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Kallo Organic Rice Crackers with Yeast Extract

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Brand: Kallo / Type: Snacks / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      27.02.2009 21:27
      Very helpful



      A perfect food for dieters (and non-dieters alike)

      I consider myself to have a healthy diet nowadays. However, there are occasions when I sit in front of the television and get the 'munchies'. I could gorge on unhealthy, fattening crisps and chocolate; instead I grab 'Kallo Organic Rice Crackers flavoured with yeast extract'.

      These wonderful snacks are a world apart from the dieters nightmare: the rice cake. I'm sure many people are familiar with those dry, dull crackers that resemble a scrap of polystyrene and are only thought fondly of by the promoters of weightwatchers. Kallo's are a whole world apart from that old-fashioned, tasteless snack.

      The ingredients list is nice and short, after all it is quality over quantity, right? Each rice cracker contains 90% wholegrain rice and 10% yeast extract. The wholegrain rice is organic and the yeast extract is a certified non-organic ingredient. In case anyone is unfamiliar with the ingredient, yeast extract, it is famously branded as marmite. I happen to be a marmite-lover which explains why I find these rice crackers so scrumptious. They are just as tasty as a cheese and marmite sandwich, perhaps even tastier, so you get all the flavour without enhancing your waistline.

      I actually think that some marmite-haters may make an exception for these rice crackers. The cracker seems to break up the taste of the yeast extract so that it is less strong but still equally as delicious.

      I think that many more people would stick to their diets if they kept a stock of these in their cupboard; providing they didn't munch away at packet after packet they would soon see the inches dropping away. Each slice contains just 31 calories and less than 3% fat. These are the perfect food for dieters everywhere.

      But don't be fooled because these aren't solely for the dieters. Unlike those past-it polystyrene pieces of junk, these are so delicious that the whole family will wan't a share. If you love marmite/yeast extract you can't fail to fall in love with Kallo's crackers.


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        02.07.2008 21:04
        Very helpful



        A delicious alternative to crisps.

        Due to the fact I am trying to encourage my children to eat healthier and also due to the fact that I may have actually run out of yoghurts that I wish to review (lol!), I have decided to review this product.
        This product was bought as an alternative to their usual crisps and with them being marmite flavour this was just the icing on the cake!

        The product I will now review is "Kallo, organic savoury rice crackers, flavoured with yeast extract".

        ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

        These crackers come packed in an upward pile, within the thin plastic "bag", sealed at the top with a little plastic tie.
        The colouring of the package is quite unusual with the colour scheme being that of black, orange and red.
        There are the obligatory pictures of the crackers almost falling from above with all the nutritional information featured at the bottom., in a nice readable list! I know that seems a pretty abstract thing to say but some products tend to blind you with science, so as to confuse you to the fact they are wholly unhealthy for you and yours!

        ~~~~~~ THE CONTENTS ~~~~~~

        Upon opening the packet, which I have to say is slightly harder than first anticipated, with it being a plastic tie at the top I naturally assumed after the removal of it the packet would be easy to open, it wasn't until the afore mentioned tie had been removed that I realised it had actually been sealed across the top also. This made for comedic viewing according to my mother, as my kids were adamant they should have one the second we were out of the shop, eventually I managed to tear a small hole in the pack with my teeth, very ladylike!
        The pack contains around 15 rice crackers, they are around 2 ½" by 2 ½",circular in shape, and around ½" thick.
        Upon removing one from the pack you will notice it is literally popcorn formed into a cracker shape. They have the yeast flavour in powder form, coating both sides of the cracker making it, in places, a golden brown, the inside however is still a bright white colour.
        One side if the cracker is slightly flatter, I can only assume that is how the crackers have been formed, before packing into a pile.
        There is also a strong "twiglet" smell to them, this is obviously due to the yeast flavouring and also the scent of the popcorn, which is not dissimilar to twiglets.
        The crackers are also quite brittle, so more often than not some of the smaller pieces of corn quite easily come away from the edges of the cracker.

        ~~~~~~ THE TASTE ~~~~~~

        These are very nice indeed, they have a lovely wheatiness about them with the added bonus of the strong salty flavour of the yeast extract.
        The added bonus of these is that the flavouring is already added, so I don't have to keep spreading the original and plain crackers with marmite, thus saving me time from preparation and also the unending task of de-gunking my kids and also the walls, fixtures and fittings, the curtains.........
        This flavour will of course not be to everyone's taste, they are obviously going to appeal to the marmite lovers out there, and some children may not appreciate the strong and distinctive flavour either, my children seem to love marmite and very strong flavoured cheeses, so they adore these.
        I wouldn't recommend these to very young children, as with normal popcorn they can sometimes get stuck in the teeth and very occasionally in the throat, not to chocking level you understand but just enough to make the little ones cough and in turn heave, a little scary to those with very small children.

        ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~

        I have never been one of those people who goes exclusively for organic foods, finding them a little too expensive for my weekly housekeeping allowance, I could also not be able to tell you the health benefits to eating organic food, I know they are naturally grown foods that have not been sprayed with pesticides but that is as far as my knowledge goes!

        I originally brought these for the sole reason that these were the only yeast extract crackers available, since then I have not seen any others but have seen them available for purchase in more places and at a better price!

        Also appealing is the nutritional content - per slice - 31 kcals
        1.1g protein
        6.1g carbohydrate
        0.1g of which sugars
        0.2g fat
        0.1g of which saturates

        That makes these ½ weight watchers point each, which is incredible as they do not taste like diet food, and are so flavoursome, I truly consider these to be a treat, which in some respects is true as the price is rather extortionate.

        These are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerants, these as far as I'm concerned are a healthy alternative to many other snacks, the brown rice content alone is 90% of each slice.
        The only allergy advice ion these is the fact they may contain sesame seeds.

        ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~~

        When I first bought these, they were only available, as far as I was concerned at my local branch of Holland and Barrett for the price of £1.84.
        They have recently been available for purchase from Asda, at the slightly better price of £1.20, still a little extortionate to my way of thinking!

        There is more information on this product and many others in the range, along with availability at - www.kallofoods.com

        ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

        Of course I am going to recommend this product, they are healthy, tasty, low in fat and sodium. My kids love them and to be truthful so do I, they make a welcome change to crisps, and even though they have yeast extract flavour added the adding of another topping makes these doubly nice, cheese and branston pickle is particularly nice!
        Of course there are those of you out there that will turn your noses up, like marmite advertisers always say, you either love them or hate them..........

        Thanks for reading x


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