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Iceland Chocolate Fudge Cake

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Brand: Iceland / Type: Cake

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    3 Reviews
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      19.05.2010 15:14
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      A great cake for a bargain price

      Iceland has a massive range of desserts and cakes in their stores for decent prices, and one of those is a great chocolate fudge cake, which is only £1.50 and is a wonderful cake. There is 450 grams of cake in the box.

      The cake is a nice sponge style cake, with a thick layer of chocolate melted onto the top of it. It comes in a box, which is purple and has a picture of the cake on the top of it. It has heating instructions and nutritional information on the box. You can eat this hot or cold, just make sure you defrost it before you eat it cold. To microwave from frozen, just pop it in for around 4 minutes (depending on microwave power) or to defrost, pop the cake on a plate and place in the fridge for 3 -4 hours. If you are microwaving from defrosted, it takes around 2 minutes, again depending on your microwave power. You can also defrost this cake at room temperature in around 2 hours.

      The cake is sooo yummy to eat, either or hot or cold, but I personally think it is even better when hot, as the sauce on the top melts and the cake seems even more fluffy when warmed up. The cake is nice and fluffy, yet smooth at the same time, and the flavour just bursts into your mouth as soon you take the first bite. It really is an amazing taste, especially for the price. If given this at a friends house, I would never have known it was only £1.50 from Iceland!

      The cake has 377 calories per 100 grams, 20.4 grams of fat, and 42.8 grams of carbohydrates. This is quite high, so I do not recommend eating this very often, as it is quite low on the list of healthy foods, but it is nice for a treat. The cake seems small to start with, but it easily spread through 4 people with some left over, which makes it even more of a bargain than it already was.

      I find for an extra treat, it is really nice to add some whipped cream to this cake, or maybe even a big dollop of custard, or ice cream. It works well with all three food items, and adds a whole new dimension to the taste. I recommend that you pop into Iceland and grab yourself one of these wonderful cakes, you really can not go wrong.


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        09.09.2009 21:17
        Very helpful



        Perfect to satisfy any chocolate craving and perfect with a glass of cold milk!

        I used to buy Chicago Town's chocolate fudge cake but seeing as I haven't seen it in any shops for ages, on a recent trip to Iceland when I was feeling particularly hungry and fancied something sweet, I decided to try Iceland's version.

        The dessert is a moist chocolate sponge cake covered with a rich chocolate sauce. It looks so delicious on the front of the large cardboard box that it comes in that I don't think most people would be able to resist slipping one in the basket.

        It can be eaten hot or cold - it comes frozen so it needs to be defrosted either way. It takes 3 to 4 hours in the fridge to defrost if wanted cold, or around 4 minutes in the microwave if wanted hot. Once it's already defrosted, a quick zap in the microwave, around 1.5 minutes, will make it lovely and hot. Be careful not to overheat it though as this burns the sauce a little which gives it a slightly sour taste. It's ready to be eaten as soon as all the sauce on top has melted. As my husband and I only have single portions each time, I prefer to heat each single slice separately as heating the entire cake when it's not all being eaten is unnecessary and it probably won't taste as nice when coming to eat the rest. I've never tried it cold as it is so delicious when hot that I'd never have it any other way. When cold, the sauce on top is still fairly hard and is set in pointed circles on top of the cake. But when heated, the sauce melts and ends up completely covering the cake, dripping all over the edges and this makes it much more moist and rich. The sponge is very soft and rich too and too much of this can become way to rich and so a bit sickly.

        The dessert is 450g and I'd say that it would serve 6 portions, so that each portion works out being big enough to satisfy any sweet craving yet small enough not to end up being overly rich and sickly. One sixth of the cake (1 portion) contains 283 calories and 15.3g of fat. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians. Although not the healthiest of desserts, it is one of the yummiest, so I can forgive any unhealthyness accompanying it. The allergy advice states that the cake is made in a factory which uses nuts but I'm allergic to nuts and I've never had any reaction to this.

        The chocolate fudge cake costs only £1.50 from Iceland which is brilliant value as it's a fairly large dessert and it's so delicious that it's well worth it. I can't manage to stop myself from buying one every time I take a trip to Iceland now!


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          23.05.2009 14:59
          Very helpful



          I'd prefer to pay more and have a quality product

          COST: £1.50 for 450g

          NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per slice, 1/6th of a cake):

          Calories: 296
          Kj: 1,240
          Protein: 3.8g
          Carbohydrate: 34.6g
          - of which sugars: 24.4g
          Fat: 15.6g
          - of which saturates: 7.4g
          Fibre: 2.4g
          Sodium: 0.4g
          Salt: 0.9g


          Sugar, wheat flour, water, vegetable margarine, pasteurised egg, pasteurised egg yolk, fat reduced cocoa powder, sunflower oil, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium carbonates, sodium citrates, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, wheat starch, invert sugar syrup, salt, thickener, xantham gum, plain chocolate, soya lecithin, palm and coconut fat, rapeseed oil, citric acid


          Contains coconut, egg, gluten, milk, soya, and is produced in an environment that uses nuts

          No hydrogenated fats, no artificial colours/flavours/preservatives, no GM ingredients

          Suitable for vegetarians


          Being mostly hopeless at creating desserts, I tend to rely on the ready-made article, particularly when feeding someone else. The other day, I had a friend descend on me at short notice, and she needed feeding. Luckily I had a couple of items in the freezer, and with equal luck on my side, I was given just enough notice of the visit to be able to defrost something.

          On this day, I chose Iceland's Chocolate Fudge Cake, in the hope that it tasted as good as the picture on the box made it look - I'd never eaten it before, so it was a fingers crossed situation.

          Iceland Chocolate Fudge Cake comes in a largely blue-coloured box, which bears an image of a delicious looking cake on the front. The back of the box lists the nutritional information, ingredients, and shows storage/freezing instructions, plus advice on how to heat in the microwave, should anybody prefer to eat cake warmed up.

          Inside the box, the cake rests in a plastic fluted tray. The appearance is rather delightful, very sinful-looking, with huge chocolate cream dollops covering the top. Once defrosted, I found the cake very difficult to remove from the plastic tray, and I had to muster up a lot of patience and finesse so as to make sure the cake stayed in one piece. The body of the cake is made up of a light sponge, chocolate flavoured, with a thin layer of rich chocolate gunge inside.

          The air having been blue from my efforts at transferring the cake in one piece from the plastic container to a plate, my frustrations increased at trying to cut two slices - one for myself and one for my friend - without the slices collapsing into a messy heap. I did succeed, but it was very touch and go.

          The one thing which struck my friend and myself about the appearance of this cake, can be summed up in one word.......chocolate! I led the way on the taste test, and using a fork, cut a little piece off the end. Despite the appearance of the cake, the chocolate smell was zero, even when I got it close to my nose as it vanished into my mouth. My friend followed suit, and we both munched away on our first mouthful.

          The sponge is light and airy, and the chocolate fudge-type sauce in the middle tasted reasonably good, but it was a little too sweet for our own tastes. The flavour of the sponge is rather bland, but has a lovely texture. The biggest surprise though was the chocolate creamy substance large swirls on the top. I believe they are made out of that confectioners' cream type stuff rather than being chocolate-flavoured real cream.

          The consistency of the creamy stuff is rather greasy - even gluey - and though not downright disgusting, isn't very inspiring at all. The chocolate flavour is minimal - hardly noticeable - and I felt that the creamy dollops overpowered the rest of the cake, as they are too big and out of proportion to the other ingredients.

          My friend felt exactly the same as me about this cake, but we did manage to finish our portions, and later on just before she went home, we had another piece each, so although we weren't overly impressed, the experience wasn't quite so bad that we were loathe to repeat it. Even so, we both declared that we wouldn't go out of our way to buy or eat the cake again.

          I must say at this point, my friend and I chose to eat the cake cold, and the next day I tried warming a piece up in the microwave (as instructed on the packet), in the hope that there would be some improvement.....there wasn't! All that happened was the creamy blobs on top melted down into the cake, making it glutinous and unpleasant.

          I am happy to eat food that's laden with fat and calories, as this cake is, so long as the experience is one that's well worth having, but in this instance, I'd have preferred a bowl of fruit - it would have given me (and my friend) a lot more pleasure, and neither of us are all that crazy about fruit.

          As an overall summary, I'd say that this cake is worth more than a one star rating, because even if too sweet and not chocolatey enough, the sponge and the chocolate fudge filling are quite OK, but the creamy blobs on the top let the whole thing down to the point where I don't particularly fancy eating it again. All the same though, the price is reasonable - but maybe the low-ish price reflects the overall quality, which I feel is mediocre.

          Sorry Iceland, but this one isn't for me.

          Thanks for reading.


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