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Haigh's Chocolates Hot Cross Buns in Box

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Type: Breads/Cakes

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    1 Review
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      27.06.2012 21:36
      Very helpful



      A sweet alternative to the Hot Cross Bun.

      ---Why I Had This---

      This was posted all the way from Australia as a surprise 'Thank You' present from my penpal after I had ordered her some sheet music back here in Wales.

      ---The Brand---

      Haigh's of Australia. Founded in 1915 and the oldest family run chocolate firm in Australia. I had not t heard of them before but looking at their website they seem the Australian equivalent of our Thorntons, or possibly even more upmarket.

      ---The Product---

      Long clear plastic oblong box contaning six large Hot Cross Bun chocolates.
      The box is finished with gold lettering and has a gold ribbon around it with a gift tag which gives the ingredients and sell-by date.
      Net weight 150 grams.
      Main ingredients are dark chocolate (54%) with currents, citrus peel, flavours, egg, spices and a preservative (220).
      Each 'bun' is about 100 calories and about 14 grams of sugar.


      Not quite sure as the Hot Cross Buns are no longer for sale but equivalent clear plastic boxes of similar size chocolates are going from between $16 and $18.

      ---My Opinion---

      These arrived and were such a surprise as I had not seen Hot Cross Bun chocolates before. The shelf life was up to June 12th which seemed good.
      These chocolates were large, about 1.25 inches and were covered in dark chocolate but with a thin cross of white chocolate across the top.
      To further enhance their 'bun' appearance they were in little brown paper cases such as cup cakes come in.
      The transparent box was quite sturdy as they arrived in perfect condition.
      Now I am not a fan of normal Hot Cross Buns, mainly because I hate the candied peel, but these did not seem to have either the smell or the flavour of their namesakes.
      On openeng the box you had an aroma not dissimilar to rum truffles, but slightly more indistinct.
      The sweets are round fat balls but with the base being flattened.
      The outside layer of dark chocolate is thick and can be bitten away or snapped and picked off if you are so inclined.
      The inside is a ball of truffle like fudge filling which is thick and smells like a cross between rum truffles and Christmas pudding, with little bits of currents visible.
      Needless to say these are very sweet and filling and only one at a time can be eaten- well by me anyway. The label says a serving is two but I would rather stick to one now and again.
      These were a thoughtful gift and an usual treat. It is nice to get something completely different on occasions.
      Now all gone but although quite sweet and not at all healthy a little indulgence sometimes does no harm. All things in moderation!

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---





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    Haigh's Chocolates / Type: Bread / Cakes

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