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Heinz At the Zoo Biscuits Apple and Banana

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Brand: Heinz / Children's Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2009 02:16
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      Although they taste nice, unless you see these at a reduced price then I wouldn't bother.

      I'm not going to hide the truth - I don't have any children and I bought these biscuits for myself!
      I often buy toddler snack foods as many of them are vegan, healthier than other snacks and they actually taste good!

      I bought these Heinz 'at the zoo biscuits' in a bargain shop called B&M for 29p! I think they're usually about £1.70 in supermarkets so it was a great find.

      The packaging is recyclable cardboard and it's a bold purple colour with pictures on the back of each animal biscuit, and they've all been given cute names, for example there's Paul the penguin!

      In the box you get ten packs of individually wrapped biscuits, two per pack. This means they make a good snack to carry around or pop in a lunch box.

      They're suitable for vegetarians and vegans although they may contain traces of milk and egg. The other allergy information warns that they contain gluten, wheat and may contain soya.

      As with most toddler foods, they don't contain any artificial rubbish or added sugar.

      They're not suitable for children under 12 months old...it's lucky that I'm well over that age then!

      You can bite into these biscuits easily and they crumble well in the mouth so they'd be good for children who are still developing their teeth and chewing skills.

      They taste sweet but not overly sweet and there's a clear fruit aftertaste which I'm sure is the banana. I think they're a bit plain but they're the perfect shape for dunking!

      They don't have a strong smell unless you put your nose right up to the biscuit to have a sniff!

      The animal characters on the biscuits look cute, almost too cute to eat although I'm sure most children wouldn't be looking at them for that long unless they were playing with their food.

      Overall, they're a nice biscuit (for kids or, ahem, big kids!) but I wouldn't bother buying them if they were full price.

      Wheat flour, wheat starch, concentrated apple juice (15%), vegetable oil, banana powder (6%), raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), natural flavouring, vitamin C, thiamin.

      Nutritional Information:
      (per two packs of biscuits)
      Energy - 512kj/121kcal
      Protein - 1.8g
      Carbohydrate - 21.8g
      (of which sugars - 4.3g)
      Fat - 3.0g
      (of which saturates - 1.3g)
      Fibre - 0.8g
      Sodium - 0.1g
      Thiamin - 0.22mg (16% RDA)
      Vitamin C - 9.8mg (16% RDA)


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        18.03.2008 11:37
        Very helpful



        Fun animal shaped biscuits for children and babies

        Heinz have made some fun biscuits for children which are called 'at the zoo'.


        The biscuits come in a purple box with a picture on the front with a yellow background and a face has been made up using fruit and 2 of the biscuits. The name of the product can be found below this in white letting.

        The side and the back of the box have the nutritional information, ingredients and on the back there are the names which have been given to each of the animals.

        The biscuits inside the box are in packets of 2 and are wrapped in clear plastic to keep them fresh.

        NUTRITIONAL INFO - per pack of 2 biscuits

        121 Kcal
        1.8g Protein
        21.8g Carbohydrate
        4.3g of which sugars
        3.0g Fat
        1.3g of which saturates
        0.8g Fibre
        0.1g Sodium
        0.22mg Thiamin
        9.8mg Vitamin C


        The biscuits are a light brown colour and are all rectangular in shape. They each have the shape of an animal imprinted on the top of them. The featured animals include, Eric the elephant, Garry the giraffe, Leon the lion, Mary the monkey, Paul the penguin and Sally the snake.

        The taste of the biscuits is quite sweet as they do contain apple juice and banana. They are crunchy when bitten but they do dissolve if left in the child's mouth.

        MY OPINION

        It was my 3 year old that asked me to buy these for his baby brother as he liked the face on the front of the box which has a banana for a nose! I do think that he made a great choice as my little man loves them.

        He is able to hold them himself as they are a good size and it does not take him long at all to get through the double pack.

        The way they have been wrapped in pairs is quite convenient as I am able to just pop a pack in my handbag so he is kept quiet and happy on the school run if he starts feeling hungry.

        The front of the packet states that there are no artificial flavours or colours, no added sugar and no preservatives in the biscuits which does make me feel slightly better about him having these. The nutritional values are also quite good for being a biscuit.

        When opening a pack of them the smell is quite pleasant but it is not instantly noticeable and you do actually have to sniff them if you want to know what they do smell like.

        I was quite surprised when I looked at the back of the packet to find that all of the animals have been named as to me this just seems a bit pointless as my little man has no interest in what animal he is biting the head off at all but for older children this may be a bit of fun.


        The biscuits have been made by Heinz and they come in boxes of 140g. You get 20 biscuits in 10 packets of 2.

        The biscuits do contain gluten, and wheat and they may also contain milk, egg and soya.

        My packet cost me £1.89 which is standard for all their products in this range. I feel that it is a good value but could do with having more promotions on these as they do not last long at all in my house.

        The box states that these biscuits are not suitable for children under 1 year of age but my 10 month old has no problem at all with them.

        If you would like any more information on this or any product in the Heinz baby foods range then please visit www.tinytums.co.uk


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