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Kellogg's Chocolate Frosties Cereal & Milk Bar

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Type: Cereal Bars

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    8 Reviews
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      30.01.2011 09:40
      Very helpful



      A good option

      I like to look out for things which would make a quick and easy snack for my son occasionally which does not involve chocolate and it was a friend of mine who suggested I tried the Kellogs snack bars as her daughter often had them for breakfast and they came highly recommended for her. The bars are basically cereal which is all stuck together with some kind of sweet thing and they have a milky bottom and added vitamins. You can buy them in various varieties including rice krispies, coco pops and frosties and this review is for the frosties variety.

      I picked up a box of the frosties snack bars to try from asda where a box of six bars costs around £1.70 which isn't bad value really. You can often pick them up on offer too which is something I try to do.

      The snack bars come in a foil lined packet which features the familiar frosties logo as well as Tony the tiger! We are told on the packed that each bar contains 104 calories which isn't too bad in my opinion. When you open up the packet you can remove the cereal bar and you will see it is a long rectangular bar which is basically what looks to be pieces of broken frosties stuck together but with a white milky coating at the bottom.

      The bar is nice and sweet but is also quite chewy so it is not something that is eaten in a matter of seconds in my opinion as each bite takes some chewing! I find the bars very pleasant to eat personally and the milky coating at the bottom gives the bar a mixture of tastes too. My son likes to save that bit until the end, chewing from the top of the bar instead.

      The bars are 25g in weight and I find that they are handy as a snack when I may other wise reach for a bar of chocolate. They have also come in handy if we are running late occasionally on a school day and my son and I will each grab one for breakfast. I find that they are handy for a supper time as well so you do have lots of scope to eat these bars. I have to say that I do find that the bars aren't as filling as an actual bowl of cereal with milk but they do a great job as a snack.

      I will continue to buy these snack bars for both my son and I as we both really enjoy them. They contain lots of added vitamins and are suitable for vegetarians as well so I would recommend giving them a try if you haven't already.

      Energy: 104kcal
      Protein: 1.5g
      Carbohydrates: 18g
      Of which sugars: 8g
      Starch: 10g
      Fat: 3g
      Of which saturates: 2g
      Fibre: 0.3g

      Thank you for reading my review.!


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        12.05.2010 15:49
        Very helpful
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        A nice occasional treat for kids.

        The beauty of shopping online for groceries is that sometimes you get substitutions for things that you would normally buy that turn out to be a hit with the family. This week, the cereal bars were on offer at Tesco, reduced from the usual price of £1.50 to £1.00 for a box of six bars.

        The nutritional information and ingredients are printed on the wrappers of the individual bars. To store, the bars can be kept in the box in the cupboard, there is no need to refrigerate.

        My son loves the Rice Krispies cereal and milk bars, and enjoys one most mornings for his breakfast. He was absolutely horrified, when he found that his beloved Rice Krispie bars had been substituted by Tesco for Frosties bars.

        I wrote a scathing review a while ago about Frosties, and how I can't mange to escape them, even though everyone in our house hates them. I guess this is another example that proves my point! I encouraged my son to try the bars, as he might like them. They certainly didn't look as sickly and sugary as Frosties cereal. My son reluctantly opened the bar and took a bite. To my surprise, he actually liked it! My daughter then stated wondering what the fuss was about, and she liked them too! Then they started fighting over them...typical.

        As I have said, Frosties Ceral and Milk Bars are currently £1 at Tesco for a box of 6 bars. Each bar is 25g, and individually wrapped. The nutritional information is as follows per bar:

        Cal 103
        Sugar 8g
        Fat 3g
        Saturates 2g
        Salt 0.2g

        As you would expect with Frosties, the sugar level is rather high, in fact, each bar contains 9% of an adult's guideline daily amount of sugar. I would give these as an occasional treat, rather than a regular breakfast food. On the plus side, the bars are fortified with calcium, Iron and Vitamins, and each bar contains 17% RDA of each of these.

        The bars themselves are described as "toasted maize cereal", which is a fancy way of saying cornflakes! The Frosties cereal is packed into a dense, chewy bar format, with a sweet milky layer on the bottom of the bar. It is much too sweet for my personal taste, but it will appeal to kids.

        The bar format makes it very convenient to carry around in a bag, and it won't melt like a chocolate bar. These would be really good for people on the go, who want to grab something quick as a snack or breakfast, or a good idea to take when travelling or on days out. It would also be good as an occasional treat in kids lunchboxes.

        Would I buy these again? Possibly, but there are other varieties in the cereal bar range that my kids prefer, and I also really like the coco pops bars and the Rice Krispie squares, so I would always buy them in preference to the Frosties variety. Saying that, if I get this as a substitution again, I don't think I will mind too much!


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          13.02.2010 00:07
          Very helpful



          Great snack but you'll feel hungry again pretty soon.

          A few years ago, snack bars came on the market. Finally we had food to match our hectic lifestyles. There would be no more worries about finding a place to eat when you could easily carry food with you. Now you could get 100-200 calories in a short bar that fits nicely in the smallest purse. Many varieties include muesli, fruits and other ultra healthy options, but if those aren't your style, there are nice chocolate or sugary choices like these Frosties bar.


          -Great taste

          It is like having your favourite cereal but in a brand new way. The same great taste but it in smaller portions.

          -Low calories

          This bar is ideal for those eating less calories than most, especially those who eat up to six times a day. This snack will help to keep your metabolism burning and stave off hunger pangs, but without the guilt from overeating. Instead of starving until your next meal, just eat one of these.

          -Rush hour ready

          Instead of packing food, containers, napkins, cutlery, etc, all you've got is the bar. No need to worry about leftovers, food odours or making a mess. Just pop this into your bag and you're ready to go. Eating it is just easy. Unwrap and eat whenever you're ready. If you have a short lunch break, eat one of these and you will have more time for the rest of your To Do list. It is perfect for busy adults and children alike.



          These bars seem quite expensive for snacks. The few calories are ideal for those on diets and people who tend to overeat, but they do not warrant high price tags. Most bar packets only have five or six bars included, so you will be buying more very often unless you stock up.

          -Hunger pangs...still here?
          These bars are nice little snacks, but they do not stop hunger pangs. It is nice to nibble on, but I would need more than or a more filling snack alongside it to walk away satisfied. After eating them, I still want to eat. These could lead to overeating in the long run.

          Overall, I would recommend these snacks alongside another meal, but not by themselves. They leave you feeling hungry soon after, so I would rather starve a little longer and spend the calories on something else. These bars would be ideal for children because they have other food in the lunch box, so they will not have the same hunger pangs as an adult on the go.


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          08.02.2010 22:14
          Very helpful



          An injustice to the regular cerial

          Frosties cereal: Great idea

          Frosties cereal bar: Bad idea

          Pretty much sums it up really. I'd seen these on the TV so thought next time I'm in Asda or Tesco I'd pick some up. Wow am I disappointed. I love Kellogg's, especially their frosties, but what in the name of cereal is this? I'll describe my experience.

          I eagerly fiddle with the bar, whilst glaring at the brightly coloured packaging. One thing leads to another and bang I'm looking at the perfectly processed rectangular shape. I mean that's exactly it - a sharp edged rectangular block of Kellogg's moulded together with a 'milk' base. It looks very artificial and manufactured, clearly cut by a machine.

          That wouldn't be much of a problem if it tasted good. It doesn't, however. It tastes chewy and the taste barely resembles that of the regular cereal. The 'milk' base wasn't rich and creamy as I was expecting it to be. Instead my pallet was greeted by a sweet flavour, all the while chewing through.

          I will say one thing for the cereal bar: It sure does give your mouth a work out. I recommend however, you stick to the regular cereal - you simply can't wrap it up and mass produce it. Not well, anyway.


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          01.12.2009 12:21
          Very helpful




          For breakfast today I've decided to try a Frosties cereal bar, the problem with many cereal bars is their just a bit...plain and pointless, they taste like you're eating dried cereal and lets be honest folks, dried cereal is less than a desirable taste. However with being a Frosties fan in their normal state in a dish I'm hoping I'll enjoy this just as much as a bowl of cereal. Frosties for those few that aren't aware, as like sugar coated Cornflakes from the cereal masters Kellogg's, so if you like Cornflakes but want them a bit sweeter then Frosties are usually a fantastic option.

          Inside the wrapper, which stays very true to the cereal wrapper in being purple with Tony on the front, Kellog's in red and Frosties in ice blue, is the bar. A golden top made of lovely glazed Frosties sits on top of a milk bottom (that I think looks more like dried yoghurt to be honest) that just looks so appealing and tasty. The smell of the product is dominated by the "milk" (I'm calling shenanigans, it IS dried yoghurt) which smells delightful but perhaps a bit over-powering. It snaps a little too easily when you bite into it but is chewy and breaks down as you chew much like normal Frosties. Of course Frosties fans will want to know how it tastes, and it's well..Greeeeat! It genuinely tastes just like the normal cereal sweet and delightful, for fans of Cornflakes they too will love this bar as the Cornflake taste plays a major role under the sweetness. Though the only complaint could be that it seems a little dry (they didn't want the Frosties to go soggy perhaps?).

          Nutritional information (per 25g bar)
          424 KJ Energy
          103Kcal Calories
          2g Protein
          18g Carbohydrates (of which 9g are Sugars and 9g are Starch)
          3g Fat (of which 2g is Saturated)
          0.3g Fibre
          0.1g Sodium
          0.2g Salt

          Contains Milk, Soy and Barley

          Overall this is one of the most delightful cereal bars I've had in a long time, it's rare that a bar actually tastes this similar to the cereal that it's being sold as and although the milk is just frozen yoghurt, that's not a problem with me (I love frozen yoghurt). The taste is delightful even if the bar isn't as filling as a bowl of cereal it's a good way to start the day, and those who get a bit sick feeling when you've had some milk can now have Frosties in the morning.


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          04.10.2008 13:52
          Very helpful



          Swet but not sickly cereal bars

          Breakfast, my favourite meal of the day, differs in every country. In Germany it's pretty standard to have a "second breakfast" when you get to work or school. It comes from eating the first one at some un-godly hour, and getting hungry again by 9am when it's still ages to lunch. It's not quite the same in Mexico, where you can sit down to waffles or pancakes or chilaquiles in many a local cafe or chain restaurant, unless, that is, you're an English teacher. And you teach Business English. To busy executives. Who favour the 7am or 7pm schedule. These unlucky people never really have time for a proper breakfast on work days, so snacks sometimes suffice.

          Cereal bars are a great invention, and those containing chocolate a fantastic one. I mean, where else could you get a relatively healthy and extremely tasty chocolate fix for a mere 100 calories or so? In the UK I like the chocolate Frosties ones, and will eat the Coco-pops ones at a pinch. Here in Mexico they all taste different, and my favourites are these, the basic Frosties Cereal and Milk bars.

          The bars are made from proper Kellogg's Frosties and milk, and come with a "chocolate flavour" coating on the bottom. They do not look especially appealing (think baby sick...with chunky bits) but they taste good and if you eat them straight from the packet you don't have to look at them. The bars do not contain a lot of milk - I think they only use it to stick the frosted flakes together to make them easier to eat - but you can taste it, especially if like me you prefer your regular bowl of Frosties sin-leche (Cornflakes require OJ, Frosties one eats dry, y'know). The chocolate flavoured coating tastes like, well chocolate flavouring. Or maybe cheap chocolate, the stuff you get in the pound shop with the funny Polish or Turkish writing on it. It's edible, but it's hardly Milka or Cadbury's. Overall the product is sweet but not too bad for most people - it's not sickly, but you never can quite believe you're eating something healthy. There is a slight sweet after taste, like you get with chewing gum, but it doesn't taste too artificial, and the best bit is I don't find these stick to my teeth the way dry cereal does (important for me as I brush then leave the house on my way to class).

          One of my favourite things about the bars is that they are nice and crunchy, as freshly opened cereals always are. This means my body registers that I am eating when I have one, unlike with chocolate when I have been known to inhale. I also read somewhere that it's better to have crunchy foods than smooth ones for this precise reason, as a lot of hunger is psychological and therefore your body will calm down only when it thinks it's getting fed.

          Do these bars a good breakfast make? Not really - at 90 calories they're a little small for me, but they can get me through an hour and a half of 1-to-1 discussion on Sarah Palin in a morning in the same way a bowl of cereal would. The bonus is you can eat them on the go, and I often do as I'm heading through the park towards one of the companies I work in. Each bar is a reasonable size, and comes individually wrapped, either on its own or in a box of 6.Though not green to have so much plastic, this wrapping does make them perfect for throwing in your bag, and they are pretty sturdy, so though the odd one might snap in half, they don't tend to get crushed.

          I suppose if I wanted to eat a heartier breakfast, I could eat two or three of these...but I would probably die of sugar overload. Though low in calories and fat (2g per bar), they are about a third sugar which means over 7g sugar per little 21g bar. Maybe Kellogg's will complement their Low Sugar Frosties with Low Sugar Frosties Bars one day, but they've not done so yet. The upside if you can look past the sugar statistic, is that like most cereals these have added vitamins and iron. You can get 15% of your* RDA of Vitamin A from one of these bars, 10% of your Calcium, 20% of your Vitamin C and 10% of your Iron among others.

          (NB: These are based on a Mexican's RDA...and it always points out on the packets here that they are Mexican RDAs, so it might be slightly different for the rest of the world. Me, I'm being Mexican for a while).

          I do not pretend to myself that these are healthy bars, but I think they are slightly more nutritious than proper chocolate, and no worse than a bowl of Frosties which, as cereal, is classed as healthy by many people. I know I've talked about breakfast, but in reality I eat mine all day long. For a mid-morning snack. For pudding when I want something chocolaty but without the fat. For a pre-gym "dinner" snack when I won't have the chance to eat my proper meal for another 3 or 4 hours.

          I can't fault these bars - they're tasty, convenient and get me through for a few hours until I can grab something a bit more proper. I don't think you can moan about these being sweet anymore than could moan about coke or hot fudge sundaes both being full of sugar. If you don't like sweet things, you clearly won't like these, end of story.

          Available in all good supermarkets, chemists and newsagents, even in Mexico. About £1.50 for a box of 6 (slightly less in this part of the world)

          www.kelloggs.co.uk gives full ingredients listings if you have allergies. As a mini-summary may contain soy, barley and milk ingredients. Suitable for Vegetarians and Halal certified

          "Zucaritas" is the Mexican name for Frosties, so the title loosely translated means "Frosties, baby!"


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            22.09.2006 11:15
            Very helpful



            Fast food thats always available, easy to eat, great for packed lunches.

            Kellogg's Frosties Cereal & Milk Bar
            ~~~~ Kellogg's Frosties Cereal And Milk Bars ~~~~

            Toasted maize cereal and milk bar. Fortified with vitamins, iron and calcium.

            ~ Price - 99p per pack of 6 ~


            ~ Why Buy? ~

            Packs of other cereal bars are a little more expensive, and I wanted something for the kids lunch boxes. These seemed good value for money.

            ~ Packaging ~

            The cereal bars come in the distinctive dark blue frosties coloured cardboard box. Tony the Tiger is in the left hand corner, and a dry looking cereal bar is displayed on the front with the words 'Frosties' in light blue and 'kellogg's' in red.

            The packet also states that the bars contain vitamins, calcium and iron.

            The individual bars are wrapped in foil wrappers which are silver on the inside. The outside of the wrappers are the same design as the cardboard box.

            ~ Smell ~

            They smell sweet and sugary similar to a bowl of frosties and milk, but the smell isn't very strong.

            ~ Taste ~

            The milky layer and the frosties compliment each other very well. This, I find, is a very tasty cereal bar, but the milky layer can be a little sugary and sweet. The milky layer is hard but flexible ... similar to a yoghurt layer that you get on some flapjacks bars. It tastes of a a hard, sweet, milky covering.

            The frosties taste as they would if they came out of a packet. They are more moist, soft and chewy in the bar as to being dry hard and crunchy when they come fresh out of the packet. They are sweet and have a nice cereal taste to them. Similar to cornflakes with a little sugar.

            The frosties have a crunchy, if somewhat flexible texture, but have a moist feel when in the mouth. The bar comes away easily when you bite into it and is not hard and crumbly.

            ~ Look Of Bar ~

            The cereal bar is a third 'milk' and two thirds 'frosties'. Frosties are on top of the milky layer. The frosties look bigger on the actual bar and more moist than they appear on the packaging.

            The frosties are binded together well and when the foil wrapper is opened the bar keeps it's shape without crumbling. The frosties look as though they have a glossy sheen to them, as if they have just been covered in a sprinkling of sugar water.

            The 'milk' part of the bar is a little on the thin side in places, and is a creamy white in colour.

            ~ Nutrition Per Bar ~

            Energy 102 cal
            Protein 2g
            Carbohydrate 18g
            of which sugars 8g
            starch 9g
            FAT 3g
            of which saturates 2g
            Fibre 0.3g
            Sodium 0.1g
            Salt 0.2g

            Vitamins include Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin, vitamin B6, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12.

            ~ Want To Contact Kellog's? ~

            P.O. Box 356, Warrington. WA4 6XY. www.kelloggs.co.uk

            ~ Other Varieties ~

            Kellogg's Coco Pops, Frosties Chocolate and Rice Krispies.

            ~ My Opinion ~

            I think these are a tasty treat that the whole family can enjoy at anytime. They are delicious and very tasty. The frosties taste delicious with the milky layer. The kids love these and the adults enjoy them just as much. I have brought these many times in the past, but they never stay in the cupboard for very long before they are devoured!!!



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              25.09.2005 23:03
              Very helpful



              Sugary, sticky and nasty. Just have the Frosties.

              Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Frosties the cereal. For many years I've enjoyed the unbeatable late-night snack of dry Frosties - eaten straight from the box, of course...there's no other way to eat them. Milk? Yuck. They start to go soggy from the moment the milk gets to them and all the sugar dissolves into the liquid, leaving you with nothing more than a bowl of floppy cornflakes swimming in sweet milk.

              What with my strange tastes, you'd think the cereal bar would be just the thing, wouldn't you? No milk, just dry Frosties in a helpfully solid format so you don't have to fish around in the box and then the flakes still go all over the floor. That's exactly what I thought, so I looked forward to my first Frosties bar with some anticipation.

              Basically, the idea of Frosties bars is that they're cereal in bar format with solid "milk" coating the bottom. They're 25g each, so that's a pretty small bar, and they're ostensibly for those with no time to have breakfast, but I honestly can't see that they're very nutritious. Apparently they've been "reformulated with a lower fat content", which I take to mean they've replaced some of the fat with sugar. There's a range of these cereal bars produced by Kellogg's, including Rice Krispies, Weetos and Golden Grahams (don't know if it's just me, but isn't that a really, really stupid name for a cereal?!)

              Anyway, onto the all-important bit: how are they? They're weird. Really weird. Not, in fact, at all like my fantasy of Frosties in solid form. The first thing you notice about them is that they DON'T TASTE OF FROSTIES. All right, all right, I know Frosties are packed full of sugars, fats and other unnameable evils (that's why children love them, right?) but if it's possible, the bar tasted sweeter - like a weird, sweet yet odd-tasting syrup. It doesn't have any crunch, just that ripping sensation you get when something's been glued together with syrup.

              So far, so bad. 2/10 marks for texture, and that isn't good considering one of the best bits about Frosties is the glorious crunch. The flakes also cake together and get stuck in your teeth, which I must say is a singularly foul sensation.

              The taste ain't great either. Basically they just taste of sugar and glucose syrup, which isn't surprising since they consist of 43% sugar. You could have chocolate with less sugar than that, and you'd probably enjoy it more as well. The layer at the bottom is a very dubious thing; apparently it's milk but I honestly couldn't tell you what it is...possibly dried, reconstituted and rehydrated milk extract of some kind? It doesn't taste of anything but does leave a nasty greasy taste in your mouth, which, coupled with the claggy bits stuck in your molars, means the after-effects are pretty lethal.

              To be honest, you'd be better off just having the Frosties. The bar won't fill you up or set you up for the day like a bowl of actual cereal will; instead you'll just feel semi-full and probably have chocolate or something later, so ingesting about double your usual daily sugar intake in one fell swoop. If you don't have time for breakfast, a banana or something would honestly fill you up more!

              If you really still fancy one after my vicious ripping apart of them, you can get them in just about every supermarket. I know they're £1.35 for a pack of 6 in Somerfield near me, so they'll be about that kind of price.


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