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Jus-Rol Cookie Dough

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Brand: Jus-Rol / Type: Biscuit Dough

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2011 17:30
      Very helpful
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      A delicious jusrol cookie dough making delicious cookies fast!

      I love to bake nice things for when my family come over but sometimes I just feel lazy and lack motivation to do things after a long day at work. It's usually for this reason that I end up trying almost any mix, bake or ready made dessert product and when this Jusrol Cookie Dough was reduced from £1.99 to £1.00 I decided now was the time to give it a go and promptly purchased two packets. The packets I purchased had a long expiration date of almost three weeks and this was ideal as I was able to purchase them and place them in the fridge for the next time my nieces & nephews were round!

      This cookie dough comes provided in your bog standard pastry packaging which is just a plastic packaging that is designed not to stick to the dough. It's very simple to open just like you would a packet of crisps and the packaging is sufficiently strong enough to not get damaged while squished in to my sometimes overflowing fridge which is always good!

      This cookie dough is very simple to use, just break (or cut) in to 8 segments and then roll those in to a ball. I found it easiest to cut the dough in to 8 equal (ish!) blocks and then just use my rolling pin to make them deliciously flat and round. It's very simple to do this and takes just a few seconds. I ensured that I left lots of space between the cookie shapes and placed them on some greaseproof paper on a baking tray. They then went in to the oven for around 12 minutes at 180 degrees and once they begun to change colour to a slightly darker colour I removed them. I then transferred them to a wire rack which gave them enough time to finish cooking and crisp up. On the packaging it advises that you should remove the cookies from the oven just while they still look moist and I have found this to be the most effective way of baking your cookies. They may feel like they aren't quite cooked but they will crisp up slightly while standing and leave you with perfectly finished cookies.

      Overall I must say that I was very impressed with the quality of this cookie dough. It was very simple to use and quick and best of all the cookies tasted delicious. They were crammed full of chocolate chips and as I followed the guidelines for cooking them they were absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of crispness to them without being too hard which is a common problem when I make my own cookies.

      The best thing about this cookie dough is that it gave me wonderful cookies that I'd clearly baked myself (judging by some of the shapes) that tasted absolutely delicious and won me lots of nice praise and credit from the family. The price was reasonable at half price but I don't think I'd want to pay full price for these.

      If you are looking for a nice easy way to make some cookies then why not try this. I must also add that on the packaging it says that this cookie dough is not to be consumed raw so don't think about adding this to your ice cream!


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