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Hans Freitag Desiree Wafer Selection

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Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2009 14:30
      Very helpful



      A lovely treat for any little visitors

      I often pop into our local Farmfoods and Jack Fultons for a gander, they seem to have some very reasonable deals on the shelves lately. The stores are all in competition with one another.
      Considering each store has a very long shelf which is solely used for storing biscuits it is amazing just how many times we can look and then say that nothing takes our fancy.
      Its good to have a change, variety is the spice of life and all that jazz!
      This packet of assorted wafer biscuits caught my eye, I know that Lidl`s have the same type of biscuits in much the same packaging but I have never yet tried them.
      The 400g packet of Hans Freitag Desiree wafer biscuits were on offer at £1.00. A large packet and the biscuits are fairly fancy so I thought that was a good price.
      The pictures of the wafer biscuits that were on the front of the dark blue and gold foil packet looked very tempting. The makers, Hans Freitag are German.

      I don't know what I expected to see when I sliced the top of the foil packet off, the Other Half was highly delighted with my choice, he loves soft wafer biscuits, especially those glorious pink Crawford`s wafers that you can buy.
      A few of the wafers had been damaged in transit and consequently the wafers that were sitting on the top of the bag were covered in crumbs, but it still didn't manage to spoil the taste.
      In the bag there are many different shapes and style of wafer biscuit, some long finger wafers that have been dipped into chocolate at either end, wafers that have chocolate drizzled over them, totally plain wafers, chocolate wafers and cream filled wafers.
      As I delved deeper into the packet the more interesting the contents were, the Other Half was gaily dipping them into his tea one after the other. But in his defence the wafer biscuits are small and are really only a mouthful.
      On the whole the wafers are really crisp and sweet, only the cream wafers seem softer because they are filled.

      My favourites were the wafer logs, a small rolled up wafer biscuit that was filled with a vanilla cream, they were scrumptious. The biscuits themselves are as light as air so you get a lot for your money.
      The wafers are delicious and addictive. They would make a perfect treat for any little visitors.
      Sorry that I can`t add any details about the ingredients but I don`t speak German! but I am sure that they are pretty high in sugar.
      One word of warning, when you store the packet make sure that you put it in an airtight tin, the wafers soon go soft.
      A delicious teatime or in fact any time treat.


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        12.11.2008 21:39
        Very helpful



        They're not Nan's - they're ours!

        I took my daughters to visit my parents recently and in the dark depth of Nan's cupboard they discovered these wonderful wafer biscuits - from now on to be known as 'Nan's biscuits!' Throughout our visit, my two little biscuit lovers kept going back for more but I thought they would soon be forgotten when we came home. That was until we saw a packet lurking on the bottom shelf at Tescos and we than had to buy them for ourselves of course! Strangely though, even though they are now ours, my daughters still refer to them as Nan's!

        I discovered that you can buy a 400 gram packet in Tesco for only £1.07 which I thought was really excellent value. It especially seems so when you open the packet up and see that it is jam packed full of these lovely wafer biscuits. I haven't actually counted them but there must be over 50 biscuits in a packet. Mind you they are quite small so we tend to eat two or three in one go. They still seem to last a reasonable amount of time though!

        There are about eight or nine different varieties of small wafer biscuits to choose from all with a vanilla or chocolate flavour, or more likely a combination of both. As is typical with wafers you get lots of thin wafers sandwiched together with cream. Some are like small tubes though which are filled with cream and these are absolutely my favourites. Some are dipped in chocolate each end and others have chocolate drizzled all over them. Some - my daughters' favourites - are all chocolate!

        They all look so attractive and tempting and this is borne out by the taste which is out of this world. They have a gorgeous melt in the mouth texture and both the vanilla and chocolate tastes are fabulous. Having said this though and despite the fact that I really love these, I don't think you could eat too many before they taste a little bit sickly. The smell in the packet is a bit on the sweet side too. These wafers are very moreish though so you do have to discipline yourself to stop before you get to the sickly point.

        The wafers are made by what I think is a german company called Hans Freitag. The fact that they are described as waffelmischung is a bit of a give away! This does cause a problem with the packaging though because it's mainly in german which I can't read a word of. Therefore I can only guess at what the information is telling me although there is a small list of ingredients in English as well as lots of other languages. I can't tell you about nutritional values or whether there are traces of nuts though.

        Overall, these biscuits are incredibly tasty and at such good value for such a large number they are well worth looking out for the next time you are in Tesco!


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        Bit size snack to compliment your afternoon tea.

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