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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    3 Reviews
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      21.01.2009 10:21
      Very helpful
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      These are good for on the go and have a nice taste but I don't think they are worth the price.

      One of my new years resolutions was that I would have at least five pieces of fruit a day, I wanted things that were easy to pop in my bag and eat them on the way to work or in my break time. So when I found a selection of Fruitabu products in my local sainsburys I thought I would give them a go.
      The packaging is certainly eye catching, it is shaped like a big juicy green apple and in huge white writing it says 100% fruit and fruit juice. It also said that the pack contained 1 portion of fruit.
      I chose 'Juicy Blackcurrant Boost' which is according to the pack juice soaked Blackcurrants mixed with jumbo 'Flame' raisins. In my opinion the pack was very expensive at £0.69 for a 29g bag (about a handfull). Especially expensive if you use them for childrens lunch boxes.
      The pack is very easy to open so they are ideal for small children. The fruit was of a nice size and the raisins lived up to their 'Jumbo' claim. I found them a little bit sticky and they were all sticking together. So not as dried as first anticipated. They were full of flavor and it was easy to distinguish the blackcurrants from the raisins.
      There is no added sugar, flavours or colours.
      Ingredients - Raisins (66%), juice infused dried blackcurrants (34%), dried blackcurrants, apple juice, lemon juice concentrate.
      There is 95 calories per pouch.
      I would say that although quite tasty they are a bit gimmicky and a bit expensive.


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        17.10.2008 14:07
        Very helpful




        While buying my petrol the other day I noticed a pack of Fruitabu hanging on a display.
        The packaging was in the shape of an apple - green at the top and red at the bottom with "100% fruit" boldly printed in white.
        The bag was the 'Juicy Very Cherry' and cost 50p for the 29g it held inside.
        It also claimed to be equivalent to 1 portion of fruit.
        'Juicy Very Cherry' is juice soaked cherries mixed with Jumbo 'Flame' Raisins. and the whole pack is only 100 calories (5% of your daily calorie allowance - it says but I though men had a different calorie allowance to women).
        So what about the look and taste?
        Like I said earlier, the package was apple shaped and (in these days of cut back on packaging) a bit over-large for the 29g of fruit however I don't think this will put many people off buying it.
        The fruit inside, when you tore the pack open, looked like just raisins to me and I immediately thought that I had got the unlucky pack that only had raisins. However, close inspection did show that there were quite a few cherries in there, but because they are dried they do look quite a bit like raisins.
        Like all of these dried fruit I found the cherries and raisins to be quite sticky to the touch and from that point I was a bit disappointed at it meant that I would have to go and wash my hands - don't normally have that problem if eating an apple or banana.
        The taste was actually very pleasant. For me it was just the right sweetness courtesy of the fruit juice I should think as there is no added sugar.
        However, 29g does not last long, and I would suggest that it is not going to fill you up as much as an apple or banana will.
        Overall, I don't think that I will buy this again - too sticky and expensive for what it is.


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        09.04.2008 12:47
        Very helpful



        Good for a treat but not not an everyday staple for me

        What they say

        Fruitabu is a new way to easily enjoy fruit, wherever you are. It's made from delicious 100% fruit and fruit juice, with no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours. One pouch counts as 1 of your 5 a day - it has the great taste of fruit - made easy.

        There are two varieties

        Fruitabu Appli Crisps : crunchy baked slices of apple (orginal, strawberry, blackcurrant)

        Fruitabu Fruit Juices : whole berries soaked in fruit juice then gently air-dried and blended with jumbo flame raisins.

        (Juicy Very Cherry, cherry and raisin, Juicy Super berry, whole juicy blueberries, cranberries and jumbo flame raisins., Juicy blackcurrant Boost, Juicy whole blackcurrants and jumbo flame raisins.

        Fruitabu is only made from fruit and fruit juice. These top quality ingredients help Fruitabu taste great without the need to add sugar or water like some other fruit snacks.

        Carries the Department of Health's "5 A Day" logo because each pouch contains one serving of fruit and no added sugars, colours or flavours .

        What I Say

        These are tasty, nutritious, healthy snacks, ideal to replace a bag of crisps etc. even if only occasionally, also good for school children who attend one of the schools which encourage healthy snacks. Weight or health conscious people might be able to replace biscuits, crisps, chocolate etc. with a packet of these but I imagine most of us will continue to eat the bad stuff but eat these as well to try and regain some plus points from our bodies

        So far everyone who has tasted them has had a different favourite my own would be the apple crisps possibly because they look a bit like crisps, they are crisp and full of fruit flavour but I would hate to give the idea of crisps up completely.

        For the fruit juice packets I have had them described by the girls in work as the perfect snack although one along with myself found them a little bitter. I received these from bzzagent.co.uk to trial them before there nationwide release.

        The packaging is really pretty and cool and any adult or child would be happy to be seen eating out of the little colourful pouches.

        Good idea - great for those who never seem to have fruit in the house when they fancy a bit because it usually goes off in between the buying and the wanting to eat it.

        Easy to eat and mess free
        Easy to store
        Lots of variety
        Longer lasting than fresh fruit

        Not very filling


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      • Product Details

        Fruit snacks and juices from Kellogg's.