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Fox's Rocky Crispy Crunch

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Brand: Fox's /Type: Cereal Bar

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2011 12:47
      Very helpful



      New variety of Rocky bar

      I like to keep a few chocolate biscuits in the cupboard for my eldest, he eats loads of fruit and veg so I figure a nice treat when he comes home from school (and is always starving) won't hurt him. His favourite at the moment is the humble, but rather scrummy, original Rocky bar, which is murder for me as I'm trying really hard to be good, but these are one of my favourites too. However, neither of us like the caramel Rocky, the biscuit just isn't as nice. So when hubby came home from the shop with a Rocky in a blue wrapper I knew I would have to try it, diet or no diet.

      The bright blue packaging is quite vibrant and funky, a bit more interesting as chocolate wrappers go and next to the red original and yellow caramel bars the whole range really stands out on the shelf. The Rocky branding is printed in the centre of the packet in white, set on a purple background which really makes it eye catching . We bought these in a nine pack but I've also seen them in six packs, I don't believe they are sold individually and this particular type of Rocky doesn't seem to be sold in larger double packs yet either. The bars are nestled into a thin cardboard base which also protects the top and bottom edges, more packaging but necessary as these bars are more fragile than their original brothers. They cost £1.49 for the nine pack.

      The milk chocolate coating is no where near as thick as on the original Rocky and the bar has a very bumpy looking texture to it rather than the usual smooth finish. The chocolate is very sweet and melts easily. Inside is packed full of tiny broken pieces of what looks like cornflakes, although the wrapper tells me it's actually wafer, mixed with tiny little rice crispies. There is a slight chewiness from a sugary substance which binds the crispy pieces all together but the bar is very easy to eat, it falls apart easily and it doesn't get stuck in my teeth! It's very sweet, but as the bar isn't very large, it's not really sickly and in my opinion definitely crispy rather than crunchy.

      Obviously it's chocolate, so it's not going to be healthy! Each bar contains only 85 calories though so not too bad for the occasional treat. They have passed the taste test in our house and get a big thumbs up from my son. The only problem with them is that they are much lighter to eat, so one may not be enough!

      Unfortunately, there are warnings on the pack that they have been made in a factory which uses nut ingredients. Also, it contains cows milk, soya, wheat and gluten. The good new is it's suitable for vegitarians.


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