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Kellogg's Elevenses

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Type: Cereal Bars

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    8 Reviews
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      01.01.2011 13:17
      Very helpful



      Try them, they're nice!

      Kellogg's Elevenses

      About Elevenses
      These raisin bakes were a life saver during my pregnancy. I went off all sorts of foods and yet it's so important to keep yourself nourished and not skip meals, finding something you can enjoy can be difficult.

      I've kept a stash of these in the cupboard , car and handbag since discovering them. They are handy and compact and taste great!

      What's it like
      The bar is a moist and cakey consistency which reminds me a little of gingerbread with oats and raisins in too. They taste really yummy too!

      Packaged in a cardboard box which goes straight in the recycling box, the bars are them sealed in a plastic wrapper with a picture of the product on the front.

      How much?
      The prices on these can vary, but generally the bigger the box, the cheaper the price. You can buy them in 6 (expect to pay £2.50 ish) and 12 (£4 ish) pack boxes. Sometimes there are offers on these and you can pick them up cheaper. There's quite a good best before date on my last batch so they will sit in the cupboard without going off - if they last that long.

      Don't over do it!
      I suppose the danger with these items is to snack on them in between meals and eat too many of them. They are in no way a health food product but are marketed as a breakfast product.

      What's in them?
      Each bar is 45g, with 164 calories in each bar you don't want to eat more than one in a sitting! Ingredients include: Cereals (36%) (Wheat Flour, Rolled Oats), Invert Sugar Syrup, Raisins (10%), Glucose Syrup, Apple, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Skimmed Milk Powder, Emulsifiers (E475, E472e, Soy Lecithin) , Raising Agent (E500), Flavouring, Modified Starch, Salt, Cinnamon, Molasses, Stabiliser (Guar Gum), Barley Malt Extract, Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12. 

      Would I recommend?
      Not for every day consumption, but as an emergency snack item and as mentioned above, when you're off your food it's better to have something than nothing. If you're on the run or in a rush they are a good handbag item and whilst not exactly cheap, they are cheaper than buying breakfast whilst out I think.

      Verdict: One of the nicer 'cereal' bars I have tried on the market, but not exactly healthy...


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        29.09.2010 10:48
        Very helpful
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        I have bought these before but decided to give them another try when they were recently on offer at half price in Sainsburys making them just over £1.20 for 6 so the right price of around £2.40 is EXPENSIVE!

        We all know Kelloggs are an extremely well known brand of cereal and cereal products well loved for many years.

        Well, these little bars arent actually cereal bars, they are much more!

        They are described as RAISIN BAKES - delicious bakes made with rolled oats, wheat and plump raisins! YUM!

        Elevenses come individually wrapped in a sealed foil wrapper and the six bars come in a recycable cardboard box.

        The box has a perforated lid on the front, which can be opened then tucked in and the box re-sealed.

        The box is purple and very attractively and eyecatchingly designed with a picture of the product on the pront as well as basic nutritional information in the top right hand corner.

        Other information on the box includes ingredients - 36 % cereals together with 10% raisins and added vitamins and minerals.

        The information on the box is also in several languages.

        There is a customer care line number if you have any queries, an expiry date and bar code.

        **AVAILABLE FROM**
        All local convenience stores, supermarkets, garages and service stations.

        These bars are sold individually and in packs of 6.

        These bars are more like a cake bar than a cereal bar. They are moist and tasty with oats covering the top. There are plenty of raisins throughout the bar and I have to say I can easily eat two of them at a time! But then I am greedy!

        My son absolutely adores these and I would say they were suitable from 3+ years helping them to get some added vitamins and minerals too.

        Buy these on offer and I dont think you will be disappointed. They are suitable to eat any time of the day, not just at breakfast or 11 O'clock!


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          26.04.2010 17:42



          A good breakfast alternative

          The original Elevenses Raisin Bake bars are very tasty and offer a good breakfast or snack alternative. They are attractively packaged and can be bought individually or in boxes of six from a wide range of retail outlets, and the mixture of oats and raisins makes for a tasty combination. I would however say that there are a few disadvantages, firstly they are a bit small, even my two year old son would like more than one for his breakfast if he could have his own way. In this respect, I don't really feel that they offer value for money, the average price being £2.50 for a box of six or somewhere in the region of 50p if they are bought individually. In addition they are quite high in calories in proportion to their size, 164 per bar. Personally, when it comes to snack time, I would be tempted to have a bar of chocolate instead.


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          07.04.2010 18:17
          Very helpful
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          Kellogg's Elevenses - gorgeous, moist cake bars.

          This is another one of the snack items I decided to buy for my kids today. I used to buy Elevenses, raisin bakes on a regular basis, but like most snack items, they are just so expensive!

          Kellogg's Elevenses no longer bare the nutri-grain logo, as shown above. I bought a pack of six, which come in an attractive lilac and purple cardboard box. On the front of the box is a purple, clock face with the 'V' of Elevenses forming the hands on the clock. There is also a picture of an unwrapped raisin bake, sitting on a lilac cloth with a cup of tea in the background. Yum, tea and cake - what could be better!

          The bakes are all individually wrapped in foil, in the same colouring and design as the box. Inside you find an attractive little cake measuring in at just over 1.5 inches by 3 inches. I am sure these snack bars used to be bigger than this, why is everything shrinking!!!

          Elevenses raisin bakes are dark golden in colour and have a light glazing on top. When bitten into you find quite a dense cake, which is packed with oats and plump, juicy raisins. It is very moist and because the mixture is held together by a golden syrup, it is also soft and slightly sticky. It is very attractive and is nicely finished off on top, with a sprinkling of pale golden oats. This really is a lovely sweet treat, which is in no way sickly and makes a handy snack for pack lunch boxes.

          *Nutritional Value Per 45g Bake*

          Energy - 164 kcal
          Protein - 2.5g
          Carbohydrate - 30g
          of which sugars - 15g
          Fat - 4g
          of which saturates - 0.4g
          Fibre - 1.5g
          Sodium - 0.1g
          Salt Equivalent - 0.2g

          This product contains milk, soy, wheat, oats and barley. It is suitable for vegetarians.

          Kellogg's Elevenses are available from Tesco in a pack of 6 for £2.18, which is very expensive, in my opinion.

          They do make a lovely snack and are not overly filling. They are great for when you are on the go and my kids do love them but they are not worth that kind of money!

          I love buying nice treats in for my kids but I do wish these companies would make their products just a bit less expensive.

          I for one can only afford to buy these as an occasional treat!

          In this instance, I do feel I need to knock a star off for the horrendous price.


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            29.07.2009 12:22
            Very helpful



            A decent cereal bar thats not too sweet and leaves you satisfied.

            I try not to eat too many cereal bars but it has to be said that they are a very handy snack while I'm at work and lately I've become quite fond of Elevenses Raisin Bakes...

            You can buy them for about 50p (individually from shops) or in multi-packs at the supermarkets - 6 bars for £2.25. Made by Kelloggs and part of the Nutri-Grain family, Elevenses are quite different to the regular Nutri-Grain cereal bars which are thin and filled with jam and can be quite sugary. Elevenses are shorter and more chunky in size and have a very cakey texture with raisins throughout and a sprinkling of oats on the top. They are very moreish and I wish they were just a little bigger but at 164kcal a bar (about 30kcal more than a regular Nutri-Grain) I'm glad that there's not more (currently watching what I eat).

            Here's the nutritional info for a 45g bar...
            Energy 164kcal
            Protein 2.5g
            Carbs 30g (of which sugars 15g)
            Fat 4g (of which saturates 0.4g)
            Fibre 1.5g
            Sodium 0.1g
            Salt 0.2g

            There's a host of vitamins in there too (as you do get with cereals) but I won't go into the details.

            Also worth a mention is that this product contains milk, soy, wheat, oats and barley - important to bear in mind for allergy sufferers.

            So for the amount of calories in them I think that Elevenses bars are a great snack and a great treat - they're almost a cake, kinda like a very soft flap jack. They're sweet but not sickly and I'd imagine that they'd be the ideal thing to accompany a cup of tea of coffee mid-morning. (Not a big tea or coffee fan myself). I find that Elevenses are more filling than other cereal bars and you're not left feeling like it was a waste of time because you're still hungry. They really do satisfy a rumbly tummy before lunch or late in the afternoon - taking the edge of the hunger.

            They smell yummy too (so take your time and have a good deep sniff!) I think it's the cinnamon. And of course they taste nice.

            I wouldn't recommend these as a breakfast replacement (I would not recommend any cereal bars as breakfast replacements really). It's better to have a bowl of cereal (usually less added sugar in a bowl of cereal) but in emergencies an elevenses bar would probably do ok until you got yourself something more substantial to eat.


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              27.06.2008 13:08
              Very helpful



              Better than snacking on sweets and crisps, I guess...

              What are they?
              They like a cross between a cake and a soft biscuit - though Kellogg's like to refer to them as 'Wheat & Oatmeal Bakes'.

              Special features?
              These are intended as a healthy snacking alternative than chocolate bars and crisps - a sugar booster but with nutritional goodness and benefits. Made with wheat flour and rolled oat cereals with added vitamins and minerals.

              Though they are called 'Elevenses' they are by no means restricted to 11 o' clock snacking - they can be eaten anytime of the day - I tend to have them in the afternoons, they're a great sugar boost for the sluggish afternoons.

              The 'Elevenses' come in 4 flavours - chocolate, ginger, carrot and raisin.

              How do they taste?
              I find them just passable - they can taste a little rich and it can feel very filling having one of these, I tend to get that 'eaten too much flour' feeling.

              I have only tasted the ginger and the chocolate versions. I prefer the chocolate version as it helps to balance out the floury taste. With the ginger, these are also nice, but the ginger taste can be quite sharp and bitter at times, though again, the flour from the bake does try to counter act this.

              The bakes generally have quite a soft texture to them, very similar but much denser than that of a sponge cake. There are also some flakes of oats scattered on top of the bake, so some of the tougher chewy bits may come as a surprise relative to the seemingly safe soft textures of the bake.

              Surprisingly, even with the chocolate version, the bake doesn't actually taste too sweet - but each 45g bar shockingly has 16g of sugar.

              Overall, the taste is passable - too much of the floury taste as I had mentioned earlier, generally it is the chocolate chips that keep me eating this, but unless I'm hungry this isn't really on top of my list.

              £2.89 for six bars. I feel this is actually a little pricey for what you get, so I don't really buy these unless they're on offer.

              I'm a little on the fence with these - they are not bad, but not exciting enough for me to give them anymore than three stars. One star taken off for the price and the other for the floury filling taste. These appealed to me as they have been marketed to be a healthy alternative snack made from wholesome oats and wheat - but I'm sad to say that all this only accounts for 32% of the bar - the rest is from the high sugars, glucose syrups, vegetable oils and other additives. However, compared with crisps and other sweet cake snacks, these could be seen to be a healthier alternative.

              Thanks for reading. xx

              ©Leighsa 2008


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                14.02.2008 13:58
                Very helpful



                Can't stop eating once you've started

                I tried these Elevenses bars because I was looking for a great-tasting snack that wasn't too unhealthy. I bought these in a multi-pack for £1.99 for six small bars. Each bar is foil wrapped for freshness and weighs 45g. The bars are available in three flavours, being raisin, ginger and choc chip. I've only tried the raisin ones so my review is based on them.
                The first thing you notice about these bars is the smell - they give off a really great scent that's a mix of cinnamon and raisins. This got my taste buds watering and prepared for the taste that was to follow.

                After opening the foil wrapping the next thing you notice is the way the bars look, and I have to say they don't look to appetising. The bars have oats spread on top of them but unfortunately the oats look like they've been spread by a five year old. Some bars are covered in oats while others have hardly any. Also, the raisins in the bars are unevenly distributed which makes the bars look slightly homemade. However, this unprofessional look is more than made up for by the taste...
                The bars taste absolutely fantastic. They taste really natural and just sort of melt in your mouth. They are sweet but not unnaturally so. The worst thing about these bars however is that because they melt in your mouth so easily you just have to have more than one! I have to confess that I consumed all six bars in one day (shame on me!). I couldn't just have one, partly because they taste so great but also because they are really unsubstantial. Despite being relatively healthy, they don't turn out to be quite so healthy if you're a fat pie like me and eat a whole packet in one day.

                *Nutrition Per Bar*
                Calories - 165 - 8% of RDA (recommended daily allowance)
                Sugars - 15g - 15% of RDA - ouch, with my six bars today that makes 90%!
                Fat - 4g - 6% of RDA
                Saturates - 0.5g - 3%
                Salt - 0.25g - 4% of RDA
                Iron - 2.4mg - 14% of RDA
                If you just had one bar then the above stats might not be too bad, but if, like me, you consume six in one day, then it's not such pleasant reading!
                Cereals (36%)
                Invert Sugar Syrup
                Raisins (10%)
                Glucose Syrup
                Vegetable Oil
                Skimmed Milk Powder
                Raising Agent
                Modified Starch
                Barley malt Extract
                Vitamin B6
                Folic Acid
                Vitamin B12
                I've seen lots of bars that are a lot less healthy sounding than these. Most of the ingredients appear relatively natural.

                The packaging for this product wasn't too excessive, but I'm not sure that foil wrap is the best packaging for the environment. Each bar is foil wrapped, which I guess is essential to keep the bars fresh, but there's also an outer foil package. I would have thought that a recylced paper package would be better for the environment and cheaper too. However there are lots of similar products which have a lot more packaging.
                *Value for Money*
                At £1.99 for six these bars are pretty good value for money. They're definitely cheaper than buying six chocolate bars. However, due to the fact that you always have to have more than one bar, they probably don't end up being that much cheaper.

                Overall, these bars really do taste, and smell, great. I probably will buy them again but I know that if I do I'll end up eating the whole packet again!


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                  22.06.2007 10:58
                  Very helpful



                  Yummy cake bars

                  I actually first tried Nutri-Grain Elevenses about a week ago, as Boots were selling them for just 16p each. I grabbed a few of the Choc Chip Bakes as I don't like Raisins and things so I thought these would be a good compromise. So consequently, my review is going to be of Kellogg's Nutri Grain Elevenses Choc Chip Bakes.

                  The package of the bar the bar is white and brown, with the Elevenses logo in the bottom left corner of the bar. The flavour is also on the front in white writing. Also, on the side of the packet it has the calories in each bar which is 179 calories (9% of an adult Guideline Daily Allowance). I think this isn't bad considering the bar contains chocolate as well! The back panel of the bar contains information for the Kellogg's Careline, a barcode and the weight of the bar which is 45g. Under the flap there is the Best Before date, which should be a few months in advance giving you plenty of time to eat it! Also, the ingredients and Nutritional Information is under the back flap too.

                  You can buy the bars in a box of 6 bars for £1.99 which I think is quite good if you have just one a day! That works out at 35p per bar. The box is rectangular with a pull down flap on the front so you can easily access your bars. It has the Kelloggs Name, and Nutri Grain and Elevenses logo on the front, with an appetising picture of the Choc Chip Bake..yummy! In the top right, it has basic nutritional information, good for people watching their calories and fat levels! The back of the box advertises the other bars in the Elevenses range which are Ginger and Raisin, but I haven't tried those yet, The side of the carton has a list of nutritional info, and ingredients. The carton is cardboard, so is therefore recyclable. The bars are wrapped in foil which I don't think is recyclable.

                  The Bars
                  The bars are rectangular, approximately 4 inches by 2 1/2 inches. They are of a spongey texture, a bit like a cake. They have a lot of oats on the top of the bar, but they don't overpower the taste of the bar. The main taste you get is the chocolate, and there are a lot of chocolate chips throughout the bar. It is quite moist, and very tasty. The mix of chocolate and oats throughout the bar is very good, and evenly distributed. The bars are not too chewy which is good, but just nice and moist. The bars have a nice chocolately aroma, and smell nice and sweet too. I find the bars to be quite filling despite their size.

                  The bars are quite healthy, containing 32% of cereals, wheat flour, rolled oats. They also contain niacin, Iron, Vitamins b6 and B12, Riboflavin, Thiamin and Folic Acid, although they are last in the list of ingredients so they must be the smallest proportions in the bar.

                  Allergy Information: Milk, Soy, Wheat, Oats and Barley. The bars are suitable for Vegetarians.

                  Outer Carton: Cardboard
                  Bar packaging: FoilPer bar:
                  179 kcalories
                  16g Sugars
                  6g Fat
                  1.5 Saturates
                  0.2g Salt

                  Overall, I think the bars are very good value for money, very VERY tasty and surprisingly good for you too. My son loves eating a bit one of these too, even though he is only 15 months old (he only has a nibble when I eat one as a treat!)! I like that Kellogg's have changed the outer packaging from foil to Cardboard so that they are better for the environment. Try them, I am sure you'll like them too!


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