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Green's Barbie Mini Muffin Mix

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Type: Breads/Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      01.11.2009 00:34
      Very helpful



      A Shame These Weren't As Good As They Could Have Been

      I made some of these mini muffins with my little sister and none of us were very happy with the mix or the finished results. A box costs about £1.60 and will make 20 mini muffins, everything you need to make them is in the box apart from an egg and water to make up the icing.

      The muffin mix was easy to blend into the egg and there was enough mix to fill all 20 cases, I was suprised about that because usually there's never enough in these childrens kits and you end up with less than you thought.

      They cook in the oven in about 15 minutes and then you have to let them cool down before making the icing and sprinkling the hearts over. Watch out when you add the water to the icing because if it goes to watery there's no way to rescue it so make sure you add it drop by drop.

      When they're cooked and decorated you're ready to eat. They're nice if you like mega bland cakes, the muffins have hardly got any flavour at all and even the icing just tastes SWEET without anything else. The heart decorations are rubbish as well and just fell off the muffins as soon as we picked one up even though I'd poked them into the icing properly.

      Another thing that bugged me was that the muffins didn't come with those eating paper decorations like the Dora kit I brought a couple of weeks ago. That means there's nothing to show these cakes are anything to do with Barbie and that's a shame because my little sister is a bit girly and would have loved her cakes to feature the character.

      The muffins themselves come out quite light and if you ignore the bland flavour you will probably be impressed with the texture of them, the icing sugar is a bit weird because I don't think I've ever had an iced muffin before but because they're so tiny they're more like cupcakes than muffins anyway.


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      04.04.2007 08:38
      Very helpful



      Try some other Green's cake mixes which are far tastier than these!

      My niece is a huge fan of Barbie, this combined with her eagerness to bake meant that this Barbie Mini Muffin Mix pack by Green's was an easy choice to make.

      If Barbie isn't a big favourite in your house, Green's do a wide range of cake mixes that suit just about every taste:
      * Tom and Jerry strawberry cake mix
      * Thomas the Tank Engine Vanicake mix
      * Looney Tunes
      * Butterfly Tops
      * Cartoons Scooby Cookie cake mix
      * Noddy
      * Batman
      * Shrek Swamp Muffins
      * Rainbow Surprise
      To name but a few!

      ~ Price ~

      This cost me £1.43 at Asda but my local Morrisons often has BOGOF offers on Green's cake mixes.

      ~ Packaging ~

      Checked green outer box with a pink front and the 'all-important' picture of Barbie alongside a picture of a couple of the muffins. The back has a matching pink background with step by step written and pictorial guide on how to make the muffins.

      Inside the following items are included:
      * 20 mini muffin cases
      * A bag of pink and yellow heart-shaped sprinkles
      * A bag of pink icing mix
      * A bag of muffin mix

      ~ What you need? ~

      All of the ingredients listed above including:
      * Medium size egg
      * 2 teaspoons of water
      * A hand whisk or spoon
      * An oven of course!!

      ~ How easy are these to make? ~

      The step by step guide is fool-proof:
      1. Muffin mix, egg and water mixed in a bowl.
      2. Put the batter in to the cases.
      3. Put in an oven on heat 190 C for 6 - 7 minutes or until they have risen.
      4. Allow them to cool (I found that 20 minutes is the minimum). Meanwhile mix the icing and 2 teaspoons of water. I needed 3 teaspoons to get the right consistency.
      5. Spread the icing on the top and decorate with the heart sprinkles.

      Not one Barbie in sight!!

      ~ What are they like? ~

      Barbie shape sprinkles would have been far more appealing to my niece, after all it is advertised as a Barbie cake mix. The only Barbie in sight was the one on the front of the box! A bit disappointing for her.

      These are extremely small muffins, one mouthful for adults and two for little mouths.

      The muffin mix and icing are said to be strawberry flavour. After all of the preparation and waiting............. 30 minutes is a long time in a little ones life, we were desperate to tuck in to them.

      Huge disappointment, for me and the rest of the adults who were forced to partake in the tasting session. I love strawberries but these are overly sweet and quite sickly, even with just one bite-size.

      I love my food and cakes etc so they must have been disappointing as I never went back for a second helping.

      As for my niece.....................she declared that she liked them and had two, bless!

      I have numerous other cake mixes in the past and all have been a great deal nicer than this batch. The taste was too sickly for me and instead of tasting all light and spongy like home baked cakes usually do, these were if anything a little stale in texture, as if they'd been hanging around waiting to be eaten for a couple of days.

      It does have it's advantages.........ready to make cake mixture so quick and easy if you haven't got much time to spare although I do prefer weighing out the ingredients with her and adding our own toppings etc.

      Another plus is that it really gets children involved in baking and a great way to start learning in the kitchen.

      Perhaps strawberry cakes aren't the best choice in flavour although it does make the muffins have a slightly pink look to them.
      I will definitely be opting for a different flavour next time round!


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      Mini Muffin Mix.

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