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Hovis Crumpets

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Brand: Hovis / Type: Bread

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    3 Reviews
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      31.07.2010 23:54
      Very helpful




      Hovis is a bakery company most commonly known for making bread and flour. They are owned my Premier Foods. The company began in 1887 by a Richard Smith. Hovis intergrated into Rank Hovis McDougall who also own Mothers Pride and Nimble in 1962.

      As well as offering delicious bread and flour, Hovis also have a bakery and toasting range. The toasting range includes Crumpets, Teacakes, Waffles and Pancakes.


      So what is a crumpet exactly? Well I had to look up Wikipedia for a precise answer! A crumpet is basically a savoury or sweet bread snack created from yeast and flour. You can buy different types of crumpet but they are generally very alike.

      A crumpet is cooked on a griddle and only browns on one side. The other side rises and bubbles to create lots of little holes on the surface. Crumpets are generally made to be toasted and then for a topping to be added.

      Hovis have their own crumpets for sale. The crumpets themselves and round and have a good thickness unlike cheaper alternatives. The underside has a light brown circle around the middle. The sides of the crumpet raise up at a slant to join with the holey topping.


      The crumpets come safely packaged in a clear plastic tray and then covered with a half blue/half clear plastic wrapper. The familiar Hovis logo and product name can be seen on the front alongside the best before date. Further information around the packaging includes ingredients, toasting instructions, company information, nutrition and storage information.


      Crumpets can be eaten cold though are not appetising this way. They can be popped under the grill til golden on into the toaster for 1-2mins and then your chosen topping added. Enjoy!


      Water, Wheat Flour (made from 100% British Wheat), Vinegar, Yeast, Fermented Wheat Flour, Invert Sugar Syrup, Raising Agents: E450, E500; Butter, Salt.

      No preservatives or additives have been harmed in the making of these crumpets.


      Each crumpet will cost you :

      126 calories (not bad)
      2.0g sugar (looking good)
      0.3g saturated fat (excellent)

      Remember..this doesn't include your naughty topping..this is for the crumpet all alone and naked!

      **Availability and Price**

      The crumpets come in a standard pack of 6 and can be found down the bread aisles of supermarkets. Asda charge around 68p or 2 for £1.00.

      **My Opinion**

      I love my food, even though I want to lose weight, I still can't seem to let go of my treats. I shop at either Tesco or Asda and often look for a little treat for myself. Hubby gets his fruit tart, Boo gets his chocolate buttons and Mummy gets either a bottle of fabric conditioner or a pack of Crumpets! Well this week, I felt I was well stocked on the scented goodies so I opted for the Crumpets! I purchased the Hovis Crumpets and the Teacakes on a 2 for £1.00 deal.

      I have tried many of the crumpet options available including Kings Mill, Mothers Pride and even Smart Price. I always seen to come back to Hovis though. I personally buy Warburtons bread and rarely buy Hovis but I like their toasting range so I will continue to buy this brand.

      Crumpets are weird looking things..lets face it..they won't win in beauty awards. These Hovis ones are thick and large and certainly outshine the skimpy, anorexic Smart Price and Tesco Value offerings. Before cooking, they are rather pale with a simple, brown base. There are a decent amount of holes on top and the uncooked version feels springy and plasticky so not one to eat without toasting.

      I like these for supper. I pop 2 into my toaster for about 90secs and carefully remove them. They can be a nightmare to get out so be careful! Once cooked, they have a lightly cooked toast aroma to them. The base has went golden brown with the top speckled with warmth. The base and around the sides offers a slightly hardened texture whilst the top remains soft yet firm and very springy!

      So what does angelboo have on her crumpet? Well it really depends what mood I am in but my most common preference is good old butter. The crumpets have to be extra hot for maximum meltage! I use block butter which is really hard when I remove it from the fridge. I scrape a bit off and sit it gently on top of each crumpet. Within about 10seconds, the butter has melted through the layers of the crumpet leaving a light residue for the topping.

      I eagerly await the butter melting all the way through and only proceed to eat once it has soaked through the base of the crumpet and is evident on my plate. Biting into the crumpet at this point provides a tastebud tingling experience. A crumpet on its own is tastleless and plain but the added butter allows it to be delicious. It holds it own well and doesn't fall apart. The softness blends well with the outer hardness and tastes simply devine. It is an ideal mix of savoury and sweet and takes a little bit of chewing so working those mouth muscles while you eat!

      Another option I try though rarely is a scraping of jam across the top. This can be extra sweet but the two go well and no butter is really needed. If I am opting for this, I have one with butter and the other with jam. Simple delicious.

      These crumpets are of an excellent quality and taste delicious once toasted. You can of course have them with cheese or other savoury options but I prefer the sweet as I feel this tastes better in the long run. They are a good price, widely available , low calories etc and simple perfect. The only issue I have is the packaging as it is rather flimsy and doesn't perform well at keeping the remaining crumpets safe from air.

      Thanks for reading


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        07.05.2010 10:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Really tastey as a snack or for breakfast.

        Hovis is well known for making quality soft lush tasting bread that's great for sandwiches or toasting.

        Yesterday I popped in to my local Tesco express and while queuing to pay I noticed they had a stand right next to the till point selling Hovis crumpets. They were on offer at only 50p for a pack of 6 so I thought this would be worth a try. If I can recall correctly they were reduced from 67p a small saving there but not a huge amount to stop me from buying these again once in a while.

        They packaging is a basic plastic outer packet with products details printed on, contained inside is a plastic deep tray shaped base which holds the crumpets into place to stop they from getting crushed.

        They easily fit into the toaster and gave off a lovely delicious smell as they were warming up, it was kind of like a light bready smell.

        Once nicely toasted I spread a nice amount of butter on them, the crumpet held the butter really well, It nicely seeped though all the little holes in the crumpets.

        The Crumpets are larger than my usual purchase of own branded crumpets but these really do have a lovely bouncy soft yet slightly gooey texture to them. They are easy to eat but I found the centre to be slightly chewy.

        These really do beat my usual choice to purchase. They are very tasty and I would recommend them if you are still yet to try them.


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          03.05.2010 21:08
          Very helpful



          A very tasty crumpet

          I recently joined weight watchers, which if you're not aware follows a points based diet - you are allowed X amount of points per day and each food has a different points value for example cucumber, mushrooms and onions are 0 points where as others are a lot higher.

          Amongst the foods listed in my information as low points are crumpets being 1 point each, being quite partial to a crumpet every now and then I decided to take a walk to my local Tesco and pick up a packet.
          As I walked into the store immediately I was greeted with a Hovis display, with their (I'm assuming) new range of toasting products on offer for 50 pence, including crumpets. Being quite pleased that they seemed like a good price and even more pleased that I wouldn't have to walk through the store and end up buying more things that I didn't actually need I picked up two packets and took them to the check out.

          The crumpets come in a mainly blue cellophane packet although the top is clear so that you can see what's inside, and the crumpets are then in a plastic tray, so slightly different to the usually thin card trays crumpets usually come in. Each packet contains 6 crumpets, and they do look nice, big and squishy. According to the packaging these are made with 100% British wheat flour.

          It wasn't until the next day I got round to tasting one of them, toasted with some honey on top. The crumpets are a bit bigger than own brand ones and seem thicker too, so when toasted they don't crisp up as much as others can. The top and bottom get a nice crunch to them but the middle stays soft and fluffy, while the honey runs through to the bottom. I also found that they aren't too chewy or stodgy either. I think in crumpet terms they are "just right".

          One crumpet is just about the right size and is enough to keep me satisfied as a snack, where as with own brand ones I'd probably want two (or three but that's probably why I've joined Weight Watchers!!).

          The downside I have found is that when I worked out the points value using my little calculator thingy, these probably due to the size actually come to 2 points. But I'd rather have one of these occasionally as a treat as I did think they were particularly yummy.

          The storage advice with these is to use within 2 days of opening, but I put them into an airtight container and they seem fine. You can also freeze them if you want to and they advise you do this on the day of purchase and use within one month.

          When at full price these should sell for around 70p which seems to be in line with other branded crumpets. Although according to mysupermarket.com Asda will be selling 2 packets for £1 until the end of the year.

          Allergy advice contains: Gluten, Wheat, and Milk
          Suitable for vegetarians

          Nutritional Information
          Per Crumpet
          Energy 533 kJ 126 kcal
          Protein 3.8g
          Carbohydrate 25.2g
          of which sugars 2.0g
          Fat 0.8g
          of which saturates 0.3g
          Fibre 1.3g
          Sodium 0.30g

          Available from Tesco & Asda.


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