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Oreo Golden Cookies

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Brand: Oreo / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2011 12:22
      Very helpful



      An ok biscuit but a lousy Oreo

      One of my favourite things about travelling is trying new foods, and they show up in the most unlikely of places. Like Peanut Butter Oreos in Sierra Leone, or these, Golden Chocolate crème Oreos here in Colombia.

      Oreos are round sandwich cookies that come with different fillings. Golden Oreos are different in one key aspect: the sandwich cookie is 'vanilla' rather than 'chocolate' flavour (the inverted commas being very important...we're talking fake flavour, not the real stuff). Inside they can either have a vanilla crème (making them vanilla with vanilla) or, as in this case, have a chocolate crème inside making them for all intents and purposes the reverse of a normal Oreo.

      I guess these are made in the same mould, as the biscuits are identical to the regular ones, with the intricate, almost lace like pattern on them. They're the same size and, compared to the regular variety, have the same flavour combination albeit arranged in a different way. So, do they taste anything like the originals?


      At least, not to me.

      The first difference is the biscuit. In Golden Oreos, the biscuit is much harder. It's like the sort you get in cheap multipacks at Christmas, which is to say not entirely unpleasant but cheap, boring and rather lacking in flavour. The sort that would normally be saved by a surface sprinkling of sugar, but these don't boast that.

      The chocolate crème on the packet looks dark and rich, but the stuff in the biscuits is a paler, less chocolatey looking colour. If you chew carefully you can just about pick up on a hint of chocolate flavour, but it is overly sweet like children's imitation chocolate candy rather than the real stuff. The crème is a lot less fluffy than in the normal ones and the flavour is almost totally drowned out by the bland biscuit.

      For me, these were a letdown. As biscuits go they are ok, nothing special, but for something with the Oreo name I expected more. These came with a Tesco Value taste but a big brand price tag, and for that I won't bother with them again. I guess I'll have to change my general rule from liking Oreos to liking normal but disliking Golden ones.

      In the UK you can find these on Amazon and at imported food retailers.


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