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Hovis Premium White Rolls

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3 Reviews

Brand: Hovis / Type: Bread

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    3 Reviews
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      02.11.2009 09:43
      Very helpful



      Great little bread rolls IMO..!

      I like to 'drop' down a brand or two with several items on my shopping list, and by doing so regularly, I can save a few pounds on my shopping budget. If in Asda for example, and I am looking for a particular item, I will more often than not opt to pick out the 'smart price' alternative if there is one available. I do find that by doing this, I can reduce my shopping bill and many of the 'cheaper' alternatives to those well-known brands are just as good in my humble opinion!

      That said, there are a few cheaper options that don't seem to come up to my standards, and 'value' bread and bread rolls is one of them. I have tried several brands of cheaper bread and found them all to be a bit grey and unappetising- looking. For this reason, I tend to stick to more premium brands when possible.

      Whilst in my local Co-Op supermarket the other day, I had unfortunately left it a bit late in the day to buy fresh bread and was left with a rather limited choice. I did notice that there was a special offer running on a pack of four "Hovis Premium White Rolls" and I decided to snap these up instead of a loaf of bread on this occasion. The pack of four rolls cost me the brilliant little sum of 50p, which I felt was a great bargain.

      Wrapped in a plastic bag, the rolls were nice and fresh when I removed them the same evening to make my fiancé's lunch for the following day. I noticed that the rolls were dusted with a light layer of flour on top and this did make them look quite pretty and very appetising.

      The rolls were easy to cut with a sharp knife, and I found that they didn't completely disintegrate upon doing so, the way that some cheaper brands do! Whilst I am on the subject, I found that the rolls were robust enough to withstand being spread generously with butter/spread, and again they didn't turn overly crumbly or fall apart.

      I made up my partner's lunch for him using some gammon slices and mustard. I must admit that the snack did look very appetising when it was completed, and my partner informed me that his lunch had been 'yummy' that particular day, so no complaints from him!

      I decided to make myself a snack using one of these rolls and I opted to pop it into the toaster for a couple of minutes to crisp up slightly. I then spread the hot roll with butter and a thin scraping of (home -made) orange marmalade. This did make for very tasty elevenses I must say! I found again that the roll remained intact throughout my preparation, and given that it crisped up quite a bit from being toasted, this surprised me quite a lot!

      We have since bought these bread rolls again and I have now had them with a variety of fillings, from savoury to egg mayonnaise or tuna, to something a bit sweeter like toasted with some strawberry jam. The rolls have never failed to disappoint and I would go so far as to say I am somewhat converted!

      The bread rolls are not so bland that they cannot be enjoyed on their own, and in fact my partner quite often has one of these bread rolls plain, with nothing on it alongside his soup or his evening meal.

      I find that they taste quite authentic, as if perhaps they are freshly made, and they are not overly 'floury' tasting like some bread rolls can be. The texture is always quite soft, even after the bag has been open for a day or two, and I find that they freeze quite well too, which does prove to be helpful when they are on special offer and I want to stock up!

      The only negative comment I have to make about these really is that they are a little on the small side when compared to other brands of similar rolls. This isn't a huge problem for me personally, as I do not have the biggest appetite in the world anyway, but for my partner's lunch or snack it does mean that he needs at least two of these to keep him going.

      The nutritional information on the front of the packaging informs me that each roll (70g) will provide me with 180 calories and 3.1g of fat, which I don't think is all that bad. There is also information on the packaging to alert me to the fact that this product is suitable for a vegetarian diet, and there is sufficient allergy information given so that consumers can make an informed choice about the suitability of this product.

      These rolls are widely available from all good grocery stores and supermarkets, where a pack of four will normally cost you around £1, or at least this is the price in my local grocer's! I do believe that they are also available in slightly larger packs too.

      All in all we really have become a little converted to these floury baps, and I for one would recommend them quite highly and award them full marks. I cannot fault them at all and they get a well deserved full five Dooyoo stars from me!


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        18.09.2008 13:36



        a wonderful roll

        I hate sandwhiches to take to work and prefer rolls for some reason. I tried Hovis rolls recently and was amazed, they're just fabulous.

        2 rolls is enough to fill you up and you can put plenty of fillin n them without them falling apart.

        These rolls were so soft, and not staley like some rolls i've purchased. They tasted like a real bakers bread, didn't taste artificial or bland.

        Serving Size 1 Roll (74.0 g)
        Amount Per Serving
        Calories 206 Calories from Fat 20 % *
        Total Fat 2.2g3%
        Total Carbohydrates 37.7g13%
        Dietary Fiber 1.5g6%
        Protein 8.1g

        With a fat content like that you can eat them without feeling guilty too!

        The packaging on this product is a just a cellophane wrapper not over the top. The package contains all the nutritional information you need so you know whats in them.

        The bread in these rolls are white but you can get granary, wholemeal and best of both, so available for everyone!

        Overall a fanatastic roll :) oh and they're a bargain at £1.25 or tesco doing 2 for £2.


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        13.05.2008 13:54
        Very helpful



        The best buns for a barbeque

        I prefer bread rolls to slices of bread so when I got my barbeque out I went to the Co-Op to see what nice crusty fresh rolls they had. I had left it a little bit late so there were no fresh rolls but I noticed Hovis Premium White Rolls were on BOGOF so I bought 2 packs because Hovis is my favourite maker of rolls and cobs.

        These rolls are possibly the best I have tasted. They come in packs of 4 rolls and cost 96p per pack, but because of the special offer I got 8 rolls for the 96p which I was very pleased about because it is not often the Co-Op has offers on that are any good for me.

        The rolls are quite small in diameter compared to the Sainsbury's cobs I usually buy for my barbeque evenings, but they stand much taller so there probably is not a lot of difference in terms of the bread you are eating. I found they fit Birds Eye 100% Beef Burgers perfectly with a little bit of overhang on the front side but if you are eating quarter pounders then these will probably be a bit too small.

        They taste like perfect white bread inside and have a lovely soft dark crust on the top. They are very soft and not at all dry like other rolls of this type. They are packaged in a thick cellophane wrapper that is puffed full of air to protect the cobs while they are in my shopping bag and even though I accidentally laid 2 boxes of frozen pizza on top of them they were in perfect condition by the time I got them home.

        The rolls are easy to cut using a sharp knife and they do not crumble to pieces like many rolls of this kind. Spreading them with butter is equally easy and I do not end up with holes and craters in my rolls which I think is a major problem whenever I use Kingsmill rolls. The tops of the rolls are dusted in flour and this makes them look home made and gives them that lovely dusty taste that fresh bread especially on the continent has.

        The consistency of these rolls is very similar I think to that of a jam donut and they are so moist that I can snack on one straight out of the packet without butter or anything else. They have quite a malty taste I think which goes lovely with everything I have filled my rolls with. In particular they went down lovely with my barbequed burgers and the malty taste seemed to bring out the meatiness of the burger. I had one with a soft boiled egg the other day and although it was delicious I do rather think the strong flavour of the roll drowned out the more delicate taste of the egg a little bit. These rolls excel when I want a salad roll because the taste of the roll makes tomato, lettuce, cucumber and capers a bit more exciting. Also very good for dunking in soup and stew because they keep their shape well and do not fall to bits after being soaked for a few seconds.

        Each roll contains 154 calories and 3g of fat and I think this is about right for a bread roll of this size. They are currently on offer in quite a few places including the Co-Op and Somerfield so do look out for the pretty green packaging next time you're shopping.


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