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Kellogg's Nutri Grain Soft Oaties Oat and Chocolate Chip

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10 Reviews

Brand: Kellogg's / Type: Snack

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    10 Reviews
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      03.10.2009 23:39
      Very helpful



      Breakfast or snacktime delight

      I just discovered these a couple month ago, and already, they've become a staple in my grocery shopping trips. Kellogg's Nurti Grain Soft Oaties are the perfect snack or breakfast biscuit for an on the go lifestyle.

      The blend of oats and chocolate makes for a healthy tasting but very yummy treat that's great with a cup of tea or milk at any time of day. I usually choose to have a soft oatie with some tea or coffee and a piece of fruit at breakfast time, or on its own as a snack if I am out, or too busy to fix something up.

      Soft oaties are the perfect consistency, too. Not too crunchy and crumbly, and not too soft, this product is more like a soft oatmeal biscuit, and it tastes great.

      I would recommend Kellog's Soft Oaties to anyone with a busy schedule, and to people of all ages. It works well for packed lunches or snacks, and for eat at home enjoyment.


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      30.07.2009 14:53
      Very helpful



      A 'healthier' alternative that isn't as healthy as Kellogg's would have you believe...

      After having been tempted by my step-son's stash of cereal bars during his latest visit, I decided to do away with my beloved Galaxy bars [although I am holding on tight to my Walkers] and ordered an assortment of cereal bars from Sainsbury's.

      Having been intrigued by Nutri-Grain's 'Soft Oaties' because they looked more like a biscuit than a cereal bar, something I can definitely relate to [I used to love baking biscuits and cookies], I figured I would give them a go... I did, of course, also order proper cereal bars - which I will review once I've had a chance to try them.

      Upon receiving the box of Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Soft Oaties, a box that is totally different in shape and size to the other cereal bar boxes - the box is squat and chubby... much like my next body shape if I continue eating these! More about that later... the box itself is stamped with the Kellogg's logo, and the words Nutri-Grain and Soft Oaties are very prominent, as is the close-up of a particularly yummy looking chocolate chip and oat biscuit. I don't know how they manage it, but the choc chips on the box look kind of glossy and gooey, a real temptation for the chocoholic choc chip fanatic, unfortunately, it's all an illusion, one meant to coax you away from the choc chip oatmeal biscuits you purchase in the 'Fresh Baked' section of the supermarket!

      Another 'illusion' meant to highlight the glossy chocolate chips in the picture, is the dark brown wrapper that the biscuit seems to be popping up from, a wrapper that doesn't look anything like the actual wrapper the biscuit is contained in. On the bottom of the box is a close-up view of the biscuit itself, without the wrapper - don't be fooled into thinking that the biscuit on the picture is the actual size - and behind the picture of the biscuit is a lovely golden wheat field that continues onto the sides of the box, except for the side that possesses all the nutritional information and the ingredients.

      Opening the box, I immediately notice that the contents don't actually 'fill' the box... another marketing illusion on behalf of Kellogg's meant to fool us into thinking we're getting more than we actually are. The box is exactly 2 inches taller than the biscuits themselves, and ½ an inch wider... technicalities... moving on... removing one of the packets [there are 5 in all], I notice that the wrapper looks like the cover of the box, except that it has a small red square top right-hand corner that says 'NEW' in yellow letters. In the bottom right-hand corner is a much smaller blue and white ellipse that tells me there are 181 calories contained in the 3 inch in diameter biscuit - needless to say that the depth of the biscuit is only ½ an inch - and I'm immediately appalled. 181 calories in a 40g Soft Oaties bar; a 40g Galaxy bar contains 217.6 calories, a 40g Kit Kat contains 204 calories [just over 3 fingers], 40g of Maltesers contains 202 calories... you see where I'm going with this...yes, I know that these Soft Oaties are meant to be a 'healthier' alternative... but are they?

      Ingredients found in Soft Oaties:

      Cereals (Oats {22%}, Wholewheat Flour, Wheat Flour), Chocolate Chips (16%) (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier {Soy Lecithin}), Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Fructose, Glucose Syrup, Milk, Whey Powder, Salt, Raising Agent (E500), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Flavouring, Stabiliser (Sodium Alginate), Antioxidant (Mixed Tocopherols), Colour Caramel (E150c), Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin(B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12.

      Ingredients found in a Galaxy bar:

      Sugar, Cocoa Ingredients (Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass), Skimmed Milk Powder, Milk Fat, Lactose, Whey Powder, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E442), Natural Vanilla Extract, Milk Chocolate contains Milk Solids 14% minimum and Cocoa Solids 25% minimum, Milk Chocolate contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter.

      Kellog's Soft Oaties:
      Nutrition 40g portion
      Energy 181kcal
      Protein 2.5g
      Carbohydrate 24g - of which sugars 12g
      Starch 12g
      Fat 8g - of which saturates 3g
      Fibre 1.5g
      Sodium 0.1g
      Salt 0.3g
      Thiamin B1 - 0.4mg
      Riboflavin B2 - 0.4mg
      Niacin 4.5mg
      Vitamin B6 - 0.5mg
      Folic Acid 50µg
      Vitamin B12 - 0.25µg
      Iron 2.4mg

      Galaxy Chocolate Bar
      Nutrition 40g portion
      Energy 217.6Kcal
      Protein 2.64g
      Carbohydrate 22.52g
      Starch 0
      Fat 13g
      Fibre 0
      Sodium 0
      Salt 0
      No Added Vitamins

      Notice that there are far more ingredients in a Soft Oaties biscuit, including an artificial sweetener [Fructose] added to glucose syrup and sugar... why the need for an artificial sweetener if you already have glucose syrup and sugar in the product? Note that the vitamins are ADDED to the biscuits; therefore, they would probably be nonexistent if Kellogg's hadn't put them in. Also, the Soft Oaties contain artificial flavourings and an artificial colouring.

      Comparing the Soft Oaties to a Galaxy bar [taking it to the extreme], it is immediately apparent that there are more natural ingredients in the chocolate bar, including less sugar. True, Galaxy bars are missing all the vitamins found in a Soft Oaties biscuit, but then again, we are talking about a chocolate bar, not a 'healthy' cereal bar. If Galaxy added the vitamins to their chocolate... hmmm... interesting thought...

      Back to the Soft Oaties biscuit, bar, whatever - the taste test:

      Although the Soft Oatie is soft, it is by no means chewy or moist. It is a 'dry' softness, not crumbly, but very close - the choc chips are a bit hard - I look at the best before date on the box... 13/02/2010... Kellogg's is kind enough to tell us that they were made on the 18/06/2009... hmmm... they may be good until 2010, however, the choc chips definitely taste June/2009.

      Chewing slowly in order to get the full taste of the biscuit, I notice that it is quite sweet, and although I'm uncertain of the dry-ish/soft/crumbly texture, the taste isn't all that bad. The flavour of the oats comes through the sugar, and the choc chips, although not soft, do taste very... chocolaty... although they are definitely not your creamy or rich choc chips, more like the cheap variety of choc chips sold in the baking section of the supermarket.

      All in all a pleasant enough flavour, but I remain uncertain of the texture, and a voice in my head is screaming; "Sainsbury's Large Milk Chocolate Cookies taste nicer"... argh... of course they do... in fact, Tesco's cheap value choc chip biscuits probably taste better too! I'm a bit upset at this point because I paid £2.17 for a 200g box of Soft Oaties when I could have gotten, for less money...

      250g Galaxy chocolate bar £2.04
      250g Aero chocolate bar £1.94
      230g Dairy Milk chocolate bar £1.58
      5 Sainsbury's Large Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies £1.00

      better still...

      I could have brushed the cobwebs off my 'Big Book of Cookies & Biscuits' recipe book and baked my own low calorie healthy biscuits for a fraction of the cost... minus the artificial colourings and flavourings! True, I wouldn't be getting the added vitamins, but I can always pick up a bottle of multi-vitamins from Boots, although I don't need the added vitamins and minerals because, although I love my Galaxy chocolate bars, I eat healthy meals that are comprised of my own 'home grown' fruit and vegetables freshly picked from my small garden. If I want vitamins and antioxidants, I'll pick a tomato, not run out to buy an Oatie!

      I am not impressed with Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Soft Oaties... they are infringing on the mainstream 'biscuit' market in order to make a sale, and calling their product a 'healthy' alternative snack when it really isn't all that different from the large store-baked choc chip biscuits you can pick up at all the major supermarkets. The difference is that Kellogg's has added vitamins to their biscuits... if vitamins were added to all store-bought biscuits, would that make them a 'healthy' snack too?

      What I really wanted was a 'healthier' snack, but ended up with a choc chip cookie imitation that isn't all that much healthier than a store-bought freshly baked biscuit or a small regular sized chocolate bar.

      I think that Kellogg's should probably steer clear of chocolate in their products, and stick to fruit and yoghurt... which are, undeniably, a 'healthier' alternative to chocolate bars and choc chip biscuits.


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        04.07.2009 23:24
        Very helpful



        Very tasty, pleasant snack

        Review of Kellogs Nutri Grain Soft Oaties

        This is a relative newcomer to the Nutri Grain stable of breakfast replacement bars, snacks and biscuits. The product comes in two flavours, oat and fruit, oat and chocolate. It is the Oat and Chocolate version that I am reviewing.

        **The Product**
        A round shaped cookie style biscuit, individually wrapped. The product comes in a box containing five x 40g cookies. The Nutri Grain range can usually be found among the 'breakfast bar' products in most supermarkets. The range is marketed as an alternative 'healthy' snack or breakfast replacement. I first purchased the product on impulse about a year ago, as they seemed ideal for taking on walks as a quick and easy snack. The price I paid was 99p for 5 cookies at Tesco. This was an introductory offer and I was fully aware that the price would increase once the offer had ended. What I didn't realise was that the price would increase to a pocket searing £2.29 for 5 cookies...ouch!
        Hence a 3 star overall rating!


        The cookies look wholesome, the surface is crusted with oat flakes and chocolate chips. The cookies have an almost home made appearance having an uneven finish.

        **The Taste and Texture**

        At first bite, the Soft Oaties taste pleasingly oaty, mingled with a slightly syrupy flavour. They are sweet, almost too sweet for my taste, but delicious. The chocolate chips actually do taste of chocolate, a rarity in this type of product! There is a slight aftertaste of cocoa, which was not unpleasant, but there all the same. There is no discernable smell to the cookies.
        The texture is semi-soft and chewy, with a surprising amount of chocolate chips in the Oat and chocolate version. As with many oat based products, they do need quite a bit of chewing! I would give them 5/5 for taste and texture.


        Nutri Grain Soft Oaties come in a cube shaped cardboard box. The box has a photograph of the cookies and bears the Kelloggs logo, the Nutri Grain logo and the product name and description. Each cookie is individually wrapped in a foil wrapper, for freshness. Soft Oaties should be stored in a cool, dry place.
        The outer box can be recycled, but the interior wrapper cannot, a thumbs down to Kelloggs from me on this point! In their favour, they do state that 90% of their packaging is produced from recycled materials.


        I won't bore you with a long list of ingredients, it IS a long list, rather off putting for a 'healthy alternative'.
        The main ingredients include:
        22% Oats, Wholewheat flour, 16% Chocolate chips (Cocoa mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Fat reduced Cocoa powder, Soy Lecithin)

        **Nutritional and allergy information**
        Each 40g cookie contains:
        181 calories
        2.5g protein
        24g carbohydrate (12% sugars)
        8g fat
        1.5g fibre
        0.3 g salt

        Added vitamins are, B1, B2, Niacin, B6, Folic Acid and B12.
        The product is suitable for vegetarians. As Soft Oaties contain milk, soy, wheat and oats they are not suitable for people with intolerance to these ingredients.


        Soft Oaties are made by Kelloggs and marketed under the Nutri-grain range. Kelloggs are a well known company and have a 'By Royal Appointment' seal of approval.
        Kelloggs can be contacted at:

        Kelloggs Consumer Services Dept.
        PO Box 356
        WA4 6XY
        Freephone 09:00-18:00- Monday-Friday
        UK 0800 626066

        **My thoughts and conclusions**

        A very pleasant snack, not particularly healthy as it is high calorie, fat and sugar. I was a little taken aback by the long list of additives, particularly as these are found with the 'healthier choice' goods in my supermarket.

        The concept of an individually wrapped biscuit/cookie is not a new one, however they are convenient and easy to transport, making them ideal for packed lunches, picnics etc. We carried ours in our pockets on a five mile walk along Hadrian's Wall one morning, when I opened it not a single crumb had broken off!
        This product is satisfying, gives you and energy boost and is filling, you certainly feel that you have had something to eat, but I doubt I would purchase these as a breakfast replacement, especially as they are just too expensive for my budget! I would still recommend the product to other consumers however.

        C brittle1906 July 2009
        Also posted on Ciao.co.uk


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          28.06.2009 20:27
          Very helpful



          A great product, with a nice taste.

          This is quite a new product with great taste and a crisp texture. However, they are very expensive and also not very healthy, as they can be compared to a packet of crisps, which is terrible for a product compared to a granola bar.

          The packaging is very nice and easy to recognise. They are also very easy to read. It keeps the product fresh and each cookie comes in its own packet. This is very convenient and the product is always fresh. However, the cookies can sometimes crumble and break apart in the packet, so they spill all over the place.

          The taste is very nice and sweet, but it isn't overpowering. The smell is strong and you will want to pop one into your mouth, as it starts to water. The texture is a funny combination, with a first chewy texture but then turning to crumbling in your mouth. The cookie contains plenty of chocolate chips and there are also plenty of oats.

          However, the product is quite expensive and isn't very big. They will fill you up until your next meal but you won't feel like the product has actually filled you up. Also, it isn't very healthy, as the product can be compared to crisps with the same amount of fat and calories.

          They are also very expensive, for the product as it only contains 5 biscuits for the same price as 10-15 Nutri-Grain bars.

          Overall, a tasty product with great quality expected from Kellogg's but they are quite expensive and the nutritional is terrible, compared to a packet of crisps.


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          22.06.2009 16:03
          Very helpful



          Good for a mid-morning snack

          I have my breakfast about 7am during the week and my lunch at 1pm which means a loooooooong 6 hours in between where I get hungry (normally about 10.15am). So I have a cereal bar each morning to get me through to lunchtime.

          I normally have Go Ahead bars but I bought these as they were on offer as part of a "2 nutrigrain things for £2" type promotion in Asda.

          You get 5 in a pack, each individually wrapped which makes them ideal for storing in your desk drawer or locker.

          Rather than bars, it is like eating a giant choc chip cookie - well, that's what it looks like anyway, which makes it quite appealing! The oaties do taste oatie - they taste a bit like a flapjack, but in more of a cake type way (if that makes sense - i'm not sure it does!)

          They're absolutely delicious and fill you up. I think the oats is meant to mean a slow release energy but they have quite a bit of sugar too so I don't know how true that is.

          At 170 calories, they're not really something you could have as an everyday snack but they're worth a try as an occasional snack as they also have lots of vitamins and minerals added and make a change from your standard cereal bars.

          They're really nice and just writing this review is making me want one!! ;-)


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          02.06.2009 20:43
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Good for an occational snack or breakfast on the run

          Oat, Wheat & Chocolate Chip Cookie.

          My daughter picked up a box of five of these individually wrapped Nutri-Grain Soft Oaties recently, thinking them a healthy snack!

          The box does give the impression that these may be a healthy snack - a picture of the great outdoors on the outside of the box showing a cookie against a background of ready to harvest oat fields!

          However each individually wrapped 40g cookie contains 181 calories and 8 grams of fat. Thus 9% of your daily recommend calorie intake and 11% of your daily recommended fat intake - they are also fairly high in salt - 5% of your recommended daily intake

          Having said that they are really quite tasty, they are soft and not so much chewy - as melt in the mouth and very crumbly - best to break a bit off at a time and remove carefully from the packet or you will be covered in crumbs.

          They look healthy with a sprinkling of oats on the outside and they do have the very desirable quality of containing chocolate chips!

          I would say great for an occasional quick snack or even a breakfast on the run - they are better than no breakfast at all - but not all that healthy!


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            29.01.2009 15:00
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A good occasional treat

            I was in a smaller Tesco than my local recently and decided to pick up some cereal bars as part of my lunch for the next week.

            Now I like specific things in cereal bars: a hint of chocolate is always good, and I prefer soft and chewy to too crisp. So when I saw these choc chip bakes nestled in among the cereal bars (and cheaper than Alpen ones), I decided to give them a try.

            I got a box of 6 45g bars - substantially bigger than the other options out there. Having tried NutriGrain bars before and not being particularly impressed, I decided to give these a try (had nothing to do with the chocolate content, honest!).

            I would describe them more like cake bars with a hint of oatmeal more than anything else. you can also visibly see flakes (oat?) on the top of the brown bars. Though they are a bit chewy, you get the kind of 'melt in your mouth' type feeling and they have a good amount of chocolate. Because of this, they aren't particularly healhy - each one has over 170 calories, at least 16g of sugar and 1.5g saturated fat.

            This is in my opinion a bit of a less down, especially in terms of the high amount of sugar. Although it's not technically marketed as being healthy, low fat/sugar or good for you, giving it the standard packaging and putting it in with the cereal bars and healtheir options seems like a con to me!! If it weren't for the wheat and oatmeal I may as well have a proper (albeit small) chocolate bar!

            These are however very tasty and a good size - but if you're looking for a healthy treat, this isn't it.


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              27.12.2008 19:14
              Very helpful



              an expensive snack

              I'm a sucker for buying something new that I think will be slightly healthier for me than a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar.
              I came across these soft oaties a few months ago when they were on offer. Now I can never seem to find them under their standard price of £2.19 for six cookies. I think this is extortionate but being Christmas week last week when I went shopping they hopped into my trolley as I wasn't price counting for one week.

              The cookies come individually wrapped in a neat little box. They are packaged in foil lined crisp wrapper style which make them suitable for lunch boxes etc as they won't get messy or break easily around other foods.
              I find you have to open them in the same way as you would a packet of crisps otherwise the packet rips too easily and you can cause a mess.

              The cookie is about the size of a tumbler glass and looks very rustic as you remove it from the wrapper. There are a lot of knobbly pieces jutting out from the cookie.
              It doesn't have a great smell about it, but there are undertones of chocolate and oats coming through as I remove the whole cookie from the wrapper.

              There is a weird texture to the cookie which makes it unique to others I have tried in the past. It has a slightly chewy texture to it but at the same time it will crumble as you bit into it. It sounds weird doesn't it, but the two textures together actually work well against each other.

              On first tastes there is a strong taste of chocolate from the ample amount of chocolate chips that can be seen in the cookie. There is also a taste very similar to the nutri grain bars if you have ever eaten them. The taste represents oats and whole-wheat I think as that's the nearest I can compare it to.
              The cookie will last you a good few mouth full and whilst it won't fill you up it will satisfy a snack craving with that bit of chocolate included.

              I have found these cookies to be a lovely alternative in the lunch box but they would really break the bank if I bought them each week which is why they come out at special occasions only.
              Foe allergy information these cookies contain milk, soy wheat and oats. Each cookie will provide you with 181 calories and 8g fat. These are on par with a packet of crisps in their nutritional value so not that good for you even though their packaging would make you think they were healthy by promoting being made from cereal and whole wheat.

              I would definitely recommend these when you can find them on offer but definitely not when they aren't.


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                10.12.2008 22:34
                Very helpful



                Soft Oaties

                I'm easily pleased me. I ordered a pair of boots from ASOS, and when they arrived yesterday, in the box was a free Nutri-Grain soft Oatie biscuit and money-off coupon. It made my day! Lol. I suppose it's a bit better than the last thing I got free with an ASOS order, which I seem to recall was cellulite cream - do you think they were trying to tell me something?!

                Anyway, I vaguely recalled having heard of these, but they're not the type of thing I would normally buy, as when it comes to biscuits I tend to buy whatever is the cheapest option.

                I think you can get these in a few different flavours, but the one I was sent was oat and chocolate chip, which to be honest, is probably the one I would have gone for had I been buying them. They are normally packaged in a box, and are individually wrapped.

                As soon as I opened the packet I could smell the chocolate in this - it seemed to have a very rich chocolaty smell to it. The biscuit - or cookie as it's referred to on the pack - looked pretty pleasant - fairly large and you could see the oats in it. In fact, appearance wise it looked a bit like a large hobnob except with a few chocolate chips in there.

                To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this before I tried it, as I can be a bit fussy with food and tend to stick to what I know, but I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into this.

                As I'm sure the name soft-oaties indicates, these are very soft, but the oaty texture makes them taste absolutely gorgeous. They have a sort of slight chewiness to them which reminded me slightly of flapjack, and they don't crumble very much, so they're not messy to eat.

                The chocolate chips in this are really nice - they're quite small, but have a strong taste to them which compliments the flavour of the rest of the cookie well. When I first looked at the biscuits I didn't think there appeared to be many chocolate chips in them, but I actually think that there was just the right amount, as any more may have made it sickly.

                As the cookie was so large, I found that it took me ages to eat it. Unlike a normal biscuit which I would have wolfed down, I found that I was more nibbling at this than anything else, but that's probably due to the flapjack-like texture which makes it quite heavy to eat.

                Each biscuit contains 181 calories and 8g of fat, which I feel is pretty shocking for just one biscuit, so I would only ever eat these as a treat.

                Being Kellogs, I knew these would be expensive, and when I looked the price up online and found that both Tesco and ASDA charge £2 a box for these, I wasn't really surprised as it was about what I was expecting. What I wasn't expecting though, was to see that each box only contains five cookies! That works out at 40p each, which to be honest, is far more than I would be willing to pay.

                So, to sum up, these tasted lovely. They were a bit different from your everyday biscuit and very filling. They are, however, as high in calories as they are in price, and I think for that reason, I would only buy them if they were on special offer.


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                  16.08.2008 19:52
                  Very helpful



                  RECOMMENDED xx - when on offer

                  Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Soft Oaties. I think they could have thought of a slightly shorter name for them but there you go.

                  These oaties are more like a cross between a cookie, a cereal bar and a cake. They are soft when you bite into them and it is easy to pull off a chunk with your fingers. It is packed full with chocolate chips and visible and chewable oats. The oat part sounds a bit disgusting to me but in reality it tastes delicious. It adds a texture to the oatie that helps to alleviate the softness of the overall cake. It helps to bind it all together a bit as well and gives you something else to chew on once the main part of the oatie has dissolved in your mouth.

                  The chocolate chips are large and delicious and add that tiny bit of sweetness this would otherwise lack. They melt in your mouth and really are a lovely addition.

                  Nutrition wise these are fairly good, although you can't go mad and you can't rely on them if you're dieting. Each oatie has 181 calories and 3g of fat which initially sounds good but then when it tells you that this is 9% of your RDA of calories it doesn't sound quite so healthy.

                  They are expensive as well, at £2.19 for a pack of 5, although Sainsbury's have them on offer for 2 for £3 at the moment which is better. They are individually wrapped in the box so are good for lunches at work or even school lunches if your kids like them, but at full price it would work out too expensive for me to have them every day.

                  Tasty little snack, not too calorific, but way too expensive for regular eating.


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