.

      Each of the cupcakes, regardless of flavour, apart from being individually wrapped is held in a paper bun case. The flavoured icing is smooth across the top and looks, before biting, a good centimetre thick. As it happens it isn't quite that thick, it just looks deceiving as it is thicker round the edge, but this isn't a bad thing as if it was I think it would be over doing it and too sweet.

      The sponge is always light and fluffy, it is quite simply the best cake I have eaten. This coupled with the icing makes a very yummy cupcake.

      Each of the 3 flavours (raspberry, chocolate, lemon) has a different taste and colouring to it. All of the colours are solid and look very appetising. The lemon has quite a tart taste and this is my favourite flavour. Any one who like lemon flavours will like this one very much indeed. The chocolate has a taste similar to chocolate ice cream but isn't over sweetened. Whilst finally the raspberry you can definitely taste the fruit and I think this is very nice for a chance. Which is probably the best thing about a selection box as you get a some of each.

      I would certainly buy these again as they are very yummy and even at the RRP are quite good value at £1.20 for 6. These would be excellent in lunch boxes because they are individually wrapped, and also because they keep they're freshness longer, unlike a whole traditional cake I don't feel compelled to eat the whole box at once.

      Yum, Yum!


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      07.04.2008 12:42
      Very helpful




      So, not only was it the Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares I indulged on this week but also while on my shopping trip I started browsing the shelves for some more sweet treats. Compared to biscuits I have always like more cake like snacks as it is lighter to eat and less dry also I like cake more so than chocolate. So, on my little trip around the cake aisle I finally came to another offer and this week it was on the Fabulous Bakin Boys Assorted Cupcakes. The choice was either 6 chocolate ones or the 6 assorted, of course I went for assorted as chocolate isn't my favourite flavour and a bit of variety is always good.

      From looking at the website I get the idea that the Fabulous Bakin Boys is made up of three different members, all boys clearly. It doesn't give away a lot about them just personal quotes but they seem to think they are the best at what they do and this is pretty much all that is said which is a bit unhelpful as there must be a story behind their company.

      The cupcakes come in quite sophisticated packaging, a blue rectangular box with the usual Bakin Boys logo. There is a photo of the flavoured cupcakes included in the box and it states that they are individually wrapped which keeps them even fresher. The flavours included in the box are raspberry, lemon and chocolate and they include no artificial colours, no hydrogenated fats and are grumpy free.

      The nutritional information on these cakes is that they included 147 calories per cupcake and 8g of fat which is quite high in fat. They are however, suitable for vegetarians and are baked in a nut free zone which is good for people with allergies to know.

      So, as I open the box, inside are six individually wrapped cupcakes, causing an array of colour from pink to yellow to chocolate. I really like the way these are individually wrapped because sometimes with these kinds of things you don't want to eat six cupcakes in 3 days and they start to loose their freshness once opened. With these they have a longer life on them and it means they can be taken as part of a lunch in a bag and are protected in their plastic wrappers.

      The first cake I tried was the lemon one and I have to say this was really nice but I will definitely say my favourite was the raspberry one as I have always had a preference on strawberry/raspberry flavoured cupcakes. The cupcakes are all in their own paper cake cases so you have to peel them out to eat them. This is easy enough to do and you don't lose your cake in the process of removing the paper case. The chocolate one has quite a strong chocolate scent which makes me quite hungry.

      As I bite into the cook, these are very original recipe cakes as they are very nice but unusual. The chocolate isn't too hard and melts in my mouth with the very soft, light sponge. I think it is the actual cake that makes these taste really nice as it is different from normal cake, more firm but soft to bite into it and the cake does not feel sickly at all.

      If you are a bit of a cake or cupcake fan then the Fabulous Bakin Boys 6 assorted cupcakes are probably one for you to try. I bought mine at Morrison's but have seen them in other supermarkets also like Tesco. These cakes retail at £1.25 in all supermarkets for the six but I got mine on offer at Morrison's when it was buy one get one free but this offer has now ended. I still think for £1.25 they are worth the money though as the six cupcakes have lasts me quite a while really.

      If you want to go to the Fabulous Bakin Boys website then the address for this is http://www.bakinboys.co.uk/ where you can find out a very limited history of the company, it is all presented in a comical way but is easy enough to navigate being well titled.


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        01.04.2006 21:25
        Very helpful



        Dont bother with them

        I love cakes and that is why I rarely buy them because if I open one pack I am left eating the whole lot. Just recently I have started eating more sweet things much to my diets annoyance but I just cannot help it.
        Now everything at work has gone quite once I have eaten my fruit and rivitas I crave something nice and sweet. So on a very weak morning I decided to pinch a cake from a box of cakes on the side. I didn't really take much notice of what they were they looked nice and sweet and that was good enough for me.

        How wrong can a girl be? After I had agonised all day about this scrummy little cake in my bag dreaming at how tasty it would be. I decided to get it out and eat it all up!
        YUCK what a disappointment.

        Once I got home I realised I had sampled one of The fabulous Bakin Boys assorted cup cakes. Fabulous they were not. The box entices you it is just an average size with picture of all the cakes on and a list of ingredients and other products on the box. It was quite plain but the colours were attractive to the eye.
        Bakin Boys have a website which they use to market their products and also sell their items online. This is the first time I have sampled one of their creations and if this tasting experience is anything to go by they should be ashamed to market their good on the shelves let alone on their website. They also sell a range of muffins and flapjacks, which may be really nice, but once you have had one bad experience you don't really feel like going back.

        In an assorted pack you get 6 cupcakes in total 2 orange flavoured, 2 lemon flavoured and 2 chocolate flavoured. All on a vanilla flavoured sponge. They all look nice and sweet because the icing looks really thick and sweet but when you took in it's a different story.
        Each cake is wrapped individually so they are convenient for lunch boxes and good for me because if you eat one you don't have to worry about eating the rest in case they go dry or hard.

        THE SMELL
        I think the main appeal to a nice cake is the glorious smell, which makes your mouth water as soon as you let one pass your nose. Most cakes don't even need to get near to your nose to caress your drool glands you can smell them a mile away. These cakes didn't even come close to that! There was no smell coming off them what so ever which was a big warning sign for me. An orange or lemon flavoured cake usually smells quite strongly. The scent is were my story of disappointment began.

        Before you start thinking how much I hated them they weren't all bad. The sponge is described as "marvellously moist." Well they aren't wrong there the sponge is concerned. It was very light, moist and soft. It doesn't taste of anything just a plain old sponge it wasn't too thick it was just the right texture and didn't go all stodgy in my mouth like some sponges do.
        Now I should get down to the gorgeous sweet topping but unfortunately I can't. There are meant to be 3 flavours in the pack and you cant tell them apart. They all taste of nothing. I think the only one I can honestly say has a little bit of flavour is the chocolate one.
        I first tried the orange one and was instantly out off the topping was thick but did not resemble icing or fondant in any shape or form. The topping tasted like a lump of lard it was that terrible on the taste buds. I thought I could at least trust the chocolate one to be nice because you can't go wrong with coco you can always taste it but not this time. If I thought I was in for a chocolate surprise I was very much mistaken. There was a hint of chocolate and then nothing. Just a thick taste of fat in my mouth.
        I didn't bother trying the lemon one after trying the first two it was a lost cause for me but my mum had tried the lemon one and she was disgusted at the taste or lack of it. She too thought the sponge was ok but the topping was thick and tasted too fatty and not at all nice.

        WERE FROM?
        My dad picked these cakes up from Sainsbury's on a buy one get one free offer for about £1.09. I also got a pack from Home bargain for about 69p.
        I think you can get these in most supermarkets

        Overall I would not recommend this product it doesn't tell you how many calories are in the cakes at all which bugged me to start off with. Whether the cake contained lots or not many it really doesn't matter the cakes just weren't up to standard for me and tasted dreadful.
        They market their cakes with the slogan "They fit perfectly into a well packed lunch box and there's one for each day of the week with one extra for you."
        All I can say in a response to that is no thanks! I would not feed my kids these cup cakes if they were the last ones on earth.


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