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Fruitasia Bars

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Type: Cereal Bars

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2008 12:05
      Very helpful



      Worth a try if this is your type of thing, if you can look past the cost that is!

      I love getting something for nothing, I just can't help myself! I get a free email of different offers that are available that week and have a look through to see if there is anything I would like. There are things like brochures and magazine offers that don't interest me but free samples I always take a second look at. Over the last year I have had allsorts of different samples from perfume to shampoo and from fabric conditioner to chewing gum. Recently one of the offers was a Fruitasia cereal bar and I just couldn't pass up the offer.

      I had never heard of Fruitasia before (that is because they are new and don't buy cereal bars), I have never seen the point of them to be honest. They would be a good alternative to chocolate or cake in a lunch box though, a healthier alternative.

      The offer gave you a choice of either a strawberry or apricot cereal bar. I opted for the apricot, as I am not a lover of strawberries.

      About two weeks later my bar arrived.

      With a gold background the wrapper is rather attractive. It clearly shows the name and flavour as well as the fact that it contains 1 portion of fruit. A great way to get your children to have one of their five a day if they aren't keen on fruit and veg.

      These bars are made by Mars, which I have to say I didn't see coming. Not what you would expect from them but they say a change is as good as a rest and they are obviously trying to appeal to the healthier side of the market.

      This bar weighs in at 32g and is rather flat, only about 1cm. It is 3.5cm wide and 12cm long. About average when it comes to cereal bars I think. It contains no artificial colours, is suitable for vegetarians and is a source of vitamin C. each bar contains 124 calories, 0.7g protein, 22.5g carbohydrates and 3.4g of fat.

      Fruitasia describe this bar as succulent dried fruit and crispy rice on a creamy yogurt base.

      By looking at the ingredients list I could see this was going to be fruity, it contains 51% fruit! That is unusual usually when you get something they say is packed full of fruit you look at the ingredients and find it saying either 5 or 10% fruit, that annoys me!

      Of the 51% dried apple makes up 35% and apricots 11% that only makes 46 and the only other fruit ingredients mentioned are concentrated apple puree and apple juice so I guess they make up the other 5%. I wrongly assumed that the majority if not all the fruit in this bar would be apricots, surely they should call it apple and apricot rather than apricot?

      The bar looks like any other cereal bar from the top view with orange chunks visible showing that the fruit will be very apparent. The base was covered in yogurt and looked more like white chocolate so was very appealing. It looked sticky and moist so I couldn't wait to eat it!

      With the first bite the fruit was very evident, it was chewy so stood out from the crispy and in places soft rice. The flavour of the yogurt was lost for me and was over taken by the taste of apple. The taste of the apricot I must have missed completely. Had I not known the flavour of this bar beforehand I would have said it was an apple bar.

      This was so tasty and I really did enjoy it. For me there were several little things that could be improved on. The rice seemed a little soggy rather than the crispness it should have offered the bar it just made it seem to have a slightly stale aspect to its texture. The flavour was amazing even if it wasn't the flavour it should have had. If they want it to be an apricot flavoured bar they should up the amount of apricot and lower the amount of apple used in it.

      If I was to buy cereal bars at any point in the future I would certainly consider buying these as they are tasty and do contain a lot of fruit but I would have a look at what else was on offer first.

      I have looked on the Fruitasia website and found the CO-OP, Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsburys all stock these. I have checked on the Tesco website and they sell a box of four for £2.29 I had no idea they would be anywhere near as expensive as that! So I have changed my mind I wouldn't consider buying them, not now I know how much they cost!

      I wondered if my reaction to the price was justified so looked at the prices of other cereal bars Tesco sell. I was justified! They sell 6 Alpen bars for £1.91 but they are slightly smaller than Fruitasia bars at 29g each. Kelloggs Frosties Cereal Bars and Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal Milk Bars in boxes of 6 for £1.59 but they are slightly smaller again at 25g each. I have decided that if I ever want cereal bars I will probably make them myself so that they work out cheaper and have no additives.

      As far as freebies go this was an excellent one and I did enjoy it but it hasn't made me any more likely to buy this product, in my view the price is hugely off putting. If you are a regular cereal bar buyer and don't mind paying the extra for what is obviously a good quality product then they are worth a try as they really are a tasty way to get a portion of fruit into your day.

      I am going to give them four stars, if the price was better they would have got a full five. Thoroughly enjoyable, with a massive sting in their tail when it comes to cost.

      Recommended if you have money to burn.


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