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Iceland All Stars Candy Dream Gateau

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Brand: Iceland / Type: Cake

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2011 12:14
      Very helpful



      Not in a million years!

      I usually buy most of my groceries from ASDA and top up from other supermarkets, Iceland is one of them. I like their ice cream and cakes, they are tasty and they have many varieties especially flavour wise. Last week, my little one spotted Iceland All Stars Candy Dream Gateau and when he saw it he didn't stop nagging for 20 minutes, asking me to buy it and so I did.

      I don't blame him for liking it, the box itself was very bright pink with a big picture of the colourful cake on the front and I must say the packaging was very eye catching indeed.

      == The appearance ==

      The name of the cake is candy dream and it was certainly a candy dream! That was at least judging by the appearance only. It was a very colourful cake with so much going on. My first impression was "wow." White, dark and pink decorations were sprinkled all over the cake. The cake itself wasn't that big but it was relatively thick about 8cm in fact. The weight was about 550g but that was mostly due to the cream fillings.

      Where shall I start? It was too crowded for my liking however it was my little one's eyes which shone in approval of the cake. It really is a matter of choice to be honest you either hate it or love it.

      The base of the cake was made out of thin short crust pastry that crumbled straight away as soon as the knife made contact with it. There are four other layers. The first layer is a light sponge cake topped with a thick and creamy chocolate cream mousse. Then there was another sponge layer finished off with another layer of chocolate cream mousse.

      The sides of the cake were covered with sweetened cream and if this is not sweet enough for your liking, it was also covered up with loads and loads of white chocolate, dark chocolate and strawberry drops. The top of the cake was decorated with sweetened cream mousse and strawberry mousse sprinkled with chocolate and strawberry curls. Finally the centre of the cake was soaked with chocolate sauce. I told you it was a very crowded gateau!

      The smell was very nice, the smell of chocolate and strawberries was encouraging and maybe for a little while I tried to forget how calorific and sweet this might be.

      == My opinion including the taste ==

      I left the gateau to defrost at room temperature for 2 hours so that the full flavours are shown.

      This for me was an unusual selection, I would rather prefer a nice black forest cake or, if I want to indulge myself, a triple chocolate cake but never ever a candy cake.

      I tucked in and first tried the bottom layer which is the short crust pastry, it tasted alright although it did taste like as if it was undercooked but at least it wasn't so sweet. The sponge cake was hardly showing as the very thin layer was topped heavily with creams, so I can't call it a cake. The sponge was light and fluffy but the strawberry cream and the sweetened cream had way too much sugar in them. The chocolate mousse was the only good tasting thing in the gateau. It tasted pleasantly good just like melted ice-cream.

      The all over taste was too powerful; it tasted all sugary (for my taste buds at least). The chocolate and strawberry curls and colourful drops were sickly sweet and to be honest I felt sick after eating one thin slice.

      The chocolate sauce in the centre was alright too, it was the only bitter thing in the cake lol

      As for aftertaste, it didn't leave any bad aftertaste but it left me feeling a bit nauseous

      As for ingredients, they are far too much to be mentioned here but I have to mention that it contains eggs, soya, milk and gluten. It may contain some traces of nuts.
      Please note, it is suitable for vegetarians although it contains chocolate and strawberry mousse.

      == Nutritional facts ==

      Serving Size: 1 slice (1/8th of a Gateau), Calories: 195, Fat: 11.3g, Carbs: 21.2g, Protein: 2.9g

      == Prices and availability ==

      Iceland All Stars Candy Dream Gateau is only available on Iceland for only £2/550g

      == My recommendation ==

      For me I didn't like it much even though I have a knack for liking sweet things especially after eating something savoury, but it was too sweet for me. I guess a very small slice is more than enough to make you full for a while. As for my kids they loved it, it looked and tasted like a kiddie cake, not for grown-ups at all. The problem is if my little one is going to ask me to buy it for him again, now that is a problem!

      So it's a bit of hit and miss for me, maybe if they take of a bit of their overdone decoration and increase the sponge cake instead it won't be that sweet. I suppose it more like a mousse cake than a gateau.


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