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Green's Tom and Jerry Strawberry Flavour Cake Kit

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Type: Breads/Cakes

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    10 Reviews
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      26.10.2010 21:08
      Very helpful



      give these cupcakes a try!

      A while ago i bought these very cute little Tom and Jerry strawberry flavour cupcake kit from Greens. I bought this because it was reduced from about £1.80 to 84p just because the box was a little bit bashed. When i opened it, the packets inside were all fine and none had been damaged or split so i thought i got a pretty good bargain!
      The front of the box is really colourful with a pink background with the tom and jerry characters on the front and a picture of a rather nice and neat looking strawberry cupcake with Tom's face on the front.
      There was also a rather nice little activity booklet put into the box which would be great for when cooking with the kids as they have nice puzzles in like spot the difference and a wordsearch.
      When opening the box, i found 4 things:
      the cake mix powder.
      the icing powder.
      a tube of 'blackcurrant' decorating gel.
      12 wafers to decorate with various Tom and Jerry faces on.
      cupcake cases.

      Apart from the things in the box you will also need a medium sized egg, some vegetable oil and water, which are very simple to get hold of and will most likely have in your house already.
      On the back of the box and very easy step by step instructions on how to make and bake these cupcakes with nice pictures of Tom and Jerry helping out with the cooking!
      Its very eay as you just mix the cake mix powder (which is a nice light pink colour) together with with the egg and oil to produce the cake mix, bung it into the cases and straight into the oven for the quick time of around 15 minutes!
      The mixture is meant to make about 12 little cupcakes, and i did manage to fill all 12 and they did rise very nicely, just right!
      For the icing, you mix the icing powder with the water. You may need a tad more than the suggested amount to get the right consistancy!
      There was just about the right amount of icing to cover the cakes nicely and then you pop a mini wafer on top! You can decorate hoe you like with the blackcurrant gel which would be great for kids to make up their own designs!

      I took a bite out of my cupcake and the flavour is really nice and very cakey! it does actually taste very well of strawberry and the icing does as well, but not sickly so!
      The taste is lovely and i highly recommend this kit for a rainy day with the kids or just in a summer or half term holiday!

      obviously, as a cake, its not very healthy but to me the calories and fat content look pretty good for a cake!
      Per cake:
      Calories - 75
      Protein - 0.8g
      Carbohydrates - 14.4g
      Fat - 1.5g
      Fibre - 0.2g
      Sodium - trace

      MY RATING:
      i rate this cake kit a 5 out of 5 stars! The kit is fun, easy and also tastes great and will appeal to the kids!


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        30.05.2010 22:38
        Very helpful



        Perfect For Kids To Learn How To Make Cakes

        I do quite a lot of cooking with my 2 year old sister and have got pretty good at making cup cakes and stuff like that myself by following recipes. So it's not very often I buy cake kits but this time we ended up with 2 boxes of Green's Tom And Jerry Cakes to make because they was reduced in the shop by me and mega cheap. The usual price for them is about £1.35 and I think they're probably still worth that because the cakes always come out good and it's a dead easy mix to use.

        To make the cakes you just add an egg to the cake mix, give it a good stir and bake for about 10 mins. Then when they're cool make the icing up with cold water and spread it on top of the cakes. In the kit you also get a tube of blackcurrant flavour icing and a sheet of eating paper wafers to stick on top of the cakes.

        You are supposed to get 12 cakes out of each box but I over did the cake mix in the first few so we ended up with 10. The cakes rise good in the oven as long as you remember to pre heat it, I remember last time I used this kit I put the cakes in while the oven was still cold and they were dead flat when I took them out.

        This time they come out wicked though and tasted as good as they looked. The sponge is strawberry flavour and it's quite sweet, the icing has got a nice strawberry flavour as well so it all kind of goes nice together even though the smell of the icing might make you think it is going to be a bit over powering.

        The cakes are proper moorish when they're done and I could easy eat the whole lot of them I think! They're small so are gone in 2 bites but the cakes come out so nice and fluffy that you can't help pick another one straight up as soon as you've ate your first.

        The wafers to go on the top have got pictures of Tom and Jerry on and some of the other animals in the programme, I don't know any of their names but when you see the bulldog or Jerry's cousin mouse you'll know who I mean!!!

        The only thing I don't like about this kit is the tube of blackcurrant icing because it's dead sticky and has got a nasty fake flavour, we don't ever use this and just put it in the bin because it tastes so horrible! lol

        Recommended...... easy to make and wicked results!!!


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          10.05.2010 14:14
          Very helpful



          A great little baking kit

          A few weeks ago I was looking after my niece for the day and on asking what she wanted to do that day it seemed that all she wanted to do was bake. Apparently she is going through her baking phase but I was more than happy to assist and we went to Tesco to pick up a few bits and pieces. Now even though I can cook I cannot bake so I cheated and opted for the cake mixes which are already pre-packaged and boxed up! Fortunately the Greens range was half price and I picked up a few of the cupcake mixes one of which was the Tom and Jerry Strawberry cupcake kit!

          *** Greens ***

          Greens the bakers have been in the industry since 1907 and pride themselves on creating products which make baking fun and easy (a bonus for me!). They produce kids mixes to adult mixes which consist of a Victoria sponge mix and lemon merangue for example. They have their products in most of the main supermarkets.

          *** Packaging ***

          Like most of the cupcake mixes available the Tom and Jerry mix comes in a compact cardboard box with the cake mix, icing, cases and blackcurrent gel inside the box. On the front there s the typical Greens style green font logo right in the middle of the box and on either side of the logo are pictures of the cupcakes already made together with the cartoons Tom and Jerry. The box is mainly fuschia pink but overall it is incredibly bright and colourful. On the back of the box there is a step by step demonstration of how to make the cupcakes, again in cartoon version with Tom and Jerry doing the baking.

          *** Creating the Cupcakes ***

          Now even for a non baker like myself this part should be easy! I did have my niece to help which consisted off opening the box and passing me the items and then she just watched! Apart from the items in the box you just need a medium sized egg, oil and water which are all generally in the house.

          As I said above all the instructions are on the box and if an older child is making them (my niece is 5) then they will be easy to follow as the steps are simply put and are made fun by the cartoons and bright colours. As for me they are novel but I managed!

          Mixing the cake mix together with the egg, water and vegetable oil was all pretty easy as the mix quickly absorbs the water. They suggest you use an electric whisk, so you get all the bumps out but as mine decided not to work I used a hand whisk and even though there were little bumps I wasn't too concerned! Once the mix is all whisked in it becomes quite creamy but quite a thick, sticky consistency and is a pale pink colour. Spooning the mix into the cupcake cases is easy and once this is done you can just pop them into the oven.

          For my cupcakes it took around 15 minutes for them to rise gently and to cook. To ensure the bases of the cakes don't go hard its best to put them onto a wire cooling rack.

          Next is the icing. It suggests you use about 3-5 tablespoons of water but I found I needed more water (just a little) as the icing went hard initially and after adding a bit more water it became much more manageable and workable. The icing turns candy pink and its best to put it on the cakes once they have cooled down. And voilà they are done! All in all it takes around 20 minutes from start to finish to create these little cupcakes.

          *** Taste ***

          I wasn't expecting a lot from these cupcakes but I was pleasantly surprised. They don't particularly taste of strawberry but they do have a sweet taste to them almost a sugary taste (but my niece thoroughly enjoyed all of hers!). The sponge is soft and light so it's possible that you can eat more than three all at once because even though they do have a sweet taste they certainly aren't sickly sweet. We didn't add the blackcurrant gel as my niece didn't want it on but I did try this and yes it was berry flavoured but which berry was not noticeable!

          We had a few cupcakes left over for the next day and within 12 hours they had gone a bit hard and almost stale which is a shame so its best to eat them the same day and my personal recommendation is to eat them with a nice cup of tea!

          *** Ingredients ***

          Cake Mix: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Cornflour, Raising Agents (Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Sandalwood Extract, Dextrose, Natural Flavouring, Skimmed Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Emulsifiers (E471, E472b, E477), Stabilisers (E450i, E450iii), Turmeric.

          Icing Mix: Sugar, Cornflour, Natural Flavouring, Colour (Beetroot Red).

          Blackcurrant Decorating Gel: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Blackcurrant (25%), Gelling Agent (Pectin), Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator Itrisodium Citrate), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Flavouring.

          Waferettes: Potato Starch, Water, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Emulsifiers (E322 (From Soya), E435), Humectants (E422, E420), Colours (Vegetable Carbon, Anthocyanins, Riboflavin, Beetroot Red).

          *** Nutritional Information ***

          Per cake:

          Calories - 75
          Protein - 0.8g
          Carbohydrates - 14.4g
          Fat - 1.5g
          Fibre - 0.2g
          Sodium - trace

          Allergy advice: contains Gluten, Maltodextrin, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Milk, Milk Powder & Soya.

          *** Overall ***

          The cakes were easy to make and perfectly edible. I can't really complain considering the whole kit cost £1.00 and kept my niece well and truly occupied which is a bonus! The instructions are well set out (even if you don't need to use them) and are very child friendly. The cakes don't take long to prepare or cook and they tend to all turn out perfectly fine unless of course you leave them in the oven for too long. The only downside is that they are best eaten on the day which unless your making them for a party where all 12 will be gobbled up the left overs tend to be a bit stale the next day. Would I recommend....yes I would they are an inexpensive way of creating a little treat.


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            26.08.2009 15:45
            Very helpful



            Fun, quick baking for children

            My 10-year-old nephew, Dominick, has been to stay at my house for a few days recently and I promised he could do some baking when he was staying. We went to Asda so he could pick what he wanted to make and this is one of the things he chose. We've had this mix before and had good results so I was happy to buy this for him. I had a 20p off any Green's cake mix from a previous mix that I bought to use with my niece so we got this set for 80p.

            ~ What's inside the box? ~

            Once inside the box, we discovered there was a packet of cake mix, a packet of icing sugar, a tube of red icing gel, 12 cake cases, and some edible Tom and Jerry stickers. There was also an activity mat, with activities and jokes and a game. Dominick thought the activities were a bit too easy but he did look at it and it filled in 5 minutes or so for him. He does get bored quite easily though.

            There was also a "kids go free" at Legoland voucher, which Dom was initially quite excited about, until I told him we live a long from Legoland and it would cost too much to get us there/pay for the adults. I think it's quite a good offer, but not one we were able to use. I prefer to get the 20p off vouchers though as it means we can make a saving on another cake mix.

            ~ Making the strawberry cakes ~

            Dominick really enjoyed making the cakes and we found it pretty straight forward. Dominick was able to do most of the baking himself but I helped a little bit and supervised him throughout.

            In addition to the ingredients in the box you need a medium sized egg and some cold water.

            Pre-heat the oven to 190c (gas mark 5) and lay the cake cases out on a baking tray - Dominick enjoyed putting the cake cases out on the tray.

            - Put the cake mix, egg and water into a bowl and whisk until creamy (about 2 minutes) - we used an electric whisk and it all mixed together quite nicely. Dom was able to do this himself once I started it off for him. He said this was his favourite bit of the cake making.

            - Spoon equal amounts of mix into each cake case and place in the oven for 10 minutes - we were able to make 12 fairly equally sized cakes and Dominick was happy with the results.

            - After 10 minutes take the cakes out (they should have risen) and put them on a wire tray to cool down

            - Once the cakes are cool (about 10 minutes) mix the icing sugar and 10-20ml of water together - I made the icing and Dominick decorated the cakes. I think we left the cakes to cool for a bout 15 minutes as we were making cookies as well.

            - Decorate your cakes with icing, icing gel, and Tom and Jerry stickers. Dominick also wanted to buy some hundreds and thousands to decorate the cakes so we sprinkled some of these onto the icing and he was very happy with the results.

            Dom really enjoyed making these cakes, and he had great fun decorating them. We wrote our names on some of the cakes with the gel and Dom sprinkled hundreds and thousands onto that too.

            The cakes tasted nice and we were both pleased with our efforts. The strawberry flavour was pleasant and not too sweet and the icing complemented it nicely. I think we whisked the cakes for longer than the stated 2 minutes which resulted in light, fluffy cakes. The inside of the cakes are pink which we thought was nice seeing as they are strawberry flavour.

            I would recommend this set to anyone with children who like Tom and Jerry and/ or baking. They are easy to make and the finished results are great. I also think they are good value for money!

            I bought the cake mix from Asda for £1 (less the 20p off voucher) and Green's have lots of other cake mixes available. I have used a number of different ones and have always had good results. I would buy this product again and will look out for other Green's baking products.


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              14.03.2009 19:08
              Very helpful



              You get what you pay for... cheap and cheerful (and quick!)

              I made these little cakes today in preparation for a family birthday tea tomorrow.

              I bought them in my local Tesco supermarket and they cost in the region of 60pence for a box which makes 12 cakes.

              Inside the box is two bags of different mixtures, one for the cakes, and one for the icing, 12 little cupcake paper cases, and 12 assorted decorations (almost like paper stickers) that are edible, to decorate your cakes.

              The box states that you only need to add water and an egg to the mixture, which makes them ideal for kids to help make these, as there's nothing very complicated about it.

              Once you have your cake mix in a bowl and have added your egg, you have to whisk it until you get the desired consistency.. smooth! I found it very difficult to get rid of all the lumps in the cake mix, but after a while I decided it would do (pretty sure there were still a few lumps in there mind you) and moved on to filling the paper cases.

              The mix is supposed to make 12 cakes, so i set the paper cases out and began spooning the mixture out into the cases, only to find that there wasn't enough mixture for my 12 little paper cases. I managed to stretch the mixture out between 10 of them, which I suppose isn't too bad really.

              I then popped the cakes into the oven until they had risen, then cooled them down and set about icing them.

              You only need to add water to the icing which again is nice and easy peasy! What I did find, though, was that after the 6th cake had been iced, the icing mixture was looking rather scarce!

              Yep, you guessed it, I ran out of icing on the 7th cake. This means that I have 7 cakes with pink icing and tom and jerry "stickers" on, and 3 cakes with white icing (that i made myself) and tom and jerry "stickers" on. Not a huge hassle, but the point of buying these kits is surely (for me anyway) the convenience of having everything you need in one box.

              That said, for what these cakes cost, I'd say that you get what you pay for, and when all is said and done, I still have ten little cakes (which are attractive enough, I suppose) for a fraction of the price of pre-packaged supermarket fairy cakes. (or similar).

              I had to taste one (naturally) and to be fair it wasn't all that bad, perhaps a little too sweet for my liking, and the taste was rather false, but not altogether unpleasant.

              A good one for the kids, I reckon!


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                21.11.2008 00:06
                Very helpful



                Overall I think this is a great buy as there cheap and you will have fun making them.

                I think this is a lovely Tom and Jerry cake kit. I brought it from Filco for £1.20. It is one of many of the Greens products. They make other cake kits such as the Dora one. I also brought a Tweety vanilla cookie kit which is also by Greens so I am going to try that out tomorrow.

                For my daughters birthday a close family friend brought my daughters little chef aprons, a chef hat, cooking set i.e. rolling pins and wooden spoons and a cake kit each. All through there birthday they couldn't wait to make the cakes. They enjoyed it so much I decided to buy them some more cake kits to try out. As I'm not that good at cooking these kits worked well as my daughters could get involved and there very simple to make and even I could do it.

                What comes with the kit?
                Strawberry cake mix
                Strawberry icing
                Waferettes (these have various Tom and Jerry figures on the top)
                Decorating tube with gel in
                12 cake cases

                Extras you will need
                Cold water (we all have that)
                1 medium sized egg

                How to make them:
                The instructions are on the back of the pack and are very easy to follow:
                1. Heat the oven to gas mark 5

                2. Put the cake mix in the bowl, add the egg and 25ml of cold water, and whisk together for 2 minutes until the batter is creamy.

                3. Spoon equal amounts of the mixture into the 12 cake cases and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes until cakes have risen.

                4. Cool the cakes on a wire cooling rack.

                Prepare the icing:
                1. Mix the icing with 10ml of cold water until mix is smooth. Add more water drop by drop till you can spread onto cakes.

                1. You need to spread the icing onto the cakes, and then you can add the waferette on to the top of each one.

                Use the decorating gel to write things on the icing or draw pictures around the waferrette. (You just need to squeeze the tube for the gel to come out).

                The instructions above are quite basic so my daughters could help me. There favourite bit was whisking the cake mix. I have to admit they ate half the icing before it went onto the cakes. They also enjoyed watching the cakes rise they sat by the oven looking through the glass the whole time they were cooking to check we didn't forget them.

                The kit also came with a little booklet called the cook's report. This gets your child to write the flavour of the cake, who there cooking the cakes for and the character that goes on the cake. On the front of the booklet there are also two small pictures of clocks without hands on, so they can draw on what time they put the cakes in and the time to take them out (This will help them to learn about time). Inside the booklet it is full of cooking puzzles and things for your child to do. There are 6 of these booklets to collect. The booklet is to keep your child busy while the cakes are cooking and they also will learn quite a lot from them.

                On the back of the box it has the instructions of how to cook the cake. This piece of card can press out and on the back of that it has a 20p off voucher, for the next time you buy a Green product. So I will definitely be using that.

                I think the kit is brilliant as it gives you a chance to bond with your children and create lovely little strawberry cakes. The cakes weren't as nice as the cakes my mum cooks but they were ok.

                The only negative thing I can say is: I found that there wasn't much mixture so I had trouble making 12. This wasn't a worry though as my daughters had so much fun making them and decorating them. I have to admit they didn't last longer then 10 minutes once they were cooked as everyone wanted to eat them.

                You wil lalso find this review on ciao under the same name gsparkle thank you for reading.


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                20.11.2008 22:12
                Very helpful



                Let them eat cake!

                I'm sure I'm not the only Mum whose heart sinks when she gets a letter from school about the forthcoming 'Take a Cake' to school day. Actually, I know that I'm not because I was chatting with other Mums at the school gate today and two of them admitted to buying cakes from the supermarket, taking them out of the packaging and wrapping them in clingfilm for that 'homemade' look! Much as I was tempted by this approach, my six year old son was on the verge of tears when I suggested this to him and so off to the supermarket we went on the hunt for ingredients.

                We were looking for icing sugar when my son spotted a range of cake mixes on the shelf nearby. He was attracted by the cartoon characters and the diffferent toppings and decorations on the packaging and I was tempted by the thought that it would be less hassle and time consuming than making cakes from scratch. So when he begged me to buy the Strawberry Tom and Jerry Cake Mix, which makes 12 individual fairy cakes, I was forced to concede. I checked the back of the pack and the only addition needed was one egg (luckily in stock back at home) and that was it.

                Back home, I dusted down the trusty cake tray and read the instructions. Pleasingly, the instructions were a step-by-step idiot proof guide to making the cakes - probably aimed at older children rather than half-witted parents like myself! My son set about loading the cake cases into the tray - even the cases were included which is ideal. There's nothing worse than doing a supermarket trip for baking ingredients only to get home and realise that you've forgotten the cake cases. The cases included were just standard plain cake cases though. It would have been a nice touch if they'd included a few cartoon images on them, but no matter.

                The next step was to empty the cake mix (handily encased in a see-through bag marked 'cake mix') into a bowl and add an egg and a small amount of tap water. My son took great pleasure in mixing this up and we were both impressed with the particularly vibrant shade of pink that the mixture turned into. It did make me wonder what sorts of artificial additives had been included in the mix but a quick glance at the box informed me that the colouring seemed to be derived mainly from natural ingredients, including turmeric, rather than any added artificial nasties. (Sandalwood extract was also listed but I'm not sure whether this would add colour or is there for any other purpose? I haven't come across sandalwood extract in any products before.) There were also a few e-numbers listed but these were emulsifiers and stabilisers, rather than the artificial colours that are reputed to send some kids hyperactive. That was reassuring, given that this is a product clearly marketed at kids.

                The next stage, once we'd finished admiring the cheerful pink mixture, was to spoon it into the cases. This we managed without major incident and with only a few spillages (and a few licked, sticky fingers!) I was worried at the start that there wouldn't be enough mixture to fill all the cases as there didn't appear to be a great deal in the bowl. Quantities have obviously been worked out with expert precision though and there was just enough for every last cake and even a tiny little bit left in the bowl for my son to lick! If I'd been making the mixture from scratch, I would probably have added a little bit extra to each cake case but there was certainly sufficient mixture - providing your kids aren't overly generous with the first few cases! All that was needed was to stick the cakes in the oven at the recommended temperature and wait.

                I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the finished article. As you might have gathered, I'm not quite Nigella Lawson in the kitchen department (or in any other department either!) and don't tend to do a lot of baking. The cakes were cooked according to the clear instructions on the packet for exactly 11 minutes and were cooked to perfection. (The pack guidance said between 10 - 12 minutes, so I chose the middle ground.)

                I must admit, given the rich pink colour of the cake mixture, I'd been expecting bright pink cakes to emerge from the oven and these didn't really seem to be noticeably pink. There was a slightly different aroma coming from the oven than your usual fairy cakes but it wasn't a particularly strong strawberry fragrance. It smelt inviting, nonetheless, and the cakes themselves looked inviting - which can't always be said for everything that comes out of my oven!

                Whilst the cakes were cooling, we set about making the icing. Again, the icing mix was included within the cake kit. It just needed mixing with a small amount of tap water. I added slightly more water to the icing sugar than the pack suggested and the icing that we created was reasonably runny and easy to spread. It also had a satisfying bright pink colour. Once the cakes were iced, my son added the 'waferettes' to the top of each cake. Again these were included within the cake set, so no extra expense or hassle. The 'waferettes' were actually similar to rice paper. They were little hexagons - each one with a picture of either Tom or Jerry. Again, like the cake mix and the icing sugar, it appears that only natural colourings and flavourings have been used which is reassuring. (Obviously, being cakes, they do contain lots of sugar and calories but that really goes without saying so I won't say any more!)

                The final touch of decoration was the little tube of jam-like decorating gel. According to the packet, this was blackcurrant flavour which seems a little strange on a strawberry flavoured cake. I can vouch for the fact that it tasted lovely though and I've stored the leftover little tube in the fridge ready for another culinary cooking adventure with the kids in the near future. The picture on the back shows a cake with 'Tom' and 'Jerry' written in this jam gel. My son really wanted to do this but it was a bit ambitious given the size of the cake and the fact that there was already a dollop of pink icing and a Tom/Jerry image on top. There wasn't really any room for writing as well and I don't really think that the gel was needed. My boy did try to write some letters on a few of the cakes but, at 6 years old, he found it quite tricky trying to squeeze the gel into the shapes that he wanted to and got a little bit frustrated with it. Like I say, we've saved the rest of the little tube of gel anyway so it won't get wasted but I don't think it honestly added much to the little fairy cakes.

                The proof of the cake is in the eating and we had a little test to see whether the finished products were of sufficient quality to take into school. I'm happy to confirm that they passed quality control and 8 little fairy cakes will be making their way into school tomorrow. (You don't need to ask where the other 4 ended up, do you?) Given that the outside of the cakes didn't look particularly pink, the centres were a definite shade of pink when bitten into! They were on the dry side, but not unpleasantly so, and had a fluffy pleasant texture. I'd certainly be willing to have sampled a few more, given the opportunity and would definitely consider buying packets like this again in future.

                I paid £1.49 for this packet from Morrisons. Given that it includes everything required to bake and decorate 12 cakes (except for a single egg and some tap water) that seems reasonable value to me. Once I opened the packet, I also found a 20p off coupon for my next purchase from the Green's cake kit range which was a pleasant surprise. (It had a long expiry date on it too, so I don't have to rush out and start baking more cakes just yet!)

                Edit May 2009: Bring a cake day on Friday. Guess what I'll be taking!


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                  03.08.2008 23:23
                  Very helpful



                  A good idea in theory but I didn't like the strawberry flavour

                  I was going to stay at my friends flat for the weekend so I decided I would make her a little something to say thank you. Now I am usually all for home baking, and I was going to make her cup cakes from scratch, but when I was in Morrisons I saw this really cute baking set to make Tom and Jerry strawberry flavoured cup cakes and I thought I would make these instead since the picture on the packet looked really cute. The cake mix is from the company 'Green's'.

                  The cake mix set comes in a green box with a large picture of Tom and Jerry on the front of it, with Jerry throwing one of the strawberry cup cakes at Tom. On the front it states that the pack makes 12 cakes.

                  On the back of the pack it has the recipe set out clearly with pictures so that it is easy to follow, and easier for children to help make it too, since the pictures are very self explanatory.

                  On the back of the box it also states the cooking and preparation time (20 mins preparation and 12 mins cooking) and that all you will need is an egg and some water, everything else is included in the kit.

                  On opening the kit, you can see two bags of mixture, and some Tom and Jerry rice cake 'stickers' to put on top of the cup cakes and plain cake cases. Each rice cake sticker has a different picture on it, so every cake will be different!

                  In one bag is the cake mix, you open this up and place it in a bowl. It is a pink coloured powder and smells of sweet and synthetic strawberries. I added the water and egg as the recipe told me to, and began beating the mixture with a whisk, I found it really hard to get the lumps out of the mixture but with perseverance I managed it!

                  Now it came to placing them in the cases.. I set all the cases out neatly and began spooning in the pink mixture. I knew that they were going to rise in the oven so I didn't place too much in each case, but I had run out of mixture by the eighth case. There was no way that I could have had enough for all twelve cases as stated on the box. I was a little disgruntled but there wasn't much I could do about it. Anyway, I popped them in the oven and they started to rise nicely and looked quite appetising, and they still kept their pink colour.

                  I put the icing in the bowl, even though the icing looks white when you add water it turns pink. Once I had removed the cakes from the oven and let them cool, I put the icing on and placed one of the edible rice cake stickers on each cake. They looked quite impressive (and very, very pink!)

                  Of course I had to sample one of them when they had cooled down. I wasn't very impressed with the taste of these. They tasted like the strawberry shrimps sweets you get. The taste was very sweet and not like real strawberries at all. It tasted so synthetic and I really think that it spoiled the flavour of the cakes, I wish that they had come in a normal flavour (like normal cup cakes)

                  I did end up taking them to my friends flat and we nibbled them whilst watching a film, neither of us liked them that much though.

                  It says on the pack that each serving (each cake) has 63 calories in it and 1.5g of fat.

                  The cake mix cost a very reasonable 54p, and if it had been any more expensive I don't think I would have bought it. The cakes looked great once they were made and I think the rice cake stickers you put on top looked really good. It was nice to try but I think I will stick with making them from scratch next time, I think they taste a lot better that way! (and of course it looks more impressive since you made them all yourself) I didn't like the flavour of these at all.


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                    28.07.2008 21:37
                    Very helpful



                    A great little cake mixture

                    I love to make cakes and other sweet things and normally do them from scratch; however when a friend came round and bought her kids with her I decided it'd be too messy to do that. So I went and bought Green's Tom and Jerry Strawberry Flavour Cake Kit. It's one of those kits which came with most of the ingredients already included and mixed together so that you just have to add the fresh stuff. They're easier to make with kids because you don't have to weigh the ingredients out which can be a great help.

                    Green's are one of the best companies for baking goods to help you make things with kids. I often buy their Lemon Meringue Pie kit as it makes things a lot easier. They've been making baking aids for over 100 years now and in that time have perfected their recipes to taste delicious. This particular kit has been out for ages, in fact I remember using it in primary school cooking lessons, so I knew before I bought it that it was going to be good quality.

                    It comes in a green box which contains enough cake cases to make 12 cakes and it only cost me 74p when I bought it from Sainsbury's. The front of the box has a big pink area on which there is a picture of a cake and a picture of Tom & Jerry as well as the Green's chef hat logo. On the back are the ingredients, nutritional information and instructions on how to make the cakes. Inside the box the ingredients come in three different bags. One of these contains the cake mix, the other contains the icing mix and the other contains the Tom & Jerry cake toppers and then there are also 13 cake cases all fitted into the little box.

                    The only things that are not included are the cold water and 1 medium egg which you will need to buy to make these cakes.

                    The ingredients are:
                    Cake Mix:
                    Wheat, Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oils, Raising Agents, Sodium Hydrogen, Carbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Disodium Monophosphate, Modified Starch, Salt, Skimmed Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Emulsifiers, E471, E472b, E477, Colours, Carmine, Curcumin, Dextrose, Flavouring, Stabilisers, E450, E450.

                    Icing mix:
                    Sugar, Dried Glucose Solids, Guar Gum, Cornflour, Colours, Carmine, Curcumin, Flavourings.

                    Tom and Jerry Toppers:
                    Potato Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Emulsifiers, E322, E435, Humecants, E420, E422, Colours, E163, E101, E162, E153, E122, E133.

                    Unfortunately these cakes contain:
                    Gluten, Milk and Soya so avoid them if you allergic to any of these things.

                    Each cake contains:
                    63 Calories
                    1.7g of Protein
                    10.6g of Carbohydrate
                    9.3g of which Sugars
                    1.5g of Fat
                    0.4g of which Saturates
                    0.3g of Fibre
                    0.09g of Sodium

                    They're really simple to make which is what makes them so much fun to make with kids. To get your lovely cakes all you have to do is:

                    Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas Mark 5
                    Place the cake cases into a cake tray
                    Crack an egg and tip it into a bowl
                    Add two tablespoons of cold water
                    Mix together until the mixture is creamy and smooth
                    Place into the cake cases with an even amount in each one
                    Place the tray of cakes into the centre of the oven
                    Bake for 10-12 minutes

                    Tip: If you are not sure whether or not the cakes are risen then gently poke them with the back of a teaspoon, if they bounce back then they are done, they should also be a golden colour and have risen.

                    When they are done take them out and leave them on a wire rack to cool down
                    Leave for about 20 minutes to make sure that they are completely cool
                    Tip the icing mixture into a clean bowl
                    Add 2 teaspoons of cold water
                    Mix until you have a nice firm icing
                    Add more water if necessary but be careful not to add too much
                    If you need more icing then you can always make some with normal icing sugar
                    Put a Tom or Jerry decoration on top of the icing on each cake before it sets

                    These are best if you wait for the icing to set for about 10 minutes but still taste great when eaten straight away. Whilst they are cooking the smell great, a nice smell of cake. They taste really good too. I was expecting the strawberry flavouring to be sickly but it wasn't it was actually just right and went really well with the icing.

                    Overall I give these a ten out of ten because they are great fun to make and keep kids entertained for a while, plus they taste really nice. Just beware that they do contain a lot of sugar which really isn't good for you.


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                      21.01.2008 12:58
                      Very helpful
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                      A great quick and easy bake to enjoy with the children

                      These cakes are a great fun and quick way to make cakes with your children.

                      GREENS BACKGROUND

                      Greens, or Horace Green was a local baker living and working in Brighton and he had the belief that baking was one of thebest an warmest ways of showing your family and friends that you care.

                      In 1907 he decided to lend a hand to people in the kitchen by making pre-mixes of the dry ingredients and selling them in his bakery shop. The mixes became a great success due to the easy and simplicity of use that his company became know as 'Greens of Brighton'. Now this company has been established and working to maintain Horace's love for baking for nearly 100 years.

                      THE BOX AND CONTENTS

                      Greens Tom and Jerry Strawberry flavour cake kit comes in a green tartan opaterned box with a picture of tom and jerry on the front in front of a pink background.

                      The inside of the box contains 3 packets, one containing the strawberry cake mixutre, one containing the icing sugar and the third contains the sugar paper tom and jerry toppers. There are also 13 cake cases included. I have noticed that with all of the Greens cakle mixes they always put a spare cake case in for you. The cake cases are green tartan patterned.

                      The reverse of the box has a full easy to follow instruction guide and at teh top of this there is a smal sectio telling you what other ingredients you will need.

                      For this mix you will aslo need some cold water and 1 medium egg.


                      Pre-heat the oven to 190 degree celcius / 375 degrees farenhite or gas mark 5 then wash your hands.

                      Stir the cake mixture adn the egg into a bowl and then add 2 table spoons of cold water (30ml). Whisk for approximately 2minutes or until the mixture is creamy.

                      Place the cake cases into a bun tray and then spoon the batter evenly into the cake cases.

                      Bake the cakes in the centre of the oven for 10-12 minutes or until the cakes have risen.

                      Place the cooked cakes onto a cooling tray and leave to cool. When cool mix the icing powder with 2 teaspoons (10ml) of cold water until it is nice and smooth. You may need to add extra water if the icing is too firm, I personally always find that I have to add extra small amounts of water.

                      Spread the icing on the top of each of the cakes and then place one of the sugar paper decoration ontop of the icing.

                      CAKE MIX INGREDIENTS

                      The ingredients for the cake mixture are as follows:-

                      wheat, flour, sugar, vegetable oils, raising agents, sodium hydrogen, carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, disodium monophosphate, modified starch, salt, skimmed milk powder, maltodextrin, emulsifiers, E471, E472b, E477, colours, Carmine, curcumin, dextrose, flavouring, stabilisers, E450(i) and E450(iii)

                      ICING MIX INGREDIENTS

                      The ingredients for the icing sugar are:-
                      sugar, dried glucose solids, guar gum, cornflour, colours, carmine, curcumin and flavourings


                      potato flour, water, vegetable oil, sugar, glucose syrup, emulsifiers, E322, E435, humecants, E420, E422, colours, E163, E101, E162, E153, E122, adn E133.

                      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION

                      The following values are for each cake
                      Energy - 266kj - 63 kcal
                      Protein - 1.7g
                      Carbohydrate - 10.6g - of which sugars - 9.3g
                      Fat - 1.5g - of which saturates - 0.4g
                      Fibre - 0.3g
                      Sodium - 0.09g

                      MY OPINION

                      These cakes are a very quick way of sharing the baking experience with your children if you are running short on time. The cakes are very plesant tasting but one is enough as they can be quite sweet. I have found that after a day or two then the icing does start to go a little funny and the sugar paper toppers starts to curl up and look horrible. My children are great fans of these cakes and love sharing the job of making them.

                      There is a wide range of these boxed cake mixes availabel from Greens which vary in price from 78p to £1.48 this packet cost me 78p from the local supermarket which I think is great value for money.

                      I would Highly recommend these cakes to make if you have 20 minutes to spare and want something fun to make with the end result being very tasty.

                      If you would like any further information on this product or any from the Green's range then you can contact them on their careline, 0800 7834321 or write to them at:-

                      Horace Green's Bakery
                      P.O.Box 145
                      B24 8WR

                      I also have this review posted on Ciao! under the same name.


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