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Glico Thailand Pocky Chocolate Banana Sticks

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Brand: Glico Thailand / Type: Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      06.08.2012 16:24



      A beautiful experience when you walk into a 7/11 across South East Asia and grab a box of Pocky. Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana flavour's are waiting and are loved by all. Originally a Japanese export, the sugar covered sticks have been popping up the world over. Essentially, they are bread sticks covered in flavoured sugar. They are a delicious and light snack, and very moreish! If you ever spot a box, give them a try.


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      09.12.2010 17:26
      Very helpful



      A yummy treat from overseas

      Its time for a little Chocolate Pocky! I first came across these little beauties whilst at the NEC for the Memorabilia exhibit a few weeks back. I had not seen them before and as always was peckish for a little chocolate; the stall I was looking at had Chocolate, Banana and strawberry Pocky. Me being me had to buy all three to give them a fair test!

      Pocky Thailand Chocolate Banana Sticks:

      'Edible crunchy sticks covered in Chocolate Banana goo are just yummy lovely tasty!'

      From my reviews you will know that I love chocolate and fruity things so these sounded very tasty indeed. As I have purchased the three flavours there that day; the choice was which one do I try first. So banana was first up I waited till I had gotten home and at the time if I had tried them there and then I would have gone back for more! As I had never seen them before nor had I heard of them, I had no idea where else they could be purchased from.

      My Findings:

      'Yum, yum in my tum'

      Opening the box and the foil wrapper containing the Pocky; you could start to smell bananas it was a rather sweet smell of bananas but lovely all the same. They had a chocolate biscuit stick which was covered almost to the bottom of banana chocolate and it looked delicious.

      My first bite and sure was not to be my last -

      When taking a bite the first thing I noticed was that the banana coating was rich, sweet and rather bananary but then the flavours soon mellowed out by the unsweetened biscuit underneath. The banana flavour however tasted like Yazoo banana milkshake (one of my favourites too). They were very morish and me and my partner sat and ate the whole pack to ourselves granted there's not much too each pack!

      After eating one stick you had a light banana after taste with a hint of chocolate, which I guess where the 'Oh I'll just have one more' feeling comes from.

      Within the 25g box it contains around 12-14 sticks if your like me they will not last you very long!

      Price and Availability:

      As this was the first time I had seen or heard of them trying to get hold of them again was a little tricky, so good old eBay came in handy. At Memorabilia prices started from £2.00 per box going up to £5.00 on some stalls.

      On eBay you can find them starting from 99p plus postage and packaging of course. There are also some other websites that sell Pocky.


      But out of most websites I came across eBay is the cheaper option unless you want to by in bulk.


      I'm genuinely happy I came across Chocolate Pocky sticks and it's always fun to try something new, I have now got my family and friends also liking Pocky so I ordered a very large amount in 60 boxes of each to be exact!

      They are tasty, morish, fewer calories than a bar of chocolate, great for on the go, kids and adults love them. I would recommend people give them a go!

      Though I had never heard of Pocky until a few weeks a go I'm guessing it is more popular than I thought! Check out YouTube there some rather funny videos regarding Pocky!


      A huge five out of five stars from me!

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:


      The Pocky packaging is rather eye catching as is certainly catched my attention, the main colours are white and yellow with the Pocky sticking standing out in the back ground. As this is a oversea product the language is not in English; however they do add a sticking label giving you the details you would need in English.


      Wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, whole milk powder, lactose, margarine, cocoa butter, dried banana, butter, salt, fructose, cream powder, dried milk protein, butter oil, whey powder, dextrine, skim milk powder, artificial flavor, soy lecithin, monosodium glutamate, sodium bicarbonate, caroten, citric acid, soy beans.

      Allergy Advice:

      Contains Wheat, Soy beans, Milk.



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