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Hula Hoops Ridges

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3 Reviews

Brand: KP / Available in a variety of flavours.

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    3 Reviews
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      12.02.2009 13:02
      Very helpful



      Hula Hoops Ridges

      Hula Hoops - The crisp with the hole, and now the crisp with the ridges!!

      Hula Hoops are one of my favourite crisps as they are a little bit different and have a lovely corn snack taste to them. I'm sure these crisps are every childs favourite. Who hasn't put one on each finger and then eaten them off, well I have to admit that I still do that as an adult too. In fact, Hula Hoops is the second biggest UK snack brand in the everyday market.

      Hula Hoops are a brand of crisps and can be described as flavoured potato rings. They were first produced in 1973 by a gentleman called Miles Willard and are distributed by KP snacks, part of the United Biscuits company.

      New to the Hula Hoops range are the hoops with the ridge, known as Ridges. They are basically just like a normal Hula Hoop but the outside of the crisps now has ridges on it, little raised lengths along each hoop. The advertising on the outer packet reminds you that these crisps are the Ridges variety by writing the word Ridges in big letters across the front and also lets you know that they are, "Seriously Crunchy".

      Hula Hoops Ridges come in a variety of flavours and I have to say every one of them is good.

      They include:

      The original flavour which is just like ready salted.

      Salt and Vinegar.

      Barbeque beef

      Cheese and Onion

      Each hoop is probably about two centimetres in diameter. The hoop itself is quite thick so when you bite into the crisp you are guaranteed quite a crunch. The adding of the ridge also, in my opinion gives a bit more of a crunch too as they are a tiny bit bigger than the original due to the ridge and this is attested to in the fact that they are marketed as being seriously crunchy. The flavours are always quite bold and you always get quite a lot of the salt flavour on each crisp so you get a nice balance of flavour.

      Hula Hoops are definitely a national favourite. According to a few fun facts on their website, "138,846,784 packets are sold every year." That's quite a precise number but I'm sure a little bit of it is meant to be a joke but indicates that it is still a very high figure. They also go on to say that 2 in every 5 houses in Britain buys Hula Hoops! I also found this little fun fact on the United Biscuits website, that each year over 16 billion Hula Hoops are eaten and enjoyed in the UK. If these 16 billion Hula Hoops were joined together in continuous tube they would go round the World 4 times!

      The average size bag is a small 25g bag. The bag is made of foil so it keeps the crisps fresher for longer.

      What's great about these too is that in 2006 they began making all the Hula Hoops products with sunflower oil and vegetable oil so that they contain 50% less saturated fat which is great. A 25g packet of the original flavour only has 129 calories which is 6% of your GDA so this is not too bad for a snack.

      All in all a great quality, potato snack that is fun for all ages!!


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        25.03.2008 00:19
        Very helpful



        Super crisps

        I like sweets. Chocolate to be precise, but sometimes I also get a hankering for crisps. A lot of crisps can have very high fat levels and this puts me off them. You can get various types of crisps in a 'light' format, but I often find these to have an unpleasant texture and the flavour can be lacking.

        Recently I rediscovered Hula Hoops, partly because they were boasting that they now contained 55% less saturated fat. I looked at the different varieties on offer and plumped for a multipack of Hula Hoop Ridges.

        The only difference between the ridges and normal hula hoops is that they have ridges on them, thus a slightly different texture on the tongue! The multipack consisted of 3 packets of BBQ Chicken flavoured hoops, and 3 packets of Smoky Bacon flavoured hoops. Both types tasted just as they claimed. The bacon was my particular favourite, I found them very more-ish.

        Checking on the back of the packet confirmed the nutritional content - 130kcal and 0.7g of saturated fat. Can't say fairer than that for a packet of crisps if you ask me.

        They are available from all good shops either individually or in multipacks. Check your shops for prices and special offers.


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        23.02.2008 17:06
        Very helpful



        Unique crisps with a big crunch when you bite into them! Available in many flavours.

        When shopping, I spotted these Hula Hoops Ridges on the shelf. They are the newest variety of Hula Hoops, and instead of being smooth rings, they have ridges to them. To be honest, this is rather pointless as it cannot possibly add to the taste, so all it does is give them a unique look, as I don't know any other ridged ring-shaped crisps out there.

        You can buy them separately in single packs or in multipacks where you can buy many in a big packet. Each packet of crisps has the Hula Hoops logo to the top left, which is designed on a big hula hoop with the words going round it. Below is an extremely large logo that says 'Ridges'. This stands out a lot as it is in white writing with shades of yellow on a wavy blue background.

        They also mention down below 'Seriously Crunchy', which is actually true and I imagine this could be due to the ridges on the crisps, which makes them stronger, therefore crunchier to eat. The flavour is indicated below, and there are many different flavours that you can find. On every packet is a picture of a few crisps to give you an idea of what they look like. Here are a few flavours you can find them in:

        Salt & Vinegar
        Sour Cream & Onion
        Cheese & Onion
        Ready Salted
        BBQ Chicken
        Totally Cheesy
        Steak & Onion

        The packet is well insulated with a foil lining on the inside. The crisps are as fresh as ever when you open them, giving you the ultimate crunchy experience! When you smell the crisps, you can smell the flavours arising from the crisps, but the smell isn't as strong as the taste at all.

        The taste is lovely. Each flavour I have tried has a strong taste, but not so intense that it makes you wonder what chemicals are in the crisps you are eating. The flavours are strong and unique for each flavour, and they really do taste like what it says on the packet. As you pop one in your mouth, the taste stimulates your taste buds as it brings pleasure to your mouth. Then, you crunch the crisps apart with your teeth, and a loud crunchy noise fills your mouth. They are very crunchy crisps indeed, probably the crunchiest crisps I have that that aren't hand-cooked.

        Nutritional Information for Sour Cream & Onion Flavour

        Energy - 983 kj
        - 235 kcal
        Protein - 1.5g
        Carbohydrate - 26.6g
        (of which sugars) - 0.5g
        Fat - 13.6g
        (of which saturates) - 3.0g
        Fibre - 0.8g
        Sodium - 0.4g

        I bought my packet for just 35 pence at a confectionary store, but you can also buy multipacks for good prices. Please note that the sizes of the packets in multipacks are less at just 25g. Therefore, they contain less energy and all the rest.

        Overall, they are very tasty crisps and quite unique in the way they are very crunchy. They have a clear appearance to be spotted from a distance in a shop, and they come at a good price for what they are. The flavours are strong, the texture is unique and they are quite filling as a snack. I would recommend you try these crisps, as they are pretty nice! Also, they are available in a large variety of flavours!

        Thanks for reading,

        - Recon -


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        The snack with a bigger crunch!

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