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Fox's Party Rings

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56 Reviews
  • Colourful
  • Tasty
  • So much sugar
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    56 Reviews
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      10.09.2014 12:53
      Very helpful


      • Colourful
      • Tasty


      • "So much sugar"

      Party rings

      Fox's Party Rings
      Price :- £1.00 in Asda for a tray of them 125g

      Before I went to butlins my friend and I stopped off at Asda to get a few treats... Junk food... For the days and evenings as we were in catered we didn't have access to restaurants at lunch time. I love biscuits and have always enjoyed party rings although I haven't had them for many years. I picked them up and added them to the basket, they were on offer, very hard to resist an offer.

      - No artificial colours
      - No preservatives
      - No artificial flavourings
      - Suitable for vegetarians

      The biscuits are delicious there is no doubt about that. They are biscuit with a layer of colourful icing on the top. In a pack you get 20 biscuits. They are perfect for party's, sleepovers and treats at the weekend although I wouldn't eat too many of them at once. May cause a sugar rush and lead to hyperactive children.

      Each biscuit contains
      0.7g Fat
      0.3g saturates
      2.9g Sugar
      0.03g Salt

      Wow that is extremely high! Especially the sugar quantity. I think I need to stay away from these for a long time. My dentist is sure to hate me come Monday. I regret eating so many now. Note to self always read the labels before consuming.

      I will probably buy these again but I'm hoping in the near future Mr Fox can reduce the amount of sugar in these treats but still keep the great taste and quality.


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      30.12.2013 21:19
      Very helpful



      Fun for kids (and grown-ups too!!)

      These have always been my brother's favourite biscuits ever since he was little. Even now he's 21 he still loves them and are probably still his favourite (although he probably won't admit it now!)

      When we were visiting my mum, my brother came in with a packet. Of course my children immediately wanted to try them. They instantly loved them!

      Party rings are circular biscuits with a hole in the middle (like a ring some might say!).
      Each one has a bumpy base and an iced top.

      The icing tops come in five different colours, pink, yellow, purple, orange and lilac and each has a different colour pattern on top, kind of like icing has been drizzled across.

      The biscuits come presented in a long tray. You get 3 of each colour and each colour biscuit has it's own compartment.

      There is then a thin wrap package covering the tray. Once this is opened it is easily torn and can not be resealed. This means that it is difficult to save the biscuits once they've been opened. Once opened and left they seem to go soft and not very nice. Although they never seem to stay open long enough to be saved in my house!!

      The packaging is very 'fun' looking.
      The background is mainly blue with pictures of the party ring biscuits on it and colourful writing. The typical 'Fox's' logo is on the front too.

      As you can imagine, with these biscuits being topped with colourful icing they are pretty sweet. Although I don't find them too sweet or sickly. Each biscuit isn't too big so not bad to eat a couple for a snack.

      What I like about party rings is that they are sweet but still crunchy and 'biscuit' like at the same time. I really don't like soft biscuits!

      My children, (and my 21 year old little brother!) absolutely love these! They are always a massive hit at children's parties, in fact I don't think I've ever met a child who doesn't like them!

      A 125g pack of Party Rings are currently (dec 2013) selling in Tesco for £1.29. They are available from all supermarkets for roughly the same price, but if you shop around they are occasionally on offer for around £1 or 90p.

      For Christmas you were also able to buy a large tin of them for £2.50 which had lots of little treat bags inside. Very good deal and big hit with my little family!

      I would definitely recommend Party Rings for a treat and not for a regular snack.

      They are tasty and always a big hit with the children.

      4 / 5 for me. Missing a star as they are not healthy but really draw children in.

      Thank you very much for reading

      xx Mrs K xx


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        20.07.2012 15:08



        All my generation prob love these! Unless you have my food issues, you'll absolutely adore them too.

        I have loved party rings since I was little which was back in the 80s. I have only seen this classic's come out at parties and have used them myself since having my son. They liven up a table when placed on plates and kids love them. My son would eat a whole pack if I let him (which I don't because I like them too :D)

        However I was dumbstruck when a teacher at school asked if he could have them. I stated of course as he loved them, only she replied they contained gelatin and didn't state which source it was derived from. You see my family is Muslim, so we don't eat pork of any kind, erring on the side of caution with gelatin - we search for a statement that it is suitable for vegetarian.

        I ended up contacting customer services and a fantastic employee of theirs rang the production department for me. The news came with mixed feelings, it was not pork derived but beef. Still something which we shouldn't eat as a family unless it is halal.

        Anyway, it may be useful for others to know the source for gelatin, eg. if your vegetarian, vegan, Muslim or Jewish.

        I love these party rings, so I plead with them to make them vegetarian so we can enjoy them again!!!


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        28.03.2012 13:07
        Very helpful



        A great addition to any biscuit tin!!!

        Bless my nan for always having a well stocked biscuit tin and there were always some Fox's Party Rings hiding in there somewhere. They remind me of being a child and dunking them in my tea and watching the icing melt! Mmmmm!

        So as an adult I am still quite partial to a Party Ring or 10 lol, and they are a nice change from the plain biscuits we normally have in the house. They are priced at around £1.29 in Morrison's and Tesco but recently have been on offers for either 55p per pack or 2 packs for £1.50. The total pack is around 125g and contains 20 bicuits

        Party Rings are sold in long plastic packs where inside a long plastic tray with 5 pockets hold 4 party rings in each. The biscuits are a standard sweet biscuit base with icing on top in various pink, yellow, purple and orange colours. Each coloured biscuit icing then has a patterned swirl on in a different colour. The icing is crisp and sugary and dissolves slightly if you dunk them in your tea like me, yum yum.

        Fox's state these biscuits have no artifical colourings, flavours or preservative. Nutionally each biscuits contains:0
        Calories : 29 Kcal
        Fat : 0.9g
        Sodium : 0.02g
        Fibre : 0.1g
        Protein : 0.4g
        Carb : 2.5g

        The biscuits are also available in snack pots and tins. Fox's say that they are "great for everyday fun! Perfect for all the family" and they really are. They make a tasty change from plain biscuits such as Nice or Malted Milk. Colourful but with no artifical colourings and sweet and tasty.


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        12.03.2012 11:01
        Very helpful



        Excellent tasty treat

        We all love a good cuppa and something to dunk into it. Having 3 kids in the house means they I am more inclined to by the more childish fun biscuits than the boring old digestives.
        The biscuits that tend to be the best from the children's perspective is Fox's party rings.

        These have been around for year and I remember them well as a child. There were at everyone's parties and a regular in my mum's trolley.

        Just like everyone else in the world I struggle for money and like to find cheaper alternatives. Or shop in Poundland and 99p stores.
        I picked up this value pack of party rings, contains 2 single packs from the 99p store. Each packet contains 125g of party rings. They cone is a plastic holder which separates the colours these are pink, peach, lilac, dark pink and yellow. There are 4 of each colour which works out well for us as we each get one of each colour.
        You can purchase these from the leading supermarkets or even small local shops. Many places like Wilkinson's will have them slightly cheaper. We all like a good price.

        The packaging is colourful and very eye catching. I suppose they do this to encourage children to stamp there feet until they get them.

        Party rings contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. And contain 29 calories per biscuit. So don't eat the whole packet in one go as that would end up with the calorie count of a main meal! They also contain 2.5grams of sugar and 0.9g of fat per ring.

        On the packaging they describe the biscuits as "colourful, crunchy iced ring biscuits" They are certainly colourful; they are a range lovely pale tone of colours (as listed above).

        Each ring is approx. 1 and ¾ inches wide with a small hole in the middle, great to pick them up and the kids like sticking them on their fingers. Me personally cannot fit a whole one in my mouth in one go and like to take small bites.
        They are made up of a round biscuit base topped with a thin hard icing which makes a good crack noise when you bite into it. They are a harder type of biscuit and certainly make a good crunch. The icing has a sweet taste to it and also softens nicely when dipped into a cuppa tea. The biscuit does taste very sweet and as you chew its like it releases more and more sugar into your mouth, quite strange but tasty.
        They are easy to digest and leave you feeling satisfied for a short period of time. You can very easily eat your way through a whole packet in one sitting.

        They're great for children's parties or just as a snack. Overall the kids love them and I like the sweet taste as well.


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          26.06.2011 18:01
          Very helpful



          You don't have to be at a party to enjoy these!! :)

          When I was a child I used to love party rings! Although, over the years I think we just forgot to buy them and then just didn't buy them again. So when I read recently read a great review by Janjandskye on dooyoo about Party Rings, I just had to buy some!

          For those of you who don't know, Party Rings are a kind of biscuit made by Foxes. They usually come in a packet of approximately 20 biscuits. I bought my packet for just 79p from Wilkinson which I think is great value for money! You can also get them from most supermarkets and so I would therefore say that they are widely available.

          To look at, Party Rings look like great fun. The are in a circular shape with a hole in the middle, hence the name 'rings'. The biscuits are very pretty look at; the top of them consist of icing; each ring is a different colour; pink, purple, yellow etc and so they are very pretty.

          Taking a bite, I am greeted by the lovely sweet taste of the icing, and then the less sweet taste of the biscuit. My favourite part of the biscuit is obviously the icing at is just so moreish. Whilst I do love these biscuits, I would prefer if there was more icing on them.

          They have a lovely texture; the icing is quite soft and is kind of melt-in-your-mouth, wheras the biscuit is crunchy; sometimes I find that the biscuit is quite dry when eaten on its own, and so I think that it is best to have them with a cup of tea or glass of milk.

          It had been so long since I had had these biscuits that I had forgotten whether each different coloured biscuit tastes any different to the other colours; although each coloured biscuit tastes the same.

          These biscuits are so yummy and moreish. I love mine with a cup of tea, as dipping the biscuits in the tea seems to bring out the lovely taste of the icing. The only thing is is that as it melts in the cuppa, the icing seems to disappear!

          Each biscuit has just 29 calories which isn't too bad (although they are quite small and one is never enough). So if you are on a diet then they aren't too bad when compared to ...say a chocolate Hobknob which has something like 96 calories per biscuit. Although they aren't too bad calorie-wise, they aren't going to do your waistline any good if you have a few of them!

          There are no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives in these biscuits which is good news and means that they are great for kids too!

          Despite the fact that they are called 'Party Rings', you don't neccessarily have to wait until your at a party before you can have these! They also make great every-day biscuits!

          I would definetely recommend this biscuits to everyone!

          Thanks for reading!
          June 2011
          xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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          23.06.2011 23:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          i would recommend these. costing less than £1.00 a packet.

          Fox's Party Rings.

          I often do little tea parties for my grandchildren and have a lot of savoury bits and pieces and also a nice little selection of sweet things too. Foxs party rings are a lovely treat and always look nice and decorative on a plate at any childs birthday party, and also they are great for adults to have with a cuppa.

          They come in a packet containing 20 biscuits and they are really sweet morish and addictable. They are little rings of biscuits covering in two colours of icing sugar that is quite thick and they are irrestisable.

          They come in various colours and have a base colour with a white line of icing covered over them.

          They taste sweet and also the biscuits inside are really crunchy.

          These biscuits have been around for over 150 years and I think that little has changed with regards to them over that time, I can remember having these when I was a little girl and they still taste just as good nearly fifty years ago as they do today. They do have a freephone telephone number on the back of the packet incase you have any queries.

          Warning : These biscuits have been prepared in a factory that uses nut ingredients.

          Allergy advice : They contain soya, wheat and gluten.

          Storage Instructions :
          Store in a cool dry place once openned.

          They state that when they openned their bakehouse in Victorian Yorkshire they were infatuated with quality and delighted in giving pleasure to our customers.

          Ingredients :
          Wheatflour, sugar, vegtable oil, gloucose syrup, salt, raising agents, ammonium, bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, partially inverted refiners, syrup, gelatine, colours, carmine, beta-carotene, natural flavouring, wheat, gluten, soya, lecithin, acidity regulator, citric acid.

          The thing I like about these biscuits are that they contain no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, and no preservatives.

          They are colourful, crunchy iced ring biscuits and perfect for fun loving little fingers.

          Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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            06.09.2010 14:30
            Very helpful



            A sweet fun party biscuit :o)

            When I was doing my weekly shop I do try to be good and while browsing the biscuits (which I was getting for my partner) I spotted them. I didn't even know they still made them so a very excited me popped them in my trolley.

            Fox's Party Rings:

            'Colourful, crunchy, iced biscuits rings'

            I used to love these when I was growing up and must admit I've not had one in years. Fox's are a company for me that make great biscuits there boxed biscuits are on the expensive side but well worth it when you have your friends over for a cup of tea and a natter.

            Party rings I think are a great name for these little sweet treats as they look very bright, fun and eye catching even the packaging looks Funky!

            It also states on the packaging that they are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives how the managed no artificial colours with the bright icing they have used is great! I think there wonderful for children's parties and even adult parties if you have a buffet on, a treat for when on diets as I've found them to be low in Weight Watcher points.

            My Findings:

            I really could not wait to try one of these again, but soon as I had one well I had to have another. This is due to the biscuits coming in different colours so really you have to try each colour! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

            My first bite they were just as nice as I remembered them to be, a sweet iced topping with a nice crunch of the biscuit base. The iced tops are yellow, purple, pink and orange however each one tastes the same.

            What I like to do is break the biscuit in half then suck the icing off (the big kid that I am) though the icing is brightly coloured it doesn't leave any colouring on your tongue. The biscuit base still stays a little crunchy too. My other favourite thing I like to do is dip them in strawberry milkshake and have also started my nephew off on this too!

            The party rings are very morish but I do try and behave myself as most will know I'm following the Weight Watchers point system so I need to stay with my point limit. I was surprised to find out that these are only half a point each! Perfect for me and it helps my sweet tooth craving without breaking the point bank!

            Price and Availability:

            As I said I've not seen these for years but I'm told they never went away (so how I missed them all theses years I don't know) They are available from most supermarkets and even local shops like Cost Cutters. They can be purchased in party packs and little tubs for lunch boxes and even re-sealable packs handy for when on the go.

            The price for the pack I have was 42 pence purchased on offer from Asda in Halesowen, the normal price is 87 pence which I think is still great value as you get a good amount of party rings within your packet.

            The Packaging:

            From the picture above the packaging has changed slightly its now a lighter blue background with fun mini pictures of presents, letters, love hearts and balloons. Then we have the stand out bright multi coloured wordings of 'Fox's Party Rings' with a few of the biscuits round the wording.

            The back of the packaging still carries on with its bright outgoing theme and gives you the information you would expect to see like ingredients, nutritional information etc.

            Nutritional Information:

            Per biscuit:-
            31 - Calories
            2.9g - Sugar
            0.9g - Fat
            0.4g - Saturates
            0.03g - Salt

            Weight Watcher point = Half a point.

            Allergy Advice:

            This product contains - Soya, Wheat and Gluten. Also produced in a factory that uses nut ingredients.

            Not suitable for vegetarians.


            I love these fun going iced biscuits it brings some colour to your table and perfect for that tasty treat. They are great value for money even better when on offer, I've not found anyone that doesn't like them as of yet.

            If you haven't already tried these I recommend you give them a go and if you have a sweet tooth like me you'll not be disappointed!
            Five out of five from me!

            Thanks for reading :o)

            Additional Information:

            Once opened place in an airtight container, unless you like stale biscuits?

            Fox's have a very up to date web site full of there history and also about the products they produce. The site also has a yummy recipe page.


            Head Office
            Fox's Biscuits
            PO Box10
            West Yorkshire
            WF17 5JE

            Tel: 01924 444 333
            Fax: 01924 470 200


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              09.05.2010 20:54
              Very helpful



              Fun cheery biscuits!

              Still on the review topic of biscuits, you may have guessed I have been a bit partial to biscuits recently. This week, it has been the turn of the Fox's Party Rings. I felt like buying something cute and cheery to eat and saw the Party Rings in the local Co-op for 89p for a standard size pack.

              Inside the light plastic cover, you find a plastic tray with four different coloured iced biscuits in , five of each colour. 20 biscuits for 89p is very good in my opinion.

              The colour varieties are:
              Orange with white stripes
              Pink with yellow stripes
              Yellow with pink stripes
              Lilac with yellow stripes

              Each biscuit is round with a hole in the centre and quite thin. There is a layer of dried icing totally covering the top of each biscuit that is easily as thick as the biscuit layer itself. When you eat the biscuits the biscuit almost dissolves in your mouth. The icing can crack off as it is dried icing and not soft icing as you would find on a cup cake.

              The bright colours makes these loads of fun and I just felt generally more cheerful when I was eating these. I did polish off a pack in three days.

              Per biscuit:
              31 calories, 2.9g sugar, 5.3g carbohydrates, 0.9g fat (0.4g saturates) and 0.03g salt.

              This is lower than I had expected as I thought the icing layer would have beefed up the calories content. I suppose the biscuits are quite small and you can easily eat four or five at once without breaking into a sweat so on the whole these are probably quite dangerous if you are on a diet (not as dangerous as M&S choc chip cookies though...).

              The pack states "No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives". Also these are NOT suitable for vegetarians. Which I did not expect to see as you think a BISCUIT is not a meat/ animal product.

              The ingredients are:
              Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, glucose syrup, salt, raising agents, GELATINE, colours: carmine, beta-carotene, natural flavourings, soya lecithin, hydrolysed wheat gluten, glycerine, citric acid.

              This is a lot more ingredients that I expected too. These biscuits contain soya, wheat and gluten so if you are intolerant to these then you cannot join the party.

              I love these, they have been great for my sore throat and have cheered me up this week! I think they are great value for money and if you can discipline yourself to only have one or two they are not that bad at all. Only 62 calories for 2 biscuits. Thats about the same calories as an apple!


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                08.04.2010 11:15
                Very helpful




                I hadn't had Party Rings for ages, and ended up getting a pack of these when they were on offer for 44p in Tesco. These were half price at the time. I didn't realise how expensive these have got, but I suppose the packaging is a bit more jazzed up than what they used to be.

                These were in a 125g pack and there was 15 biscuits in the pack. They are stacked on top of each other, and the plastic bit is covered by an outer wrapper which is brightly coloured.

                The biscuits are circular and are a crunchy Biscuit with a Icing layer on the top. There is different coloured icing on the top, but the colours all taste the same.

                These were just how I remember them to be. They were crunchy, a bit malty and the thin crunchy layer of icing on top is sweet and tasty. The icing is crisp and flavoursome.

                I have tried these dunked in Tea and it makes them nice as well. They stay crunchy as well still and I will be buying these again. I wouldn't say they are worth over 80p, but around 65p would probably be most sutied for these.

                A fun flavoursome Biscuit.


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                06.04.2010 20:01
                Very helpful



                Help - I've only got one left.......

                ***Fox's Biscuits***

                Fox's biscuits have been in operation since 1853 when a sweet toothed chap named Michael Spedding opened a confectionery shop in Batley, Yorkshire and devised a very popular recipe for the Brandy Snap. The observant amongst you will now be pondering the question: "So why aren't they called "Spedding's" biscuits?" Well, presumably they were, originally, but in 1897 Michael Spedding retired and passed his profitable bakehouse to his son-in-law, Mr. Fred Ellis Fox. Various family members have overseen the business since and in 1960 it was registered as a p.l.c. and took the name of "Fox's Biscuits".
                Fox's biscuits continued to flourish and they have three factories ( in Batley, Kirkham and Uttoxeter and have been part of "Northern Foods" since 1977.

                ***Who are Fox's?***

                Well, it all began with a small confectionery shop.... no, no, I mean "Who do they think they are? What is so special about them?
                Oh, I see. Well the website http://www.foxs-biscuits.co.uk/ is very keen to let us know that they produce biscuits of unique quality. Their vision is "To be famous for the most innovative, imaginative and indulgent biscuits!"

                Have they succeeded here? Let's find out.....

                ***Party Rings packaging***

                Party rings' packets indeed live up to the distinctive claim. They are available in small snack pots; re-sealable (why would you need to do that?!) tubs and the more common long packet made from shiny, colourful plastic. On the shelf these rings appear to be packaged in a similar way to most biscuits - in a long tube formation. But as you grab.. sorry, I mean.... lift them from the shelf you discover that there is a right way up to the package since inside is a moulded tray which is happiest lying flat longways.

                The packet itself is largely blue and emblazoned with bright pinks, yellows and purples to express birthday candles, balloons, letters and presents. There are enticing pictures of the biscuits themselves too and the whole effect is of a happy, party moment. The Fox website categorizes Party Rings as within the Kids range and to this I must object! True, you are likely to find them on your supermarket shelf amidst the jammy dodgers and iced gems, but when the day comes that I am deemed too old to buy party rings for myself then.... well, it doesn't bear thinking about! Party rings are for grown ups too, Messers Fox!

                Somewhat surprisingly, the biscuit packet has its calorie etc count on the top right hand corner of the front of the biscuits rather than scurried away out of sight to the rear. But at this stage I shall avoid looking.

                Turning over the packet we have a small essay about the original Victorian bakehouse and how the company is as "infatuated with quality" now as it was then. (My daughter was recently asked to bring something Victorian into school for a project. Being decidedly poor we did not have any family heirlooms to offer so she took in a pack of these biscuits along with the story. Her sensible teacher thought this was an excellent plan. The packaging appeared on a display board....... the biscuits have not been seen to this day!)

                There is a contact address and telephone number for anyone wishing to comment about any of Fox's products and a small silhouette of a top hatted gentleman (Mr Spedding I presume?).

                Ingredients, storage instructions, allergy info, nutritional blurb are also all included. Much of this overload of info is cleverly concealed either side of the back seam of the packet so that the overall effect really is of the main design and you can forget any need for calorie counting if you so desire!

                ***Nutritional blurb***

                There is a dazzling array of info available on packet for your perusal:

                Per 100g Per Biccie
                Cals 454 31
                Protein 5g 0.3g
                Carbs 77.2g 5.3g
                of which sugars 42.5g 2.9g
                Fat 13.9g 0.9g
                of which sats 6.6g 0.4g
                Fibre 1.9g 0.1g
                Sodium 0.22g 0.01g
                Equivalent as salt 0.54g 0.03g

                Fox's are also kind enough to inform us how these figures relate to an adult (see we are allowed to have them!) recommended daily allowance and that of a child aged 5 - 10 years. (Ooops - was I not supposed to feed them to my 3 year old then?!)

                One party ring takes up 2% of an average adult's daily cals and 1% of your daily fat intake. This converts to 2% cals for a child and 1% fat. Bizarrely, apart from fat and sodium the figures are the same as percentages for adults and children. Not sure that entirely computes but..hey ho!

                The packet also leaves us in no doubt that party rings contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


                Wheatflour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Glucose Syrup, Salt, Partially Inverted Refiners Syrup, Gelatine, Raising Agents (Ammonium Carbonates, Sodium Carbonates, Disodium Diphosphate), Flavouring, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Colours (Carmine, Beta Carotene), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid).

                Several sites have sited (!) carob gum as being the catalyst for such shiny icing. I can't see it in the ingredients listing, though, so the shiny-shiny remains a mystery to me.

                ***Allergy info:***

                Contains Gluten, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Soya & Soya Lecithins
                May contain Nuts

                ***Open the packet NOW!!!***

                Okay, okay! Actually, I have already opened the packet and sampled enough biscuits to allow me to take my leisure over all this sleuthing on your behalf, but I shall now spare you any further agony and share the experience with you.

                The packet opens at a 3 point seam which is fairly easy to prize apart (believe me I would have been willing to use my teeth but found it unnecessary to do so!). Inside is the aforementioned plastic tray made of five moulded wells, each containing four coloured biscuits. Please be honoured that I was so dedicated to the seriousness of this review that I refrained from taking a single bite until I had established that each well did in fact contain four biscuits and that each of the four biscuits was the same colour-mix in each well. This is something I had failed to realise in the past since opening procedure went something like: rip open, tip up and gobble. However, in the interests of public wisdom I have approached the study calmly and in orderly fashion.

                Each party ring biscuit is essentially a pale almost shortbread type biscuit, shaped into a ring ie with a central hole. Each biscuit is then decorated with a plain, very shiny coating of icing into which contrasting zig zag striped have been incorporated. The designs are as follows:

                * Pink icing with yellow lines
                * Orange icing with white lines
                * Pink icing with white lines
                * Yellow icing with pink lines
                * Purple icing with yellow lines

                There is an unsubstantiated yet wistful cyber-tale of the fact that the purple / yellow biscuit is lucky to be in circulation. Apparently at one time the dyes used in its manufacture were deemed unsafe and it was withdrawn without replacement. The original children of the party ring kiddies' birthday party era were now at the age to be at university and had formed nostalgic Party Ring Appreciation Societies. It was they who objected in no uncertain terms to this abominable change and Fox's were persuaded to reinstate the purple / yellow artwork using (thankfully) safer food dyes. Whether true or apocryphal, this story goes someway towards capturing my passion for these charming biscuits.

                ***Tasty - but can you stop at one?***

                No, of course not. Don't be absurd! The very fact that there are five varieties mean that you are obliged to try more than one....!
                Each biscuit is about 2 inches in diameter and is non-sticky to the touch. The scarily shiny icing is smooth and marble like while its underside is short but not crumbly to the touch and sports attractive hexagonal type design markings.

                As you lift a ring to your mouth you can smell the sweetness of the icing on approach and your olfactory senses are wise to warn you. The initial taste is of a smooth shell like texture which explodes with sweetness on impact. The top layer of icing shatters into shards in you mouth, allowing you to crunch along with the shorter biscuit.

                There are few biscuits available which give you such an undeniable rush of sweetness. It is a refreshing tingle which, added to the sunny brightness of the colour of what you are eating does create a little magic!

                Thrilled with my first taste, and realising that one biscuit is small enough for one or possible just two mouthfuls, I boldly take up another bright offering in the expectation that a different taste might accompany the change of colour. It doesn't, but the possibility is always there. By the second one, the thrill of sweetness is still gushing but perhaps with not so great an amount of gusto as before.... by the third, I am beaten back by the cloying sweetness, even though still charmed by the bright colours. This is the point, then, at which I reach for the airtight tin to decant the remainder ready to be hidden away for another day and delight in my final discovery:

                Although well padded by the plastic tray, some of the biscuits have evidently jarred against each other and deposited the outer layer of their icing. For me this is a chance to lick my finger and scoop up the multi-coloured fragments left in the tray. However, this does mean that some of the remaining biscuits now have no shiny top and instead sport a bubble- like covering which is not really attractive enough to put out on a plate for visitors. The biscuits have retained sufficient colour to be recognizable as party rings, but some of their sparkle has left. This obviously has issues for transporting party rings and they should be treated as well as eggs in your supermarket journey. Let this also serve as a warning not to try to tip the biscuits out of the packet in one go - you will shatter some and spray your room with already chipped off fragments. Handle with care and individual attention!

                ***Where from and how much?***

                Tesco, Sainsbury, Ocado, Asda all stock at 84p per packet. I have rarely seen these on offer as they must have a fairly specific client base who are willing to buy whatever price! (Speaking personally!)

                ***So why the title of this review?

                This last comment brings me to the somewhat sorry confession behind the title for this review. Many of you good ciao-ers have been kind enough to share sympathies with me over the sorry predicament in which I find myself ie my inability to eat chocolate (sob!). I have spent much time and effort sourcing and testing replacements for this hallowed substance to little effect other than weight gain, but I have to say that Fox's Party Rings go some way towards such indulgence. This is indicated by my conclusion that, when planning a children's birthday party, party rings must be the very last thing that you purchase at the very last possible minute if you are going to guarantee their appearance on the party table. I must have hosted nigh on 30 children's parties in my short time on the planet, and on very nearly every occasion party rings have been purchased along with all manner of interesting foodstuffs..... only to have to race down to the shop at the last minute owing to an unstoppable attack of the "eat-me's" on the original day of purchase.

                So, be warned. They are fun, attractive, distinctive biscuits with deliberate associations with the happy party times of childhood and you will be lucky to resist. If you do succeed in squirrelling some away, they will likely be soon de-iced and you will be obliged to consume and re-purchase in order to ensure your child or grown up party guests receive any at all!

                Thanks for reading - hope you're not already searching for your coat to get down to the shops!


                Also on ciao as Cutecandy


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                  03.04.2010 20:14
                  Very helpful



                  Try them yourself

                  Since I was a child, Fox's Party Rings have been one my favourite biscuits! I am now 22 and every time i walk the biscuit aisle i cannot resist picking a pack of these up!

                  The packet is always an eye catcher for me, light blue in colour with Party Rings printed on the front, it shows party hats and candles in the background and instantly looks nothing like any other pack of biscuits on the shelf, these are much more exciting! I got these at the bargain price of £1 for two 125gram packets, a whole two days worth for me!

                  When you open the pack, there is an inner plastic casing that houses twenty biscuits, in five different stacks. Each stack has different coloured icing, some are purple & yellow, pink & yellow, orange & white etc...

                  Each biscuit is a small ring with a biscuit base and icing on the top, measuring only around 3cm in diameter, one of these is never enough. They are lovely and crunchy and the icing tastes delicious.

                  The biscuits contain no artifical colours, flavours or preservatives. This is madness, when you see how colourful they are i am sure there are added colours somewhere along the way.

                  Each biscuit contains:

                  31 Calories
                  2.9grams sugar
                  0.9grams fat
                  0.4grams saturated fat
                  0.03grams salt.

                  Looking at the details above, they are not too bad for you compared with other biscuits, but be warned once you have one, it's hard to stop. I often eat a whole packed in one go. The packet also gives details of the percentage of an adults and childs daily allowance, which none are above 2% per biscuit.

                  Overall, these will always be one of my favourites, these little rings of fun will bring happiness to any children's party. 5/5!


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                    01.04.2010 16:42
                    Very helpful



                    won't buy again

                    I only buy biscuits for a treat for our family as we're all fairly weight & teeth conscious but the other week I decided to buy a few treats including a packet of the Fox's Party Rings. I thought they would make a nice change but I was wrong - whilst all the other types of biscuits have been devoured I still have most of this packet left.

                    I remember having these as a child & Fox's have been around for about 150 years & with them only costing 60p for the 125g pack I thought I was onto a winner - wrong!!

                    They look nice enough - circles of nice coloured biscuits in shades of pink, yellow, orange & brown, all tucked neatly into 5 compartments - but I have to say the nicest bit is the (empty) circle in the middle.

                    They are far too sugary & it's like biting into a mouthful of dry biscuit & a bowl of icing sugar. We all agreed they were tasteless (apart from the sugar) hard to digest & really disappointing although they looked so pretty.

                    Per biscuit there's 31kcals (wasted calories in my opinion) & 5.3g carbs (2.3g of which are sugars). They seem to be marketed for children but there's no nutritional value as far as I can tell & contain just wheatflour, sugar, vegetable oil, glucose & syrup, salt & raising agents which seem to include a lot of --ates & ---ines (according to the list on the pack).

                    It states that they don't contain artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives but the family all said they tasted 'fake' & they even preferred MY biscuits to these - lol!!

                    I see that some Dooyooers really like these & have awarded generous star ratings but I'm only giving 1 (for appearance) as I think the taste & texture is awful & there's no goodness in them at all from what I can see. Sorry Fox's - love your other products but not these.


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                      01.04.2010 16:12
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                      A great fun biscuit.

                      I have loved these biscuits ever since I was a child, and every time I eat them it takes me back to my childhood once more, and brings back fond memories of home made birthday cakes, and jelly & ice cream in paper bowls.

                      You can buy these from any supermarket, I shop at sainsburys and from there they cost 84p for 125g. I'm not sure how many actual biscuits that equates to, and I'm sure prices may differ slightly at different supermarkets.

                      Inside the plastic packaging is usually a cardboard tray with about 4 compartments all filled with party rings.

                      Party rings themselves are just a general biscuit with a top coating of thin icing which is extremely sweet and sugary, and the icing is usually striped with really bright colours. They aren't different flavours, despite what children may argue, they are just plain biscuits and plain icing, I think it's the colours that really make them stand out.

                      It actually claims on the description of these biscuits that they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. These biscuits are also not suitable for vegetarians as they contain gelatine (I'm guessing that's somewhere in the icing).

                      These are great for children's parties and just for general nostalgia. They are probably quite high in the calorie stakes but as long as they are an occasional treat I'm sure it's not that bad. A great fun biscuit.


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                      27.02.2010 16:44
                      Very helpful



                      A great party snack.

                      Party Rings are biscuits with icing on top made by Fox.
                      They come in a long, rectangular sort of plastic pack with an inner tray holding the Rings themselves.

                      The rings themselves are flat disc shaped with a hole in the middle - they are made of biscuit.
                      The rings have different,brightly coloured icing-sugarey stuff on top - there are a variety of colours and patterns on the tops of them...they look a bit like they've been decorated by kids, very bright and cheery and just a little messy.

                      The biscuit part is not overly sweet - it tastes a bit like a digestive biscuit.
                      The icing on top is, however, a little over-sweet meaning that if you eat too many at once you'll probably end up a little sick (they are a bit hard to resist, though!)
                      The two flavours/textures work together quite well, though and the biscuits taste really good.

                      These are very good at parties - they live up to their name in that respect. They always go down well, with kids and adults alike.


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