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Ginsters Chicken & Mushroom Slice

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8 Reviews

Brand: Ginsters / Type: Snack

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    8 Reviews
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      28.08.2012 10:26



      I recently bought one of theses slices and cut it in half to compare with the one shown on the wrapper.The slice shown on the pack is full of chicken and looks very appetising, not like the actual slice, nearly devoid of any content. Surely it is not unreasonable to expect the contents to be the same as shown on the wrapper? This is not the first time it has happened with Ginsters products and I for one will not be buying any more of their products. Asda own brand of chicken slice is much nicer, well filled but more expensive, well worth the extra cost.


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      06.07.2011 23:08
      Very helpful



      A chunky Chicken & Mushroom Slice

      I don't normally pre-buy pasties and pies. I will on occasion pop into Greggs or similar whilst shopping but that's about it. They are as far as I am concerned an emergency food only!

      My major downfalls are the end of the aisle special offers - whilst wandering around Sainsbury's a couple of days ago, I was tempted to purchase a Ginsters Chicken and Mushroom Slice.
      Half price the sticker was calling out to me!
      Originally sold at £1.59 (quite expensive for a pasty in my opinion), they were now on special offer at 79p.
      I bought two and a peppered steak slice - might as well try the range!

      The 180g individual slices are sold in a dark brown wrapper depicting a pasty oozing with chicken and mushrooms. The red Ginsters logo is in the upper right hand corner.
      Once opened, the slice sits in a cardboard sleeve. The pale brown latticed slices are quite sizeable, I have quite a large appetite and one was enough for me.

      The product can be eaten hot or cold. I heated mine in the oven for 20 mins, gas mark 4 as per the instructions on the rear of the packet. The slices can also be microwaved for 1 minute 20 seconds. I find pastries most disappointing when microwaved and usually try to avoid this option.

      The slice goes into the oven quite flat and pale brown, it comes out of the oven slightly raised and a little for bronzed. In other words it doesn't look a great deal different.
      I did leave my slice to stand for a good 5 - 10 minutes but still found it had retained too much heat for my liking, burning my mouth slightly.

      Cutting into the slice does not bear much resemblance to the picture on the packet. There is no great ooze, the slice is however quite tasty. There are noticeable chunks of chicken although I did find the mushrooms to be quite thin and lacking in substance.
      I couldn't say that the slice had a lovely chicken taste as it didn't - the chicken and mushrooms are coated in a creamy sauce, so the overall flavour to me was that of a chicken and mushroom soup combo heavily seasoned with pepper!
      I like both chicken and mushroom soup so that's ok.

      The lattice pastry is above average for this type of product. Not too dry, a little crispy on top but also retaining moisture. If eaten with fingers it's best to use kitchen roll to avoid grease marks!

      Unfortunately, each slice contains a whopping 439kcal. I would consider this as something of a treat. The taste really doesn't warrant the consumption of calories. I think I would rather have a cream cake!

      Further nutritional information per slice:

      Protein 15.0g
      Carbohydrate 34.4g
      of which sugars 1.7g
      Fat 26.8g
      of which saturates 12.5g
      Fibre 3.3g
      Sodium 0.77g
      Salt Equivalent 1.98g

      The product contains Milk, Wheat, Gluten & Egg and is obviously not suitable for vegetarians.

      I can't see me buying this product again. At 79p it's quite good value but I prefer something a little lighter for lunch and something more substantial for dinner!
      I can just about justify eating something like this whilst on the go but as a planned snack at home it's definitely a no go.


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      17.01.2010 22:30
      Very helpful



      A Delish Pastry Slice For A Snack Or Part Of A Meal

      I had a Chicken And Mushroom Ginsters slice for tea tonight and it was yummy, I don't usually go for this sort of filling but it was the only thing in the fridge so I had to make do! lol

      You can cook it in the oven or nuke it, I did mine in the oven because it goes nice and crispy like that but would go a bit soggy in the microwave.

      The pastry has gone crispy, it flakes into bits all over the plate when I cut into it but it's still quite soft at the centre where the pastry has been touching the filling. I think it's got a lovely buttery flavour that goes proper nice with the filling.

      There's loads of filling in it too, the pieces of chicken are quite small but they're tender and cooked nice. The mushrooms are surprisingly good as well, they are cut into big pieces so you can actually taste them and they've got a nice cooked texture. Usually the mushrooms in this kind of food are slimey but these have got a nice fresh texture and taste.

      The chicken and mushroom goes proper nice with the thick creamy sauce inside the slice. It's got a salty herby flavour that brings the tastes of the slice together, I think the sauce is perfect and deffo makes it one of the nicest chicken foods I've had recently.

      I had a bit of bbq sauce with my slice but not because it was dry or anything, just to dip it for a bit of extra flavour. I reckon it would go nice with gravy too so you could have it with potatoes for a dinner, actually I know it goes nice in a dinner because I hazily remember cooking one after the pub one night and having it with chips and gravy! Yummy!



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      04.11.2009 17:38
      Very helpful



      A must try if you like pasties.


      British chicken
      Vegetable oil,
      Double cream
      Chicken Bouillon,
      White pepper.

      The Ginsters pasty range. Hmmm... what to say! As with all other Ginster pasty and pie ranges, they come in a glossy black wrapper, which I feel makes them stand out from the crowd. They can be enjoyed hot or cold (I prefer hot).

      The taste is definitely there. The filling to pastry ratio is better than average with literal chunks of filling for you to feast on, which I think makes up for the price. Other brands can leave you thinking whether there was any filling at all, but this chicken and mushroom slice is in luck of quantity and quality.

      I must say though, if you can I would heat these up. The cold pasty is nowhere near the tastiness and rich texture of a warmed up pasty. The texture instantly increases, with the sauce actually becoming more edible and less gooey. Whereas with the pasty cold, the pasty seems to flake a lot more and the sauce can smell funny (?). The chunks of chicken definitely taste a lot better when it is heated up and the sauce sticks to the chicken more.

      Overall a good pasty taste, worth the extra you may have to pay than for a standard pasty company.

      A must try if they are on offer!


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      18.10.2009 23:21
      Very helpful



      Good snack if you lead an active lifestyle

      We were looking for a filling, ready to eat snack tonight in our local Co-op. On special offer was the Ginsters Chicken and Mushroom Slice (Buy One Get One Free) for 1 pound 68 p. Normally we ignore these slices as they appear overpriced for what they are, but on this special offer we decided to give them a try.

      What are they?: The description sounds very impressive on the packet. The slices are made of "Fresh british chicken and mushrooms in a delicious sauce made with fresh cornish double cream, wrapped in light puff pastry". My initial impression of this description is that the product is most probably filling but quite unhealthy - fresh cornish double cream sounds dangerous!

      Packaging: The plastic packets are neatly designed with a picture of a cut slice on a table with a dark black background. The chicken and mushroom description is quite prominent so it is easy to determine the flavour of the slice. The slice weighs 180g.

      Appearance and Smell: The slices are large and the puff pastry is lightly glazed. There is a slight aroma to the puff pastry. Within the slice the filling is quite noticable with a thick creamy texture interspersed with small mushroom chunks.

      Taste: I decided not to heat up my slice, and consumed it cold. The pastry was quite soft to bite into but not particularly crunchy like you would normally expect with puff pastry. If the slice was heated this would probably affect the crunchiness of the pastry. The filling has a surprisingly good amount of chicken and mushroom present and the flavour tastes quite authentic and not artificial. The chicken pieces were quite chunky and larger than I would normally expect from a pre-packaged savoury snack. I did not find the slice too stodgy and as expected, the slice was very filling.

      Healthy?: Of course not! As predicted, the cornish double cream doesn't help. 100g of the slice provides just under 15% fat, 7% of which is saturated fat which sounds quite unhealthy. In terms of energy, 100 g provides 1018 kJ (244 kcal). So this product would probably be quite satisfying if you lead an active lifestyle and are feeling very hungry by lunchtime, but probably not very good if you work in an office like me.

      Value for money: The Buy One Get One Free offer at Co-op for 1 pound 68 p is good value and is cheaper than buying pre-packed sandwiches - but without this offer I think this product is too expensive.

      Overall: This is a very filling and tasty savoury snack that has an authentic taste and has a decent amount of chunky chicken. However it contains double cream and is quite unhealthy. It would be a satisfying snack if you lead an active lifestyle. Keep an eye out for this product if it is on special offer.

      Nutritional Information:
      Typical values per 100g
      Energy 1018kj
      Energy 244kcal
      Protein 8.3g
      Carbohydrate 19.1g
      of which sugars 0.9g
      Fat 14.9g
      of which saturates 7.0g
      Fibre 1.8g
      Sodium 0.47g

      Keep refrigerated, suitable for home freezing

      Some like it hot...
      You can enjoy this chicken and mushroom slice either hot or cold.
      For best results remove all packaging and place on a baking tray
      in a pre-heated oven at 180°C (350°F) or Gas Mark 4 for 20 minutes.

      In a hurry?
      Then remove all packaging and pop in a microwave on full power
      for 1 minute 20 seconds. Allow product to stand for 1 minute before
      eating. (Timings based on 800W oven).

      If you have got the willpower not to scoff it immediately then freeze
      on day of purchase and consume within 1 month. To eat cold from
      frozen, defrost thoroughly and consume within 24 hours. Do not refreeze.

      To eat hot from frozen, remove all packaging and place on a baking tray
      in a pre-heated oven at 180°C (350°F) or Gas Mark 4 for 30 minutes .

      Tavistock Road,
      PL17 7XG.


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        27.08.2009 21:17
        Very helpful



        Chicken Slice

        As it says on the packet "Fresh British chicken and mushrooms in a delicious sauce made with fresh Cornish double cream wrapped in light puff pastry.

        British chicken (25%), wheatflour, vegetable oil, mushrooms (11%), potato, water, double cream (5%), cornflour, egg, onion, salt, chicken bouillon, parsley, white pepper.

        Warning it contains milk, wheat, gluten and egg.

        Nutritional Information
        Each slice provides
        Energy 439kcal, Protein 15.1g, Carbohydrate 34.4g, Fat 26.8g, Fibre 3.3g, Sodium 0.84g.

        My Experience
        Having tried the steak slice I thought I would give a different flavour a go.

        The packaging is simple but effective. The wrapper is black with the Ginsters of Cornwall logo in red and white. There is a picture of the slice and the contents oozing out. Inside the packaging the slice is in a little cardboard sleeve.

        The instructions on the back of the packet say you can microwave it for 80 seconds or oven bake for 20 minutes. I went for the quicker microwave option and soon had a rather delicious slice in front of me.

        When it came out of the microwave I was met with a lovely smell. I cut the slice open and noted that there was a reasonable amount of chicken there and even whole slices of mushroom! The chicken was tender and there was a good amount of sauce inside. The pastry was lovely and soft (because of being microwaved) just as I like it. I don't think there seemed to be as much meat as in the steak slice but it was still nice for a change.

        Comes in a 180g size
        Costs around £1.69 though I got it buy one get one free!


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          20.06.2009 22:24
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Not very good

          Sometimes I have the strangest cravings, and no I'm not pregnant, however the other day it was a bit colder than it has been and I suddenly wanted some comfort food for lunch and so popped round to my local Spar and decided on one of these Ginsters Chicken and Mushroom slice.

          It took about twenty minutes to heat up in te oven and it smelled pretty good however it smelt better than it tasted in my opinion. It started well as the pastry was a lovely golden brown and the curved shape resembled more a sausage roll than a pie.

          The pastry is a light puff pastry and very tasty indeed, unfortunately it is le down by the rather dry filling, there was a ot of chicken however not enough sauce really, maybe I over cooked it a bit but I do not think so, I just reckon that there is not enough sauce in the slice and that makes it a bit dry, there is the odd dark bit of mushroom as well but not much and they do not compensate for the rather dry contents.

          For me the pastr is great but the filling is a bit poor and lets the product down. It is not one I would bother buying again.


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            16.06.2009 08:16
            Very helpful



            WARNING: Excessive consumption of pies and pastries may have adverse effects on your health

            It's strange how we all get cravings. Many people rely on the sugar rush and have cravings for sweet things such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits and the like. However, I have always been more of a savoury person and my vice is pasties and pastries.

            Searching through the chilled section of a local Co-op for lunch I soon discovered that all the salads had gone (no really healthy lunch for me then), all the good sandwiches had gone (no healthy lunch for me either) and the only thing left was the pasties and pastries. The range of pastries in my local Co-op is quite limited and consists of it's own made items (which in all honesty are awful) or Ginsters, which are the expensive alternative. In normal circumstances I would go without but this particular day I was not only hungry but there was a special offer on the Ginsters, so there was only one thing for it. I picked up two Ginsters' chicken and mushroom slices and proceeded to the checkout.


            This slice is packaged in a thin black wrapper with "Ginsters of Cornwall" written in white on an oval red background. There is a large picture of the slice, which has been opened up to reveal a creamy and gorgeous looking filling.

            The packaging is the same as other Ginsters slices but it is very distinctive from other manufacturers. Many similar products are wrapped in see through packaging which is boring in comparison, but at least you can see what you're buying before you get it to the check out, unlike with the Ginsters. I think the packaging is very attractive and, being in black, very stylish. The picture looks appetising and the marketing department of Ginsters have done a great job in demonstrating a unique brand.

            Where the packaging falls down is when trying to distinguish it against other Ginsters slices. The packaging is so similar (other than the type of slice contained within the packet which is stated in brown writing on the front) that I don't think it would be possible to quickly run in the shop, grab a chicken and mushroom slice (without really looking and paying much attention) and run out again. You have to actually study the packets to ensure you are getting the correct one.

            Like all packaging the back of the packet contains all the nutritional information and ingredients (of which I shall analyse at the end of this review), as well as the usual preparation instructions and manufacturer contact details.


            This product looks very appetising. I like the circular shape since it is different to other chicken and mushroom slices I usually buy, which are more rectangular. The pastry is a really nice golden brown/yellow colour. It is not anaemic like some chicken and mushroom slices, such as the Tesco's own brand, nor is it too dark, which usually means it is over cooked. It is the colour that pastry should be in my opinion and I couldn't wait to tuck in.

            Although the front of the packet states, and I quote "Fresh British chicken and mushrooms in a delicious sauce made with double cream, wrapped in light puff pastry" in my opinion the pastry is not puff pastry at all. When I think of puff pastry I see the stuff that crumbles and flakes all over the place, something this pastry definitely does not do. Whilst some may see this as a disadvantage I actually prefer this as it is easier to eat, there is less wastage, you don't get covered in food whilst you're eating it, it is something that can be eaten in front of people (I hate eating messy things when work colleagues are about or indeed anybody) and it is something that can be eaten anywhere (again due to the lack of mess).

            The pastry is shiny and looks greasy. Unfortunately it is. So whilst you can eat this slice almost anywhere without leaving bits of flaky pastry everywhere you will be leaving greasy finger prints instead. A serviette is definitely required here.

            On the packet the slice looks large and looks like it will have a lot of filling. When I opened the packet and got the slice out I was very disappointed since it looked very flat. If the large filling I was hoping for was going to be present then the pastry was going to have to be wafer thin, almost to the point where it would not hold the filling in place.


            Each slice contains British chicken (25%), mushrooms (11%), wheat flour, potato, double cream (5%), parsley and white pepper amongst much more.

            At 25% and 11% the respective chicken and mushroom content appears disappointingly low but compared to other chicken and mushroom pie and slices it is fairly high. For example the Tesco own chicken and mushroom pie contains 18% chicken and only 4.5% mushrooms.

            The ingredients clearly states parsley and the picture on the front of the packet clearly shows parsley is present in this slice, but when I was eating a slice I couldn't see or taste any parsley, which I thought was a bit disappointing.

            There are no ingredients that provide strong flavours and this is clearly evident in the taste of this slice.

            ****The filling****

            Luckily, the pastry case was more than adequate to support the filling so I was happy in one respect. Unfortunately there was hardly any filling, which is a shame, especially since the picture on the packet shows large pieces of chicken and large pieces of mushroom 'spilling' out of the slice.

            The picture on the packet shows the filling to not only consist of pieces of chicken and mushroom but also a rich and creamy sauce, with herbs. I was hoping that one bite would see the filling ooze from the pastry casing but this did not happen. The sauce was very thick. In fact it was just a gloopy mess that stayed inside the pastry casing. I don't like runny sauces in slices but the sauce in this slice was just too dry and I felt quite cheated.


            In my experience pies and pastries stink. They usually have a strong scent that fills the air, and nostrils, as soon as the packet is opened. This was not the case when I opened up this packet.

            Don't get me wrong, you could smell a pastry, but it wasn't the overpowering smell that I was expecting. In some ways it was nice, but it's just not right. Part of the charm of eating pastries is the strong smell as it really gets the senses going.

            Even when the slice was opened up, well bitten in to, the smell was still faint and weak. It is usually the filling that smells, not the pastry, so I was expecting a nice chicken, mushroom and herb smell to fill the room once I had got through the pastry covering, but it never materialised, which I found very disappointing.


            Now it's time for the important bit. On its own I find chicken quite bland and tasteless. The best thing about chicken is that it picks up spices and flavours so well. Chicken and mushroom in a creamy sauce is a tried and tested combination that works very well, and given the additional ingredients to "spice" it up a bit I was expecting this slice to taste nice.

            When I first bit in to the slice the first thing I noticed was the taste of the pastry, which was, in my opinion, very good. I wasn't expecting a taste explosion, as I think that should be provided by the filling, but what I got I was more than happy with.

            When I got to the filling I was expecting the crescendo, the sparks to fly and my taste buds to be blown away. Unfortunately this did not happen. The filling was very bland and pretty tasteless, which is another disadvantage with this slice. The taste of the pastry overpowered the filling, which is not how it should be. The pastry should be there to compliment the filling not outshine it.

            ****How to eat it****

            The Ginsters slice can be eaten straight out of the packet or heated up, making it very versatile. The packet states that the slice can be heated up in the microwave (full power for 5 minutes, leave to stand for a minute and then eat) or in the oven (cook at 180 degrees centigrade for 20 minutes or until heated through).

            I have tried heating up these ready to eat pastries before and in all cases I have to admit that they taste far better straight out of the packet. The only exception is when the pastries have been sat in the fridge for a few days and they have gone past their best.

            I tried the 'free' one in the microwave and whilst it did make the filling a bit more creamy/runny, i.e. less dry, overall it ruined the slice. The pastry went very floppy, the grease/fat in the pastry melted and came to the surface of the pastry and it looked very unappetising. The taste also changed, for the worst, and I can only put this down to the melted grease/fat.

            I have never heated one of these pastries, Ginsters or otherwise, therefore I am unable to comment on what they are like oven baked.

            ****Nutritional information****

            Each slice provides;

            i) 439 kcal
            ii) 34.4g of carbohydrates
            iii) 1.7g of sugar
            iv) 26.8g of fat
            v) 3.3g of fibre

            Pies and pastries are known to be notoriously bad for you, hence the well known song of "Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? You.....etc" but these slices are exceptionally bad for you and provide very little nutritional benefit.

            The whopping 439 kcal is a large slug out of the recommended calorie allowance. It wouldn't be so bad if one of these slices actually filled me up, but considering I felt a bit sick immediately after eating the slice but then ravenous 10 minutes after this is a big disadvantage. This slice is no substitute for a main meal it is only part of a main meal, hence making the calorific amount ridiculously high.

            As well as being high in calories this slice is high in carbohydrates (making it unsuitable for those on the Atkins diet or some other low carbohydrate diet), high in fat (not very good for the arteries) and fairly high in sugar.

            ****Availability and price****

            Ginsters are available in many retail outlets, from the major supermarkets to small corner shops to newsagents and everything in between, Ginsters' products appear to be available everywhere. That said, it appears the places that will always stock Ginsters' products are garages and service stations. I can only assume that convenience food (such as these slices that can be eaten any where at any time) is primarily available from convenience outlets, and you can't get much more convenient than a garage or a service station.

            I bought my Ginsters in a BOGOF promotion at a local Co-op and paid £1.69 for both of them. These promotions give quite good value for money, although I still feel these are expensive, especially given that Tesco's own brand can be bought for £1.17 for 2.

            ****How does it compare to other slices?****

            There are loads of manufacturers of chicken and mushroom slices so for the purposes of this review I shall use the Tesco own brand.

            Weighing in at 180g the Ginsters slice is slightly bigger/larger than the Tesco version, which weighs in at 165g. Whilst this may not seem like a lot it is nearly 10%, which is quite a lot. Winner - Ginsters.

            The Ginsters slice has a light, non flaky, golden coloured pastry covering that is quite greasy. The pastry of the Tesco slice is more crumbly and flaky (like puff pastry should be), lighter in colour and not so greasy, hence making it quite dry. Winner - Ginsters.

            Both the Ginsters and the Tesco slices look appetising, but due to the colour of the pastry, as well as the roundness of the slice, the Ginsters grabs it. Winner - Ginster.

            The Ginsters slice has a weak/faint smell. The Tesco's slice smells strong in comparison, but smells very nice. Winner - Tesco.

            Whilst the Ginsters slice contain 25% chicken (Tescos - 19%), 11% mushrooms (Tesco - 7%) and 5% cream (Tesco - 5%) the filling of the Ginsters slice is nowhere near as good as that of the Tesco slice. The Ginsters is much drier, more stodgy and far less tasty. Winner - Tesco.

            The Ginsters are very expensive. In normal circumstance they cost £1.69 upwards for one. At Tesco you can buy two for £1.17. Which one works out better value? You do the math. Winner - Tesco.

            When it comes to nutritional information both the Ginsters and the Tesco slices are similar. Both slices provide around the same amount of calories, the same amount of fat, the same amount of carbohydrates and the same amount of sugar. We all know that pastries are bad for you, but neither is worse than the other. Tie.

            In my comparison both slices have three a wins a piece, however, the Tesco slice wins where it matters, i.e. in taste and price/value for money, making it king of the slices in my opinion.


            Personally I would not buy another Ginsters' chicken and mushroom slice unless there were no other alternatives available, despite the Ginsters being slightly bigger/heavier.

            I admit the pastry is fantastic. It is a great texture and consistency, just the right thickness, doesn't explode everywhere and leave a mess, tastes gorgeous and looks nice. It is a bit greasy, and a serviette is required to avoid greasy fingerprints over everything, but then you have to take the rough with the smooth, and I can put up with greasy fingers for pastry that this tastes good.

            It is the filling that really lets the Ginsters slice down. It is dry (i.e. there is not enough sauce), bland and tasteless. When the taste of the pastry over powers the taste of the filling there is something not right.

            Compared to other slices Ginsters is expensive, but I guess you are paying for the convenience aspect of it (although many supermarkets are now 24 hours and being dotted all over the UK there is no longer any need to got to garages, service stations or convenience shops to get food 'out of hours') as well as the attractive and stylish packaging.

            There are better alternatives out there and I would seek these first, but if push does come to shove I would eat slices from the Ginsters brand again.

            (This review has been posted on other review sites under the name of Yackers1)


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