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Jacob's Savours Rosemary & Sea Salt Thins

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Brand: Jacob's / Type: Biscuits

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    3 Reviews
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      02.11.2009 19:50
      Very helpful



      Tasty crackers

      Looking around the shelves for some oatcakes I spotted a smart green and black box containing Jacobs Savours which are Rosemary and Sea salt thins. They sounded good so into the trolley they went. I decided I would finish up the box of biscuits for cheese so I waited to open the packet and it was worth waiting for as they are delicious.

      * The packet as I said is green and black with a stack of thins and some sea salt and sprig of Rosemary. The packet contains 150grams and they are described as "Light, melty wheat crackers". Three sides are identical and information is on the fourth side.

      * The "Thins" or crackers are just that, thin and a combination of wafer biscuit cum cracker, as they are crisp but not dry and hard, and they do sort of melt in the mouth. They have a little sprinkling of sea salt on top, but don't taste too salty and tiny bits of Rosemary in the thin. They measure 6.5mm and are less than 0.5 in depth. They are golden on top and pale underneath and have lots of holes pricked on them. They are quite flakey and break easily when buttering them.

      * The ingredients include Wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, 2% Rosemary, raising agents, salt and natural flavourings. So nothing nasty, no horrible E numbers lurking. They smell slightly herby.

      * They do contain Gluten so unfortunately not suitable for everyone but they are OK for Vegetarians. They are produced on a line handling sesame seeds, milk, egg and soya so come with that warning in case people might be affected.

      * Each cracker or thin has 21kcal, 1gram of fat, 0.2 grams fibre and a trace of salt. So I think quite suitable to nibble if you are trying to watch the fat content of your diet as long as you don't cover with lots of butter and cheese! I must say I nibbled at one whilst I cut some cheese for the others and I would happily nibble these or use with a dip without the butter.

      * The shelf life is good, my box is best before 13 February 2010. No instructions what to do once the cellophane packet is opened, but common sense dictates to me to place in an airtight container.

      * And the all important question, how much do they cost? My packet was 84p for about 30 biscuits I think, we had eaten quite a lot before I thought to count them!

      * Jacobs Savours also come in other flavours Sweet Chilli thins and another type called bakes.

      * Delicious thins, low calorie and reasonable cost, just what you expect from Jacobs, something to savour? No I'm afraid they will disappear quickly!


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        24.10.2009 22:08
        Very helpful



        These may be Thin, but you won't be!

        My hundredth Premium Review, this, so what better way to celebrate the milestone than to write a review for which the interests of rigorous assessment absolutely require me to eat a lot of something I love? I shall make no bones about this: Jacob's Savours Rosemary & Sea Salt Thins (phew!) are absolutely delicious, and I recommend them without hesitation to everyone who can eat them.

        I say "can" because these things do contain gluten, and as far as I know a gluten-free version does not exist. The box also advises that they are prepared on a production line which also handles sesame seeds, milk, eggs and soya. I've never heard of anyone being allergic to rosemary, but doubtless there's someone out there who is, and needless to say they'll have to avoid these Thins too! However, one other group can breathe easy, as the box states that they are suitable for vegetarians.

        As to that box, it's a tall cuboid in a fetching dark green which shades to black lower down, with the logo at the top and a large photograph of a pile of the Thins beneath. I can't say that this photo makes them look particularly appetising, though it's not off-putting either. The back of the box bears one of the clearest nutrition information panels I've seen, and from this we find that 100g (two-thirds of a packet, so more than you'd eat in one go. Well, probably) gives 477 kcal - nearly as much as chocolate! - though, a little surprisingly, only 0.6g of sodium. Hidden away on the bottom is the text "Made in Holland"!

        The Thins are stored in a simple clear plastic wrapper which sits neatly inside the cardboard box. It is not resealable, so if you are not going to use the whole box in one go (perhaps for a party; they're great for buffets) then you'll need to use a fastener afterwards. It's not all that easy to get the individual crackers out of the wrapper without tearing it too much, though if you're careful it's usually possible. At this point you notice the smell of the Thins, which is pleasantly herbal but not strongly so, and not particularly salty: I found it slightly lacking in interest.

        Eat one, however, and the concerns melt away. Each Thin is, um, thin, and the texture is perfectly judged: crunchy initially, but quickly softening as you chew, with the crackers soon melting in your mouth. The taste is a little less salty than you might expect, though the saltiness is more noticeable than it is in the smell, but the rosemary flavour is quite strong. Looking at a cracker, especially from underneath, many tiny fragments of rosemary are buried in each one, while the salt (on top) consists of just a few widely-spaced crystals.

        One of the few things I wasn't so keen on with these things was that some of those tiny sprigs (spriglets?) of rosemary can get stuck between your teeth. If you have uneven teeth like me, this can be a bit of a nuisance! I'm willing to make that trade-off, though, because the flavour remains for a long time in all parts of your mouth, and the aftertaste is excellent. It is very much a "moreish" food, in that saying "just one" is generally just fooling yourself!

        So long as you don't make the mistake of thinking of Rosemary & Sea Salt Thins as a health food just because they're baked and come in a mildly posh-looking box, you'll be hard pressed to find better thin crackers. They go nicely with some sorts of cheese - I usually prefer mature cheddar, but red Leicester works well too - and pâté with cucumber is another winner. In fact, though, they're easily tasty enough to eat on their own. Just don't come crying to me when you find you've eaten the lot in one sitting!

        (4.5 stars really, but I'm rounding up to 5 as I'm feeling generous today.)


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          18.08.2009 18:01
          Very helpful



          Nice for a change and worth a go for the price!

          Loving bread the way I do, of late I have tried to find alternatives for my addiction. I love crackers and ryvitas and things like that so when I spotted these in my local Sainsburys store I couldn't wait to give them a go as to me, they sounded lovely!

          The Packaging:

          Tall dark green and black box. On three sides of the box there is a picture of the 'thins' and I'm told they are Jacob's Savours Rosemary & Sea Salt Thins 'Light, melty wheat crackers' and that they are made from the finest wheat and contain no artificial colours and the weight of the product is 150g. Other information on the box includes being told a bit about the thins, ingredients, allergy advice and nutritional information is given and so are contact details for Jacobs. It's a nicely laid out, high quality looking box!

          A Bit about the Product According To The Back Of The Box:

          A range of delicious crackers with interesting textures and flavours to enjoy with your favourite toppings or on their own.

          The Thins:

          Well in my box I had 32 of them lined up in single form. Round and quite thin as I grabbed one it was smooth, golden in colour and didn't feel greasy to the touch. I could see what appeared to be fresh flakes of rosemary and could also see small granules of sea salt on them. The smell was really of fresh rosemary with a slight undercurrent of wheat and they smelled rather nice though very strong indeed.

          Taste wise, well as they didn't appear greasy they didn't taste it at all. They had a nice sort of crispy crunch, didn't flake or crumble anywhere and are strong enough to take some topping without flopping anywhere although they are relatively thin!

          However I found them too strong in the taste stakes. One or two of these were rather nice and as I was eating them I thought these would be lovely at a party with some nice cheese on the top sort of thing but not to sit and gorge on. The flavour of the rosemary is so very strong indeed and I did try toppings on mine but felt the rosemary really did overpower other flavours and felt for me I could only stomach them with a dash of butter or low fat spread on the top.


          These are very different to other types of cracker products I've tried before and there is no arguing this is a quality product but for me too flavoursome! I like the feel, the size and the look of the crackers but any more than one or two of these and I start to feel a bit sick!

          Worth a go if interested and not bad on the ole calories either!

          Allergy Advice:

          Contains: Gluten.
          Produced on a line handling sesame seeds, milk, egg, soya.
          Suitable for Vegetarians.

          Nutritional Information Per Cracker:

          Energy: 21 Kcal
          Protein: 0.4g
          Carbohydrate: 2.8g
          of which sugars: 0.3g
          Fat: 1.0g
          of which saturates: 0.7g
          Fire: 0.2g
          Sodium: Trace

          Available in all good supermarkets (other varieties stocked too) and will set you back about 78p per box.


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