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Harvest Cheweee Strawberry Mallow Cereal Bars

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Brand: Honey Monster Foods / Type: Cereal Bars

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2010 10:38
      Very helpful



      For a different tasting treat or snack!

      Whenever I'm doing a bit of a shop I usually pop a box of Harvest Cheweee Bars into my trolley, as I think that they are one of the value bars around as you great a whopping 9 cereal bars compared to some which only have five!.

      Usually in the past I have bought the Toffee Bars, White Chocolate Chip Bars and the Milk Chocolate Bars, I thought that they only made the 3 different sorts, so I was very surprised when I spotted these Strawberry Mallow ones on my local Morrisons and better still they were on special offer for around a £1.00.

      I personally don't often eat these sort of bars as I find them a bit to sweet for me, but everybody else seems to enjoy them though, so it would be interesting to see what these tasted like with little marshmallow bits in.

      Coming in the usual cardboard box with a large red lunchbox on the front, I opened to top to discover the 9 individual bars. These ones are wrapped slightly different to the usual one we have had in the past, covered in a totally red wrapper with what they call the "WOWEEE FACT" which consists of a different fact about animals for example;

      Ants can lift 50 times their body weight!

      Polar bears are left handed!

      Butterflies taste with their feet!

      An Ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain!

      and it goes on and on with different facts, which I think children will love reading.

      When taken out of the wrapper each bar is roughly just over 3 inches long and just over 1 inch wide, with it being the usual thickness of these sort of bars. The main content of this bar is wholegrain wheat and oats with tiny bits of pink and white marshmallows. When you first open this bar it hits you the smell of strawberries and on tasting ( the things I do for Dooyoo!)you will notice the oats taste straight away, followed by a soft chewy taste of strawberries. These bars are firm but not hard or brittle and you can easily break a piece off without it crumbling or making a mess. As I've said before I don't really eat these as for me they are really a bit too sweet tasting and this one is no different even though it doesn't have any chocolate in it!.

      Each Harvest Cheweee Strawberry Mallow bar (22g) contains;

      ~~~Calories 92~~~
      ~~~Sugar 5.7g~~~
      ~~~Fat 2.9g~~
      ~~~Saturates 1.3g~~~
      ~~~Salt 0.1g~~~

      So as cereal bars go I would imagine that these would be a great hit with children and anybody who has a very sweettooth. So although a cereal bar, it isn't the most healthy but on the odd occassion as with all the cereal bars, it won't do any harm. As with most of the so called "Cereal Bars" they don't really have a lot of goodness to offer and have just become the latest fad for today!. These are better value than most though!!.


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