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Jacob's Choice Grain Crackers

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Brand: Jacob's / Type: Snacks

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    3 Reviews
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      10.02.2010 15:46
      Very helpful



      What a little cracker!!!

      I re-joined Weight Watchers again last night. After deciding to cut out bread as it leaves me bloated to the point I don't lose any weight, I took myself off to have a wander around Asda.

      Searching up and down the aisles for a replacement for bread, something a bit different, low in calories and on the whole good for me, I stumbled across these.

      The packet is exactly the same as above, so I won't bother you with a description. Choice grain has a definate feel of being healthy and good for you. The grains included in this cracker are, wheat, barley and rye. These are not gluten free, because of the wheat, and as such, should be avoided by those with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

      Upon opening the packet, which is easy to do from the addition of a little easy pull tab which breaks the packing around the crackers, there is greasproof paper covering, helping to keep the crackers, dry, crisp and fresh. There is also a corrugated cardboard inner to help them keep the packet keep it's shape.

      The cracker is exactly the same shape and size as a Jacobs cream cracker, because they also make these. The difference being, that these have added grains for added fibre. These are not at all bland and boring, unlike the plain cream crackers, we often puchase. The colour is a darker shade than ordinary crackers too, but this may be from the added wheat bran and barley flakes.

      The texture is crumbly and crunchy, and has a certain something to it. I can't put my finger on it - it may be the texture of the kibbled wheat and rye. I knew what I thought kibbled meant, and so I googled it to be sure, and it means 'to crush or grind coursely' so that's what the texture is?... It's the texture of the uneven, courser bits of wheat etc. It's great, as it adds another dimention to what could be potentially, just another boring cracker.

      The top of the cracker is sprinkled lightly with salt. This gives it a little extra crispiness. It's more like freshly ground sea salt, although there is no mention if it is indeed sea salt on the packet - I am just trying to explain that this is also a course texture. I used to eat these years ago and they really used to be salty. I was a little bit saddened to see that nowadays, this is much reduced but it is much better for us, I suppose.

      For dietary purposes, these contain just 33 calories each and 1.1g of fat, which is quite a lot considering they weigh so little, but these are comparable with other crackers. They also have the benefit of high fibre. They work out just at a point each if you are having one or two, but if you are having four, as I did, these will be 2.5 weight watcher points. Please remember to add points for your fillings though.

      I ate mine as an alternative to fresh, crusty bread and had them with a bowl of warming, chunky vegetable soup. There are serving suggestions on the packet for inspiration, or just eat them plain. These are a very versatile cracker with bags of flavour and a lovely texture.

      Look out for them - but watch you don't eat too many, as they are quite moreish. You have been warned!


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        27.01.2010 01:46
        Very helpful



        A nice, easy snack, perfect with cheese!

        Jacobs's Choice Grain Crackers are multigrain crackers containing wheat, barley and rye. With just 32 calories per cracker, they can be enjoyed as a light, low calorie snack either for a small lunch or a night-time snack.

        The packet contains around 28 crackers with the price ranging from around 84p (ASDA) to 95p (TESCO), a very decent price for what you get. The crackers are of high quality with a lovely crispy texture and a thin layer of salt on the bottom of each cracker, which adds a nice bit of flavour to the tongue upon impact. The crackers are very tasty and a normal serving would probably be between 3 and 5 crackers (I go for 3 when I'm hungry-through-boredom at night, but would perhaps have more if I was eating them as an actual meal). I prefer the Choice Grain crackers rather than the original Jacob's Cream Crackers as they give a fuller taste and the thin layer of salt on the bottom of each cracker is very appealing to my taste buds!

        Jacobs's crackers can be eaten dry, with margarine or butter and/or with cheese. I personally like to have a fairly thick layer of margarine and some thinly sliced cheddar cheese. On the days I am feeling a bit more health conscious I'll go for a light spreadable soft cheese instead of cheddar cheese. I've also enjoyed the crackers with margarine only and on occasion have had them dry.

        Some of the other serving suggestions on the pack include: ham and pickle, and avocado and tomato. You can add whatever you like to suit your taste, but most popular by far is cheese (mmm!).

        No cooking required and quick (or no) preparation means these crackers are a very convenient snack for any time of the day and can also be packed into lunch boxes. They can be good as an alternative to a sandwich.

        Jacobs Choice Grain Crackers are a good source of fibre, contain no artificial colouring or flavouring and no hydrogenated vegetable oils.
        For those with allergies, the crackers do contain barley flakes, gluten, malt extract, rye, wheat, wheat bran, wheat flour and eggs and may also contain celery, milk and sesame seeds.

        Nutritional info:
        Per cracker - 32 calories, 4.8g carbs, 0.5g sugar, 1.1g fat, 0.3g fibre, 0.3g salt


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          26.11.2009 11:28
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Nice with different topping or just on their own!

          With suffering from sometimes feeling bloated, I'm forever trying to narrow it down to what it is I am eating to cause this. Could it be the bread, wheat, dairy ect... it is had to find out. So with trial and error I was yet again on the track of finding something new to eat for my tea. I had a run on bagels, but was now getting sick of them, so while shopping I drifted down to the crackers aisle.

          There are such a lot to choose from and most seem to be not far off costing a £1 a pack, so I didn't want to waste my money on the wrong ones. Now I didn't want plain cream crackers as I find them a bit boring and like to eat something that might have a slight bit of goodness in it. After running my eyes over all the shelves I spotted these Jacobs Choice Grain, well everybody know's that Jacobs are the daddy of the cracker range, so I should be on to a sure bet with this.

          Coming in a blue packet with a picture of the crackers on the front, I then went on to open these ( when I got home not in the shop!!),they opened easily enough and have a inner packaging as well which resembles greaseproof paper.

          About the size of a normal cream cracker, but smaller than say Krackerwheat, they looked nice. I don't know if it is me but they seemed thicker than other crackers that I have tried in the past.

          In a nice brown golden colour with the little pin prick holes covering the top, these crackers have a slight salty texture on the top of them. I thought I would try one on it's own and found that these crackers do have a nice salty taste and are indeed very tasty as they are made from Wheat, Barley and Rye. These have a lovely crunch to them as they are so fresh from the packet.

          When biting into this cracker it is very solid and doesn't crumble easy, which means less mess when preparing. Now I would say that these are good to eat on their own as well with a topping. I like to have cream cheese and salad on mine, but sometimes I do change it and have some ham and pickle. I find that these crackers are very versatile and have a taste of their own which makes them stand out from other crackers. The one problem I do have with these crackers is that they are very moreish and I had to draw a line after popping number 6 into my mouth!!.

          With each cracker containing;

          ~~~Calories 32~~~
          ~~~Protein 0.7g~~~
          ~~~Carbs 4.9g~~~
          ~~~of which sugars 0.5g~~~
          ~~~Fat 1.1g~~~
          ~~~of which sats 0.5g~~~
          ~~~Fibre 0.3g~~~
          ~~~Sodium 0.1g~~~

          These crackers also contain Egg, Gluten and have been prepared on a line handling Milk and in a factory handling sesame seeds. Suitable for vegetarians.

          After opening it is best to keep these crackers in an airtight container to keep them at their freshest. I purchased mine from Morrisons with a packet of Krackerwheat and got the two for £1, but to buy individually they cost around 86p.

          A great little cracker and well worth 5 stars.


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