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Kellogg's Nutri Grain Minis

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Brand: Kellogg's / Type: Cereal Bar

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    1 Review
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      12.02.2004 17:57
      Very helpful



      Just before Christmas I was walking through the Christmas market in St Anne?s Square, Manchester (completely off the subject) by the way it?s lovely and if you get the chance go and visit it! I came across the local Manchester Evening New seller at his stand, they were offering a promotion if you bought the paper, a large bag of six individual packs of Nutri Grain Mini?s. It seemed I had got there just in the nick of time he only had the one pack of blueberry flavour left! What a Bargain????? I paid in total 30p for a newspaper and six bags of mini Nutri Grain packs, not a bad deal! Apparently you can get these in the shops retailing for around £1.79 for the six small bags (45g) and Tesco currently have them on special offer, 2 x 6 packs for the grand total of £2.50. If you buy them for £1.79 this works out for around 30p per bag, not bad really, cheaper than a chocolate bar, or a single Nutri-grain bar. The six small bags were in a larger white hard plastic bag, which was sealed at the top to hold in the freshness and within contained the six individual bags of Mini?s. It was easy to open the bag, just pulled it open with my teeth, but for those members out there who care more about their peggies than I do, a pair of scissors will open the larger bag in no time. The smaller individual bags:- These were a bit more exciting, the blueberry flavoured come in a dark blue, metallic looking foil pack, with the famous Kellog?s name in the top left, with Nutri.Grain written across the pack in large very readable white type! There?s a couple of piccies of the actual biscuits (if they are biscuits, that is), with some blueberries, in the background. The back of the packet contains the nutritional info and also the ingredients, also details of where to complain if need be. As soon as the bag was opened, there was a very sweet aroma almost instantly, but kind of mildly sickly smell that followed it. It actually reminded me
      of candyfloss being made, sugary? After several more whiffs of the bag, I found my self thinking of honey, and syrupy smells, but after a quick glance at the ingredients, there?s no of this stuff present, my crap judgement at smell may be due to the dreaded cold again. So I have just had to deduce that the sweet smell comes from the natural sugar in the Blueberries. I think I mentioned this earlier but they remind me of fig biscuits, the biscuits your Gran ?always? has at the back of her cupboard. Hehe They tasted o.k. there was no real dominant flavouring, although I could taste the oats and wheat which covered the blueberry. This was a bit liked cooked, cold porridge, Errr did I hear you say? They aint really that bad. The blueberry filling was sweet, and not too overpowering, it didn?t have any tangytaste to it, like blueberries sometimes do, either. Overall not bad! These biscuits, crumble in your mouth, actually as I said before, they are a bit like porridge, they outer layer, with the grains actually felt a bit like porridge when it was chewed, and I found that it stuck to the roof of my mouth! The This is the horrid boring bit, where I have to hazard a guess whether they are actually good for me or not. So here goes?. Each bag contains?. 700 kj Enery/ 160kcal 2g Protein, 31g of Carbohydrates, 15g of that is made from sugar. Fat, 3.5g There is also a breakdown of the recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of several vitamins, but not wanting to look like I am bulking my op out (if you ask I will supply the info) I have chosen not to put this information into my op. These are also suitable for vegetarians, and as far as I can see, there are no warnings at all, about nuts. But personally I would give the Kellogs helpline a ring, just to confirm (after all this was a promotional pack) So, for a greedy so and so like myself, the 45g pack didn?t even fill the tiniest of holes,
      perhaps two bags per snack would be ideal, but I reckon with a sandwich and perhaps an apple for lunch, they would make a great pack lunch accompaniment. I wasn?t exactly expecting anything spectacular when I opened my first pack, so I was mildly surprised that I actually like them. Each mini biscuit is the perfect size to just throw into your mouth, careful not to swallow them whole though, lol ***KELLOG?S DESCRIPTION ?V?s- MY DESCRIPTION*** Kellogs: Bite Size, Soft golden baked crusts, made with wheat and wholegrain oats and a blueberry filling. Stacie?s: Kellog?s mini, soft and chewy fig biscuits! No don?t be fooled, they aren?t really that bad, it?s just what I would write on the packet to describe them. I would recommend them, they are ideal for lunch boxes and quick snacks, but don?t expect them to last you through until lunch! ***ADDITIONAL INFORMATION*** Kellogs Customer Care line: 0800 626 066 or ROI 1800 626 066 Kellogs (UK) Limited , Manchester, M16 0PU Thanks for taking the time to read!!! Sta©ie xx


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