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Irwin's Irish Brown Soda Bread

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2 Reviews

Brand: Irwin's / Type: Bread

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    2 Reviews
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      05.05.2013 16:53
      Very helpful



      A great tasting soda bread!

      Just recently me and my partner were talking about food we like! We both started talking about good old fashioned prawn cocktail! I decided to go out and buy some prawns and some lettuce; my partner also asked me to buy some soda bread. To which I replied 'what is soda bread?' He could not believe that I had never heard of soda bread. He told me that they probably sell it in Marks & spencer and asked me to pop over ad get some to go with the prawn cocktail. He assured me that I would like soda bread and that it goes very well with prawn cocktail. I bought this loaf of Irwin's Irish Brown soda bread; it looks just like normal brown bread really but it is nicer and tastes great! I was actually really pleasantly surprised at how much I like this bread!

      Basically the bread comes sliced in an almost circle type shape; you just spread butter on it and I found that it really did compliment the prawn cocktail. On the packet it states that this soda bread is' ideal for soups and starters, it goes well buttered with jam, cheese or smoked salmon'. I would certainly agree that it does go well with starters, soup, almost anything really! my partner also enjoys it with olives and feta cheese.

      The bread is soft and flavoursome and I sometimes just eat it with butter on its own.


      Buttermilk (46%), Wholemeal flour, Sugar, Vegetable oil, salt, oat flakes, raising agent (potassium carbonate), emulsifier (mono & diglycerides of fatty acids), preservatives (potassium sorbate), calcium propionate (E282), flavouring, colour (beta carotene)

      *Allergy Information*

      Contains wheat (gluten), oats, buttermilk

      This product is also yeast free


      100g of this bread contains 204 kcals

      So far I have seen this bread available at Marks & spencer and Waitrose priced at around £1.00 to £1.20.

      If you have never tried soda bread I highly recommend it; it really is quite delicious!

      5 dooyoo stars from me.


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        03.08.2009 10:42
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nice bread with a bowl of soup!

        I was out at my local Tesco's hunting out something different for my hubbies
        lunchbox, he was fed up with having white bread, wholemeal bread, rolls, french stick ect... ( not one for having pasta or something at least a bit interesting or different it had to be in some sort of bread!!).

        I then came across this Irish Brown Soda Bread it was on special at half price for 57p. When at first I saw that this said "brown" I wasn't to sure, as I like to get something with wholemeal in it rather than a colouring. On looking closer I saw that it was actually made with wholemeal flour.

        It says on the front that it is perfect to have with soups or starters and
        that it goes well with jam, cheese or smoked salmon. So I thought I would
        give it a try. It weighs 400g so is roughly the same size of a small loaf. It comes in a green packaging with a transparent strip across the front, there
        is a picture of Paul Rankin on the front ( I'm not to sure who he is, he does look familiar though!).

        On opening this it comes in a plastic tray and is round in shape, already sliced I can see lots of oats on the top!. When picking a slice up it has the texture of a heavy bread ( a bit like ciabatta but brown). I decided to taste it to see if it would be liked by my hubbie!

        I toasted a slice and tried !!

        It was a weird taste as it tasted more like a cake texture ( maderia came to mind) a bit on the sweet side, but very tasty all the same. It definitely made
        a complete change from the normal bread we have been having. It comes in quite small slices so would make great sandwiches for kids. It is made from
        Irish buttermilk and Irish oats. This bread is yeast free, with no Hydrogenated fat and is lower in Sodium. This bread is also suitable for vegetarians and home freezing.

        Allergen Advice; Wheat (Gluten), Oats, Buttermilk

        Nutritional Information; per 40g

        Energy: 346kj/82kcal
        Protein: 3.8g
        Carbohydrate: 16.1g
        of which sugars: 2.3g
        Fat: 1.3g
        of which sats: 0.2g
        mono-unsats: 0.5g
        polyunsats: 0.4g
        Fibre: 2.3g
        Sodium: 0.2g

        This bread is made by:

        Irwins Bakery,
        BT63 5WE


        Customer Care Line free on: 0800 3285 120

        I will be buying this bread more often as it does make a complete change from the usual loaf!!

        (probably when it comes on special, as it is a bit on the pricey side to buy on a regular basis at full price!),


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