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Fox's Creations Bites

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Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2008 12:25
      Very helpful



      a lovely biscuit selection if you like chocolate

      Why is it when you buy a box of biscuits / chocolates for Christmas, everyone else seems to buy you a box as well. When you don't buy any in the hope other people will, you end up with nothing.
      This year we bought a box, and also received more, including these Fox's Creations.

      Packaged in a shiny purple tin, they give off an air of elegance about them. At first glance all appears to be very chocolatey, which is nice for me to see, although I'm not sure my jeans will still be agreeing with me when the tin is finished.

      This particular tin, according to Fox's website is reserved for Christmas times only. This is definitely not a bad thing when you realise just how many calories and chocolate you will consume from this gorgeous tin of goodies.

      There are ten biscuit varieties in this tin, and guess what they all contain chocolate. The chocolate does however vary between milk, chocolate and white. Whilst there are no actual biscuits containing nuts, they were produced in a nut handling factory, so maybe one to stay away from if there are any nut allergies in your family.

      Onto the biscuits in order of my favourite (and yes I have tasted all but one of them)

      Chunky white chocolate ring. - This shortcake biscuit is covered in a very generous layer of white chocolate. It tastes almost as good as a Milky bar, which I remember from being a child. Even after a little nibble I hadn't found any biscuit, definitely more chocolate on this one.

      Creations Swirl - This one is almost identical to the white chocolate one above however it's covered in milk chocolate this time and the pattern on top is different.

      Supreme Double Chocolate Sundae - This one is covered in purple foil, and I always wonder what's so special about the ones in foil. Usually nothing too special about them at all, but this one is very nice, being shortcake with a thin layer of dark chocolate cream on top, before being coated in a thicker layer of milk chocolate. This is a nice combination of both the milk and dark chocolates mixed together.

      Fox's Signature - named I would imagine because of the writing on the actual biscuit of, yes you guessed it "Fox's". It's a plain biscuit with only half being coated in dark chocolate, but it's very rich and tastes lovely. You definitely wouldn't need too much chocolate on this one.

      Thick Milk chocolate Viennese - A simple biscuit covered in milk chocolate. Nothing overly special about this biscuit that makes it stand out against the rest, however it's nice on my taste buds.

      Marbled creations Swirl - This one is very similar to the Creations swirl mentioned above, however instead if just being milk chocolate, it's both milk and dark chocolate, designed in a swirly pattern all over. It's definitely one of the prettier biscuits in the tin, and tastes pretty good too.

      Supreme Vanilla sundae - This one is covered in silver foil. Again there is nothing special about the biscuit except that is has foil over it. This one is covered in milk chocolate but this time there is a layer of vanilla cream over the biscuit.

      Dark Chocolate Melting swirler - I'm not a massive fan of dark chocolate and that is why this one is nearer the bottom. I find some of them quite rich, this one not being an exception. It's a definite biscuit that you only need to take small bites over.

      Indulgent Millionaire Shortcake - This one has a layer of caramel in-between the chocolate topping and the biscuit. I find it makes the biscuit quite sickly, and I only had one, will be leaving the rest for the family to eat.

      Tangy Jaffa Viennese - I don't like Jaffa cakes and definitely not orange with biscuits, so I haven't tried this, but reports tell me it's lovely and like a posh jaffa cake.

      All in all the 800g tin costs around £4.99 and has two layers in the tin. It'll last you as long as you decide to make it last. We've just finished the first layer and half the second, but then we're trying to savour everything and we have way too much left in the goodie cupboard considering it's January already.

      The nutritional value is a place where you really don't want to go when talking about a tin of biscuits, but if you really want to know how many calories and grams of fat these contain then you probably wouldn't buy them anyway, but Fox's website will tell all.

      The biscuits are suitable for vegetarians and contain cows milk, egg, soya, wheat, gluten, oats, hazelnuts for all allergy information.

      Look around the supermarkets at this time of year and I expect you'll see this tin on offer as they clear stocks. Definitely one to treat yourselves too.


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        31.12.2007 01:32
        Very helpful




        I was browsing in Somerfields the other day. The Christmas goodies were all on offer at a great price of only £2.49 as opposed to the extortionate £4.99. I was feeling a little peckish...you know the feeling when you have eaten about as much turkey as is humanly possible and you just want a bit of sugar to help it down.

        I am not normally a big lover of biscuits...but I love chocolate and these were covered in it so I decided to chuck them in the basket.

        I thought the box looked very sophisticated and had a certain festive feel to it (the gold writing). The purple and maroon swirl on the front looked quite luring and it certainly dragged me in. The pictures of the biscuits on the front were very enticing some were foil wrapped and others had a marble effect with milk and white chocolate. They looked simply marvellous.

        The box stated that there were 10 varieties with a mixture of dark, milk and white chocolate. I was very happy to see the descriptions on the back as the part that really swayed it for me was the description of the 'millionaires shortcake'.

        There was a huge variety of biscuit. I really loved the sound of the 'Chunky White Chocolate Ring' as I love white chocolate and was not disappointed by the taste either.

        Thick Milk Chocolate Viennese
        Marbled Creations Swirl
        Creations Swirl
        Indulgent Millionaire Shortcake
        Supreme Double Chocolate Sundae
        Chunky White Chocolate Ring
        Supreme Vanilla Sundae
        Fox's Signature
        Tangy Jaffa Viennese
        Dark Chocolate melting swirler

        I am not a fan of dark chocolate or orange so the Dark Chocolate melting swirler and Tangy Jaffa Viennese didn't really appeal to me at first.

        On opening the box I could instantly smell the sweet chocolatey smell of the white chocolate bisxcuits shortly followed by the milder milk chocolate smell. There is something quite soothing about the smell of chocolate, especially after a bad day. The smell didn't really help with my 'one biscuit a night' rule.

        What's all this packaging, smell and variety stuff without the taste test. I could end the review in a Homer Simpson style voice 'mmmmm....biscuits" but I will go all the way. As expected I didn't enjoy the dark chocolate melting swirl at all and the second one was placed on a plate for the other half...the white Chocolate ring however was eaten and I grabbed the second one quick before anyone could eat it. The texture was nice as the chocolate seemed to just melt in my mouth and the biscuit had the right consistency. The biscuit seemed to be crispy enough but unlike some biscuits did not need a chisel to get into!

        I was quite surprised about the 'supreme double chocolate sundae' as it sounded lovely but was a little too rich for my liking. As expected however I absolutely hated the tangy Jaffa Viennese the filling was more watery than expected. I do like Jaffa cakes and chocolate orange but sometimes find the sickly taste of other brands a little too overpowering and this biscuit was very overpowering on the taste buds.

        The other biscuits were lovely and the good thing about having two of each was that I could share them (well didn't want to be greedy) but still have enough to myself.

        I thought the price was very good but it was at sale price and I wouldn't pay the normal £4.99 despite the amazing taste. They are available all year round but I can't say they stand out on a colourful shelf. Against the mass of green and red products the box was attractive so if you plan to eat these at any other time of the year you may have to search carefully.

        Although I would prefer a bar of chocolate these are now my favourite chocolates and I will probably buy them again as a luxury with a nice hot cuppa. These are very posh and sophisticated and would go well at a posh tea party or if like me when watching corrie or Eastenders!

        Go on.........you know you want to!


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